Fontana Sushi Menu

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  • Lyna P.

    Fontana is my "go to" local sushi place because of the good sushi and dollar select nigiri happy hour. I have been here 9+ times whenever I crave a quick salmon sushi and sashimi fix. It's a pretty simple sushi place, nothing too fancy, great value. The sushi chefs always deliver tasty and visually pleasing plates. Although, the rice quality for the nigiri can vary from slightly falling apart to perfectly packed, there have been more times when I couldn't complain. I don't normally eat too many maki rolls, but there will be some occasions where I want something more filling. Fontana doesn't disappoint. The rolls are usually perfectly portioned and the sushi chefs care about how each plate presents itself. The menu does have a lot of different special rolls and I've had good and bad. My personal favorites include the Foxy Lady Roll, Summer Roll, Yama Roll and Sweetheart Roll. The service is alright. The servers will usually be willing to accommodate for food modifications or add ons.

  • That 1 Girl A.

    No no no.... Absolutely gross. Fish was too stiff and looked like it was air dried for too long. Even after I told manager food was gross and didn't eat it she still made me pay!! Not acceptable

  • Yanhua P.

    decent sushi and rolls, always have $1 sushi on a selected few. The wait staff were friendly but had hard time understand English, guess that make the place more authentic. Not the best sushi we had in Denver but we could see why it is popular, the location right next to all the stores helps, and there's only a few fast food chains around.

  • Melissa C.

    I stopped by here in a whim because I was in the area and wanted some sushi. I am so glad that I did! The two specialty rolls that I had (summer roll and Denver roll) were amazing. The flavors were great, the fish was fresh, and the sauces added depth. My favorite was the Summer roll - it came out and it was COATED in crab meat. The three sauces blended together perfectly, and I can't wait to go back and have another. I aslo had some unagi sashimi, which was excellent. The service was very attentive and I enjoyed watching the sushi chefs work. I will definitely be coming back.

  • Gwen R.

    Good sushi rolls. Good variety. Nice restaurant inside as it could be deceiving since its in a strip mall Not the best sushi. Nothing compares to sushi den however If your in the area its a great place to go.

  • Brittany B.

    While I enjoyed the fish I ordered (chirashi, which they served on a plate with rice noodles instead of on seasoned rice) but everything else was just weird. Service was... fine, I guess. We sat for a long time before & after receiving menus and when we did receive them, nothing was said. I had to ask twice for hot tea to be refilled... it just wasn't a great experience. And the salad that comes with meals was posed around because a) didn't look very appetizing & b) the server didn't know who it was for. Not worth it, MUCH better sushi options around.

  • K N.

    Decent Sushi. Great details, plating and decor. I had ordered the gyoza, foxy lady roll, shrimp tempura roll, salmon, and tobiko. The gyoza was tasty and the right size for an appetizer. I was actually impressed by the good quality of sushi. The shrimp tempura roll and foxy lady were pretty tasty, along with their individual sauces. I'm used to Japanese sushi restaurants having two salmons in order and the tobiko being seated in rice and seaweed. I got one salmon and a tobiko beautifully seated in a flower cut cucumber. It was tasty, though I had expected my tobiko in seaweed. My boyfriend had ordered the katsu donburi, and it was quite subpar. It was served on a plate rather than a bowl like it would be traditionally. The katsu donburi comes with your typical egg on top of rice and katsu, then topped with assorted veggies like bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms. Overall, it was a pretty good meal and the service was good. Though, I felt that they really tried too hard to be fancy with certain entrees.

  • Denise G.

    I was at a local brewery and looking through their menus from surrounding restaurants and came across Fontana Sushi. I had never heard of before and I am always in for trying a new sushi place. The menu is pretty large and fairly cheap. We went a little overboard but it was well worth it. I love me some sushi. Great options, excellent yellowtail, beautiful presentation and friendly service. I love this place. I am excited that there is a location in Centennial as well that I will have to visit.

  • Andy S.

    I've eaten at this place many times, they have pretty good sushi and good service. Unfortunately, this time will be the last. A cockroach crawled from under my dinner plate and I notified a manager and got no apology or offer to discount the bill. Anytime there is bad service regardless, you need to apologize and take your losses Fontana. Disappointed that I had the experience of a roach in my food, even more disappointed that management made zero effort to address the issue.

