Cutler Bay Sports Bar & Grill

20305 Old Cutler Rd
Cutler Bay, 33189
This is the best kept secret south of south miami. I have lunch here at least twice a week and the quality of the food and the inventiveness of the cook (Miguel I believe) is incredible. Not your typical bar food. This would be excellent food in a 3-4 star restaurant. Delicious pastas, properly cooked and fresh seafood. Miguel must be a professionally trained saucier or a sauce savant - it is the only way to explain the quality of his sauces. Everything is reasonably priced and the service is informal and effective.
Great neighborhood bar. Friendly staff who remember your name and what you drink. They have regular bar food, and more. Make sure you check out the daily dinner specials. Much more than regular bar food at good prices. Never had a bad meal there. Live entertainment on the weekends, very good local cover bands.
This place used to b like my second home. but since Gigi and Joe left, its not the same. after a long week all I wanted was a cold beer, but I guess I was asking for too much. The bartender poured my pitcher and let it get hot while I stood there and watched. She was very rude and yelled at me across the bar. If hitting others wasn't illegal she would need a feeding tube right now. Being Disrespected and getting hot beer is not my idea of a good time. The owner Hector did nothing. personally I think thats bad customer service. & the band was sooooo loud and bad, it was terrible. I couldnt get out of there fast enough. I would NEVER go there again. After the fact I went to Corbetts Bar and had an amazing time. Cutler Bar has lost a few customers to Corbetts.

(786) 293-1617

Sports Bars, Burgers, Chicken Wings

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Moon Thai Cutler Bay

20505 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Bay, 33189
I absolutely love this place! The sushi is fresh and delicious. The Thai is also very yummy. Don't miss out on the Thai iced tea! Service is great and the decor is fun!
Sushi at Stir Moon is always fresh and delicious. They have a variety of specialty rolls on the menu. Prices are good, the service is great. They also have a full bar with great drink specials. My family frequents Stir Moon at least 2 times a month and each time it has been a great experience. And now they deliver! Score!
yes.. i'm a fan. i came here the first time because it was where my friend and I could meet half way without anyone of us going out of our way for good sushi. and i was hooked. I do have my favorite places... but somewhere in cutler bay when i'm meeting my friend? THIS is the place I choose for sushi. The playboy roll is awesome. I can make a good avocado salad. however i like the way there's is prepared (it's called the avocado crab salad?). It could use some kimchee sauce but no worries.. i just ask for a side of that sauce and mix it in there myself! oh and the servers are ok.. but the host is always checking in on me when i'm there so it makes up for the lack of service when needed.

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Harvey’s Smokehouse BBQ

20218 Old Cutler Rd
Cutler Bay, 33189
Best BBQ in town. I love their brisket and I am very picky when it comes to brisket. Everything on their menu is delicious. I even went as far as to have them cater my wedding. Both Nathalie and Harvey were very attentive to all our needs. Everyone at the wedding raved about the food. It was an amazing night and Harvey's BBQ played a big role in that. Thank you Harvey and Nathalie. You guys run a great establishment. My wife and I wish you two the bests
The food is good, still not as great as Shiver's. The first couple of times we ordered from Harvey's were great however the last time - my fiance and I decided to purchase our meal from eat24, which was probably the biggest mistake. The food took 2 hours to finally arrive in it's entirety after 3 failed attempts to get my order correct. Upon receiving my meal the corn tasted as if it had been sitting in bath water all day the food was terribly cold and needless to say the frustration of having to wait 2 hours for my meal did not leave us as happy customers. I can not discredit them entirely, when I happened to call and express our frustration they instantly gave us 50% off on our next meal. Their customer service was understanding and at the end of the day although I wasn't satisfied with their neglect regarding my order, they were quick to make it up to us. All in all... I do have to recommend their sloppy Joe, it is to die for! Perhaps my experience this time around partially had to do with eat24, however to say that it was entirely their fault would be biased.
I was craving a good bbq pulled pork and decided to try Harvey s Smokehouse. The pulled pork and bbq ratio was spot on, not too much not too little. The sides were just ok. If I'm in the neighborhood and want some bbq, I will go back.

