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  • Melvin E.

    A very low-key small/medium sized hookah lounge that holds an indoor/outdoor smoking lounge/patio. It was our first time to this location on a Wednesday night. We walked in and we were greeted by this older gentlemen by the name of Fred. Since it was our first time here, Fred recommended that we tried "Lemon Mint" as a well known house flavor. Once we ordered, we made our way to the outside patio. It did not take us long for us to receive our hookah. The "Lemon Mint" flavor was actually great! In over-all experience, I give this place a 5 out of 5. This is definitely a good spot to hang out with friends if you're looking for a less crowded location. So far I'm really satisfied with the flavor that was provided with us. Staff (Fred) was friendly. I have no complaints. *Location: On Magnolia BLVD. Right across the Ralph's parking lot. *Parking: Street parking - Majority of street parking was taken so we decided to park across the street inside the Ralph's parking lot (At our own risk?). *Pricing: Affordable. You can't beat the price they offer for good tasting hookah flavors. *The Lounge itself: Great atmosphere. Depending on the night you go, they remain open late. I will definitely be coming back for more and I will be bringing some friends with me! Give this place a try. * If anything were to change on my experience, I will make sure to post an update *

  • Arpi B.

    I love this place it's a chill spot for hookah and the people that work there are also amazing when going there ask for ALAN he is honestly an amazing hookah guy you won't be disappointed I guarantee it!

  • Rakesh G.

    I can't judge this place as a late night hookah place but as a daytime study spot it's the best. Quiet, outdoor seating with shade, and service is amazing and they let me do my work. Definitely beats Starbucks! Just one tip: it's supposed to open at like noon but it is a family run business so sometimes u may have to wait till at least 1oclock. It's a very tiny bit pricier than some other coffee shops but well worth it for supporting a family business as well the comfort the place has.

  • David H.

    I haven't been to Amsterdam Cafe in months, but I saw that they got a new sign outside which makes me worried that people might be more inclined to go inside and I feel compelled to convince you this is a mistake. I stopped in once thinking I might just grab a coffee and a light lunch, check the place out. I was the only patron, and looking up at the menu I decided the Turkey and Olive Bruschetta sandwich sounded nice, so I ordered that and a coffee and went out to the back patio. Please keep in mind that the nice looking photos of the back patio on Yelp are dated from 2009. None of that nice furniture was there when I visited. The patio was covered with a tattered tarp, seats ripped and held together with duct tape, and the floor was filthy. I could see cigarette butts filling up the little gutter between the patio and the building next door. I poured cream into my coffee - it was curdled, little white nuggets floating to the surface. I was brought my sandwich, which turned out to be deli turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a few tablespoons of mayonnaise on white bread. No olives, nothing that even roughly resembled a bruschetta. While I looked at my food, deciding how much of it I could politely ingest without getting sick, the man who took my order (and I'm guessing who also prepared my food) came out onto the patio, stood a few paces behind me, and casually smoked a cigarette. The most disgusting restaurant experience I've ever had.

  • Serdar U.

    Good hookah, good service, good place. Amsterdam is a good hookah lounge with reasonable prices for the shisha. It's always crowded and service is great

  • Chanel T.

    Every time I come here, the service isn't too great. Tonight was especially bad, however, because we waited for what seemed like forever and a large group came after was was given their hookah almost immediately. It didn't feel welcoming at all. It's really a shame because the owner is very nice and the hookah and pizza are good, it's just the service that lacks.

  • Sharis R.

    Horrible service. They made us leave because we had outside food with us (starbucks) when we even already ordered the hookah already. They were totally racist to my black friend. Hookah was horribly packed and took about 45 minutes. The place is very dirty with bugs crawling around as you're trying to smoke some hookah. I gave them one star because yelp won't let me put 0.

  • Craig C.

    * NOTE * I only went there to smoke hookah so I will update the review when I buy something to eat there. PRO: Good hookah and relaxing atmosphere. :) CON: They don't check on your hookah to make sure it's still good. OVERALL: Because of the location and it's open late, I will still recommend this place. It's near a few restaurants, fast food, and bars. Excellent place to go to before or after going to a bar. :) There also have comedy nights there too. So call them and see when they have it. TIP: You should park at the shopping center across the street where Carl's Jr and Ralph's is at.

  • Kathy R.

    Hands down my favorite hookah lounge in the Valley. Hookah is always on point when I come here. Friendly staff and the owner is very knowledgeable with all things hookah. Pizza was good too. Highly recommend.

