China Chef

36666 Bluewater Run W,Unit 9
Selbyville, 19975
China Chef looks like a little hole in the wall, barely noticeable from 54 in between Scotty's and Energy Gym. But do not be fooled. These people know what they are doing when it comes to crafting great tasting Chinese food with quality ingredients. I always try a place at least twice before writing a review... You never know if you happened to catch them on their best day ever, or their worst, and I believe that nobody is perfect 100% of the time. This place has wowed us EVERY time! We have tried many different Chinese places before checking out China Chef, even though they were the closest to where we live. I can say honestly, based on looks from the exterior, and what appeared to be a lack of customers, is what kept us from ordering. What a mistake! This is now our go to Chinese for take out. The General Tso's comes out crispy and delicious. Not very spicy though. Mei Fun noodles with pork were great. Crab wontons dipped in homemade mustard are killer. Simple fried rice is done right and excellent. Portions are large, usually 2 meals per order, and prices are more than reasonable for the beach. Support these guys!
Great service, great food. Drove to this place from Ocean City after a bad experience attempting to order from a closer place that yelled at me on the phone. Good was good, hot, friendly service. Whole family enjoyed their meals.
We were disappointed with our carry out. The spring rolls were tasteless. My Triple Kung Pao (chicken, shrimp, beef) was only average. The menu listed it as spicy but it was bland. The beef was chewy and the shrimps were soggy.. My wife says her beef with broccoli was "ok." The broccoli, however, was better than the beef. Our beef fried rice also needed more flavor.

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Cactus Cafe

37 N Dupont Hwy
Selbyville, 19975
Es todos buenos. It's all good! The service and food are outstanding. The prime rib fajita is my favorite.
A nice family friendly restaurant with excellent customer service and fair prices. Food was good, nothing life changing but not bad at all. If you're just passing through like we were, this restaurant is definitely the best option.
I've been here several times. It never a disappoints! Food is great, live music is great and service is great!

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Taste of South Philly

37031 Old Mill Bridge Rd
Selbyville, 19975
Ordered a cheesesteak and chef salad. Cheesesteak was very good, but meat could've be chopped a little more. The bread was just right - just like what we remembered from Philly. Salad was large, a good deal for the price. We did takeout, and the service was friendly, very fast, and efficient. We'll be back for more cheesesteaks and to try their pizza also.
Always on the look out for a great chicken cheesesteak, and holy cow they are huge You can get a massive 20" sub, now that will fill you up They use big chunks of breast meat chicken which are quite filling, good solid flavors, shall have to try them again next summer
Oh man I hate to do this but I have to update my review due to the fact that I ran into the infamous Philly attitude that other reviewers spoke about... We liked the food so much at lunch today that we decided to get dinner here too. So I called them up and asked for delivery (oh we don't have delivery today...despite the fact their website clearly states they deliver today) Ok...well I'll just place a order then. So I ordered a large pizza, Italian hoagie and cheese fries. 20 minutes she said. We get there in 20 minutes and the lady (I use the term loosely) asks us what we ordered. I tell her and she says oh you wanted a pizza too? Um...yeah that's what I ordered...ok she says, well it's not ready (silly me for assuming that she actually put the order for the pizza in at this point!! Lol). So over the next 30 minutes we watch a parade of customers come in and out and this place was screwing up EVERY single order lol. A lady and two kids were eating and they had their Stromboli but the salad and pizza were missing until half way through the meal. Plus the woman running the register was handing people the wrong bags and was unable to ring up orders on the cash register. It was bad...People were being pretty cool about it at first though. It seemed obvious to me that the woman taking orders had a lot to do with it. Seemed like she was seriously a moron... Or on drugs? Or drunk or something? About 2 minutes after she asked my husband's name (Jim) she points to him and goes "I have an order for Jamie, are you Jamie?" Huh? Your memory is that bad?? Anyway 30 minutes later our food is still not done... Btw it is 90 degrees in this place according to the thermostat so it was pretty darn uncomfortable by this point. We are starting to get a tad annoyed (it's been an hour since I called at this point) but still just sitting back and just politely waiting. Anyway finally she calls us up to the register and starts ringing us up for a hoagie and cheese fries. My husbands like where's the pizza? She seriously looks at him with a BLANK expression..,huh? pizza? Wow... So he gets mad and is like um yeah a pizza! We just told you like 30 minutes ago plus on the phone when we first called! She's looking at us like she was dropped on her head at birth plus daily thereafter..totally clueless. So my husband is like wtf! I mean seriously wtf. And the owner? Manager? Idk but whoever it was is like 'well your hoagie is ready!' And my husband is like I want my pizza not just the freaking hoagie! I told her twice about the pizza, what is going on? And the guy says to us "you don't like it, well there's the door". So more words are exchanged and I basically made my husband leave instead of further engaging with this tough guy wanna be Philly dude. Then he asks "aren't you taking the hoagie?" Um no This whole situation could've been diffused VERY easily. Maybe offer us a free slice? Tell us sorry, ten more minutes and you'll have your pizza? Maybe say hey sorry my wife (sister? Mom? Who knows?) is a little slow tonight but your order will be up ASAP (maybe she was suffering from heat stroke if not a drug OD lol??). Offer to throw the house pizza slices in the oven and give us them instead? Idk but we had waited an hour already so what would 10 minutes more have been? Nope instead he gets all tough not like a small business owner can normally afford to be, especially when it was HIS own fault!! So we left the hoagie and fries there and went to harpoon hannas instead. This guys attitude SUCKS!!! I think it's pretty sad that a business can get a new customer and then lose the same customer in just one day...oh well...lots of places to eat in this town...

