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Visit below restaurant in Greenacres for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Greenacres for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Neil Z.

    This is the best Spanish food. Its served up quick like fast food but tastes as good as a full service place. You order at the counter and pick it up the same. People clean up your plates. The rice is addicting. I don't mean its really good, it is, but I think it is actually addicting. The chicken is always perfectly marinated in a tropical flavored marinade and roasted. The chicken is so tender it melts in your mouth. The portions are insanely large. I ordered a meat and pepper dish once...I had no idea what is was but I wanted to try something. OMG, I ate it for lunch, then dinner, and then again for dinner the next night and still had some leftover. The prices are cheap. There is a salsa bar with onions mixed with all kinds of stuff. People take cups and cups of the stuff home.

  • Jennifer F.

    Seriously la granja, thank you for being the most amazing place to get roast chicken, I make a little meal out of the condiment station, the green sauce, red white, the spicy onions and salsa to add to the rice and beans.... Wow all of this for 10 bucks.... amazing

  • Christopher W.

    Me: "If this were across the street from my job, I'd eat here every day for lunch." Her: "If this were across the street from our house, we'd eat here every night!" You cannot beat the food at this price. Cannot. Inca Kola. Rice and beans. Fresh chicken roasted right there in front of you. Homemade salsas. Oh yes. What? Fried bananas? Of course, loco. Yucca? Don't be stupid, of course. This is 21st avenue in Paterson, transplanted here. Best of all, a basic beer & wine assortment is available.... basic wines, perhaps, but the Latin beer list is impressive: Tecate, Modelos, Presidente, Pacifico, obligatory Coronas. My final observation is the overall experience. We were served quickly, the facilities are clean and fresh, and water refills are free. A roll of paper towels stands in for a napkin holder, and we appreciated that. I will definitely come back when I return to the area, and I have high hopes that it'll be packed. -C

  • Rhonda V.

    Love this place! The white, green and red sauce has me hooked! Nothing fancy at all with this place, but it is very tasty! If you order the chicken, you get it quick well under 5 minutes! We have had the chicken, lomos saltado, ceviche, garlic fish, and fajitas and enjoyed them all. Our favorite so far is the chicken and lomos. My daughter's fave is the ceviche! Of course the Inca Kola is a must!

  • Drew B.

    The first place I ate after moving to Boyton Beach. I was starving and I'd just come out of the Walmart to by apartment supplies. This place was right outside so I went in on a flyer. DAMN. Some of the best Latin I've had. AND its relatively cheap and done fast food style.

  • Stephanie L.

    This place is the . Fresh, delicious home made style Spanish food with awesome prices and huge portions (one platter is more than enough for two). Chicken, yellow rice, black beans & plantains- juicy Cuban style steaks , French fries , Spanish sodas. You seat yourself and pick up your order when it's ready- don't worry about cleaning up after your table, they do that too.

  • Nicholas F.

    If you are looking for a place to dine, this is not the place. If you are looking to eat well cooked, healthy portioned & delicious Cuban food, this IS the place. Think Pollo Tropical, but much better. The food is served on a real place with silverware. The #2 special of 1/4 chicken, rice, beans, fried plantains and soda (including choice of Jupina soda) at $6.95 is a bargain. Lunch time dining room filled with satisfied mothers & kids , police officers, car salesmen. It may be a little noisy, but your appetite will ignore it. I recommend. Enjoy.

  • Rachel M.

    As good as it gets :) Better than Pollo Tropical! It's a chain restaurant but you couldn't tell. Family dining atmosphere! Very good prices!! The chicken is moist, the rice is perfect! The bean sauce is good. The fried bananas are amazing! The sauces are delicious... Jupina (pineapple soda) Tip: 1 Whole Chicken meal for $10.99.... that's like $2.50 per person!!! (Take out only deal on this one but soo much more).. Lunch is like $3.50 and the portion sizes are generous! (sigh). When can I go back?!

  • John T.

    The food is fantastic! It's not a fancy place, there is no wait staff. Just go to the counter and order some goodness. The salsas are the thing that keeps me and all my friends coming back.

  • Victoria S.

    I've been coming to this location for years now. I'm never disappointed. La Granja takes healthy food and makes it ridiculously tasty. If you're looking for inexpensive, they have a 1/4 dark chicken special with rice and beans for $4.45 (as of now, prices change eventually). For a dollar more you can have a house salad instead of the rice and beans. House salad includes iceberg lettuce, a couple of large slices of tomato, lots of sliced red onions, and a cilantro-onion-tomato salsa on top. If you're looking for low fat, they also have the flat ironed chicken breast special for around $8.95 if I remember correctly. One of the main reasons I come here is because of their salsa bar. Most salsas are onion based, then there are some with tomatoes or jalapenos. But the one I love is the orange colored one which is slightly spicier and probably laced with some addictive drug because I could sit there and eat just that if people wouldn't look at me funny. I end up taking some home so I can eat without imagined judgement. :) You can get a variety of Latino sodas by the can or just your standard fountain drink. They also have 4 types of non-onion based sauces on each table. BONUS: you're given legit fork and knife so you're not stuck sawing away at meat and bones with the plastic stuff. They also clear your table when you're finished. It's the little things... and the orange salsa.

  • Sandra B.

    You can never go wrong with La Granja. This is where i came when i was low on money and wanted a good meal with big portions. Best boneless and grilled chicken with so much flavor.

