Southern Grill

Rt 16
Ellendale, 19941
Yum yum! Friendly staff and great food. As someone who eats out frequently in NYC, this place is definitely one of the better diners I've been to (minus all the flies flying around, but that can't be helped). The fries are crunchy and their mac n' cheese is made with real cheese. Their burgers are juicy! I added the fried onions and they tasted like onion ring strips on my burger. The food came out pretty quickly, maybe within 5-10 minutes of having ordered it. I'd definitely stop in again if given the chance. Everything is very well priced! The food pictures on here don't accurately convey how yummy everything is.
Don't go here until the fly problem is resolved. There were countless flies on the walls, tables, and surrounding our area as we ate. We were unable to finish our meals as flies were landing on the plates and food. Pretty gross. The food wasn't particularly flavorful either. It's a shame because other reviews seemed pretty positive.
Stopped in for a late lunch! Great place! The people are friendly! We entered the small dining room and were instructed to sit where ever we liked. Our waitress came up immediately and took our drink order. She returned quickly with our teas. The menu is expansive. All kinds of foods! Sandwiches and platters are just a few options. Complimentary hot rolls were brought out while we waited for our food! The bf had a pork loin looked good! He didn't complain! . I ordered open faced turkey sandwich. The food was big big big! It came out quickly also! There was a huge dessert case with great looking treats inside. We were stuffed tho, so we skipped it! The people were sweet and I would go back again!

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