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Visit below restaurant in Boca Raton for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Boca Raton for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Rachelle L.

    Oh west Boca you are so boring. But boy do you have good places to eat. This place in particular I am so happy opened. This place is really a Greek gem. They no lie have the best grape leaves I've had. Their gyro is phenomenal too. Ingredients are always fresh and the place is spotless! Boy windex sure does the trick. Service is always fast and friendly and if you order take out you'll be out within 5 mins. Close to the L.A Fitness so all the bros can have some lamb for some serious gains. Genius.

  • Gina P.

    Awesome lunch spot. I work in the area and stopped in for lunch around 1pm. I was the only person there. I ordered the fallafel pita on wheat with a house salad as a side. Everything was delicious. Other coworkers have eaten there and raved about their gyro and meats. I hope it catches on as its a great addition to the area

  • Tim H.

    Ok. Great food! A little pricey. Fountain machine wasn't working. So had to pay $1.50 for a can. All of the tables were dirty from last night. I got here right at opening time. Lone customer the whole time. Trash on the floor. Cashier didn't pronounce Gyro correctly, but that doesn't mean the food isn't authentic. Tzatziki sauce was good. Had to listen to cashier talk to her boyfriend on the phone the whole time. (Could have used this time to clean)

  • Adriana S.

    I just found this great healthy Greek option in Boca! I was on my way to Panera when I saw this new spot and had to check it before making my final decision to where to eat, and it got hooked right at the nicely clean and well explained wall menu. You start choosing if you want a gyro, a salad or a platter, then you choose your protein, and then your choose your sauce. I went for the falafel salad that was super refreshing and fresh! Rafa chose the lamb gyro and it was also delish with salad and tzatziki sauce. I also had a portion of fries and they were supper crunchy and seasoned with spices and salt. Yummy! The portions are very generous and the price is just perfect. The service was attentive and fast, and they also deliver at a 4 mile ratios which will dangerous because they can deliver to my place.... I will definitely come back!

  • Tim F.

    This location opened about two weeks ago and is a welcome addition to the latest in the new spurt of Greek places in West Boca. They have a very simple menu, with a "create your own" meal or platter. The CYO selection of pita sandwich/wrap, salad or bowl; next select a protein (gyro, chicken, pork, beef, fish, vegetarian) and then add a spread (spicy feta, hummus, caviar, eggplant, yogurt). The platter is a bit more expensive, but is pretty much the protein with Greek salad, fries or lemon potatoes or rice, pita and choice of spread. In addition to typical soft drinks, they also serve Greek beer and wine. As for my order, I ordered the bowl, with gyro and spicy feta. The bowl comes with a generous portion of rice chickpeas, tomatoes, tzatziki, onions, peppers and kasseri cheese. The gyro meat was excellent, however a little to thick of a cut. It would be better if it was thinner and would also stretch out the amount of meat you get with the meal. Also, we ordered a side of fries that were a bit underdone. That being said this place has a lot of potential. They may have some kinks to work out, but the people are friendly and our meal came out pretty darn fast. Also, for a small $1.25 charge they deliver. Would definitely return.

  • Jason G.

    It's a nice change of what we've grown accustomed to here in West Boca. Apparently there was some smoothie place here that just never took off, or opened, not sure but everyone knows this location isn't kind to new businesses. The concept of Gyro, like most fast-food Greek places are you create your own meal. The Chipotle blueprint. Prices vary. I opted for the chicken platter and it ran me about $11. The chicken was a tad cold, but seasoned very well and thinly sliced and cooked to perfection. The lemon potatoes were great as was the tiny humus they give you with it. The Greek salad it comes with was decent but kinda bland and needed more dressing to taste anything. The place was completely empty on a Saturday night so I hope people give it a shot. It's clean inside and trendy with all those iPad-like cash register. Although it's a little annoying. I had to verify my meal and then because I used my card, I had to select how I wanted to pay and how much I wanted to tip. I did take out. Too much involvement. Let me just tell you what I want, like people have done at restaurants since the dawn of time, and allow me to wait while I'm on my own phone looking at Facebook or something. I don't want to be all that involved or have to touch something others have before me. This trendy way of ordering food is not only intrusive, time-consuming but unhygienic. Otherwise, I'm a fan of this place and urge you to give it a shot.

  • Cergio A.

    Just not good. Everything is just so bland and no flavor. The bread is old and not fresh. I give this place 1 more year before it shuts down.

  • Mike M.

