S & L Restaurant

2915 S Combee Rd
Eaton Park, 33840
Love there burgers. They are so good. Small patties, but they are thick. The fries are really good too. The price is super cheap. So if your "ballin on a budget", this is the place to be. Seating is tight, and they don't take credit cards. So for that I give them 4 stars.
You know that situation where you plan for quite some time to visit a restaurant close to where you live for months, and when you finally have the opportunity something about that place prevents you from going there and in it's stead you find some place a million times better that will you become a regular to and bring your friends, family and visiting friends and family? I'll tell you what prevented us from going to a restaurant that we had every intention of being regulars to because it's literally down the street from where we live. I called today (Saturday) at lunch time (already quite aware S&L had ridiculous hours, very little seating for customers, and you needed to call ahead to get anywhere with them) to make sure we could make it in time because we were on the other side of town most of the morning to check in to see if we still had time to eat, about their hours and forms of payment. I called at 1. 1 pm. One pm. Lunch. Time. I was informed that they closed at 12:45. 12:45. On a SATURDAY AFTERNOON. They must be joking. Giving the benefit of the doubt, because there's still plenty of other opportunity for a visit to S&L in the future if we wake at the crack of dawn and have all our errands ran and feel like eating a hamburger during BREAKFAST TIME, instead of a SATURDAY AFTERNOON LUNCH AT LUNCH TIME, because there's no feasibly possible way to visit this establishment during the week, I asked if they accepted cash or card, because reviews say "cash only". Things like that change over time, you know, when you want new clientele. This was the extent of that: "Do you take Cash or card?" "Yeah." "So, do you take cash or card?" "Cash." I had to ask twice. I gave two options the first time and was only given "Yeah." So guess what we did? We went to Fat Maggies and had an absolutely fantastic experience. Yeah. That's what we did. I cant wait to give them absolutely rave reviews because a place like this just blows my mind how they can stay in business as long as they have, because Rocky's (down the street) a restaurant that I really enjoyed BECAME cash only and they arent around anymore. Cash only businesses and ones that keep hours not easy for new clientele are like dinosaurs; extinct. I'm not willing to jump through hoops to eat anywhere especially a place like this. That's what an absolute looks like S&L. Yeah.
The burger was good! Real simple nothing fancy... fries were good too. A bit of a wait for the food, but you can't beat the price for what you get. Better than Mickey D's and 5Guys.

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Burgers, Breakfast & Brunch

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