  • Victor B.

    The quality of food is subpar and the staff are not very attentive. I guess I shouldn't have expected much from a strip mall sushi establishment.

  • Mona M.

    Found this place by accident as my original choice had too long of a wait. Food was very tasty and the service was good. I'll be coming back for sure.

  • Tim L.

    Don't let the old sign and the strip mall fool you. I had lunch here and it was very affordable and good. Nice change from the chain restaurants and priced right.

  • Wendy. E.

    The best sushi place in town! I've always been so disappointed when I go out for sushi in Denver. I'm from New York so I've been pretty spoiled by the food there. Then I found this place. The decor and food presentation was great. The fish was really fresh and they have $1 sushi all the time for dine in!!! Also the summer roll and tuna tartar was exceptional! We will be back again!!!

  • Danika L.

    I had to check out the Summer Maki since everyone seems to love it, and they were right! Everything was delicious. Some of the best miso soup. I tried my aunts tempura chicken- delicious- as well as the veggies that come with it. They can cater to people who love sushi to those like my aunt who hate it. Can't wait to go back next time!

  • Justin B.

    COCKROACHES!!!! We decided to give it a try- California roll, a sushi standard, was lame, the high priced special rolls were ok- we sat and spent good money and it was all going well until my fiancé spotted a cockroach crawling up from underneath the sushi bar in his seat area. Right on to where our food sat. They comped half of our bill which was why I'm ok with giving the one star but we won't ever be back. The waitress said she had never seen that before but that they also have pest control in once a month. There is another review that mentions this phenomenon, so I'm inclined to believe there is an issue with cleanliness as there shouldn't be a need to have such regular pest control visits. And those monthly visits aren't doing the trick folks. Where there is one roach there are many. Gross.

  • Lily S.

    Note to self: tempura here is not worth it - too much batter! Salad is fresh but the dressing is grainy but watery at the same time. Sushi is usually good (tried the Littleton Maki Roll at the most recent visit, it was so so; but anything with crab makes up for it!) As far as entrees go, the Shrimp Shogayaki is a must for us every time. Japanese fried rice and Stir fried udon are both not worth it (the former has a terrible presentation, in my opinion, and I've never been crazy about sushi rice in anything else but sushi! Chinese style fried rice with fragrant, Jasmine, mid-or-long grain rice is much better. The latter tastes OK, the udon noodles are plump but the chicken slices kinda taste "woody" - too dry and flavorless.) Service has always been attentitive especially if you come at the right time - you could be having 3 servers waiting on you if it's slow!

  • Tong Young H.

    The sushi was decent, had the black dragon roll and there wasn't anything to complain about a generic sushi roll. However, the tonkatsu Don was far from hitting it's mark. The pork was dry and the fry was sub par. The egg was lacking at the taste was overpowered by the addition of the mushrooms,carrot, and bamboo shoots. If you do go here I recommend the sushi. Happy eats.

  • Patrick W.

    I absolutely love this place. Highly recommend the Tornado roll and/or Broncos roll. Unagi is also a fan favorite. Pros - good price, great taste, awesome wait staff. Cons - disrespectful patrons.

  • Devin R.

    Wow. This place is awesome. They offer gluten free, too! We live less than a mile from here and had no idea it was here. The sushi is great. We were seated, got our drinks and placed our order. Less than ten minutes later, we had sushi on our table. Amazingly fast! The service is great! All of the waitresses are very nice and they'll tell you what you can order gluten free or have the sushi chefs modify the roll for you. The prices are insane for sushi this good. We had 3 rolls, 2 pieces of sashimi, and two drinks and the price was a mere $35!! We are definitely coming back! You should visit, too!

  • Erin M.

    I loved my philly roll and the gyoza was great. My husband and I also got the summer maki roll which was good but could have been more spicy. The inside was clean and cute! Service was good also. We'll eat there again :)

  • Dave C.