    Great Food, Great Service, Appalling Management. On my way to Panera Bread the other afternoon I noticed a new Greek restaurant nestled in the corner of mission bay plaza. Being of Greek heritage and hailing from a Greek neighborhood in New York I was naturally curious and excited to try it out. The interior was modern, unique and very pleasant for the size of the place. The menu was very small, mainly focusing on classic gyros, salads and Greek bowls. I asked the the young man at the counter what he recommended, he was very pleasant and informative and suggested the Greek bowl with steak. The price was marginally more expensive then that of a value meal at McDonald's and the flavor was absolutely out of this world. The combination of rice, roasted peppers, sautéed onions and tzatziki was phenomenal. The steak paired with it perfectly and it even included pita with a choice of spread, I opted for the hummus which was good but a little garlicky for my taste. Although you order at the counter the service was excellent. The young man who's name was Brian I believe treated me like I was family, I sat down and he brought me everything almost as if it was a full service restaurant. We talked for a bit about home ( he said he was from New Jersey or New York I can't quite remember), about the food, music, generally we shared a great conversation and he absolutely over exceeded my expectations on the service I received. While Brian was great his manager not so much. The kitchen is open and I could hear everything she was saying, correction yelling. I've never heard a manager talk to an employee that way, ever. She was incredibly rude to him for no aparent reason, all I gathered was that she was under the impression he was flustered with the three tables that where dining with me and shouldn't be talking to me when he was "busy" . He appeared to be calm, smooth and confident and treated the other guests just as kindly as he did I. I felt so bad for him I gave him a ten dollar tip ( tips are not required due to the fact it is counter service). He deserved every penny for putting up with that women and still maintaining a friendly demeanor. While the food was out of this world and Brian was spectacular I will not be returning simply for the fact that the manager was one of the most disrespectful human beings I have ever seen and has no business working in the customer service industry. I highly recommend Gyro Room for its delicious food and the best service I have received in Boca but I refuse to witness that poor kid be disrespected the way he was that day. I'll be a frequent delivery patron on my lunch break instead.

  • Steven A.

    Unbelievably fresh food-and in large quantities. Had the gyro salad and it came with green yellow and red peppers. So fresh they must have been picked somewhere this morning. To top it off the owner was so genuinely friendly. Will come back next time in Boca!

  • Sara S.

    The gyro was not good at all; there are much better places to eat at. The falafels were burnt. Fries were undercooked.

  • K V.

    Awful food...the sauce tastes weird...the gyro meat tastes like sausage...not a fan! Does not taste like authentic gyro at all...

  • Luisa P.

    GyroRoom what a hidden gem I tried their special lemon chicken with Greek salad and yummy lemon potatoes under $10 also the custard pie for dessert hit the spot with Greek honey and cinnamon I wish I leaved around this area I was gonna be here everyday not your typical Greek fast casual restaurant I felt like somebody's Greek mom was cooking on the back hope they keep it up I will be back again

  • Courtney P.

    All that I can say is WOW! Totally not what I was expecting. Not your typical greasy gyro place. I had the Greek bowl with the mahi mahi. The serving was more than enough. So many delicious flavors in one dish. Can't wait to come back with my husband to try more.

  • Marcy D.

    For what I consider almost fast food (order at a counter), it was quite yummy. Chicken platter with lemon potatoes, salad and awesome feta spread. I have a new place for emergency dinner that is marginally more expensive than mcDonalds and way better in every way. And far more healthy.

  • Luis M.

    Friendly, fast, and clean service. The prices are fair, great flavor and awesome portions!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
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    Attire : Casual
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    Outdoor Seating : Yes
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    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Greek Cuisine

Greek food is a fine melody of the finest pressed olive oil, fresh fermented bread, colorful vegetables, juicy meat, sea food all cooked in spices and fresh rosemary. The people from Greek were great scholars who aimed to excel in everything they do. The results are quite visible in their food as they are the inventors of olive oil which is beneficial to health. Greeks also made different type of wines from the best quality of grapes fermented in controlled environment.

Today, you can find hundreds of restaurants offering authentic Greek food or popularly termed as Mediterranean cuisine in New York city alone. People wait in line to taste the exotic Greek dishes like saganaki, taramasalata, souvlaki, loukoumades, spanakopita, moussaka, and many more. One thing which most people like about these authentic Greek dishes is abundant use of lemon juice, olive oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt. A smart mix of few ingredients can virtually take you on the pebble streets of beautiful city of Greece.

For those who don't have time to enjoy fine dining should try tasting the famous souvlaki with pita which is type of meat dish, also a trademark Greek fast food. For those who are vegetarian, or vegan can try different versions of Greek Salad. So, if you wish to enjoy a hearty yet healthy meal that tastes divine then try dining at the best Greek restaurant in your city. Greek cuisine not only tastes good but also help maintain your body in a natural way through healthy diet.

Gyro Room

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