Bella Cucina Family Italian

1507 Sun City Ctr Plz
Greater Sun Center, 33573
First time we tried to eat here, it was a no go as the restaurant had been rented for a private party. Which helped confirm the reviews we had read were valid. So we said OK and came back the next day. It was the right decision. As we looked over the menu, the waitress brought out some hot fresh garlic bread sitting in olive oil and Parmesan cheese. You could see the small pieces of garlic coating the top of the bread. I ordered the lasagna and my wife ordered the layered eggplant based on the waitress's recommendation. Both meals were excellent. The only drawback was that they were large enough that there was no room left over for dessert. A house salad came with each entree. I wish I had remembered to buy a bottle of wine at the liquor store just around the corner.
This is a. Family run Resturant that serves Italian food in traditional flavors. This is not a fancy place but it is nicely appointed given it is in a strip mall. I stop by on a regular basis for take out and an occasional dine in. The gravy they use is loaded with garlic and if you like garlic you will enjoy the gravy or sauce. You won't go hungry and although the prices are a little on the high side for the "fancier" dishes like the seafood a basic dish is affordable. Given the limited number of family run restaurants you should try it out!
I wanted to like this place. I wanted it to be really good. I'd been warned by others that it wasn't worth going to and I so wanted to prove them wrong. I hate it when they are right. ugh!!! It was just such a disappointing experience. Awful sauce. I wanted to shake the "chef" and slip him a simple recipe or run in the kitchen and do it myself. Darn!

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