(305) 233-1227

Barbeque, American (Traditional)

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T & W Subs & BBQ

18683 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Bay, 33157
I split the Ben special, which is rib meat on Texas toast, and a pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast with my sister. Both very good, although the pulled pork was far and away the star. The fries left something to be desired, could've been fried a little longer, but the barbecue itself was so good I can't hold that against them. Also split a side of Mac and Cheese with my husband and that was great. Definitely gonna head back and try some more of their BBQ and subs. Added bonus, staff was great and gave us some awesome recommendations.
This place is great! The service is very nice and it's quick too. In the front you have the booths and in the back (separate room) you have the bar. There are two big tvs in the front. It's family friendly. About the food: Mac N Cheese is perfect (i'm a huge critic and I loved it). The pulled pork is amazing! it's on point. Make sure you have it mixed in with the BBQ sauce. The corn bread is great too. I really loved this place. It's definitely become one of my top five places to eat.
A friend of mine introduced me to this place! We decided to have dinner here last night, and after perusing their extensive menu, we wanted to try everything! We ended up ordering baby back ribs, brisket, and a cheesesteak sub with onions and mushrooms! Everything was awesome. The sub was loaded with tender steak and full of flavor. The ribs were tender and juicy and had a nice smoky flavor! The sweet homemade BBQ sauce on the table was awesome! I am very hard to please when it comes to sauce and this one was almost as good as my Mom's sauce! We got mac n cheese and fried corn with the ribs. The mac n cheese tastes like it comes from a box, so I will pass next time. The fried corn however was delish! I will definitely order that again! The brisket was my fave! It is sliced thin and served with au jus. To be honest, it was so moist, the sauce wasn't necessary! It had a nice smoky flavor and I used the leftovers to make a sandwich today! This place is what I would consider a hole-in-the-wall, but it's clean and the employees here are friendly, helpful and efficient (a rarity in Miami)! I really like their food and plan to visit often!

(305) 235-8708

Barbeque, Sandwiches

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18503 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Bay, 33157
Two words: completely satisfied. First time in pubgrill and definitely not my last. I had the Dr. Seuss burger with a side of mac n'cheese. The burger was phenomenal. 8oz patty with a fried egg, jalapeño bacon (yes it's a thing), cotija cheese and a salsa verde. The verde is lacking some spice but certainly not lacking flavor. The onion challah was perfectly toasted. They have a variety of buns so don't get discouraged by the onion. The Mac was ok in my opinion. Not bad but could've been better. Try the truffle mac n cheese instead. The one thing that did bother me was the limited options that were on tap. Mainly ipa's which I'm not fond of. Overall it was a good experience. Service was great. I'm leaving not too stuffed but like I said satisfied. You won't regret your dining experience here.
I'm torn here. I've visited several times, was recommended by a friend who is very into burgers, as I am. The burgers here are very good. I usually opt for the basic BGR with cheddar and bacon. I'm generally not a fan of much other than that as I like to taste the meat and not have it masked with other ingredients. I visited with my girlfriend this past Sunday morning. I noticed the menu is new, and now they were having something called "Sam Adam's Brunch" menu items, some This is where it all falls apart. On this Sunday I didn't get to enjoy my basic BGR with cheddar and bacon, and my girlfriend didn't get to enjoy her turkey burger. Instead, we refreshed ourselves with two glasses of the freshest tap water available....for 30 minutes. The new brunch menu had brought in a great number of new patrons...more than I've ever seen in there at any one time. I understand that maybe the staff was not equipped to deal with the sudden influx of people...but I found myself unsympathetic that Sunday morning, as both my girlfriend and I were hungover from a weekend of non-stop binge drinking. We struggled to raise out of the air conditioned cave we were hibernating in, and ventured out into the horrid daylight in search of food. We sat down, ordered and received water within 2 minutes. 10 minutes passed...then 15, then 25 minutes I told the waitress I was going to leave if we didn't have food in 5 minutes. She told me "Oh it'll be out really quick, it's just we have a table of eight"...that's cool...but I don't really care about the table of 8 and fail to see what that has to do with the two burgers I ordered 20-some minutes ago. Is the kitchen only capable of making one dish at a time? So the 5 minutes passed, still no we left. We walked to the Publix in the same shopping center and got Boar's Head subs instead. Power move. I will definitely return to Pubgrill, as good burgers (I mean real good burgers, not the trendy bullshit flying around Wynwood and Brickell) are hard to come by in South Florida. I will however NOT return during brunch hours. Lesson learned.
I'm actually very impressed here! For a little bar/pub like this, you wouldn't expect good service however, I've been coming here since this place opened and seen the progression. There's one thing that I've always noticed at this spot, the service! Every employee is always very attentive, well mannered and friendly. Very knowledgable on what menu has to offer. As for the food, menu has recently changed and for the better! I recently ordered the duck confit tacos and let me tell you, that was the best decision I've ever made! Was amazing. And the sauce they pour on it is to die for! Burgers are awesome here! Seriously if your into burgers, you have to visit pubgrill!