    We came here for lunch because Mr. Sushi nearby was closed and we were not disappointed. The food and service were both excellent. We had an appetizer of fried calamari in soft, flakey batter and I thought the dipping sauce tasted really good. I had the salmon teriyaki which came sizzling hot on an iron plate and tasted much like it does at Mr. Sushi or Ooka. The lady had the salmon teriyaki bento box and I got to enjoy the leftovers. :) The sushi rolls were really good too. It's a nice little sushi bar with pleasant decor located in the strip mall next to Cost Plus World Market. Great food and friendly employees. We'll be back.

  • Brandon C.

    Most delicious sushi ever!!!we come here pretty often and have tried other sushi places around the valley and this is by far one of our favorite places! Try some of the specialty rolls you won't be disappointed they also have stuff for your friends who don't eat sushi!!!

  • Janae N.

    Fontana Sushi is a great option if you want to stay home but don't feel like cooking. The sushi is top notch. I strongly recommend the Green Fire Roll. Deep fried with jalapenos and stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese, this was seriously amazing. We also ordered from the non-sushi menu. These items were good, but not as amazing as the sushi. The Shrimp Tempura was my least favorite item that we ordered. Delivery took longer than expected (over an hour) but it was worth the wait. Fontana Sushi also has coupons available on GrubHub. Get a free California Roll with any purchase of $35 or more.

  • Zuan C.

    Excellent food sushi is fresh and a lot of creative and beautiful presented rolls the service is good the best deal is to come for the happy hour $1 sushi。over all excellent place。

  • Shiny M.

    Sushi was mediocre. It was pretty much on par with Tokyo Joe's. Service kind of sucked. I went over there after school to grab some lunch. I asked for a take out menu to look over, so I can place my order to take out. The man who greeted me (if greeted means barely saying 'hi') was not friendly at all. This is not to say he was unfriendly, he was just emotionless.Not even a smile. I don't expect everyone to be sunshine and rainbows, but if I pay at an establishment I expect at least common greetings and courtesy. I felt uncomfortable here, and will not be returning.

  • Chuck P.

    Sushi was very good and reasonably priced. Took literally less than two minutes to get our food after ordering.

  • Kiki B.

    I have been to fontana 3 times now!! There nagiri dish is excellent! The fish couldn't be any fresher. My favorite dish is the summer maki, it's their house dish and omg the most amazing thing you'll ever eat... Yes a little piled on and many flavors but that's the best part! In a little run down strip mall but definitely sets a great impression! Also try a Japanese soda.

  • Laura B.

    I've been to many sushi restaurants in Denver and this one is my favorite. Their sashimi pieces are large and the quality of the fish is up there as well. My favorite by far is the salmon sashimi (which I consider myself a snob of). My favorite roll is the Manhattan Maki (avocado, salmon and tuna on outside, California roll inside), followed by the Summer Maki and King Crab Maki. I usually dine there 2 times a month and pick up To Go 3-4 times a month.

  • Duane M.

    I have always liked this place. Price is right, sushi is good and Kirin is always cold. I have never had a bad experience here or a bad piece of sushi. The smoked salmon is a favorite of mine. We snuck in here for Valentine's Day without a reservation and did not have to wait long and had a great time. Check it out!

  • Nicholas L.

    Edit as of Dec. 19th, 2012: I discovered Fontana Sushi I later the same day. This review pertains to Fontana Sushi II on West Cross Drive in Littleton. ===== If it was possible to give less than one star, this restaurant would be first in line. I considered writing a dual review, for Fontana Sushi and GoFish in Denver on Broadway. Both are staffed and operated by Chinese nationals. The similarities end there. While GoFish is knowledgeable, conscientious and diligent in presenting Japanese sushi cuisine and culture, Fontana Sushi is a stumbling idiot. We asked for the chef's sashimi moriawase in both restaurants. At GoFish, we received a dazzling array of delicacies, including three different kinds of toro. Everything was fresh and delectable, absolutely delicious. At Fontana, we received 12 chunky cuts of hamachi, maguro, and sake (salmon), all a little dry and stale. At GoFish, we perused the sake list and chose a superb dai ginjo cold sake. At Fontana, I had to explain their own selection of three cold sakes to our waitress, including a Hakushika junmai ginjo, their best, which they had listed as "Ginjo". They were not aware of the name of the sake distillery, and had confused part of the grade of sake to be the name. We ordered a salmon teriyaki, a negimaki and an unagi don (una jyu). The salmon was overcooked to the point of being stiff and dry. The beef negimaki was one thin layer of beef around a huge volume of stale scallions. The unagi don consisted of sushi slices of unagi on top of sushi rice on a plate. When I asked for some yama-gobo, as depicted in the menu picture, I was told they didn't have any. I explained to our waitress how they had mis-prepared our food. She said she would ask her management what could be done about their errors. The answer: nothing. They charged us for the crappy food exactly as listed in the menu. They didn't attempt to make up for it in any way. I left a 10% tip, instead of my normal 20%. I would have left nothing, but the issues with this restaurant are not the serving staff's fault. If you value Japanese cuisine, DO NOT eat at Fontana Sushi. The only analogy I can imagine to this restaurant would be a lousy, German biergarten cook working at a French haute cuisine restaurant. Just horrible. Go elsewhere, this place is a huge disappointment.

