Ceviche Arigato

1447B 10th St
Lake Park, 33403
We have been eating here once a week since they opened ! It's our go to eating out spot not food is amazing and the staff is very friendly ! Nice new addition to this area
this place is amazing... I'm originally from Peru and I'm very impressed with the flavor of their dishes... it definitely doesn't make me miss my hometown the food, the service and the decor is outstanding but a little suggestion... if you change the music to a Peruvian music it will definitely make an impact, but other than that I'll definitely go back
Contrary to the others reviews, I found this place to be overpriced and under portion served. Too many onions on all the dishes we ordered. Left with bad breath and empty stomach! The pulpo a la parria was a 5 oz cup of cerviche for $17. The waiter gave us the wrong bottle of wine. The grilled octopus was served in an iron skillet w/ 2 slices of potatoes & some corn for $18! Total dinner for 2 was $85. Will not be going back.

(561) 863-8877


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The Brewhouse Gallery

720 Park Ave
Lake Park, 33403
This is a great place in Lake Park. The artwork on the walls is great. You can choose to sit in the bar/bottle shop environment on the one side, or you can go over to the lounge environment for great music. They have an excellent selection of beers from Florida and all over. They also have an awesome beer TV set up.
Was in the neighborhood waiting for a friend to get home so I decided to check out this new place. Greeted with friendly faces and lots and lots of art. I like how the layout is here because on one side is a area where they have local talent and the other side where they serve the beer. If you like craft beer from all over this place has a lot of great selections. I definitely will be coming back, maybe to watch a show or just a nice cold beverage.
This is a bar disguised as an art gallery. They just remodeled (April 2015) so they now have tons of different draft beer options. They also have wine and sangria. The atmosphere is what makes this place. The live music is usually very enjoyable and the art on display encourages you to consider how it would look on your own walls at home. They also have a bunch of board games to play while enjoying your brew. They offer small snacks like a cheese platter. On Fridays and Saturdays they usually have a food truck hanging out front for your enjoyment. I go there all the time and I never regret it.

(561) 469-8930

Coffee & Tea, Art Galleries, Lounges

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1262 Northlake Blvd
Lake Park, 33403
This establishment went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied. A classy, a-1 establishment. Staff and food are awesome every time.
Clean, very nice and efficient staff..
Great service uber friendly staff and of course great chicken what else can you ask for.

(561) 842-5805

Fast Food

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Mrs Smokeys Real Pit Bar-B-Q

1460 10th St
Lake Park, 33404
My family (six people) ordered 2lbs of brisket, 1 rack of baby back ribs, 2 large cole slaw, 1 large mac and cheese and one slice of ice box cake from Mrs. Smokeys with high hopes. The brisket was good, ribs were falling off the bone very good. The cole slaw, mac and cheese and ice box cake were all good but the entire dinner added up to $71 dollars. That's just too expensive for us to take in food. The quality was excellent but we can't make a habit of this. We most likely will still use Park Ave. BBQ as our go to BBQ due to value. But, this is a local family owned operation and they deserve success. So if you don't mind spending the money than go with Mrs. Smokey's.
The closest thing to North Carolina BBQ I have had here in Florida. Great food and service.
Mouthwatering BBQ, delicious BBQ sauce... Not much more to say... About as good as non-self-cooked BBQ as you can find.

(561) 318-5137

Barbeque, Caterers

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The Pelican Cafe

612 US Hwy 1
Lake Park, 33403
Breakfast at pelican cafe is amazing. There doughnuts are fabulous but you have to get there early or they run out. I love everything on the breakfast menu because I'm a big fan of quality breakfasts. This is over the top. I just finished lunch which was mahi-mahi fish tacos. They were without a doubt the best I have ever had. I wish I took a picture but I forgot because they were so good. The mahi was served blackened and with a fabulous sauce. The owner is fantastic and will jump through hoops to make sure your dining experience is perfect. Even if that means providing you with a sweater to stay warm while sitting outside on cool florida nights.
Delicious! The free donuts at the start of our meal were awesome. The coffee was hot. Main meal of crab cake Benedict rocked. Must eat here again.
We went to the pelican cafe after going many times before and it was not as good as the other times. We didn't get the right toast which wasn't a very big deal. But then one of us never got their dish. We decided to give it another try and it was better than the last time but still not great. One of us had the French toast and it was good on the outside but dry bread on the inside. I must say that the doughnuts that they bring out are delicious. And maybe it has changed a little bit.

