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Visit below restaurant in Greenacres for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Greenacres for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Sarah H.

    I've enjoyed my search for delicious subs thus far. I've been here a couple times & it's obvious that I've become a creature of habit. A monster on wheat + bacon, lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, banana peppers, mayo, salt & pepper, oil & vinegar. The restaurant & bathrooms are super clean, and the staff is cool. The sandwiches are made right in front of you and everything is fresh.. Even the deli meat is sliced to order! Anytime I'm on Lake Worth Rd, I find myself thinking about a totally awesome sub.. in my mouth.. At that very moment, I wonder if my totally awesome sub is thinking about me too.

  • Chris M.

    As the name would imply, these subs are awesome. Great bread, thinly sliced cut-while-you-watch deli meat, and fresh ingredients make for an excellent sandwich. You won't find crazy flavor profiles here, they stick to the basics. What you will find are the Sub Sandwiches you know and love, done right. Service was friendly and prompt.

  • Troy M.

    Awesome awesome awesome! Finally found a great sandwich! Everything is fresh and clean. The staff is very friendly! You cannot go wrong here!

  • Ben S.

    I've said it before, if you're going to ask people how they want their food, you should listen AND prepare it accordingly! Whether it's a steak temperature or ingredients on a sub. Gory details...feel free to skip... [[[[[ I have been here several times and I have ordered the same thing almost every time. A veggie sub with mayo and tomatoes on both sides. At least I have tried to order that. Today I got cheese and evidently, they feel that cheese belongs on the bottom next to the bread. After a little work (why am I having to work here?) it was understood, but then my sub was handed off and I had to explain it again. With less luck. When you ask for "a little" of something that may be spicy, it seems the maker would put a little then ask, "how's that?" My sandwich maker put a medium amount of crushed chilis on my sub even though I asked her to use half of what she had on the spoon. She used it all. Hey, I'm standing right there watching and trying to let you know what I'd like! Maybe listen? Anyway, this is a good sub shop. I like it. The breads are fresh but just "ok" to me, but I'm sure others love the breads. It just seems like I'd have to eat here at least once a week before they'd get my sandwich right. Yet, Subway nails it almost every time! Still, I only go to subway for a veggie sub as a last resort. I like the mom and pop shops, in concept, anyway.]]]] So, just make sure the customer's opinion is the most important one. I mean, unless they are asking for something bizarre or that you don't even offer. And don't make the customer repeat do that by LOOKING at them when they are speaking!

  • Ry C.

    Subs are amazing. The variety of meats and toppings is amazing for a sandwich lover such as myself. The meat is sliced fresh, it's not sitting already sliced. The toppings are fresh and delicious. Bread soft and very tasty. I will definitely be back.

  • Lauren G.

    The subs here are great! The bread is fresh and the meats are sliced to order. They take great care in building you a well distributed, hearty sub! It is also extremely clean here. If you haven't gone here yet, you must try it!

  • Erin V.

    The subs are AMAZING! The customer service SUCKS! The girl they have cutting the meats and cheeses fresh for your subs, looks like she'd rather cut her arms off than cut another slice of meat. For that reason alone, I will not be back. There was too much rolling of the eyes and a condescending tone in her voice.

  • Charlene R.

    Just went for the first time and we were very impressed. The meat and cheeses are sliced fresh for every sub. The staff was so friendly. A very clean environment. I highly recommend trying a Totally Awesome Sub! We will definitely go back.

  • Asher C.

    Wow! Just finished a 12" pastrami and swiss with red pepper relish!!! Attention to detail, quality product, and a far cry from any of these Subway, Quiznos, an other prefabricated garbage sandwhich stores. People want fresh ingredients, quick service, and consistency. Totally Awesome has it!!! If you're in the Lake Worth, Lantana, West Palm area, hit up this place!!!

  • Vincent L.

    The name says it all Friendly staff Good portions Clean prep area Fresh ingredients

  • Bia R.

    The BEST OF THE BEST! Come to eat here without question if you want to have a filling, delicious sub. You can't go wrong with soft bread, fresh cold cuts, variety on the menu (yes u have options), and a great selection of chips that aren't your boring traditional brands that every other "sub shop" has. The place is clean! I've never had to wipe a table, a chair or my tray. My only warning is you may pick a favorite and have that each time you visit lol ;P My favorite is the pressed Cuban as is on wheat (pictured). My boyfriend loves the Italian on white with sweet pepper relish as a must add-on. TRY THE PLACE!

  • Luismael H.

    Great service and the subs are AMAZING!!! Everything is sliced when ordered, love this place

  • Pam J.

    The subs are very good here. The meats and cheeses are sliced at the time you order. The tomatoes are so juicy and red. It is by far the cleanest restaurant in town. The girls are amazing and friendly and provide excellent customer service! Great food, great service and good location!

  • Michael R.

    I love this place! Best subs ever! Everything is sliced up right when you order and the ingredients are fresh. Great staff too. Always friendly.

  • Anna R.

    I never write a review but I feel obligated to do so for this place because their subs are so freaking awesome they live up to their name!!

