Mizner’s Monkey Bar

501 East Camino Real
Boca Raton, 33432
Awesome bar. Cozy place. So well decorated too and great drinks. Its located in the Boca Raton Resort and Club.

(561) 447-3185


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Ocean Liquors

1305 W Palmetto Park Rd
Boca Raton, 33486
Excellent selection, prices and most of all...gracious service!!

(561) 338-7020

Beer, Wine & Spirits, Gift Shops

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CEK Caterers

17950 Military Trail
Boca Raton, 33426
They are fantastic! One of the owners, Greg W., sat down and wrote up a very special menu for this important occasion. Too many times in our lives we hear about companies that do not deliver when you have a once-in-a-lifetime event. Sometimes these companies oversell their services and you wind up extremely disappointed. CEK delivered everything they promised AND MORE. Owner showed up on the day of the event and made sure everything went smoothly. I can't count how many people complimented us on our choice of caterers. I would not hesitate for a moment to use him again or recommend him to others. Check their website or give them a call, you won't be sorry.

(561) 353-0901


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Boca West CMAA Gala

20583 Boca W Dr
Boca Raton, 33434
Every single year I am more and more amazed at this event. How can they top a previous year? For seven year's we have gone to this amazing event for charity. The event benefits SOS Children's Village, Florida Special Olympics, and US Marines Toys for Kids. Last year they raised $425K, impressive. This event is $500 per person, well worth it. The Gala is in the Grand Ballroom, where every year they have a different theme. From the moment you pull up to valet, everything is so perfectly organized and executed. Honestly, it makes you feel like you are at the Grammy's. Always a very long carpet at the entrance where you walk in the long corridor. Once inside the large room is lined with auction items, bars both with spirits, wine and Champagne. When we walked into the ballroom, wow I could not believe my eye's. I looked at hubby and said "how is this possible?" Live performers on stages throughout each corner and the main stage. Gorgeous silver silky table clothes and napkins with bling decor as table tops. Lights falling from the ceiling with crystals hanging. Words can not describe the intensity of all the beauty and glamour that surrounded us. Around the entire perimeter was table after table of food. Oh my, more food than you can ever imagine, shrimp, sushi, beef, lamb, oysters, lobster, steak, clam chowder, salads, pizza, oh so many items to choose from. They never run out of food, it is crazy how they continue refilling all of the food which is fresh, hot and awesome tasting. Every single item I had was so good. The quality of the food is impeccable. Then off to the side is another two very large rooms with nothing but desserts. Candy, cookies, cakes, pies, jello, gourmet popcorn, a huge bar set up for milkshakes and sundae's. A coffee station. Geez, you could have gained twenty pounds just looking at these delightful creations. After the live auction, the music starts and they have professional dancers to get the crowd going. This year was so nice, everyone wanted to dance. Music was great, the DJ was spinning some great hip hop tunes. I saw a few gorgeous dresses that some ladies had on then of course you get the major gaudy, what were you thinking cocktails dresses and evening gowns. This is by far my favorite event to come to every single year, not only is it for a great cause, I have never seen so much talent and design so beautifully executed. Professional, gorgeous, organized, wow I can not say enough about how much fun this event is. Jay Di Pietro, the chairman and organizer, you outdo yourself. You obviously have an incredible staff, you are one of the most pleasant men, your wife is beautiful and such a delight to have met. Much thanks again for such a memorable evening of pure perfection at it's best! We look forward to next year.

Local Flavor

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TGI Friday’s

20465 State Road 7
Boca Raton, 33434
Been going there for over ten years. I'm a big fan of their dragon fire chicken. Thank you, from David Moadel

(561) 483-8443

Pubs, Sports Bars, American (Traditional)

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Salad Chef of Boca

5400 N Dixie Hwy
Boca Raton, 33487
This is the best little place for lunch! I have been going to this restaurant for 10 yrs. Good food, good service and they deliver. Super clean, and the staff is amazing.