(561) 842-7272

American (Traditional), Salad, Breakfast & Brunch

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Pronti’s Italian Kitchen

1440 10th St
Lake Park, 33403
My family has been visiting Pronti's for oh, probably about 30 years now, and the torch that I carry for this fantastic little hole in the walls continues to burn bright. If I could only eat at one Italian restaurant for the rest of all eternity (what an awful thought), I think it would have to be Pronti's. Words that come to mind when I think of Pronti's are "quaint," "cute," and "homey". This isn't a fancy place, nor does it attempt to be a fancy place. The walls are filled with framed autographed photos of celebrities and athletes (most of whom are Italian). Large leather booths and dim lighting lend themselves to a slightly mafioso kinda vibe, just maybe, if you use your imagination. Taking nostalgia out of the equation, the food is what keeps me coming back here after all of these years. I now live out of state, and whenever I visit South Florida, I demand to be taken here so I can order my beloved Spaghetti with Mushroom Marinara. If you are a mushroom lover, this is an absolute must. The sauce is loaded with mushrooms, and they are marinated in some sort of vino-based concoction- the recipe for which I am fairly certain must have been sent down to the Pronti family from the angels up in Heaven. The pasta fagioli is also quite excellent, and the bread is just as it should be- crusty on the outside, and warm and soft on the inside- served with oil and vinegar for dipping, of course. Yes, the prices seem to have crept on up a little over the years, but in my opinion, still worth it...so much better than similarly priced garbage they are dishing out at unoriginal chain restaurants, and I can usually get at LEAST two, sometimes three meals out of the entrees at Pronti's. So, you can't beat that with a stick.
I'll give it a 5 star for the nostalgia. This is a landmark in the area. I've personally been going there since the early 80s. It seems like the people running it don't care about the appearance whatsoever, there is a chef statue outside rhetoric front door missing a hand and has been for a few months now, the booth seats are all ripped up and in need of repair badly. It's really quite sad because once upon a time when Bob Pronti ran it was in tip top shape and it was always busy. People still love it because I still see it packed at dinner time but It seems to be a shadow of what it once was however the food is spot on. From what I hear the chef bought it.. although they ***really should take pride in this place it is a gold mine in disguise ***
I hadn't been to Pronti's in years-literally years and nothing has changed. Is that bad or good? Well, in a way I guess they are trying to be like the ol' New York pub style The Gorgonzola cheese dressing salad was the same as ever-there was too much dressing and I felt I was digging around trying to find the lettuce. Like "Brett S. said, "someone got carried away with the pepper shaker." The pizza was alright and we had to ask for sauce (I don't think there was any on it). Looking around at the decor I felt like "Restaurant Impossible" needed to come in there and re-do the place. Oh well, not sure I will come back. It seemed better in the old days.