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American (New)

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Countryside Cafe

107 Bayville Shopping Ctr
Selbyville, 19975
Wasn't sure what to expect when we walked in for breakfast on our 1st day of vacation. Smaller tables, lots of decorations (firefighter memorabilia), but this place was awesome. The servers were very friendly. The service was very fast for the place being packed. I order the sausage & gravy over biscuits and it was some of the best I've ever had. My wife had the french toast and was very pleased. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a great breakfast place. Special note: this place is CASH only.
Me and my dad came in a few months ago for lunch and it was my first time eating there. It was very slow and usually you'd think you could get your food pretty fast. It took 10 minutes for our waitress to even come take our drink orders and 35 minutes to get our food. My food was cold and very rushed. I will never return
This is a very friendly cafe full of locals and above average brunch food. The patriotic fireman decor is a nice compliment to the small town breakfast feel. The homemade muffins and biscuits were standouts. The omelets, pancakes, potatoes and coffee would fit in most diners with a country homemade feel.

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Breakfast & Brunch

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Simmer Time

38018 Fenwick Shoals Blvd
Selbyville, 19975
Stopped by last night with my husband to check it out. We were only going to have a drink but wound up staying for cheese fondue and the Surf & Turf Kabob entree. Both were fantastic. Atmosphere was intimate and comfortable for dinner but also had a full bar and a classy "club" kind of vibe that seemed like it could be fun for a later crowd. Happy hour specials started at 9:30pm so I think that's what they are aiming for. The owner, manager and our waiter, Jake were all very attentive and friendly which added to the fun of the evening as we were celebrating my husbands birthday. Will definitely go back!
Good food, great service from Jake! We did a cheese fondue and a chocolate. Both were great but could use a bit better "dippers" then tortilla chips for the cheese and rice crispy cookies for the chocolate. Would have loved more o the flavored breads with the cheese and more fruit with the chocolate. Live music was nice but too loud for us so we moved on! Will come again as it was good food and fun. But won't come often.
Fantastic Service!,, the menus is very versatile and the specials are the best in the area!! Loved the fun atmosphere and they have the best happy hour prices I have ever seen!!! Super friendly staff !, thank you Jake , Sean and chef Mike!,