(561) 995-5635


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Jamba Juice

9774 Glades Rd,Ste A2
Boca Raton, 33434
I come here about twice a week at least. Great staff and great smoothies. We always order off the 'secret' menu, some of the things the poor staff doesn't know about and we have to show them online, but they're absolutely worth trying and waiting for.
Very clean location. My personal favorite is the matcha green tea and I add kale to it .
This is the newest Jamab in South Florida so I have to give it a try. Man it looks nice. Even better, when I came in I was greeted with the news that Jamba Juice has juice. Well, I am a huge fan of fresh juice, so I gave their stuff a try. I had the Tropical Harvest it was excellent. Refreshing and cool, it is a whole new side to Jamba. I always find the staff here really pleasant and courteous. Good food at a good price.

(561) 465-5977

Juice Bars & Smoothies

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Pizza Chef Italian Bistro

23269 State Rd 7,Ste 112
Boca Raton, 33428
I must say my family and I are very impressed with this restaurant. I'd give it 6 stars for a little hole in the wall. We had... empanadas....excellent. chicken parmagiana...exceptionally tasty calamari...yummy good. pizza...fabulous. calzone...original and also yummy. For dessert we had zepoli's. Oh was that incredible. They added chocolate sauce and when we were done...we ordered seconds! Lisa, the waitress is fabulous, very friendly. She told us they make everything there. Then, the chef Raoul came out and mixed it up with everyone. Such a nice man. He's from Spain and has been cooking all of his life. Lastly I had some leftovers for lunch and it was delicious! Well be regulars there.. to heck with my diet. I'm in need of a zepoli fix.
1st Star - Staff: You will not find a more attentive, friendly, welcoming staff than at Pizza Chef. They know everyone that comes into their restaurant. They are not over-powering or invasive, but again - welcoming and friendly. They're also family owned and that's something you don't see much of anymore. 2nd Star - Sangria: Their sangria is amazing. It is fruity, delicious, and flavorful. I come back time and time again for this delicious beverage. It is perfect for every dinner option. 3rd Star - Meatballs: Undeniably the best meatballs I've ever had from a restaurant. They're large, flavorful, moist and delicious. The marinara sauce they're served in is fantastic. Definitely a must try! 4th Star - Pizza: The pizza is cooked exceptionally. The crust is light and airy. They offer a ton of pies with different toppings. The toppings are always fresh and delicious. If you love olives, request the olive paste on your next pizza. You will not be disappointed. 5th Star - Location: Hidden in a small shopping plaza off of 441, you are able to always find close and accessible parking. We have always been able to find a table. We have also catered food from Pizza Chef and it has been exceptional every single time!
OK the Dish d'jour for tonight was Argentinian Meat Lovers Pizza aka Deelish! Another must try pie compliments of Chef George! If you haven't tried this this little hole in the wall joint as yet get in your car and start driving... also ask for the Linguine and clams and you just say "aw Shucks"!!!

(561) 477-5252

Pizza, Italian

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7160 Bercasa Way
Boca Raton, 33433
Great Bakery from Kosher products. Very sweet people !
Delicious, Fresh, Beautiful, products.....very clean, friendly and efficient. So fortunate to finally have a yummy kosher bakery in Boca Raton, once again. Monika Feiss
Was looking to try a 5 star rated bakery but I just learned Saturday is not a day to try out a kosher bakery...maybe another day

