Cantina di Napoli

7 Trolley Sq
Trolley Square, 19806
Good service, decent wine selection and phenomenal food. This was my second time here. First time I got the tortellini with mushrooms, second time I got the risotto. Both were phenomenal. Try the hot peppers for appetizer.
I had only been here for a slice of pizza before last weekend. It was nice to know that there are tables upstairs, which is where my dining companion and I were seated. I ordered the vegetable lasagna, which oddly enough, was made without pasta. My DC ordered the bragiole (chicken I think?). My lasagna was very good, despite the lack of pasta. My DC's food was delicious, but he asked for the risotto to be switched out for pasta, and they forgot. Other than that, the service was good and the servers were considerate and polite throughout the whole meal. I would definitely go back...but I would try something that has pasta in it next time. :)
I am surprised how this place is still in business. The food is disgusting. Don't waist your money here. Tried couple of times different menu items. It looks like they advertise one thing but bring you completely different. I ordered grilled pork chop on the bone - Instead got lame fatty pieces of undercooked pork (not grilled) and completely unseasoned with side dish of tea spoon of what supposed to be risotto, but in reality overcooked rice with heavy topping of "parmesan" cheese. Seriously, don't WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!

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