(305) 253-4996

Burgers, Chicken Wings, Breakfast & Brunch

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20505 S Dixie Hwy,Ste 1261
Cutler Bay, 33189
This location is actually inside of Southland Mall fka Cutler Ridge Mall right across from the big merry-go-round and about 100 yds from the theater. Pretty much it has all that the free standing locations offer although the condiment station is usually in a bit of a disarray There is limited outside seating but the inside doesn't have the usual studying crowd that is common w the other locations. so order yourself your favorite caffeine fix and relax while the rest of your party goes window shopping!
Attention please. This Starbucks is actually in a mall. To be more specific, it is in a very quiet and largely deserted mall. So, if you need a place to work in a temperature controlled setting, participate in conference calls, surf the web, do email, and drink espresso, this is the place. It can be my office away from the office since I have the whole place to myself, not counting one incredibly bored barista. Better yet, you never read this. It's mine. All mine. Stay away.
Only one server when I came in. Took a long time to get my order. Store looked dirty, garbage on the floor and counters needed cleaned. Won't come here again.

(305) 255-4587

Coffee & Tea

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Cajio’s Cuban Cuisine

20505 S Dixie Hwy Ste 1851
Cutler Bay, 33189
Rice was meh. Tasted like they used instant rice. Pork was good. This place is in the food court of the mall.
Pork and beans great. I ordered a whole pig with moro for a Holiday party and everyone was amazed. GREAT PRESENTATION!
So I recently started working in Cutler Bay and believe it or not Cuban food is limited in the area! The first day I started my employment in the area I yelped cuban food as I was in serious need of Cuban coffee and couldn't find anything open at 8am with decent coffee and Cuban pastries. Then the heavens opened and I came across Cajios. It's located inside Southland Mall and although the mall doesn't open until 10am Cajios actually opens earlier at approximately 815-830am. They have delicious made to order Cuban breakfast and the Empanadas and croquetas are made fresh and delicious! I have had multiple items here including: croquetas, Empanada of meat also chicken, breakfast egg sandwich and platter, cortaditos, and most recently tried two of their lunch options. For Good Friday I had the breaded fish with tomatoes and lettuce and today I had the Carne con papa (beef stew) with rice and plantains. It was not a disappointment folks! It was all delicious! I can say I would prefer to order from here than Sergio's or La Carreta as these two have lost their touch and their quality and taste has decreased and prices have increased! Cajios prices are reasonable and serving size is fair. I definitely will keep Cajios as part of my weekly routine for meal options!

