4898 Okeechobee Road
Ft Pierce, 34947
Signature salad and sandwich only $8.99 and less than 600 calories! I mean really, who could ask for anything more?! The restaurant is well lit and there's plenty of sun coming in through the windows. I love that! I can actually see the food I'm about to place in my mouth. Wonderful. Service is okay. A bit alarming when I walked in and was greeted, my response was "I'm good thank you. How are you?" The greeter responded with, "say what?" Really? Is that how you address a customer? Really? I mean, really? The food was good; what one would expect from Applebee's. Gotta realize this is not a top of the shelf type restaurant. Yes, I'll eat there again. Probably would have been four stars had the greeter not responded so oddly.
Walking in it smells like stale beer and wet rags.. Little bit of a deterrent.. Ordering lunch for some customers they're choosing this place..the people working there were very pleasant . Good was very average. the restaurant had been remodeled so it was a little nicer than it was a few years ago
It's a typical Applebee's. Why the low ratings? Ok I did plan to show up here at 9pm for 1/2 price appetizers and found out they don't start till 10pm now. So I'm sipping beer waiting till 10 so that's why only 4 stars. We are arguing with the bartender on what apps are best. I dont think anyone will agree on this. But that weird ass berry basil citron drink needs to be taken off the damn menu. Everyone agrees on that! I watched her make it, predict it'll be sent back as usual. And it came right back.

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Sports Bars, Burgers, American (Traditional)

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