Unico Cafe

1065 95th St
Bayharbor Islands, 33154
Excelent service, Best scramble eggs
April W. is on the money. I'm sipping the cawfee as I write and trust this NY born addict, the coffee is fantastic. I am always in search of spots that offer a comfy place for respite, warm service and good food. This is your spot! Go out of your way to visit Unico, you'll thank me. Let's begin with the ample and FREE parking!!! I'm a NYer living on South Beach. My cost of living is too high! I'd practically give you my child in exchange for anything free at this point in life! So I was delighted to pull in and park with ease. Upon walking in I was greeted with a delicious smell of coffee (single brew!) and the warmest of greetings. The space has a warm, local hood sort of vibe and you just know whatever you order is going to be good. The menu is epic and includes all day breakfast, wraps, panini...there's even a Kid's Menu. There are veggie, chicken and fish options. You have lovely Italian and Middle Eastern favorites as well as a huge selection (16 flavors!) of empanada. I chose a Caprese and a chicken empanada to bring home to my partner. I ordered a veggie wrap which is hummas and salad on a spinach wrap. I'm not into goop or saucy stuff (I'm saucy enough), so the thin shmear was perfect for me. If you like a lot of goop, you might ask for extra. I do wish the wrap had been loaded with more veggies/salad and will request that in the future. That said, the wrap was fresh and very tasty. It's actually large enough that I put half in the fridge. Mikie devoured the empanada(as per usual ) and reported that while both were good, the Caprese was the standout. The smoothie I got for Baby Sage was spinach, banana and strawberry...I brought it to him after a busy morning in camp. He was in 2 year old heaven. The treat was the crazy low bill. I paid 14 bucks for cawfee, a smoothie, the wrap and two empanada! Hit this gem of a spot!!!!
Love this little area of three restaurants. Great place to go after school drop off and have coffee and breakfast. Unico is small, so unless you are ordering something premade it can take a bit. But the food is great and the staff is nice so if you aren't in a rush it is worth it. If you are in a rush the empanadas are the way to go, especially if you can get a tuna one. They are incredible. Sadly, they are almost never available. Today we got a spicy chicken, a beef with olive and a second beef one that was more of a pastry then an empanada, but had same filling. The pastry was a bit sweeter then the empanada one, but both were great. And the spicy chicken is filled with a generous amount of chicken that really does have a nice kick to it. They really do deserve five stars, but since I'm obsessed with the tuna empanadas and they didn't have today, I'm giving four.

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