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  • Rob E.

    Okura is the best sushi restaurant this side of Kyoto. Now, I hope you realize that's based on 0% factual evidence and 100% biased personal opinion, but if you're looking for a great all-around sushi experience, this is your place. They serve high quality fish, interesting and unique (but not weird) roll combinations, and you can't beat the prices. Kailon, the owner + sushi chef, is super friendly. Expect to strike up a convo if you sit at the sushi bar. I highly recommend the Hamachio carpaccio appetizer (thinly sliced yellowtail sitting in a bath of slightly spicy chili oil, with scallions, eel sauce and crunchy little roe on top), and the W.W. Roll. Don't ask me what's in this 2nd one, but it's tempura fried, covered in crab strips, and tastes like sushi heaven. The spicy tuna with cucumber wrap (instead of rice) is also worth a try -- the texture/temperature contrast is addictive. I've been to the fancy shmancy joints in NYC and Philly, and will continue to go for special occasions or a change of pace, but when my gut is aching for some broiled eel or tempura'd shrimp, Okura's where you'll find me.

  • Lori C.

    I was out of town on business and had the 'Best Sushi' in a long time and the staff was super friendly. Sushi Chef/Owner was very a tentative and very Welcoming. Love and definitely recommend the Sake Sample!

  • John P.

    Best sushi I have ever experienced. Better than anyplace in D.C., Denver, or anywhere I have been in 20 years. You will not be disappointed. I finally tried Uni because an 11 year old at the sushi bar told me it was the freshest that she had ever tasted. My wife and I have yet to taste a roll that is less than exceptional, and we have tried at least 50% of the rolls available. And it is a long list!!

  • Mark U.

    We have enjoyed Okura for more than 12 years! We are always impressed by the freshness; we lived in NYC for a number of years, and we never experienced the excellent and extremely fresh fish that we consistently experience at Okura. The rolls are creative and always so good! The owners and staff always make us feel so welcomed and at home.

  • Sarah L.

    I tried this place again because it was my co-worker's turn to pick a place for dinner. I have to admit, the food was a lot better this time. We sat at the sushi bar. There is a large guy behind the sushi bar who always hits on the women customers. And this time he was bragging to his male co-workers about how many women of different ethnicities he has slept with, all within 6ft feet of us. Not the kind of dinner conversation I was interested in hearing.

  • Jasmine K.

    Amazing, fresh food. Personable service. Very accommodating staff. I frequently dine here in small and large groups and everyone always has a wonderful experience. The bar could stand for a bit of a rehab, and servers wine/beer/cocktail knowledge is limited. Definitely try the seafood noodles (ksisen yakisoba) and the Peking duck. The special sushi rolls are large and unique. Delicious place for lunch or dinner

  • Zack M.

    Okura has hands down the best sushi I've ever had. I've been going their for years and it's always fantastic. My favorites are the crunchy tuna and the red dragon

  • Edward S.

    Unbelievable sushi!! With a great atmosphere at the sushi bar. You can dine casual or fancy. I've been going for at least 5 years and it has always been good. Service is ok, however the owner is always working and talking with customers. Very filling but very good.

  • Caitlin P.

    This place is good if you're looking to fill up on sushi but have a tight budget. Good for groups or families. Very polite and helpful staff. Their sushi rolls are okay but lack flavor, freshness, and imagination.

  • M. N.

    Great local sushi spot and good service. We have eaten here and gotten take out. Great sushi and curry!

  • Rob J.

    Amazing sushi and service. Let them tell you what their best rolls are. You will not be disappointed! We drive 45 minutes for this sushi.

  • Raven P.

    My favorite sushi place hands down. Service is good, always timely and courteous. The sushi is spectacular, extremely fresh and delicious; may favorite thing to order is the unagi don, or broiled eel dinner. It comes out in a gorgeous painted box full of rice and vegetables with a very generous portion of eel on top. I like a lot of their special rolls too, 3 for two people is a great night out. The atmosphere is really nice, it's a pretty quiet, intimate place to go but it does get a little loud on prime nights. Something that's a little weird is their menus, they have a few different versions of them in the same restaurant and they regularly have items written in or scratched out, this always strikes me as odd in such a nice place, but I'm willing to overlook because of how much I love the fish. The only time I had a meh meal from them was when I ordered the "lunch box" take out item on the lunch menu for pick up, the teriyaki chicken was just okay, probably wouldn't order again but I'm definitely coming back for that sushi.