  • Stephan G.

    Really? 5 stars people???? WTF??? Great service, very attentive and friendly,,, BUT Out of the 30 or so sushi places we have eaten at in the last 2 years, I can honestly say that only the place at Flatirons mall in the food court is worse as far as the food goes. Completely un-fresh; small portions; lethargic sushi chefs; warm, rubbery fish (Salmon, tuna, and yellowtail nigiri) Fake crab, yuk! Octopus overly chewy and fishy tasting. We have a couple "emergency sushi" places, and this one doesn't even come close to making that list.

  • Karen M.

    This used to be my favorite sushi place in Littleton until I saw a cockroach. Yuck!

  • Sharon S.

    Very good sushi, even their clear soup, which is usually non descript, was good. I had the summer maki roll, and spicy tuna roll. I'd recommend both.

  • George C.

    Regarding new location in Aurora/Centennial on Smoky Hill...Sushi is good, have been there twice since it opened Jan 1. Today my wife and her friends went to enjoy the lunch special. They sat down, spent some time deciding and when they ordered the waitress said the owner forgot to write down that it was only available weekdays...I realize this is an honest mistake but they should have honored the special considering there was a party of five, and it was advertised as "lunch special."

  • Heather W.

    Fontana has some of the best rolls. The Summer Maki is the most amazing thing you will ever eat. I don't eat sashimi or nagiri but my boyfriend does and he loves the $1 pieces for happy hour. Great place! Highly recommend.

  • Christine R.

    This is a pretty good spot for sushi, and I envision us coming back. The dining room is nice and also casual. There's a nice fish tank that my daughter really liked. The service was good, and the prices are in line with what you'd expect for sushi. ($4.75 and up for a basic roll). We got a few appetizers, and both came out piping hot. The tempura was very good, and the gyoza also was tasty. The basic rolls were average in size, while some of the specialty rolls (at tables around us looked much larger in size; they were about $12 on the menu - again, average cost). This isn't the kind of fancy pants sushi place you'd find downtown, but rather, it's a good spot for sushi out with the family. The fish was fresh and tasty. This spot seems quite kid friendly, as well. That's a big plus for me. They came out right away with a kiddie cup, and they also gave my daughter kiddie chopsticks (with the trainer thing) on it. The service was nice. The menu said they have happy hour sushi for $1, so I'm interested to learn the happy hour times! In all, this is a solid bet. We will be back.

  • Heather B.

    Delish! Loved the Mountain Roll. What a little gem of a spot, Definitely not overpriced for the quality of the sushi!

  • H T.

    This small unassuming restaurant provided a very nice sushi dinner. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the fish served. Place was busy on a Monday evening. The uni maki roll is not something I had seen anywhere else (and I live in California and eat a lot of sushi) and did not disappoint. They have some good quality uni. The sake (salmon) was generously sized and tasted as good as it looked. Wait staff is efficient and friendly.

  • Elle M.

    Nice place. Service was okay. There was a game on and they were all distracted by it. Stick with the sushi. We ordered beef teriyaki for my daughter and it was tough.

  • Lauren B.

