Krazy Kats Restaurant

Rr 100
Montchanin, 19710
Went there for Sunday brunch today. Building is charming and unique - even fun! It a little dressy, but my husband wore a t-shirt and shorts and I wore a maxi dress... others were dressed similar but when we go again I'll step up my game a little. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The food was AMAZING!!!! Just, totally well prepared, seasoned and presented. The bisque is like velvet with great flavor. My burrata salad was light but flavorful. I also had the seafood stuffed crepes - probably one of my favorite meals ever. Will absolutely return!
I cannot not give this place five stars, based on my lunch entree: roasted free-range chicken. Plenty on the menu looked delicious, so it was rather on a whim that I decided to order the chicken. It came beautifully plated, paired with haricot verts, gnocchi, and a delicious mushroom reduction. Every flavor was distinct and complimentary, textures were perfect. The gnocchi was some of the best gnocchi I've had, inclusive of some very good Italian restaurants. The pieces were big, super soft, and wonderfully cooked with ratatouille. The mushroom sauce was amazing. The chicken meat was tender and juicy, the skin crispy and bursting with salty peppery flavorful goodness. A sizable portion in additional to all of the sides included, but it was so good that I finished everything down to the bone. I don't think I've had chicken in NYC or anywhere else as tasty, that isn't straight-up fried. The only thing was that the seltzer water tasted weird. Like, undrinkable. Not sure what the deal was there, but certainly did not impact my extreme enjoyment of the food. I would also skip the dessert here. The Meyer lemon chiffon, while good, did not have the satisfying sharp tartness I was expecting. I also wasn't really expecting a cake-like creation, which was probably my lack of understanding. Still, that roast chicken. If I wasn't here on a business lunch, I might have licked the plate. Doubtful I will find myself back in this area anytime soon, but if I do, I may start salivating with a three-mile radius. Also, portraits of cats (and some dogs) everywhere. What.
If there was option of no stars, I would have went with that. Spent a weekend in Montchanin for a bachelorette party. We started off the weekend with a nice dinner at Krazy Kats... or so we thought. I've been here before and really enjoyed it, so I didn't have any second thoughts about making a reservation. The night started off great. Server was decent, food was great and company was even better. The night began to turn sour when the bill came. Long story short, we asked the server to put equal amounts on two cards and the rest in cash. There was $100 dollars in cash. She didn't come back with the change and asked if we wanted it "broken down." Our friend who paid with cash didn't understand with that meant, so she said no but quickly corrected herself and asked for the change. Obviously the server didn't have it with her and expected the remaining cash to be her tip. Well, she came back and was $10 short claiming that we only have her $80. Well here's the thing, the change was supposed to be $55 and she came back with $45. So if she had $80 instead of $100, it would be $35 back not $45. She continually argued and said no she put $35 in there. As she recounted, she said "oh, I messed up," and took back $10.. (What?!). Needless to say, we went to the front desk to talk to the manager. I've been at my share of restaurants and worked at a restaurant for 6 years in high school through college and I have never met a person so arrogant and childlike. I spoke to him for about 2 minutes after my friend and while I was explaining the situation he asked what I wanted him to do about it. How unprofessional. I didn't want anything out of it, I just wanted him to understand that his server has major incompetencies. Anyway, I continued and he kept cutting me off saying "uh huh" and "yeah" in a very smart-ass tone. I lost my temper and hung up. If you want great food and terrible service. You've found your place. Oh by the way, the server's name is Laura and the manager's name is Ian.

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