Chipotle Mexican Grill

10149 W Colonial Dr
Gotha, 34734
Two stars just because my food was okay even though the rice is under cooked. My son asked for a bowl with steak .the steak still had blood in it. I asked him to show it to the manager and she told him that's how the steak is cooked at chipotle. Sorry lady but my kids eat at chipotle all the time and it's not cooked that way. So I got up with a pink piece of meat in my hand and told her the meat is not even cooked. And I got the same answer I told her to switch out his bowl for a chicken. And she did. Point is customer are almost always right. Don't justify your mistake specially when serving raw meat. If I want raw piece of steak I'll go to a steak house. No wonder why Jared V had the runs.
The best fast food for veg people. This place is alway super friendly and clean. I even over heard the health inspector say it was the cleanses kitchen he has even been in. I never go a week without a visit to my favorite place to eat.
Great fast food love the burritos

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Fast Food, Mexican

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