    Everything about this place I like more than the one on Alameda. The ambiance is better, which is ironic since this one is technically in a suburb where the other in a city... Maybe I like it more because there's less fish tanks. I could be wrong as I believe they may have a fish tank ( they??), but either way it's less prominent than the creepy ass one on Alameda that is basically the focal point of the restaurant. Watching fishies swim while you eat fish is not my idea of an appetizing night out. I also think the staff here is a slightly more friendly and attentive. Call me crazy, but somehow I like the food better here. I guess I just like this one better than the Denver one.

  • Bill J.

    I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the fish and the freshness of the rice. It didn't seem like the Sushi had any flavor and the temperature of the fish seemed warmer than I feel comfortable eating. I found myself using more wasbi and soy sauce than my doctor would consider healthy. If you like warm tasteless fish, this is the place for you. The service was great, but the food not so.

  • Kelly O.

    Fontana is an absolute hidden gem. Sandwiched between a dry cleaners and a shipping store, this little place has fresh fish, good service and the best prices you'll find in the area. Try their lunch special: three rolls, soup and salad for $20? Sold. All-day happy hour with $1 sushi anytime? Double sold. Their rolls are small and compact (though they give you lots of pieces) so if you're looking for sushi overloaded with rice and toppings, this isn't your cup of tea. Speaking of tea, one dumb complaint - their rice-based green tea, while pretty good, comes in a handle-less mug that's darn near impossible to pick up until lukewarm! Ever dried drinking tea while the cup is on the table? Don't order this on a date. ;)

  • Bonnie G.

    Fontana sushi- open late, good service and a wide selection. My husband ordered some type of bento box that had a tremendous amount of food. I ordered tempura and the spider crab roll. For a late night sushi run, this place is really good. I still prefer Banzai but 9:30, who wants to drive across town?

  • James W.

    Ate here Monday night, while in Denver. A+, 5 stars, sushi is very fresh and the service is excellent!

  • Suzy H.

    I originally wanted to come here for the 3 rolls for 10 bucks deal...too bad i went on SUNDAY! :( boohoo. My boyfriend and I ordered the unagi roll and the sushi platter [15 pcs of sushi] and the couple we went with ordered california rolls...and something else. First impression of the rolls- HUGE CHUNKS OF AVOCADO! YES! YUMMMMMMM. Fish on the sushi weren't the freshest but wasn't bad either and food came out fairly quickly. Very nice service and very good price for yummy food. The sushi platter came with miso soup and salad but we didn't touch those so I can't say much about them but this place is definitely bang for the buck!

  • Hermes A.

    Been here twice, nothing to complain about. Great, fresh sushi and friendly service.

  • Brady E.

    My last meal on earth would be their Summer Maki roll w/ added fresh jalapeño. Simply delectable. My wife and I have eaten here 10+ times with a wonderful friendly experience every time.

  • Savannah W.

    When it comes to sushi, I have to admit that presentation is important to me. Having said that, the Chef's Special Summer Maki delights me beyond words. Not only is it delicious, but it is artfully arranged to look like a dragon. Yay! Although tonight was only my second time being here, I have only positive things to report. My friend ordered the teriyaki tofu found it to be thumbs up. Also, she commented that they had quite a few vegetarian options and how nice that was. Anyways, great sushi (I haven't actually tried any of their entrees, so can't comment there)- great dragon presentation- full and happy bellies. Definitely stop by and try this place (don't let the strip mall ambiguous location fool you)! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Zac T.

    The waiters dont really pay attention, but the sushi is awesome. we will be back soon for another black dragon roll!

  • Jessica M.

    I love sushi and this is not a place I would EVER go back to. To say that the fish was not fresh would be nice. The fish was BAD and we both had serious stomach issues thanks to Fontana. If you want to eat cheap fish, you're better off with Bumble Bee in a can!

  • Chelle B.

    Gross... This place is nasty.

  • Mandy R.

    I've been here twice and have left unimpressed both times. I won't be back. The sushi is very expensive and the quality and taste don't live up to the prices. The salmon tastes about as fresh as what you buy at the grocery store (you know, the pre-made sushi that's shipped in from who-knows-where and sits for four days?) and I couldn't even swallow the tuna. To be fair, I have two friends who absolutely think this place is the best ever. I secretly believe they haven't actually had good sushi... The service isn't great either--they tend to ignore you until you flag someone down for a refill, more sushi, etc. Save your pennies and go elsewhere.