(305) 233-3239


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The New Miami Subs Grill

18660 S Dixie Hwy
Cutler Bay, 33157
Perfection!!!! Excellent food, clean, excellent customer service. You won't believe how nice the place looks. Open late and they serve alcohol for those that care. I found the perfect place for dinner pickup.
Oh god this place is finally open! I'm so glad I don't have to drive 50 minutes just to get to a decent Miami Subs place now. The location is placed in an amazingly small lot, but they positioned the drive thru and parking spaces very smartly, and the fact that it's close to Marlin and 184th is freaking great (I work in the area). Anyway, on to the food! So far, I've tried the philly steak, bistro, and meatball sub. All of them absolutely blew my mind with their flavor. I'm very happy with the service and the amount of time it took to get my food (roughly 10 minutes waiting time in the drive through, sometimes a little longer in the dining room). We all know their killer is the fries - I usually get the Nathan's fries. Pricing could be a little bit better for what you get, but I'm not complaining! They're still cheaper then my regular lunch place (Chipotle). We will see how long they last in the area, but I'm positive they're going to do amazing here!
I was excited for this Miami Subs location to open I went through the Drive Thru and burgers are awesome like always and staff is really friendly this location is one of the best ones I've ever been too.

(305) 251-5816

Burgers, Chicken Wings, Sandwiches

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11030 SW 184th St
Cutler Bay, 33157
Where do I start. First off I want to say that I try not to rate restaurants based on service. If I like the food I'll give 4 starts & leave one out if the service sucked. So, how is it that you can have bad service from a cafeteria style restaurant? Because the person that literally has to deal with you for 2 minutes tops is either miserable of just doesn't give a shit about his/job. I walk into this restaurant wanting to try their Ox tail. I had only 1 request (please give me the bigger pieces) she said "this is oxtail their's no meat on the tail of the cow, sorry what comes up on the spoon is what we serve" after serving me a plate FULL OF BONES the proceeded to ask me with an attitude "do you want sauce on the rice?" Initially I wanted to snap.... But then the Jedi inside me said screw this miserable beast, I'm not about to buy into her misery.... I've got YELP!!! The truth is I didn't even eat the food. This lady made my experience so uncomfortable that I just walked out without saying a word. So, in conclusion if you want an angry person to serve your food & your into F-you this is what you get service this is your spot. They should seriously consider renaming their oxtail dish to a plate full of bones with oxtail sauce on the rice.
My new Caribbean spot down in Perrine/Cutler Ridge. Real good island cookin'......excellent flavor and great portions. Def check this place out if ur in the area.
Went here today for the first time. I had the chicken creole and ox tail, a prestige, and topped it off with a Haitian coffee. Good service and family owned.

(305) 232-9250


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Steve’s Pizza Express

20216 Old Cutler Rd
Cutler Bay, 33189
Took over an hour to get the pizza and all of the toppings were burned and only in the center of the pizza. The crust was soggy and when you picked up a slice everything fell off. This place is so hit or miss that's it's just not worth it.
Same shit as the other place except it's a new location. Always fuck up the order royally.
I love me some Steve's Pizza! After living in the area for over 30 years, I was psyched to see that this location was opening and I would now have two Steve's Pizza locations to choose from. However, with new locations come some obstacles to overcome. I've ordered from them and for the most part, their pizzas are hit or miss. Either the crusts are too thin or too thick. We ordered a pizza last Friday evening (large pepperoni, onion, and mushroom) and when we arrived to pick it up 45 minutes later, the toppings were just thrown on, not in any set fashion and definitely not evenly distributed. Some pizza slices had about ten pieces of pepperoni on it, while others had none. On top of that, the crust was so thin that it was soggy and chewy in the middle. This isn't the first time we have experienced this. They were abnormally busy for a Friday night, but busy isn't an excuse to slack on quality. I wish this Steve's location would work out the kinks and provide the quality that comes with the name.

(305) 252-9054

Pizza, Italian

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