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Visit below restaurant in Bradenton for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Bradenton for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Sam H.

    Great little place. Staff was really friendly and fast w service. Had a rainbow, Alaskan, spicy tuna roll and all were solid and the prices were reasonable. Also at my table was the hibachi filet. Good portions and everything was cooked well and tasted great. Very low key come as you are spot in a strip mall perfect for a quiet dinner.

  • Lauren F.

    Low quality sushi for high quality price. Service was slow as there was only one person rolling. The chopsticks were cheap and almost impossible to use. The rolls and salmon sushi fell apart. Ordered a hot tea and it was forgotten; it came in a small mug when we were finishing our meal and we were charged almost $3 for it. The place appears clean and has nice atmosphere though not a lot of privacy unless you are in a booth. You could dress up or go casual.

  • Neal G.

    I'm so happy this place has opened up right by my house. This was some of the best sushi I've had in Florida. My wife and I are kind of Sushi snobs with pretty high standards, this meets and exceeds. We got a lobster tempura roll that was huge and delicious. The Dragon roll was good, with nice fresh avacado. Spicy tuna, California Roll were also very good. The highlight was a very unique and fresh perspective on sushi... The Summer Roll with spicy and smoked salmon, used Mango in sushi...a first for me, and it worked! Delicious! Good luck! We'll be back!

  • David Z.

    Heard about this one from a friend but I am a die hard Samurai fan in bradenton. I went and have already been back it is excellent. Have had multiple rolls and all were impressive. Great atmosphere, great service. The chilled strawberry saki is also worth mention.

  • Gary K.

    This is a fantastic sushi restaurant, and a surprisingly classy atmosphere. I've eaten at this new place twice now, and I would put it up against any sushi restaurant in the country. Reasonably priced, and very good value for the money. Great food, and really good lunch specials for under $10. Give this place a try ... You won't be disappointed!

  • Amy D.

    It was good ! But we order take out . We didn't get to experience the atmosphere ! The Mexican roll was ok , it had a little too much breading . Very little shrimp . So I won't be ordering that again . Some of the rolls were mushy cause of their eel sauce . I wish they didn't put it on . And put the sauce on the side . Might try it again

  • Keri C.

    This is probably one of my favorite sushi places in Manatee County. The staff is always very friendly and attentive. The prices are good and the food is always fresh. Not only is the sushi great, but the hot apps are just as well.

  • Major G.

    I've been here half a dozen times. Have had takeout and visits have ranged from peak Sat night to slow weekday afternoon. All visits excellent. Food, service and staff all excellent. Not cheap but if you want cheap go next door to Subway or Publix. Not a large place with slightly limited seating so don't go here thinking you'll be tucked away from everyone else or your 12 person birthday party won't be met with hate from other diners. Best sushi restaurant in Bradenton for small groups/couples.

  • Maria H.

    We are regulars at this awesome sushi place! Their martinis are delicious! Service is always good and their sushi is fresh and tasty every time. We are never disappointed, definitely the best sushi in our area. We drive from hwy 64 to eat here.

  • Sarah C.

    Soooo good. Small. Sat at sushi bar. They gave us two avocado bombs "on the house" which were delicious. We ordered the flower roll, the pink shrimp roll, and yellowtail sushi. It was all so yummy. I can't wait to go back and try some more!

  • Heather H.

    So the sushi and food were very good. The bad part is they don't show up until open time-meaning if you want food ready at 12 don't show up at 12. They got there at 12:02 and the items I ordered weren't even ready...nothing crazy...just miso soup. Ha! Otherwise very nice place.

  • Tokolos V.

    One word, awesome! So glad we came. Some of the best sushi I have had in a while. The presentation was great also and the staff professional.

  • Joy S.

    So last night we wandered into this little gem and left REALLY FULL and REALLY HAPPY!! It is a very small sushi joint about 15 tables and the sushi bar but it's clean and bright and has a modern flair to it. We started with the aged dashi tofu which was good but on the small size for portion and sadly the ponzu sauce wasn't very flavorful. Our daughter had the one of the sushi combos-B combo come with soup&salad and three rolls- the crazy horse, the mexican and the bagel. All were delicious and they cut them into 8 coins so our child could eat them in one bite. I had the Golden dragon with tuna instead of salmon and the three-monster roll both really delicious!! Hubby had the veg tempura (which comes with soup&salad and Oyishi Roll. The tempura was light and yummy and a very healthy portion...the roll AMAZING!! We were really happy with our food and both servers were really nice but the sushi took forever. Excited to go back to try other items on the menu!!

  • Rae L.

    Nothing special. I ordered the volcano roll based on the server's recommendation and the monster roll. Despite the vast difference, both rolls tasted exactly the same. They weren't horrible but they weren't great either. I have a favorite sushi spot already but I like to try new things. This place is a one and done.

  • Janice L.

    I am so pleased that this restaurant is delicious. VERY fresh, wonderful service and they offer a lot of things cooked if you are not a Sushi fan. As good as any sushi in any city.