  • Stephanie S.

    Delish! Great special rolls and they are HUGE!

  • Jennifer C.

    The sushi was fresh and delicious! We had 3 rolls for $10; the alaska roll, hamachi roll, and spicy tuna roll. The spicy tuna had so much flavor, it was our favorite. We also ordered the Flower roll (chef special). It had 8 different fish (1 on top of each piece) and they were huge. It was so filling and very inexpensive for everything we had. We've had small amounts of sushi before but this was our first sushi date and we LOVED it! PS - As someone else mentioned, the 3 rolls for $10 is not available on Sunday.

  • Ike N.

    Really good food,wait staff could be friendlier. Give them a try,

  • Brad H.

    Fontana sushi is my first great discovery of 2010. This place surprised me from the moment I stepped out of my car to the moment I left with a smile. The location is in a strip mall which usually indicates a great place. Some of the greatest restaurants I have ever been sometimes are sandwiched between a kinkos and a great clips. You walk in and you feel like you are in an actual sushi bar, not some overpriced commercial rendition with designer furniture (cough*hanabi*cough). We ordered 3 Sashimi's and 3 rolls. I loved every one of them. Their fish is really fresh and you can just see it when it hits your table. The flavor is spot on and not dry. The rolls were great for two reasons. One, they are not 90% rice. There is a very thin layer of rice on them because that is how rolls should be. I cannot stand sushi restaurants who give you an entire rice bowl wrapped around a small piece of tuna. Two, the rolls were not enormous. They are a decent size with great flavor and it allows you to savor the roll. I don't like sushi rolls that are bigger than PVC pipes. The food was delicious, all the way to the green tea ice cream to top it off. The food was VERY well priced and you feel like you get what you paid for and more! The sake and beer are a little overpriced. By overpriced, I mean by 50 cents or so compared to the competition. Not a big deal or even enough to take away a star. I will gladly go back and give them my money to get good quality sushi.

  • Kristi B.

    My favorite sushi place... awesome flavors and reasonably priced. The summer maki roll is CRACK!

  • Glenn M.

    We are not sushi experts, but we always enjoy our meal at Fontana. The prices are reasonable, and the food is good quality. Only hit or miss service keeps me from going with five stars.

  • Mrs J.

    2.5 stars. Good spicy tuna, spicy scallops, and tobiko.... BUT we had 2 salmon rolls and both of them had bad salmon! Uneven color (like it was dried out on one side), hard and really chewy texture, and smelled very fishy. Spit mine out. We get sushi twice a week and this is the only restaurant that I have had bad sushi at. First time eating here also. It was take out, so couldn't fix it. Makes me sad, I love sushi and hate giving a bad review. Sorry it didn't work out. Won't go back again.

  • Katie R.

    good sushi makes for a happy katie! this is by far, my favorite sushi place close to me. i absolutely looooove their lunch specials and find myself frequently getting my fill of hand made rolls! i tend to order the 3 roll lunch special...spicy tuna, spicy kani and unagi. not only do the three rolls come with soup and a side salad but all for $10. WOW!! love love love it!

  • Kate S.

    Great sushi. Great atmosphere!

  • Bryan H.

    Always good!

  • Alexis B.

    Our favorite ! Weekly cravings! Amazing fresh sushi, great service great all around.

  • Bill B.

    I love this place and next time will go with someone who actually enjoys sushi.

  • April D.

    The sushi was NOT good! Hard to chew the roll because the sea weed was so tough. This was consistent for all 4 rolls we ordered. I hate to say it, but none of it seemed fresh. As much as I love sushi, I couldn't even choke it down.

  • Casey K.

    This is my go to sushi restaurant. I recommend the Hot Maki and Rainbow Maki. Staff is very pleasant and attentive. The sushi chefs are very nice and always say hello and goodbye. Highly recommend!!

  • Jodi C.

    Great food, service, and food. The summer maki, delicious. Everyone's reviews is spot on. The food and service is great. The decor, music, and ambiance is just right. The food is always fresh and delicious. We have found our new fav sushi place closer to home.