  • Julia M.

    If delicious food, excellent service, and ambient dining is what you're looking for, then Okura is without a doubt the place for you. The Monday-Thursday 2 sushi rolls for $8.00 is a steal for the freshness of the fish and intuitive service. Try and get into the private room where you take your shoes off and sit on pillows. It doesn't cost extra and you don't need a reservation. The hot green tea was served in an Igamono cup and was the perfect complement to the meal. Okura and it's staff gave us a pleasant, satisfying dining experience that put me in a really positive mood.

  • Michael F.

    I would like to qualify my review here, as I've only just been here once. But thought the sushi and rolls from Okura are among some of the best I have had anywhere in U.S. Incredibly fresh, prepared masterfully and all the basics (presentation, service, etc...) to boot. As my buddy labeled this place, it truly is a hidden "gem" of many other mediocre sushi options in this area. The Red Dragon Roll, with 3 tuna preparations and plenty of zing from Sriachia was one of my favorites. I can't wait to return, as Okura has a very extensive menu, and also plenty of selections for non sushi and family members, i.e. the kids.

  • Andrew H.

    My first and favorite sushi experience! My cousins and brother took me to Okura to try sushi for the first time. I was instantly hooked. I have since been to at least 7 other highly rated sushi restaurants and none of them have matched Okura. Their unique Hockessin roll could convince any non-sushi fan to love it.

  • George W.

    location was a bit out in the boonies, went with the salmon teriyaki...not at all impressed, atmosphere was so-so, overall a bland and generic experience. I would say this was the least gratifying japanese food I've had in de, enter at your own peril.

  • Jay P.

    We eat sushi throughout our travels but one of the best Sushi places is hidden in a small shopping plaza. Try their rock & roll, spider roll and hockessin roll.

  • Andrew M.

    Come for the mushroom smell in the parking lot; stay for the $2 Sriracha sauce. Normally I'm pretty easy on places where I like the food. I'll overlook things like restaurant decor, poor service, crumby bathrooms if the food is good. After all, that's why I'm going to a restaurant, the food. Well, the sushi at Okura was good. Not the best, but not bad by any stretch. The low rating here is due to two things; one totally unrelated to food. The parking lot of this place smelled like the inside of a mushroom house. Normally (in this area) you catch a whiff or two of that funky mushroom stink. This was the worst I've ever smelled. It actually turned my stomach before sitting down to eat. The other piece of the low rating was much more serious. My wife asked for a side of Sriracha sauce, and was told that it would be an additional $2!!!! For reference, an entire bottle costs about $3. My jaw dropped to the floor, fortunately I was facing away from our server. I can't stand getting these types of charges in any restaurant. The bill would have come to about $45 dollars (no alcohol) without the sauce added. Do you really need to add that $2?!? Is that going to keep your business afloat?! If so, your business model is terrible and needs some major revision. Overall, the place was actually nice inside and had good fresh sushi with decent service. The smelly air knocked it down 1 star, the $2 1oz serving of sauce took away the other two.

  • Karen F.

    Kailon catered a sushi bar fopr my husband's corporate party held at the DuPont country club. He is such a great guy and makes terrific sushi including rainbow rolls, unagi maki, shrimp tempura & california rolls. Good party sushi - can't wait to dine in the restaurant and get some nigiri! Thanks, Kailon - we love Okura!

  • Xiaojun T.

    I was introduced to this place by my friend who knows the owner. I thought that it would have been just a so so restaurant, but it was better than I expected. It was the best sushi I have had since I came to Delaware. Definitely try their holiday roll and coconut shrimp roll. Amazing!!! Also it's priced pretty well too...

  • Andrew M.

    The sushi and shumai were decent. Nothing impressive. They did not have thai tea or wonton soup and had a fairly small menu of cooked foods and the standard sushi menu. The décor was nice and the atmosphere was relaxing. The server I had was very polite.

  • Kelley B.

    This restaurant has a very extensive menu and the sushi melts in your mouth. Our wait person didnt know the menu well and was confused on what we ordered right off the page verbatim, so it was a bit disconcerting. However, the food was well prepared and worth it!

  • Jessica K.

