Kelly’s Tavern

101 W. Market St.
Port Penn, 19731
Cheap Yuengling beer (none of this seven-buck a beer cr@p.) BIG FAT crab cakes, deep fried, filled with lump crab meat. Good solid french fries. Ambiance: urinal-cake fresh (sad to say) It's a biker bar. Worth it however for the crab cakes and beer. Worth risking a visit, except no kids, please (it is a BAR) and watch out if you know it's a bike weekend for any of the big clubs around here. Then use discretion.
Bring Cash so you can tip server or bartender THEY WILL NOT ADD TIPS on you card food is very good, the place has a old smell,
This is a No Frills, Locals only, Crab joint. Extremely Overpriced crabs, great service if you're a local. Loud, obnoxious locals, have no problem packing the place on a Saturday afternoon. They sure love this local hotspot, and have no problem SHELLING out $75 / dozen crabs. We are talking about small blue crabs. I was extremely shocked that none of the food was home made. One woman serving over sixty people. The bar maid would talk to locals, but wouldn't help serve anyone. She watched as people begged for drinks, and checks. Somebody is making money here, but it won't be mine anymore!

(302) 834-9221

Bars, Seafood

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