  • Lisa S.

    I had a turkey sub with genoa salami and it was delicious! The meats are cut fresh (right in front of you)! And the tomatoes were bright red which is a big deal for me because I'm cautious about getting tomatoes at most chain sub places because of the quality. Yes, it's more expensive than any chain sub it should be. It's not a chain eatery. My 8 inch sub was about 8 dollars, but it was worth it! I made 2 meals out of it. I'll be back!

  • Marcia C.

    Riding on the back of my husbands Harley, I'm on yelp searching for a good sub shop. Why does that always seem like such a difficult task? Hmmm, there's a place on Lake Worth road called "Totally Awesome Subs". Okay, we'll give it a shot. We found the shop in the plaza directed across from the Greenacres Bowling Center. Where Bicycle World is. It was a Sunday but yelp stated they'd be open and they were. We ordered an 8 inch ham and cheese sub. Both of us said it could only be described with two words. "Totally Awesome!" The tomatoes were ripe, the lettuce was shaved, perfect! All to often the bread overpowers the tastebuds. Not here! There is just the right amount of freshly sliced meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato that the bread is a compliment to the sub. The establishment was quite friendly too! I guess we thought about that sub all week. Both of us. Because by the next Sunday, we found ourselves in the vicinity of Totally Awesome Subs once again. The place was really hopping for a Sunday at one o'clock! We ordered the same 8 inch sub once again. And yes! Once again, it was Totally Awesome! This place is a keeper, for sure.

  • Wendy R.

    Pretty awesome! You don't even need chips with this sub. Super clean place and friendly staff. Just one point off for a bit too much vinegar. Overall great place to try out!

  • Laki P.

    This is a DAMN GOOD sub. Friendly staff. Quick service. Fresh cut meat and cheese. Highly recommend.

  • Sandy H.

    I am a firm believer that this place lives up to its name. I love the bread they use. It's nice and soft. Some may argue a "real" sub uses the hard bread but I beg to differ. The bread is what makes the sandwich a winner in my book. They slice the meat and cheese in front of you and pile on everything generously. The Monster McGee is my favorite.... it's massive and I can barely finish half. The couple extra bucks you're spending is worth it because now you have dinner covered (WINNING!!!). The Pastrami is also worth mentioning... best eaten on days you're not watching your caloric intake. There are ohh so many sandwich shops in Florida but I'll drive the distance for this one... Good thing I don't have to because I work down the street =) The staff is amazing and the line you see during lunch time is worth standing in.

  • Marcus M.

    Simply put, the best sub in Palm Beach County! The quality of meats, cheeses & bread is unparalleled. They slice the meat right in front of you & they cut their veggies nice and thin. Larry is a stand up guy who's always happy to see you. I went on a "hunt" for the best sandwich shop for weeks and this is it. Can't go wrong with the Italian, Monster McGee or Corned Beef. Do yourself a favor, get it on the Hard crust Italian bread (not available on sundays).

  • Tiffany J.

    Super fresh and delicious! I will definitely be back! Best italian sub I've had, staff was friendly and prices are reasonable. It's a little hard to find in the shopping center.

  • Carmen C.

    Very good portions for the price! Had meatball its definitely fresh. People were nice and place was clean.

  • Jonathan T.

    Do yourself a favor and try this Deli for your next sub ! Great portions, hand picked sweet red tomatoes, fresh cut vegetables fresh cut meats, on fresh sub roll. Place ie very clean and the Service is very friendly- subs made to order with a smile. If your used to the bad service and negative attitude you get at any Publix Deli try this place out, you will be as pleased as I was to find a better place for a great sub !

  • Abe D.

    Ok so last time I was here I had the Super, a cold Italian sub which was very good. Thought this time is try a hot I went with the Meatball Pepperoni, Provolone cheese added of course. (Photo Taken). Dang! Looks good! Ok...first off...a meatball sub should be HOT...a warm sandwich at the least...the bread and the insides were cold..bad bad bad. Meatballs were wayy to big to make a sandwich out of...I have a HUGE bite and I couldn't put a dent into this sub without it falling apart. SUB PHYSICS 101 - IF you are going to have a saucy slippery substance like meatballs in a sub, the meatballs have to be against the bread of the inside of the sub. If you add cheese (or pepperoni too), the lunch meats have to be on e one side and NOT across the WHOLE inside of the sub (they do this because they slice the lunch meats right on the bread and then add the meatballs.) If you do that what you have done is create the perfect slip-n-slide (because the meatbals have no friction against the inside of the bread) for your meatballs to slide right out as soon as you take your first bite. None the less, it was a sloppy sloppy mess. Thank God this establishment (unlike many sandwich places) keeps every napkin holder on EVERY table full to the hilt! I had to remove the meatballs and eat them separately from the sandwich. All in all an OK sub..but as I said in my prior review...REAL subs require HARD BREAD....or at the very least offer both.

  • ED O.

    Yes I read about it in Yelp. I think the place is great and I have been there twice and going back. They know how to do it right and to have the guts to open next to a Subway. I am pulling for the little guy. Give them a shot and you will see for yourself.