  • Marina G.

    The food is always great and freshly made! The wait is a little long but well worth it!

  • Michael S.

    My wife and I have ate there several times. It's very close to our house. They have mastered the art of making great chicken. My wifes mother always make her bring some, when she goes over to her house.If your looking for well done spainish food, at a realy cheap price. Then you gota try this place

  • Michelle H.

    The best location I have been to so far but the service is not always the greatest but I still go back

  • Jessenia A.

    I love this place! It's so great to see they are expanding nationwide. This has to be the most authentic Spanish food I've tasted in awhile. Puts Pollo Tropical to shame. I always order the fried fish with onions and tomatoes, garlic fish (be sure to tell them to go easy on the garlic sauce), and the steak. I love this location because you can choose white rice or yellow rice. I prefer yellow rice. If you love spice and onions, be sure to try the yellow onions and garlic onions to top your rice and beans. They also serve great desserts -flan, pionono, rice pudding, and a couple more. These are packed with authentic favors. If their service was a bit more attentive I would give them 5 stars. Other than that, no matter what you order you won't be disappointed.

  • Ben B.

    Im not a big fan of rice and beans. I tend to not order it or sub it out if I can when it comes to a meal. However, this place makes the best rice and beans I have ever had. I like to pour the orangey looking sauce with onions in it all over my rice and it is amazing. Their chicken is pretty awesome, with the rice, its a winning combo. The best part is that you can get a simple meal for dirt cheap. For your hard earned cash, you get a large portion of good quality food.

  • Carley N.

    Delicious and authentic. I eat here at LEAST once a week.

  • Naygie R.

    Wasn't impressed with service. Food didn't look fresh, hence I walked out.

  • Avi P.

    Definitely a new fan of this chain restaurant.. From the outside looks like a small mom and pop fast food spot, however, once you taste the food here you forget what the the outside looks like and start planning your next visit.. The chicken and rice was amazing better the el pollo loco knock off you would get back in cali.. Price is cheap and lots of side condiments to go with your meal.. I am very used to usual mexican salsa sides but was blown away at how these sides are so different and pack so much flavor.. Service is not the friendliest mainly I think because they dont speak much english here but again you forget that, once you get the food.. So for good food and cheap prices come here,,, Looking for service and atmosphere ,, this probably wont be your first choice..

  • Roger K.

    What is there not to like about La Granja? They always give you a ton of food and the meat is usually delicious and the price you pay for your meal is unbelievable. What is different about this La Granja is that they always default you with yellow rice. I love yellow rice. The place has an open layout and it is usually pretty crowded in here. I have been here twice and if in the area would definitely come back again.

  • ivis p.

    I'm so glad my friend introduced me to this place. I believe it's considered Peruvian food, whatever it is it's really good. The rice is yellow and delicious so are the beans. The chicken is always fresh and tender. They also have delicious sauces , the green onion sauce is perfect. Next time your in Lake Worth definitely stop by La Granja.

  • Kristen K.

    How can you possibly beat $3.95 for a quarter rotisserie chicken with a huge portion of yellow rice and black beans? Not to mention that there is a salsa bar where you can try 5 different types of salsas (I recommend the hot sauce, the garlic sauce and the jalapeno sauce but they are all fabulous). The garlic potatoes are great, fried bananas are amazing. Can't wait to go back and sample some more of the menu.

  • Ken G.

    After reading all of the positive reviews, I had to try this place. I ordered the 1/4 chicken with rice and beans. My wife had the #2 which was chicken with rice and beans and plantains. Chicken was excellent. I do not know what was Peruvian about it. The chicken was much like the rotisserie chickens you buy in a supermarket. The rice was bland and tasteless, and so were the beans. The salsa bar had 5 different slasas. I tried them all and was not particiularly fond of any of them. I tried a piece of my wife's plantains and found them rather bland and tasteless as well. I really do not understand the rave reviews of this place, Lastly, this place is run very poorly. While eating we noticed that six tables had yet to be cleaned of the dirty dishes from other patrons. Instead of the staff cleaning them, they let them sit dirty while two of the staff ran around the restaurant chasing each other and laughing and snapping towels at each other. When I went to the counter to get a box to take home what we did not eat I had to wait because the two people behind the counter were having social chats on their cell phones. Needless to say, I will not be returning to La Granja.

  • Jake D.

    The Best. The sauces rock.

  • Tina A.

    Two of my classmates DEMANDED that they would take me to lunch on Saturday so I willingly accepted and took their recommendation because even though I'm in Lake Worth everyday I have absolutely NO IDEA whats good and quick for lunches. So they brought me here and I will admit it didn't look the most appetizing place from the outside. It gives off that "We're old and we aren't that clean" feeling. But I walked inside with my little buddies and decided to get a quarter chicken and rice and beans for $3.50. Not bad. You order from a counter and on the other side of the counter you see the chickens on the rotisserie spinner thingy. As we waited for them to bag up our order my friend Jeff directed me over to the most beautiful salsa bar I had ever seen. There was a garlic/onion sauce and then hot sauce that honestly looked like cut up fettuchini in a vodka pink sauce but if was soooo yummy. I poured the sauces over my rice and beans and it was delish!! Then I dipped the chicken pieces in the sauces and omg! Yum!! So the moral of the story is that something can look nasty on the outside but can have incredibly yummy oooey goodness on the inside:)


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes

La Granja

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