White Apron Catering

2201 NE 2nd St
Gainesville, 32609
White Apron is the best catering service in Gainesville. They are professional and elegant, but most importantly, the food is excellent!!

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1600 Sw Archer Rd Gainesville Florida
Gainesville, 32610
NEW LOCATION ON ARCHER RD: They just closed the old location and moved across the street, extending their hours. I love this location. I'm not sure who the kid is who runs the place, but he always makes a genuine effort. He used to be at the old location. He used to say, "If you pay $5 for coffee, you want it right." He has excellent customer skills. I've also seen him explain the coffee-making process to customers who inquired. He deserves a raise. I typically use the drive-thru and the staff is always wonderful. So 5 stars :)

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Coffee & Tea

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5200 NW 43rd St,Ste 508
Gainesville, 32606
Probably the BEST subway I've ever been too. The service is exceptional. The staff is friendly and expert deli sandwich makers - which you normally do not find at a Subway. They really care about putting effort into the sandwich they make for you and it shows. And they don't cheap out on giving you toppings either (whats a little extra lettuce on your sandwich cost them anyways right? its great for customer satisfaction) They also usually have some type of special going on which are not even nationwide subway specials.

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Sandwiches, Fast Food

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Daylight Donuts

1109 N Main St
Gainesville, 32601
Shockingly good apple fritters! We decided to try this place after rave reviews and they definitely live up to the review! Might need to eat a real low carb lunch tho now
I don't expect too many small donut places to have top quality donuts at 4:00 in the afternoon.. But after reading other reviews I decided to go there since I was in the area. The glazed with chocolate frosting and peanuts and the blueberry cake were Really good! It is a bit of a hike to get there, they are a little off the beaten path. But well worth it! The lady working there was nice also. Definitely recommend this place!
I am a bit of an apple fritter fanatic, these rate as highly as any I've had. Warm with a nice crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. I can't speak for the other doughnuts except the warm doughnut holes she threw in for FREE were melt in your mouth light texture, far better than any Duncan Doughnuts. The reason for only four stars is the out of the way location and small parking lot. Get them to go. Very welcoming and friendly staff

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Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company

1331 S Main St
Gainesville, 32601
Amazing locally roasted coffee. It's sold by bulk, but you can buy this brand at local stores like Wards and Pop-A-Top. It's really cool to see the big room where they roast everything and the people that work here are AMAZING!! They are definitely a Gainesville staple and it's worth a trip to check out the space if you're in the area. I wish I could live in that building because the roasting beans smell sooooo good!!!!
Great assortment of green and roasted coffees. The have a gigantic roaster (60Kilos at a time) Jim is a great guy (turns out we both grew up in South Florida. A new haunt for me.
Great coffee! Really 4.5 stars as it is not the very best I've ever had, but it is quite good. Sometimes there is a bias toward liking local products simply because they are local. While I do try to give the local guys a shot, I am not particularly sentimental where my wallet is concerned, so for me to come back, a business must deliver local or not. Sweetwater Organic Coffee does indeed. I've been buying Sweetwater's Ethiopian/Nicaraguan blend lately, and I think it is fantastic. I've also enjoyed drinking their morning blend within the last month. Their full city roast has all the kick of fuller roasts, something I think a lot of smaller roasters sacrifice in favor trying to maintain the subtleties of their coffees. However, Sweetwater does an excellent job of maintaining a pleasant roundness and complexity while having just enough char to keep things interesting. It's nice to buy local not just because it's local but because it also happens to be pretty damned fantastic.

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Coffee & Tea

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Reitz Union Game Room

University of Florida Campus,G50 Reitz Union, Ground Fl
Gainesville, 32611
UF's Reitz Union Game Room is truly as good as it gets. USF used to have some arcade games in the old Marshall center, but they are no longer used since we upgraded our student union and UF students are so lucky to have their arcade, bowling alley, and all those pool tables located right on-campus. I have to say I'm quite jealous and when I'm up in Gainesville visiting friends, it's nice to stop by here for a little while and play a quick racing game or check out the area. The free movie, popcorn, and soda upstairs is one of the things that makes me wish I was a UF student. USF has Movies on the Lawn but this is just so cool.
They have Dance Dance Revolution Supernova (DDR) in their arcade games section. It's the most popular machine with lots of crowds. There are excellent gamers. Currently the price is two quarters for one player, one dollar for dual or two players. (It used to be three quarters for one or two players.) The bowling area is very clean and cheap. They have near new balls and the shoe rental is not so bad. Their pool tables are pretty nice as well. Much better than any other place in Gainesville I've been to.
One of the best places to hangout in the University. There are some specials on Monday, sometimes on gator nights and during exam week. You can keep free game of bowling during exam week. Last year they had all you can play during gator night for less than 10. Pool, bowling and arcade. With TV and subway across the hall. Need I tell more