  • Scot F.

    I'd say best subs in South Florida but that would be a lie; best subs on the East Coast! Great food and a great staff! If you haven't tried them, go hungry.

  • Dominica A.

    Best sub I've ever had! Everything is so fresh! The prices are fair for what kind of quality of food you are getting. VERY clean! & awesome staff! I drove from Royal Palm area to come eat here.. Worth the drive! You won't be disappointed...

  • Paul B.

    This is my new favorite sub stop. I am very picky when it comes to quality and price. The freshness of the meat is just too good. The beast sub is my favorite and I really like the layout of the inside. Keep up the great work Larry and guys.

  • Bill S.

    What makes a great Sandwich? High Quality, fresh meat. Sliced to order, same with the cheeses with fresh vegetables, so fresh you can see the color and feel the crunch. Good choice of toppings and fresh baked bread. Totally Awesome Subs has all of that. What makes a great Sandwich shop? Clean, well lit atmosphere. Fun music and nice, attentive sandwich makers and counter staff. Totally Awesome Subs has that too. My new favorite stop in Palm Beach. Reminiscent of your favorite deli in New York or New Jersey. Only with better weather.

  • Heather T.

    Decided to try this place after reading some of the reviews. I was happy when I saw the meat being freshly sliced in front of me. I have come to question what type of meats have been in most of my subs from other shops recently, so this was a nice change. They had a nice assortment of condiments to put on top and the tomato looked very fresh. My biggest complaint that will keep me from going back is the price. This was by far the most expensive sub lunch I have ever purchased. I ordered one 12 in along with 2 8"(?) subs. Three sodas and 3 bags of chips and it came to $36. The same order at every other shop I've ever been in from broward to palm beach averages about $23-25. I nearly fell over at the cost. I tried doing the math in my head and determined the drinks must have been $2 each and a bag of chips at least $1 each...the 12" was nearly $11 and the two 8" were nearly $8 I believe .. Regardless, the priciest sandwhich shop . Sadly I was hoping for a lot more substance and flavor for that price. The sandwhich I had was filling but not worth it. I asked my husband how is was and he said it was "ok". I may have given the place another chance but not for the price I paid. I could have sat down for lunch at a nice restaurant and paid a tip and paid less. I guess on to find the next good sandwhich shop...

  • A.J. C.

    One of the best sub places in S. Florida. It doesn't get better than this. Freshly sliced meat, freshly cut lettuce, tomato, and onions, great environment, and great staff. Italian is the most popular sub in this place, but I would have to recommend the Cuban sandwich. If you're a fan of Cuban subs this one is a tasty one! Bread is delivered fresh every day from an excellent bakery! You really can't go wrong with any sub selection on the menu. Great job and wish you the greatest of success going forward!

  • Rick C.

    This place absolutely lives up to its name! Awesome subs, ridiculous portions and just overall great sub shop! Fresh sliced meat to order, veggies are outstanding and the bread is great. I highly recommend!!

  • Judy S.

    My first bite, I thought I was in Jersey. Unfortunately, they didn't have hard Italian rolls the day I stopped by, so minus 1 star.

  • A G.

    Yes the subs are totally awesome. My only real gripe is the hot sauce. They are all bordering on insanely hot. Love the roast beef with some voodoo chips.

  • Michael J.

    One of my favorite places to get a big ass sandwich. Nice rock n roll theme for the decor and atmosphere. A good amount of seating and did I mention the big ass sandwichs.. if you can take down the large sub... you are definitely hungry! Monster Mcgee is a great choice and my favorite is the spicy italian. Great lunch spot with normal prices with quality and quantity you just can't beat... Subway is a joke!

  • Matthew M.

    High quality meats, best selection of menu items I have seen in S FL, good bread, and everything is fresh. This is like a Lenny's (a place I like) with a much better menu and higher quality meats. Prices are a little higher than Subway, but quality is in a different stratosphere.

  • Dustyn S.

    New place for sure. Great staff. Felt very welcome. The bread was fantastic. The meat was definitely fresh, and the portions were fantastic! Will definitely stop in next time i'm in the area, to try something else!

  • Phil F.

    Nice folks and great sandwiches. Lots of fresh sliced turkey and Swiss cheese. Recommend for anybody.

  • Joan G.

    This place has the biggest, freshest subs and friendly staff. I can only say you WILL BE SO PLEASED with the food! Great music, too!

  • Tracey H.

    I love this place! Very clean inside and the staff is very nice!! Their subs are big and cheap and OMG so good! They beat any other deli in town! Also their bread is very fresh and they make salads! I purchased a sub and i ate half for lunch and half for dinner. This is my fave place for lunch.... I highly recommend !!

  • Brittany B.

    LOVE this place! As fresh as it gets and the subs are HUGE! You can tell the products they're using is a high quality. The staff there is so nice, the atmosphere is cool and hip, the prices are good for what you're getting. I'll never go to Subway again after eating at this place. 5 Stars!!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:30 am - 7:00pm
  • Mon : 10:30 am - 7:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : Yes

Totally Awesome Subs

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