  • Coty S.

    Sushi Hana is a brand new sushi restaurant that opened next to the new Publix on the corner of Lockwood Ridge and State Road 70. It is a much awaited lunch option for me because it is so close to my workplace. Since the entire building is brand spankin' new, everything is pristine for now. Luckily, I was able to try it for the first time today. The lunch specials are great! You can get two sushi rolls from a large list with a side salad and miso soup for only $8.95. There is also a three roll option for a couple dollars more, bento boxes, and "hibachi" lunch specials. I did find that my sushi was packed with fillers, for example: Spicy Tuna Roll- the tuna was fluffy chopped and mixed with tempura bits to give it more oomph. Mexican Roll- was mostly rice, and only one sad shrimp stretched across the entire roll. However, they did hook it up with some spicy mayo on top, and I did not ask for that. Service was excellent because the head waitress there keeping the other waitress on track. Food arrived really fast, even the rolls. They also offered me a free side of spicy mayo, which is usually extra charge. I think it is because they just opened and are trying to drive more business. The staff speaks a dialect of Mandarin that I have never heard before. They might want to invest in a water purification system, because the miso soup flavor is about 50% miso and 50% Bradenton sulphur and chlorine tap water taste. There is also a large list of specialty rolls, but everything is their version of Japanese cuisine. There are only two interesting items that are not normally on this style of menu; Pineapple Fried Rice and Hamachi Kama (yellowtail collar). I hope to try both in the future. The prices are high, just like any other local sushi place. However, the lunch specials are cheaper.

  • Helen L.

    I ordered takeout and got the Tamago sushi, Hana Roll, and Christmas Roll. The food was ready in 20 minutes and boxed nicely in separate plastic containers. The tamago was quite good, not too sweet. The Hana Roll had a nice spicy kick to it. The Christmas roll was different but good. The sushi was not spectacular but pretty good for Bradenton.

  • Alec A.

    Ordered tea, wasn't hot upon serving. Lukewarm green tea isn't too great. They took it back and replaced it with an extremely hot one. Sushi was good, creative sauce art on the plate made us smile. It's really quiet and small, which I guess is a good thing. Fried sushi was probably the best thing on the menu here.

  • Melissa T.

    I really enjoyed a quick, tasty lunch here. Great price for the food. Good portions and fresh!! Unlike other sushi places, they give nice pieces of fish and don't give tons of rice, used as a. Filler for the rolls. The Service was prompt and friendly. Definitely recommend.

  • Linda G.

    Loved the food and the service. I had the mango shrimp and it had over a dozen plump perfectly cooked shrimp with red and yellow peppers, onions and juicy strips of mango in a subtle sweet and spicy sauce served in two mango halves. My mom had a seafood trio she said was delicious and we shared the Amazing Roll. Neither of us could finish all the food and enjoyed the leftovers for lunch the next day. Will definitely put this on the rotation!

  • Michael R.

    The food is very good and the prices aren't crazy. The service was also very good. We've been there twice and will go again for sure!

  • LaKeshia M.

    OMG, everything we ordered was mind-blowing delicious. Sushi Hana just gained two more loyal customers; we will definitely be eating here again.

  • Allie M.

    We were lacking any good sushi places in the area and this one has finally come as a pleasant surprise! My husband and I have been there several times since it has opened and we are always impressed with their sushi selections. We typically get their special rolls, particularly the three monsters roll is amazing, easily one of the best we have ever had! On busy nights the wait can be a little long but I think this happens with any fairly new restaurant that gets popular very quickly. We have also been for lunch which is a great option to try something else besides their sushi. We got their bento box which is a great deal and you get to try a little but if everything. I would highly recommend trying this place, it's very important to keep these new local businesses alive if we want to see them stick around!

  • Ash H.

    Trendy atmosphere and the sushi are almost too pretty to eat ! Our server was really sweet and attentive. The sushi are fresh and delicious!!! We will definitely come back next time when we are in town !!!

  • Aaron V.

    Wow! What a great meal! The sushi was sooooo good, service was excellent and it was very reasonable considering what we got. I've had much worse for much more. This place is tops and we'll definitely be back often! Thanks for a wonderful meal.

  • Michael B.

    Good sushi, service was very good.

  • Chelsey S.

    We love this place. Don't let the strip mall fool you it's wonderful. Of all the sushi places we've tried so far this is our favorite. The staff is terrific, and everything is always delicious and clean. Takeout was just as good as dining in, which isn't always the case with restaurants. Plus they're the only sushi place we could find that doesn't close between lunch and dinner. If you want sushi in Bradenton go to Sushi Hana. It's the best.

  • Christopher T.

    My wife and I decided to give this place a try because it is right across the street from our house. My wife is Japanese and I lived in Japan for four years so I to know quality sushi and sashimi. We were pleasantly surprised at how fresh everything was and well prepared. They don't try to be completely authentic but have their own twist on it and its great! They really do sushi rolls well and have a great selection. We have been back many times and they remember us. どもありがとSushi Hana!