  • David J.

    I really like this place. The food is consistently good, the wait staff is attentive, and the price is right. The nori on the had rolls is crisp enough that it shears when bitten, preventing the embarrassing tug of war with myself. The spicy scallop rolls are my new favorite. The toro has been pretty good here, though I don't think it is the right season for it now. The only thing preventing the fifth star is that they close in the afternoons between lunch and dinner.

  • Viviene W.

    I had a great time here with my girls. We had just gotten massages at Beau Visage and had a late lunch/early dinner here. We ordered tempura with a side of miso soup and salad, a few special rolls, and rolls that were on for happy hour. Everything was delicious, service was quick and friendly, and the design of the place was nice. It was a bit small but everything was clean and tidy. My favorite was the sushi roll we ordered with mango on it. I've had other rolls with mango but this one was by far the best. Also, it was my birthday and they presented us with a scoops of ice cream with friend banana w/ whipped cream. Yum! I would come here again or order sushi to go for a party.

  • Kim V.

    Awesome Sushi in the it! Service is great. Need to add Shitaki mushroom roll to menu - they do it well if you ask for it!

  • Julio E.

    back for the 10th time, While we had an OK time a few weeks ago, the last couple of visits have been great, we just discovered the specials/happy hour and we continue to go back. Great time, attentive staff and great atmosphere . . . My wide and Iare hooked on the green mussels, - - - Enjoy!

  • Alicia D.

    Fontana is the best sushi restaurant around. My b/f and I stumbled upon this place one night in our search for a good sushi dinner. And now 2 1/2 years later we are still hooked. And we have gotten everyone in our families hooked as well. The Summer Maki is to die for, and we always get at least one roll. Also, there Unagi is the best around! Service is always good there and they always make sure you are completely taken care of. Nice little restaurant in the middle of a shopping area. Inside is small, but amazing. And they have a cool fish tank right inside that is very entertaining for the little ones:)

  • Ashley H.

    yum yum yum! they have good sushi and a good wait staff what more could you want?

  • Michele R.

    Recently, I've been on the quest to find a new sushi place nearby that I can call my "haunt". After much research, I came up with a list of five places to try. Fontana Sushi was number one on my list because it is nearby, inexpensive, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. I went in for lunch today around 1pm. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are open late (without a lunch break) on Saturdays. Definitely a plus for someone who often eats at odd-hours. The place was fairly empty, but I did notice the modern, clean decor. It has a nice atmosphere, that's for sure. I ordered the Luncheon Special (2 rolls, Miso Soup, and Salad for $8.50). The salad was essentially a plate with a few chunks of iceberg lettuce, one slice of tomato, and some dressing. It wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't enjoyable. The Miso was good, but I've certainly had better. The sushi itself was a huge letdown. The rolls were so bare that there were huge areas without any rice. On top of that, the rolls were TINY. I ordered the California and Alaskan Rolls and while neither were disgusting, they weren't especially tasty. The service was fine, the price was great, but I didn't like this place enough to go back, ever. When it comes to sushi, the rolls are the most important thing to me and I honestly prefer the rolls at Tokyo Joe's to this place.

  • Mina N.

    We went there yesterday with a reservation for 4. The place was pretty busy for a Friday night, and seeing how it's a pretty small sushi place, I'm glad that we had reservations for 4 at 6:30pm. We ordered the salmon teriyaki, the Denver Maki and the Crazy Maki? I forgot but they were pretty good. The miso soup was a little bit on the salty side for my taste, but I really appreciated the customer service. Two servers were there coordinating with each other to give us our food, refill our drinks and bring sides that we needed. The sushi were a little small, wish the rolls were a little bigger, and wish that they had more variety, but other than that I was happy with their food and their service.

  • Tina G.

    Ok, so maybe I become frugal when it comes to sushi, but DANG, this place is GOODNESS! Yes, I am a regular customer, and it may be my Asian background that helps, but the staff is attentive when it comes to service. The sushi chefs are awesome, although none of them are Japanese. Go figure.The fish is fresh and you can't beat the $1.00 sushi menu or the Summer roll, Littleton Maki and Salmon roll! The specials are interesting and a must try. One hint is that some of their rolls have that "terriyaki" type sauce drizzled on top, however, if you ask to go light on it, say you do not want it or just have it on the side, you will be able to appreciate the flavors intended for you to taste. If not into the raw stuff, the tempura, Udon, Tonkatsu, Miso or Inari soup are tasty. I have never had a bad experience! Don't forget to tip your sushi chefs...that is all I gotta say!