(302) 436-2266

Bars, Fondue

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Fox’s Pizza Den

31225 Americana Pkwy
Selbyville, 19975
So I came in on 2 occasions to this place 30min to 45 min before closing cause it was the only thing open close to 1am. So I got the chicken tenders and the strombonis and it was very good. The chicken could be better but everything else was fine. Their prices are very good in comparison to allot of other places in the area. The staff was friendly 4 out of 5. And the area is safe. So I would definitely come back.
I am absolutely giving this place 5 stars because it at least should be bumped up to 4. I live in Bayside so it is obviously a go-to spot for us. They have the best pizza I have ever had. I am an absolute foodie and I don't think I've ever said that about pizza before. I'm sure people will think that is crazy since it isn't something from New York. But I am telling you the crust is perfect and the toppings are always fresh and amazing. I have gotten take out and have dined in and love it all. It has the perfect atmosphere with the bar feel but still able to have family in there if you want. The people are nice and it is obviously an awesome location so it's not too busy but not ever empty either. Absolutely worth a try if you don't want to wait over an hour for a place on Coastal Highway.
The food at this place is very good. Service was great as well. We got hot wing -which weren't that hot but was very flavorful. Steak and cheese sub came with bread freshly toasted. Nice touch and the meat taste was excellent. Finally we also got a small make your own pizza. They made the crust just the way I liked it thin but not burnt. You could get it any way you would like. Which is usual for a pizza joint. Plan on bring my son next time deep dish! Atmosphere was nice but a bit noisy not so much the place but the table beside us was drinking and got really loud. So if you are looking for a place with good pizza this place is for you.

(302) 436-3697

Pizza, Italian

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The Cove Bar and Grille

31806 Lakeview Dr
Selbyville, 19975
Glad to discover this bar and restaurant at Bayside. All the same great food as the other SoDel Concepts restaurants in a golf resort atmosphere. Beautiful view. Great happy hour deals.
Have been back and I was pleased at the improvement... Better service, no more cold fries! Keep up the good work!
Very very disappointing from the moment we arrived. This is for the Sunday brunch. We have been there for drinks and dinner several times in the past and have always enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately, there is much to be desired for their Sunday brunch. Here is the good, the bad and the ugly. The hostess was clueless on where to seat us - even though 1/2 the restaurant was empty. It took 15 minutes for our waitress to come ask us for our drink order - even though the restaurant was 1/2 empty. Most of the waiters and waitresses seemed to be mindlessly wandering. The food was below average. Coffee was lukewarm and weak. We asked for a new pot of coffee, and unfortunately, even though it was hot, it was still weak. We were not asked if we needed cream/milk with our coffee. Since our waitress did not come back, I had to go find cream at one of the servers station. The best part of the brunch experience was the omelette station cook. Even though the omelette station was awful - the pots kept sticking and you couldn't cook a proper egg. The omelette cook was very helpful, and really tried hard to do his best. We will go back for drinks and for dinner, but, not to the Sunday brunch. Very very disappointing.

(302) 436-3200

Bars, American (Traditional)

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Crabcake Factory Bayside

37314 Lighthouse Rd
Selbyville, 19975
Pros: -Good views. -Something to talk about when you feel like complaining about something. Cons: -Their name. -Their attitude. -Their ketchup-tasting bloody marys. -Their disgusting eggs benedict. -Their fictitious claim they serve the best crabcakes. -The fact that they have the balls to actually use the MD flag in their logo when ALL of their crabmeat is Asian. -It's taking up prime real estate that another restaurant could be using. -The fact they had the audacity to open another one in Fenwick. -That I must drive past it when going to the beach. Seriously, GTFO. This place is a prime example of a beach restaurant that puts profit before taste and service.
One of my wife's favorite places to get crab cakes in OC. According to her if you're looking for crab cakes this is the place to be. Well, im allergic to shellfish so my review is going to be looking at a completely different angle. The happy hour specials looked great. The only problem was that they are only available at the bar, and the bar was packed, like uncomfortably so, so I opted for patio seating, which may had cost a few dollars more but boasted a beautiful view of the bay. from order to arrival, the wait was about 35 minutes. My wife went with the crab cakes which sanctioned before she loved. I went with the boom boom chicken sandwich and chips. It was three (healthy sized) strips of white meat battered and fried, with bacon and a white cheese on a kaiser bun. It was supposed to come with some sort of "boom boom" sauce, I was hoping a buffalo variation, but never really noticed. Over all it was a good sizes sandwich with a pretty good flavor. The side is what sank the meal for me. Maybe I should have opted for the fries ($2 surcharge), but the "house cut chips" were just not what I had expected. Kettle style chips (imo overcooked) and lathered with a seasoning (maybe old bay?). Had they been a sea salt variation of the chip, I think it would have added to the meal, rather than detracting ( and creating conflicting flavors). If I were to go again I would try to get a spot to enjoy the HH food specials, otherwise the boom chicken is a safe bet for non seafoodies.
I don't know why there are so many mediocre reviews. When we went there this past weekend we had excellent service and great food, and we are food snobs! There was a band playing so it was a bit loud, but not unbearable and it didn't bother our 7 month old. We enjoyed the live music actually. We were seated on the main level, outside. The view was fantastic. I'm glad we weren't seated inside because there are a lot of TVs at the bar. The Orange Crush and Seabreeze we ordered were made to perfection, and the crabcakes were mostly large chunks of delicious crabmeat. I wish there were more dessert options. We devoured the chocolate lava cake.