  • Chachi B.

    First of All. I Apologize For The Confusion. DUE TO ANOTHER SUSHI Restaurant. Called Hanna Sushi."NOT THE SAME RESTAURANT".I Thank THEM FOR NOTIFYING ME". WOW! :-( THAT WAS A 1st FOR ME".What a Great Choice.Thanks to the reviews Posted on Yelp. The food is Amazing. We ordered A Lava Roll and The Volcano Roll. Compliments to the both of the Chefs. That are working together in a sacronized harmonius manner. That making such delicious and Masterful works of Art. Makes complete sense. We proceeded to order the Caribean Roll, consisting of Shrimp,Avocado and Mango. Delicately drissled with a Mango Sauce.However, a nice surprise was the suttle Banana flavor I detected.I ordered a pot of hot Jasmine Tea. The prises are good.I ordered from the regular menu.Their Lunch Menu is also prised well. Their Bento Boxes offer a nice array of variety. Lots of easy access Parking,specially with the rainy weather. Topical to our South Florida Tropical Climate. Cindi provided great info on the ingredients and form of preparation. Fresh Seafood and real Crab Meat. For me the Best way to go. They opened their Wounderful place 7 mths ago. Everything is beautifully designed and very well managed. UNBELIAVABLE PICS. Must see:-() The Creativety of these Sushi Chefs and the Flavors that made me, mmmm with UTTER DELIGHT! Can't Wait To Do it AGAIN! Next Visit. I am going to try one of the Sakes. Good Selection of Japanesse Beers and Sakes.

  • Jennifer P.

    This tiny Japanese restaurant in a strip mall has great service and decoratively presented, delicious food. I got the sushi dinner which came with a ball of white light covered by some sort of white, fried noodle and tempura cheesecake for dessert. Both were fantastic. I've also been there for the bento box lunch special which is more affordable than picking up a container of pre-made sushi at the supermarket but you get much more. I'm planning to return for happy hour to try their half price appetizer at some point in the future.

  • Janine T.

    There is nothing not to love about Sushi Hana! This was my second time there and both the food and service were outstanding! The rolls are fun and creative! I'd highly recommend the Ocean Naruto Roll especially if you want to watch the carb count! This is made w cucumber & seaweed salad- yum!! In addition to the wonderful food & service is the beautiful presentation of each course. Sushi Hana takes great pride is providing delicious & beautiful food! Can't wait to go back!

  • Farah P.

    I can explain how delicious this nondescript sushi place in a shopping center was. It's almost like its a secret gem. The seaweed salad appetizer was the best I have ever had and you could tell it was freshly made that instant and was a very generous portion. Another must have is the spicy tuna tar tar. Both my dinner companion and I commented that we had never seen this at a sushi restaurant before and that the dish was light and flavorful. Very distinct flavours and great atmosphere. All sushi was way above average. Would absolutely recommend.

  • Chris C.

    Thank you Yelp! Otherwise might not have found this gem. Just had an amazing lunch!!! If you love sushi, try this place! Mango shrimp and amazing roll were great!

  • Steve C.

    In a small shopping center in Bradenton you will discover a magnificent experience in culinary excellence. We have had sushi in all parts of Tampa Bay, but SUSHI HANA has put all to shame. It is rare that every meal is amazing. Freshness, taste, and presentation come together every time! The staff of this establishment are warm, friendly, helpful and sincere in presenting the very best to every order. If you enjoy SUSHI..... This is a must place to visit.

  • Jenny M.

    I went for lunch one day. I ordered their 3 sushi lunch combo. I ordered the Mango Chicken Roll, Mexican Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll. The presentation was very nice. I wasn't impressed by their sushi. The nori was very thick. It took away the flavor of the whole roll. Service was great! I don't believe I would come back to try their sushi again but their menu has other items that I might try.

  • Amy B.

    Was taken here by my best friend for my birthday. I'm a huge sushi fan and this place was awesome! Will be going back for more very soon!

  • Cristina T.

    I love sushi Hanna! The service was great and the food was delicious and tasted fresh. I will be coming back again

  • Casey L.

    Great little family owned sushi place in the Publix Plaza. I would definitely try the Avocado bites as an appetizer and the seaweed salad is great! The staff is very attentive and very sweet. Best sushi experience I've had thus far!

  • Erika B.

    This is a hidden gem! I can't possibly rave enough about this restaurant! From presentation, to great service and impeccable sushi this is hands down the best I've ever had! Trendy little establishment hiding right beneath your nose. I vote 5 more of these pop up all over. :))

  • Offroad O.

    Served us really old fish. Then had the waitress come over and tell us something is wrong with their refrigerator. We showed them brown tuna in the rolls and they argued no that's eel so I pulled the tuna out and showed them it's tuna. Then they agreed. They still charged us!!! We got 50% off for being food poisoned. Do not eat here.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:30 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Sushi Hana

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