Famous Dave’s Bbq

100 W Main St
Christiana, 19709
Called in an order for lunch and the food was fresh and hot when I got back to the office. They provided more than enough napkins and sauces. The best part, I got a call from the woman that was working the To-Go section to follow up on how my lunch was. I thought that was AWESOME. Thank you for the 5-star treatment!
What can I say about Famous Daves? The ribs and sides are always on point, the bread pudding is to die for, and Mommas punch is the bomb!! I come here every week and also signed up for Pig Club. I admit we had one hiccup with the service, but overall great place to eat!!!
There is now nothing worth eating at Famous Dave's! Dave Marks, in his infinite wisdom has chosen to remove the wonderful Chicken and Rice soup from the menu. Now you can just have overly salty meat with an overlay of smoke.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Christiana, 19713
The way of treating the Customer is bad on my dinner. Nasty preparation on baked tilapia with shrimp and the waitress didn't ask about the taste and the quality of the food. Even I gave one star becoz I liked the creamy chicken soup
Consistently better than other OG's in the state. The soups are hot, the salad is not wilted and the dessert (tiramisu) is not soggy and watery. I've eaten here a number of times and it's always good. It's a very busy location, but the restaurant is consistently good. It IS OG, so it is what it is. I only wish all the OG's would bake their soft bread sticks longer. They are doughy and pale. The capellini with tomato sauce is always good.
As far as olive gardens go it is pretty standard. Food is the same wait time the same. I've had really good experiences with regards to service here and their order online option is pretty good. It gets very crowded during peak hours and clearly very popular. I have no complaints about this olive garden

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