(302) 564-7043


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Doyles Restaurant

38218 DuPont Blvd
Selbyville, 19975
My last visit here was a year ago almost to the day. Just like last time we were on our way back from Philly and wanted to get some lunch. Doyle's had really left a good impression on us during the previous visit so we decided to stop in again. We elected to eat in the diner area this time instead of one of the dining rooms off to the site. The diner is cool. It definitely takes you back to a bygone era with old signs and even the seats on the booths have an old vinyl with a sort of metallic red in them. The diner area itself is not the kitchen though, it's more of a coffee and desert counter. They make shakes there as well. Mom elected to have the same thing she has last time, a club sandwich with a side of apple sauce instead of fries. I decided to give one of their burgers a try. I wish I hadn't. When our meals came out they looked great. I knew though as soon as I too a bite of my burger that I was eating frozen puck. The meat was unseasoned and tasteless and unfortunately no amount of pepper or mustard could fix it. I ate it, it filled the void, that's about it. Mom on the other hand was very happy with her club which had thick slices of turkey on it and of course her fresh applesauce. Our service was good and the server we had kept the drinks full and followed up with us regularly. So overall, if you want a burger, I'd recommend passing on that here and going with another sandwich or one of the specials.
Had not been in awhile because the food was not the greatest so we went again the waitress was rude again!! And had a new menu French fries were cold! Mash potatoes where nasty the turkey was fresh but the gravy was gross! Sad that they can't get it together!
2pm arrival, so not busy so service was quick. I had the Cream of Crab soup and a spinach salad with chicken, bacon, feta cheese & hard boiled egg with raspberry vinaigrette. Can't say enough good things aabout all of it! My husband had the crab cake sandwich and mmmmmmmm'd throught the entire thing.

(302) 436-2112

Breakfast & Brunch, Diners

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Smitty McGee’s Raw Bar & Restaurant

37234 Lighthouse Rd
Selbyville, 19975
Was here for lunch earlier. My food was fabulous, as was my fiancé's. Our friends order was screwed up but he said the food was good nonetheless. We sat at the bar, but we still kind of had slow service (the rest of the restaurant was full). Didn't ask if we wanted separate checks. All in all, I'd return again.
I really try to like Smitty McGee's because it is not a chain and is locally owned but it is so hard with the bad service and dismissive attitude from management. I understand restaurants have rules but there is a certain way to talk to people especially guests in your restaurant. And that is where the biggest problem is. At Smitty's you are not a guest but just another customer. While there to watch a football game with a few friends we were charged incorrectly for an item on our check. When pointing out to the server we asked for separate checks. She stated she would talk to the manager about the problem. Someone who was obviously not the manager (based on the fact she was waiting on other tables) came to the table said they problem was fixed but we couldn't get the separate checks. When I asked why she said "because the menu says so" and walked away. No apology for the error. After this it took the server about 15 minutes to process our payment. And when she returned the check presenter there wasn't a thank you or anything. Just put it down and walked away. I definitely don't go out to eat to be treated like this. Also the back of their menu states, "when driving, we encourage our patrons to drink moderately or have a designated driver." I don't think anyone who is driving should be "encouraged" to drink anything. The only reason I noticed this is because this is where the no separate checks statement was.
Smitty's had always been our favorite beach restaurant. It hurts a little to give them less than 4 or 5 stars but they definitely have room for improving. As other reviewers have said, Smitty's does have a funky odor now. It needs a deep cleaning and maybe a replacement of any carpets. Our food was no better than average. My shrimp tacos were made with tiny cocktail shrimp with a little Old Bay and not the large steamed shrimp Smitty's had been known for and was promised in the menu. The boneless wings were dry and bland. The regular wings were good. Our favorite thing there, crabby cheese fries, were good but not as good as in past visits. Our server was very good. Nobody seemed to be managing the place on Sunday. We've gone to Smitty's for almost 20 years. Well give them another chance but will find another place if things don't improve. There are plenty of options in that area.

(302) 436-4716

Bars, Burgers, Sandwiches

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