Tropical Smoothie Cafe

5072 Annunciation Cir,Unit 101
Ave Maria, 34142
Ok, so I got soo addicted to these smoothies once I had to join SmoothiesAnonymous to break my habit. It was a tough journey and I still have cravings when I get within a mile of the joint but I have learned how important it is to put off the desires of the palate and be more moderate in my drinking. Now I know for some that it is a must to completely abstain, however I know I have this under control. Once a month is fine for some of us, others perhaps bi-monthly is good. Sandwiches are good once or twice a week. Goal here is to watch the calories, they say its healthy food but I don't know, that could just be a marketing term. They call some of their Smoothies 'Indulgent' and that is a term not typically associated with anything longterm good!
Wow!!!!! This food is fantastic !!!! I had the buffalo chicken wrap (I'm not usually a wrap kind of person) and it was great!! Somewhat crunchy tortilla which gave it the right texture!!! My smoothie was also out of this world!! To top it off the cookies were great too!!!! Fantastic staff, very friendly.... What a neat location! We went on New Year's Day and they were the only restaurant open!!!! I am so glad!!! Wish they had one in my hometown! ;)
Good sandwiches and salads, nice selection!

(239) 867-4492

Juice Bars & Smoothies

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The Bean of Ave Maria

5068 Annunciation Cir,Unit 206
Ave Maria, 34142
Looks to be the social nexus of the campus/church community. Free w-fi.
Always five star! Atmosphere is superb. This is a regular morning stop for me and sometimes lunch!
The coffee is fine. Nothing exceptional just your generic Starbucks like drinks. The prices are pretty high for being so average a small mocha was something like $4.50 which I would expect at a specialty coffee shop but not a generic one.

(239) 867-4234

Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea, Juice Bars & Smoothies

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Milano’s Pizzeria & Eatery

5080 Annunciation Cir
Ave Maria, 34142
Truly a family-friendly restaurant, with friendly and professional staff on a busy weekend. We enjoyed every minute here, and the we ordered a pizza with cheese, a side salad, and few of their specialty drinks. The pizza is a little bit on the greasy side, but the salad was jam-packed with crunchy croutons, tomatoes, dressing, and cheese. We will be back soon.
Great food! Bring the whole family for a delicious meal. Pizza made with a Caribbean flavor, Jamaican actually. Plenty of choices for pizza and a few options for subs as well. Come on in. They be 'jammin' when it comes to pizza. And by the way-- No problem mon!
Ordered pizza with cheese, pepperoni and onion and it was actually pretty good. That the only reason for the second star. The atmosphere and service are pretty bad. Atmosphere is not that important to me but service is and the service in this restaurant is one of the worst I've ever had. The young lady who took my order was super serious, she never smiled or did anything to make me feel welcomed. There are pictures of her graduating from culinary school all over the place but it seems to me that she should have gone to good maners school. I did not finish my pizza and asked for a box and she gave me a Styrofoam one, I said can you give me the cartons one, she replied she would give me two if it didn't fit. I had to put the pizzas one on top of each other, and I know they had the carton ones because I saw them. The place was pretty much empty from 12 to 1 when I was there and now I know why. I know there are not a lot of places to eat around here but save your money and go somewhere they will treat a customer the way it should.

(239) 867-4296


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