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Pool Halls, Bowling

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Faith Vietnamese

808 W University Ave
Gainesville, 32601
Being Vietnamese myself, this is still the best Vietnamese food that Gainesville has to offer. With the fact that Southeastern Asian culture is not very present in Gainesville, this place is a gem. Really can't go wrong with any dish. Very cordial and polite waiters. Owners are humble and always thankful for your business. Good food at a reasonable price. Maybe add some more awesome dishes to the menu as permanent mainstays such as Bun Bo Hue or Banh Mi Bo Kho. Current favorites are the rice combination or the Pho Dac Biet. This place is definitely on par with Vietnamese restaurants in bigger cities such as Orlando, which has a gigantic Vietnamese community (Colonial Rd) and a plethora of Vietnamese restaurants. Good food takes time, don't be in a rush. It's not Fast Food.
A lot of people might pass it by because it looks like a hole in the wall, but it offers some of the best Vietnamese food I've had in Gainesville. Their banh mi (a Vietnamese sandwich which includes a choice of meat, cucumbers, pickled daikon, cilantro, & etc) is really affordable compared to the one at pho Hanoi & it tastes great. The bread has a crunch on the outside & is soft on the inside, and pickled daikon in combination with the flavor of the meat are perfect together. I've also had their pho (Vietnamese noodle soup usually made from beef broth) is great when you feel like you're coming down with a cold (it really soothes your throat) or if you're hangover lol. Their bun (vermicelli noodles) comes with a really good fish sauce used to mix your noodles, meat, & veggies with. Get it with the egg roll, it's the best! If you're looking for an appetizer, try the spring rolls. It's packed with a lot of meat, shrimp, and vegetables, it's so huge! And the peanut sauce you are given to dip it in is really addicting. Definitely recommend!
Description: Truth be told, I came to Faith Vietnamese because I saw a facebook post on my newsfeed about decently priced pho in Gainesville. If you've been here long enough, you know that good Vietnamese cuisine is lacking in this town. Put two and two together, I had to give it a try. Food & Service: The ambiance was very typical of other Vietnamese restaurants I have been to. While nothing exceptional stood out, the place was clean and well maintained. My server was a chill guy in his twenties and was very kind and attentive. I ordered the large steak brisket pho and added a Vietnamese coffee to reach the $10.00 card minimum. I thought the broth was tasty and well seasoned, better than a lot of places actually. The toppings on the side were fresh. You would think that's standard but you'd be surprised. The meat though was a little underwhelming, kind of dry and lacking flavor. Also, the "large" portion wasn't very large as compared to past restaurants but for the price it was reasonable. The Vietnamese coffee was good but a little too much condensed milk and on the expensive side. Final Thoughts: All in all, I'll be back! For my first time, I had a very enjoyable experience. You can't beat the price of the pho anywhere in Gainesville and the staff was very friendly.

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Dolce Vita Bakery Cafe

4908 NW 34th Blvd,Ste 2
Gainesville, 32605
Consider a trip to Dolce Vita akin to the classic phrase "like a kid in a candy store", only with the most decadent baked goods imaginable. My sweet tooth is about as big as they come, and even if you choose to visit under the guise of "getting breakfast" or "getting lunch" you need to find a way for these goods to get in your tummy pronto. The Space Necessary to my well being, Dolce Vita is tucked a fair way north on 34th just where it starts to bend east. The store is quaint within a pretty large outlet-type building but the bright green logo makes it a cinch to find. Stroll through the door and immediately find yourself next to a fridge of deliciousness, with a large case of more deliciousness in front of you. As others mention, there are a few tables around that can accommodate a couple grabbing lunch of a post-meal treat, but don't bank on them being available unless you arrive at a slow time. The bathroom is also kept notably clean. The Service With treats as sweet as these, you better believe the owner is a drop of sunshine. I distinctly remember my very first trip here because I was overloaded with the choices and she offered to sample a couple of her goodies with a big grin. With the size of the place, the shopping process is what you think: find what you want, approach the counter, and collect your bounty. The Goods Where to begin, where to begin! The offerings range from small, sweet bites to rich, decadent indulgences you'll need an excuse to buy. From-scratch macaroons, cakes, danishes, cookies, pastries, and more. This doesn't even cover the more tame breakfast pastries that I imagine are an experience in themselves, nor the quality Boar's Head sandos you can snag if you want a tasty lunch. If you're honest with yourself, though, you know you came here for the good stuff. A fresh, original-style cronut still escapes me because she makes them early in the morning so they're gone quick. I'll set an alarm soon enough and have this one under my belt (and an added notch to my belt as well) I'll list out everything I've tried and remark on what I recall her having: - Lobster Tail (A): Flaky, buttery pastry with a creamy, smooth filling. - Lace Cookies (B+): Tiny, chewy cookies coated in white or chocolate icing. I've brought these to pot lucks and they're an affordable hit! - Bread Pudding (B+): Sampled this and, as much as I find the dessert typically average, this one was moist, dense, and packed with flavor - Truffle Cookies (A-): You read that right...a cookie carefully baked with a silky, rich chocolate filling. - Cherry Danish (B+): I'm a sucker for cherries in a cheese-cream dessert and this one didn't let me down - Iced & Filled Cronut (A+): Take a cronut, add icing to the top, cut in half to add chocolate filling, eat with glee Final Thoughts There are some really solid bakeries in town that all produce tasty goods, but most spots choose to lean more toward bread or pasta. Dolce Vita is the only place in town I am aware of that focuses on the sweeter side of life, and even though they're far away I make a point to go semi-regularly. Do yourself a favor and come here at least once to treat yourself...but maybe come with a full tummy so you don't go overboard.
This bakery is small and tucked away in a strip mall that's seen better days and now is the home to a hair salon, a business services outfit (people to do your payroll and what-not) and a hodge-podge of other small offices and retail shops. It's easy to miss and not exactly easy to find, but worth locating. The quality of the baked goods is impressive and the owner, who is Serbian, has a high understanding of Eastern European and Italian traditional baking that comes out in her products. She's also very outgoing, friendly, and eager to explain what she has for sale. The actual baked goods expectedly rotate somewhat so you're best to just go in and see what she has baked on a given day. Beyond baked goods--cheesecakes, cronuts, pastries and such--they also do salads and sandwiches and I got the impression they'd like to move into this area even more and to perhaps even carry some imported European groceries at some point. Everything I've had from here is very fresh and quite tasty.
I love this place! The staff here are always so friendly and warm. The pastries are amazing. The cherry danish is my daughter's favorite. The also have chocolate chip cookies stuffed with an entire Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or an Oreo. I would have to say that my favorite dessert here are the Coconut Rum Balls. I had a box of pastries put together for a party and they were a hit! The prices are very fair. You would almost expect to pay much more for these desserts. The dining area is always clean, but could use some upgrading. The chairs are the plastic-type lawn chairs. I have also had the tuna salad sandwich twice and it's the best! This place is just great. I believe Dolce Vita also make an appearance at the Farmers Market Downtown (Bo Diddley) on Wednesdays, so you can get their pastries there!