    I'll be honest I'm not sure how I feel about this place. I think their menu is very extensive and has a lot of great special rolls. I ordered basics - house salad which was small, just iceberg and carrot shavings but their house dressing was nice and ginger-y. California roll which was small, 6 pieces and the "rock and roe" which was just shrimp tempura, spicy mayo and roe, again 6 small pieces. My husband and I both thought that the rice needed more vinegar. The shrimp tempura was good BUT the shrimp hadn't been cleaned WHICH TOTALLY GROSSES ME OUT. It ruined my appetite. I cannot eat the shrimp poo. My husband is a huge spicy tuna fan and when we told the waiter this he recommended this fantastic roll that was new. Then, as he was telling us about it, the owner walked by and told us about a special "sushi sandwich" roll, and my husband asked for that one "instead." Long story short, the waiter brought him both, and it ended up to be a much expensive bill than we had thought. That said, his sushi was beautiful, absolutely artistic and was 100% delicious. Stunning and like candy. Mmm. So we'll go back and I'll order something else off their menu, and we'll see how it goes.

  • Glenn F.

    Some of the best sushi I have ever eaten. My wife and I love this place and we were so happy to find it. It's kind of hidden away from the rest of Hockessin, unless you're heading up to PA. The service is always excellent and the food is even better. If you enjoy sushi rolls with lots of "stuff", you must try the Kailon roll. It's a house special roll and it's well worth the price.

  • Linz B.

    Read the review on yelp decided to try. Yuck the salmon roll was terrible and so was the miso soup. I love sushi and even though the owner wAs super friendly I wouldn't go back. I have never had sushi this horrible before. Disappointing cause it was a good location for me but I wouldn't dare stomach it again.

  • Jon M.

    I live in Hockessin and Okura is BY FAR my favorite restaurant in the area and might serve the best sushi in the state of Delaware. Kailon, the owner, gets his sushi in fresh everyday which may account for other reviewer's perception of inflated prices. Coming from someone who has worked in restaurants, only the best establishments adopt this policy as most restaurants try to keep their food costs at a minimum. I've never had a disappointing meal here. Anyone who loves sushi should try the Sweet Potato Roll. Its basically sweet potato tempura with this amazingly delicious sauce on top. The taste is sweet and savory with some tanginess and a little crunch. AMAZING! Also, for your first time definitely sit at the sushi bar. Kailon is always one of the sushi chefs. He's a great guy and really entertaining!

  • Scott K.

    Amazing spicy tuna! They are HUGE and are incredibly reasonable in price. Very creative rolls and great specials. I also had several pieces of nigiri that were great, except for the surf clam (but that wasn't Okura's fault..it just didn't have much flavor). Great service, huge menu, great prices, plenty of room. Go there and eat!

  • Eric G.

    One of the few good sushi spots in Delaware. Really nice atmosphere, great service and sushi is excellent - very fresh and well done. Nice tie at the bar if you are in a social mood.

  • Parul D.

    I've been living in Delaware for about a year now and have constantly been in search for a great sushi spot. Most places are either sloppy and expensive, or just over-priced for what they offer. Until now I found one place that was flavorful well priced but could have been fresher. However, Okura is everything I've been looking for in a great sushi restaurant. The prices are reasonable, the fish is fresh, the rolls are flavorful and well varied on the menu. My husband and I sat at the sushi bar last night and made friends with the sushi chefs. Every roll we had was wonderful in size, texture, and flavor. I highly recommend the Hockessin roll, the Kennet roll, and the Guacamole roll. The guacamole in that roll tasted better than most guacamole I've had in mexican restaurants. The rolls may not be super traditional or anything, but they're made with care and love. When we were debating whether or not to get one more roll, one of the chefs said he'd make a special roll just for us. The roll had eel on the inside, tuna on top and avocado on top of that. Each piece after being cut and plated cut side up was topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo, scallions, and tempura crunch. We recommended that they add it to the menu, so if you see a roll called the "Alex Roll", order it because it was sooooooooo good. Needless to say I will be going back and recommending this spot to others. To top it off, the service was friendly and attentive. It was by far one of the best restaurant experiences I've had in a while. I could be biased by the fact that it was a slow Sunday night, but either way it was awesome. If you want good sushi, go to Okura!


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Okura Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

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