(561) 672-7606


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TwentyTwenty Grille

141 Via Naranjas,Ste 45
Boca Raton, 33432
My wife and I took a rare trip without our kids, so I wanted us to have a special dinner together. Rhonda and the chef did not disappoint. The food was amazing and the staff including Rhonda were friendly and passionate about the food. Thank you for treating us to a special evening.
5 star all the way! I don't know how anyone could rate it any different. If you appreciate unique top chef creations, this is the place to go. The only possible negative is how close you sit to other people due to the limited space in the restaurant. You get over that really quick because the food and service are the best I've had in years. Their menu changes every 8 weeks so it is always new and fresh. The fusion of flavors in every dish is nothing short of genius. They begin with freshly baked breads and a house made butter. The butter flavor last night was creme brûlée. I didn't think it was possible butter could taste so good. I was so intrigued by every item on the menu, I asked the chef to choose for me. I had the skirt steak that was encrusted in some sort of smoked ham flavor and it was to die for. My husband had scallops with a pork belly fried rice...delicious! My new favorite restaurant in Boca.
The more I explore East Boca, the more impressed I get by the number of places to go to capture new experiences in dining. Thanks to a very dear friend who lives in East Boca and appreciates good food and service, he has been kind enough to introduce all these places I never knew existed. All family owned, small restaurants from different cultural backgrounds. Twenty Twenty Grille is the ultimate dinner experience especially for a special evening with a significant other, or looking to impress? Make this the first date for someone you really care about. Twenty Twenty is located in Royal Palms Place and is owned by Ron and Rhonda Weisheit who both have years of extensive culinary experience in the Northeast and graduated very successfully from two top Culinary Institutions in the country. They, together, took their Culinary experience and created the PERFECT formula at Twenty Twenty. The restaurant is small and extremely intimate, seating 20 inside and 20 outside, and in my opinion is what gives this place TOP service and great quality American Cuisine. I use the term American Cuisine lightly because Ron and Rhonda, both outstanding chefs, take American Cuisine to another level. They do not miss a beat. When you approach the entrance of Twenty Twenty, you walk through the outdoor dining area. I immediately got the feel of something special ahead. Besides the heat and humidity we are experiencing in South Florida, the outside dining area is as intimate as the inside, not just an "afterthought" like some places. I could of easily been seated in this nice cozy area and had the very same experience as sitting inside. Walking through the front door to the inside you capture beautiful artistry all around you. On the left wall you can't help to notice a beautiful and interesting piece that has special meaning to Ron and Rhonda and this was put on this wall with extended artistry from the original piece on the wall. Ron, being as personable and proud as one great Chef can be came over to our table several times and towards the end of our meal explained the history of this piece and the meaning to them and what they represent here. You can ask Ron or Rhonda yourself and they will not be too shy to tell you all about it. The other piece to this great atmosphere was how they displayed their wines, and do they have extensive inventory with lots to pick from. This made their huge floor to ceiling wine display on the other side of the restaurant a "masterpiece" in the eyes of wine drinkers and expectations of great things to come. Even though we were able to bring our own bottle of wine, we also wanted to try something from their collection. Our server immediately came over to greet us and welcomed us warmly and got us started. Opened the wine, chilled it on the table for us and served us fabulous bread served with a great flavored spread, not regular butter. There was no rush here from them as we only wanted to order our appetizers, drink some wine and contemplate what to order from their outstanding menu. I ordered the Foie Gras Pan Roasted Diver Scallop. Large, very tender Scallop served with white fennel puree and Blackberry Candy. The flavor was amazing.. My wife had the Bib Salad. Simple, crunchy Bib lettuce and tomato. Before and after the appetizers were served, we tasted two Amuse Bouche tastings. The first before the appetizer, Chilled Tomato Gazpacho, and before the main course, a refreshing pomegranate, rosemary sorbet. The main courses are still a topic of conversation since we left there. First, my wife ordered the Sea Bass, which was so moist and flavorful. My wife is very picky about fish, and she thought this was the best prepared Sea Bass she ever had. I was determined before I got there to order one of two dishes: either the Veal Rib Chop or the Silver Oak Brined Lamb Rack. Well I picked a winner. I am still bragging to everyone how great this Silver Oaked Brined New Zealand Lamb Rack was. Served with balsamic tomato, the Lamb was brined with Cabernet, served with gnocchi over a peppered lamb reduction. This was literally the most lean and flavorful Rack of Lamb I've ever had, and I've had many because Rack of Lamb is one of my faves. The portion was unusually large, juicy, lean meat; nothing I've ever experienced. If you are a Lamb lover, this is a MUST. The deserts are as creative and intense as the rest of the meal. We had a delicious Banana Foster's Crème Brulee; Cinnamon Custard with Caramelized Banana, and also ordered the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Profiteroles; strawberry ice cream covered with a delicious homemade fudge sauce. We split both between four of us. If one was to write a book about the most perfectly run restaurant, save time and just experience Twenty Twenty. You are welcomed with impeccable service, atmosphere that makes you want to order a great bottle of wine and pick the best possible courses to your liking, not to miss anything. A Winner

(561) 990-7969

American (New)

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