(561) 842-3457

Italian, Pizza

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Dunkin’ Donuts

301 Federal Hwy
Lake Park, 33403
Of course, with most places you can't expect much of a selection 10 min before closing. However, being greeted with a rude "WE'RE CLOSED!!!" Is especially jarring comin out of the loudmouths hanging out with who I presume to be the closing waitress. Not only were there 5-6 of them doing their hair, they were sitting on bar and climbing over the counter to confront my boyfriend and I. As quaint as the decor is echoing back to the 60s diner vibe, I will never attempt to spend time, energy not money at this shop in the future. And don't even get me started on the stench. They likely haven't cleaned that grill since it opened.
I hate this filthy place. It's always dirty and the floor sticky, the employees always have an attitude, most of the time the order is wrong or stale. This place needs to be shut down & rebuilt with new people.
I'm from California but visited this place recently. We went through the drive through and my husband ordered smothered chicken wings. I was surprised that they served that at a donut shop. At any rate I was not thrilled with him ordering wings from there but you know I had to give it a try. To my surprise, they were some of the tastiest wings I've ever had. The entire month I was there I must say I ordered their wings pretty often and the employees there got to know me and my daughter. A few times they ran out of the wings which made me sad. Ha ha Also, their coffee is super good and comparable to high end coffee. We ordered the iced coffees and it was absolutely delicious. We also tried their breakfast sandwiches which were really good too. When I go back to Florida I will definitely be visiting Dunkin Donuts again especially for their smothered wings. I will be posting pictures later.

(561) 848-5031

Donuts, Coffee & Tea

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3167 Northlake Blvd
Lake Park, 33403
I don't know what was going on at this Applebees, but the entire time we were there sitting in the bar area, none of the tables were cleaned. It was filthy! We sat at the bar and ordered a drink and an appetizer. They came out quickly and the waitress was friendly. Toward the end of my dinner, she told us that she was letting everyone else go home now and she would cover the rest of the night. I wish she had asked them to clean the tables before going because it reflected very poorly on them.
No problem with anything. They were very nice and food came out great. Sweet potato fries were delicious. They are getting a remodel this week and will be closed for 3 days later in the week. Management checked in with us and it was fine
my husband and i come for a 2 for 1 cocktail and some apps at the bar.. or we take our 9 yr old here for a quick meal.. for that this place is right on the money.. friendly service..

(561) 842-6422

Sports Bars, American (Traditional), Steakhouses

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Dockside Sea Grille

766 Northlake Blvd
Lake Park, 33408
Cozy, Local, real Florida feel, family run grill on the water. Watch pelicans from the casual outdoor dockside tables as you enjoy wholesome good-sized portions of yummy fish and comfort foods. Good value all the time - especially on Tuesdays & Thursday, early bird specials, and fine $1 buffet menu for lunch where all menu items, including homemade bbq chicken, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, roast beef, banana walnut cake etc are only $1 each. Bring the family - relax and enjoy the down-home Florida atmosphere.
Went here for my birthday. Food was mediocre but way over priced! Got a slice of key lime pie to go... $6.95 for a sliver and I doooo mean sliver of pie! Would be an ok place to go for a few drinks but definitely not the food!
Really good. It's a great place to chill and have amazing seafood. Don't come here if your in a hurry because it takes a while but it's worth it. Nice and local. Get the big seafood pot. Yummy.

(561) 842-2180

Seafood, American (Traditional)

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Sonic Drive-In

201 N Congress Ave
Lake Park, 33403
Not to thrilled that the sign says open but it's drive thru only past a certain time.... Wish that was advertised a little better, had it been we wouldn't have even stopped.. Once we finally found out it was drove thru only we just left.
Wish I could be like one of the happy customers on tv but that's definitely not the case! Waited 7 minutes in the drive through not 1 car moved. Went to the drive up and couldn't even understand what the guy said but it sounded like they said they were drive through only at the time... Seriously I think you would be better off closing and getting a new staff that knows how to multitask or run the drive through! Don't worry on responding I will never go back you can be sure of that!!!
I Ask for chilling cheese tots receive chilli cheese Fries, that tasted like bird poop. Burger not that bad, ask for napkin you wouldn't know since they don't give you utensils, unless pushing a button and ask for it . Chillies cheese fries cold & awful and you might have to eat with your hands since they don't give you any utensils, slow and ask a strawberry shake don't expect change back cause I'm guessing they're so proud of their awful services

(561) 863-1490

Fast Food

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