(352) 505-6688

Desserts, Cafes, Bakeries

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Sweet Dreams of Gainesville

3437 W University Ave
Gainesville, 32607
I really love Sweet dreams! They have a variety of flavors that you've never heard/tried before because they make their own ice cream. Price is reasonable and not too bad. They also have multiple sizes and scoops for you to choose from. Also they sell milkshakes and other goodies like chocolate covered bananas. I've been here multiple times and haven't been disappointed so far.
Sweet Dreams is super awesome! I did some business with the owner Mike Manfredi who is an amazingly good guy. The employees are fun and friendly and are there to make sure you have a wonderful experience. They have this super cool thing called chocolate night which is so cool that you have to go check it out for yourself. Sweet Dreams is a Gainesville staple that I expect to be successful for years to come due to an incredibly fun culture and quality people!
This is it! Look no farther. Great prices, luscious flavors from standard to creative Thai Sticky Rice. Friendly staff, different sizes of cups and cones, very generous in portions. Ice cream is delicious, home made, they also have some sherbets. Seating inside and out. Great for every age group and families.

(352) 378-0532

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Manuel’s Vintage Room

6 S Main St
Gainesville, 32601
My favorite restaurant in Gainesville and hands down he best Italian food. If we want to go out and have an excellent meal, drink excellent wine, and receive excellent service, this is where we always go. The pricing is not outrageous, surprisingly , and I think it's s great value for what they're serving. The lobster ravioli is divine, the duck with the blackberry sauce is amazing. Manuels chicken is spicy but it's served with w wine sauce so it's very decadent at the same time. My filet was cooked perfectly and was topped with a delicious red wine sauce. The apple salad is delicious, and I highly recommend splitting it with a guest to have before your meal. The service is perfect, our server and the server assistant was so attentive and offered great recommendations. And at the end of our meal, Manuel walked us out and shook our hand. This is why we come back whenever we want a delicious meal with impeccable service. The decor is so cute and reminds me of my Italian grandmother's house. If you plan on going for s holiday, get reservation early because I can see this place filling up fast. Overall, if you want the best fine dining experience in Gainesville, this place can't be beat. I love Manuel's!
This place is by far one of the best places to eat in Gainesville. Go dressed as you want, but you will feel the most comfortable in semi-formal or in something you'd wear to church. The owner is a Mexican guy that has a deep passion for all things Italian and spent several years in Italy. He has his own table in the back and will make even first timers here feel like close friends or family. The first time I went I didn't have a reservation, highly recommended, and he gave up his own seat for us. It was several months later when I went again and he remembered me like it we met the previous night. Everything on the menu is delicious. It is pricy for some and a great place for special occasions.
Hands down, the best dining experience in Gainesville! The food is made fresh and prepared by one chef. The service is superior to the rest. The environment is cozy and romantic. My husband and I eat their once a year--because it is THAT special.

(352) 375-7372


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