1674 Ridgewood Ave
Holly Hill, 32117
I've visited Mestizas twice now, each visit has been pleasant. The staff is attentive and polite, and they always make sure the guest has everything they need. The food is delivered promptly to the table, and you can tell they use fresh ingredients with their meals. I don't eat meat, and the owner personally explained all of their vegetarian opens, and how they avoid using meat based products in items such as beans, oils, etc. I personally find this professional and considerate. Overall, the flavor of the food is good, and I will definitely be back. With all the Mexican restaurants in town, this small place is definitely one of my favorites.
I really wanted to love this place. The lighted sign that said Gyro's should have been an indicator. We went in and were promptly directed to the dinning room to be seated. Immediately we were attended. I LOVED this. I eat out because service is key. We ordered, they brought out some salsa and chips (complimentary) the salsa was a bit runny could have used a hair more texture, flavor was just ok. We ordered our entree's my better half ordered the special, 3 beef tacos, white rice and beans. The rice and beans were very good the rest was blah. I ordered the chile relleno and I have only had this in the states and it was disappointing. it wasn't creamy but chunky in the inside, lacked flavor. My plate was blah. I asked for hot sauce and they gave me bottled manufactured stuff. Another waitress followed up with us and asked me if i wanted homemade green salsa I said YES! and she brought me over some super spicy green "sauce" although it was very small diced onions and such not a salsa. I wanted to love this place but I didn't. The service was 5 stars, the food 2. I would maybe come back and try the cuban menu but after spending $27 on two entrees, no drinks, no apps but including tip I doubt I will ever return. Personally, I would say if you try the cuban menu steer clear of the mexican food.
Just came here during our spring break trip. Service was quick, drinks never went empty, food was well priced and with great portions. A great place to go if you're in the area and in the mood for Mexican food!

(386) 671-9733

Mexican, Cuban

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China House

1844 Ridgewood Ave
Holly Hill, 32117
Tofu's not on the menu, but they'll gladly make you a General Tso's (and probably whatever else you want) with tofu. The texture is right, not too spongy or too firm, and without the hard, crunchy outside that some lesser Chinese takeout places have on their tofu. We go there at least once a month. The lunch specials are the killer deal here. You can get a big meal with either an egg roll or a can of soda for less than five bucks, and have enough left over for dinner. You can't get two meals at McDonald's for that price. The combination of excellent quality and low price make this the best Chinese takeout in town.
I am always apprehensive when ordering Chinese when traveling because you never know what you are going to get...I am from NJ and we have some of the best Chinese food I have ever had. However I was pleasantly surprised. The food here was very good. We got a variety of dishes including the Singapore Mei fun which was some of the best I have had in a long time.(because now I live in NC) Delivery service was prompt and prices were reasonable. If I return to Daytona I would definitely eat here again.
This is hands down the best Chinese take-out I've ever had. It is very inexpensive, delicious, and the employees are super sweet. I order the honey chicken practically every time, along with white rice and a side of garlic sauce. I LOVE their garlic sauce and I've yet to find it at any other Chinese place I've ordered from. I eat here every time I visit Florida.

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Woody’s Bar-B-Q

1593 N Nova Rd
Holly Hill, 32117
Very awesome baby back ribs.. after trying woodys for the first time we were back within 2 days.. eat there everyone we get back to Daytona. . Wait staff are great... a little slow at lunch but it has always been packed when we have ate there during lunch time.. Chicken is a tad dry, have tried it twice with same outcome, side salads are decent size, not a fan of the onion rings but all in all great place for baby back ribs..
My first visit to Woody's Bar-B-Q this location is very well laid out and has an excellent and very attentive staff. You can smell the BBQ when you walk through the door, I must say I had some very high expectations but understanding there are a number of these restaurants in the surrounding area I just think it's tough to maintain the quality once you expand into multiple locations. iUnderstanding that there are (3) major BBQ restaurants chains in the area and I would rate Woody's number one over the other ones that start with a D and a S you know which ones I'm referring to if you've eaten BBQ in this part of Florida. The three star review should really be a three and a half star review but not quite a four so I rounded down. The restaurant wasn't as busy as I thought it might be but it was almost 8 PM but then again it's Saturday night so I don't know what's up. - Spare Ribs - A little on the small side as spare ribs go and a little chewy lots of smoke and they weren't right off the pit for sure but not bad. They get a 2.5/5 rating - Turkey - Hand Sliced which is one reason I decided to try it no machine sliced BBQ turkey this was a big plus and it was about 3/16" thick all white and moist I wish it had more smoke to it but it's the best BBQ turkey around that I've had a chance to try so far. The turkey gets a 4/5 rating - Smoked Sausage - This was the disappointment of the night I ate a few bites and just couldn't get around the flavor it reminded me of Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage in a casing and grilled. I can't recommend this it just seemed weird but if you must, try it and make up your own mind. It gets a 1/5 rating. - Green Beans - I will order a double order my next trip yes they are that good fresh tasting tender and cooked with a Southern flair to them I absolutely love them they get a 5/5 rating. - Cole Slaw - I wish it had been shredded instead of grated so fine but it had just enough dressing (I like it a little drier than most you might call it dry) it had great texture for grated cabbage and good flavor it gets a 3.5/5 rating. I can recommend trying it and I'm sure I will be back.
Last night, my wife and I had dinner at Woody's. I had the full rack of baby back ribs, and it was delicious the lick every finger kind of good. I didnt even have to add any additional sause to it, and I love to add sauses to any meal. My wife had the BBQ chicken dinner, which she said was also delicious. The portions were generious and well priced. The service was excellent. We will definitely eat at Woody's again.

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Shroomer’s Pizza

521 Ridgewood Ave
Holly Hill, 32117
I ended up trying Shroomer's because another local Pizza place did not accept AMEX and it ended up being a win win for Shroomer's and myself. I ordered the Deluxe, it was very good, vegetables were cooked right and the crust and sauce were very tasty. I will be back and recommend them without hesitation.
Kinda weird place gave them a try Cant beleive health dept lets them operate. what a crock of. Shizzzzzz. But one thing for sure the guys there fit the profile perfect as worn out .washed up old daytona hippies .place looks like they sell more weed than pizza .
I would give them no stars but that's not an option... The first time we ordered it was good, the second time not so much. It was so good the first time we wanted to try one more time... When our order was wrong the delivery lady went back to the store and, when she came back to our home, she said "Dave" (the manager or owner I'm not sure) refused to remake our order because he was too busy. We had a $50 check and he instructed the delivery lady to take back our food and inform us we would not be getting either the correct food OR a refund. Now we are less $50 AND have to cook dinner anyway. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE UNLESS YOU ARE THE GAMBELING TYPE.

(386) 258-9464

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