  • Fay H.

    This is our go-to neighborhood sushi place for a weekday, when we're not up for Sushi Den. The sashimi is excellent and the staff are friendly and fast.

  • Jimmi D.

    Great, fresh sushi! Amazing you can get this kind of fresh seafood right in Littleton! Beware the wait on Fri and Sat.

  • Gustavo D.

    Come on middle state minds. This sushi is sub par. If you want REAL sushi, go to sushi den. Why try to save 40$ to eat contaminates. Eat some quality fish at Sushi Den or Sushi Hai. This place is garbage.

  • Jim R.

    Fontana is the shits! The mistake maki is the best roll if you like spicy tuna. The Manhattan roll is also amazing! The atmosphere is very mellow and the chefs are very hospitable.

  • Mike S.

    Located in the strip mall right across from Outback restaurant, this little hole in the wall place never disappoints. I never had bad service or bad food there. They have ALWAYS happy hour prices for their Sushi ($1/pc) - not bad.

  • Annie B.

    Yummy inexpensive lunches!!

  • Patrick C.

    I have eaten here several times with my kids and we have had solid service and the sushi has been excellent. As a native Californian I can be a bit picky about sushi and I will say I've never had in Colorado the freshness that I have experienced in California. That said there are a number of decent sushi places in the Denver area and this is certainly one of them. While the sushi here is not cheap, it's not the most expensive in town either. All in all a good place to quench your sushi craving.

  • Scott N.

    Love sushi? If so, you have to check out Fontana Sushi. I just joined Yelp and thought I had better contribute something. I find it appropriate to write my first review on my favorite restaurant. We used to live in Louisville and would make the long drive to Littleton to satisfy our discerning palates. Now we live in Littleton so we are only five minutes away. No, we didn't move to be close to Fontana Sushi..: ) We've never been let down. Enjoy!

  • Paul W.

    This place is so damn good! I've was there when they first opened and had a pretty good feeling about the place. I just wanted to wait until they got their liquor license so I could enjoy a cold beer and some sake with my sushi. OH MAN was I happy to go back. This small little place in a strip mall just pays attention to all of the details. The quality of the sushi is on par with places that cost twice as much. The $1 sushi pieces are great with fresh fish and the perfect amount of rice. Whatever you do don't stop at the $1 pieces, because the apps and rolls are amazing too! The soft shell crab app is so good we had to order another, and the waitress was pushing the Summer Maki roll so much we had to try it! AMAZING, so glad we took her suggestion, take your camera with you too because this delicious roll comes to the table looking like a dragon in a cloud. Fontana South pleased both my eyes and my palate from begging to end. Now I've also been to the one downtown many times, but for some reason it just never is the same experience. Best part: 3 guys TONS of sushi, sake and beer for just over $100, that rules! I'll be back and soon I hope! Thank you all at Fontana Sushi South for being so dialed in. It doesn't go unnoticed.

  • Pamela J.

    I love this place! Rolls are creative and tasty, new style sashimi is amazing and sushi/sashimi is always fresh..not to mention priced great. Best sushi in Littleton by far.

  • Marla M.

    Absolutely love this place for multiple reasons. My husband and I are regulars since moving to this area. Service is always great. Prices are fantastic when you throw in the $1 "happy hour" (which is all day, every day). Sushi is quality, Miso soup is delicious and I love their seaweed salad. Tempura appetizer is always hot and fresh. If we are by ourselves, we sit at the bar and the sushi chefs are just as attentive as the wait staff. If you're in the area, I highly recommend it!

  • Tom R.

    This place is just great. It's not too fancy or overdone and the flavors will make you want more. Clean, fast, awesome!

  • Jim N.

    Not quite sushi den but overall very good and consistent. Seafood teriyaki is my favorite! Service is good and friendly.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Fontana Sushi

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