  • Samantha S.

    If I can give this place no stars I really would. I've been coming here for about a year with my friends. They prefer here than anywhere else because it's cheap and no one really goes. They did pretty well with a change of staff a little after New Years. Hookah improved as well as the service, then the one good worker they had quit. Now this place has turned into crap yet again. The hookahs are horrible, their service is even worse. When the owner is there (short guy with white hair) all you hear is Persian music, when he isn't there all you here is random crap or nothing at all. (Neither are good). The employees have no idea what they're doing and can't even make coffee to save their life. I would only recommend this place if you need to pass some time and don't want to spend much money.

  • Yasmeen G.

    I actually do like this spot... it's more low-key and not as crowded as other hookah spots... pretty chill environment cafe in the front and a outdoor patio in the back, super cute. They are a bit laggy but I honestly don't mind because I love chillin there. I usually go with a group of five but one on one would be romantic as well ;) the food isn't bad ether from what i remember.

  • The G.

    I wish I was at the same hookah place that all these nice pictures show it to be. I don't know what happened, but looks like the owner got lazy. Me and my friend walked in during the day and no music was playing, one person was in there and seemed like he was a friend. Long story short, hookah was good but the charcoal was not once changed! We weren't asked if we wanted food, drinks, water even dude. After 2 hours of sitting on old and ripped couches and listening to my own music on my phone we decides to leave. The guy was nowhere to he found. Really? How is this a business? We could've easily left without paying, probably could've robbed the sorry place. i'm not even going to talk about the dirt everywhere, the pictures will show you all that. Not to sound like captain obvious, but definitely not going there again.

  • Aren A.

    I took my mom out here for a fun evening. Some sandwiches. Some hookah. You know. The turkey sandwich was pretty good. Definitely a Persian-style sandwich with crunchy cucumbers in it. The back patio is definitely relaxing, although, the chairs needed a bit more cushioning for my boney arse. Prices are great and the food is pretty decent. I would definitely come back here again to chillax.

  • James T.

    Very chill place and the food is great!!! Try the club panini, you wont regret it. The hookah was good as well. The only thing they should change is the music. It was persian music on a station called radio jabal

  • Lacy R.

    since when does a hookah take 30 + mins to prepare at a hookah lounge? i get it if I'm at home, il and I have to do it myself... I came here about a week ago and the service was great; friendly staff, the hookah was in my face within 10 mins. Less. I come here today and I have to stand at the desk and yell "Hello?!" to even get anyone to come see what I wanted. Whoever that kid is working here acts like it's a major inconvenience for him to ask you what you'd like.. I sat here for 30 mins waiting on a hookah. and in the meantime, some lady is sitting on her phone giving her life story as loud as possible. I literally now know everything about her personal life; including everything about her failed stand-up comedy career and the guy who doesn't return her phone calls. I came here to relax, not to sit around and wait for 40 mins and hear some annoyingly loud woman's' personal bullshit. Last week I would have given it 4 stars; now it's down to 1 . maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but geezus.. get it together, Amsterdam cafe.

  • Molly E.

    Nice place to meet a friend for midday tea. Relaxed atmosphere and fresh air on the patio. Plenty of seating and pillows for people to lean against, could use a few more pillows for people to actually sit on. Decent restroom. Would come here again.

  • Candice P.

    Is this actually a business? Because I don't think it's a business. I came with a friend for a coffee date on a weeknight. I live right around the corner, and thought we'd give a non-chain place a try. When I walked in rap music was BLARING from the sound system. And I mean BLARING. All of the chairs and tables were pushed up against the wall, wood scraps and a saw were on the other side of the room and the place was empty. For a second I thought maybe they were under construction and weren't open. I was literally about to walk out when a guy appeared from the back, hurried to turn down the music then impatiently stood at the counter to take my order. It was weird. I ordered a hot tea and my friend ordered a latte, which wasn't good, apparently. We sat on a worn down couch by a dirty table and chatted for maybe 30 minutes. During that time, people kept coming and going-- but they all seemed like friends and family of the guys working. People kept staring at us like it was weird we were there. Like I said-- is this actually a business? Because it felt like we were drinking coffee in someone's dilapidated basement while teenagers came in and out, carrying cans of Monster and smoking cigarettes. It was kinda trashy, it was dirty and it was very unwelcoming. Definitely will not be coming back.

  • Sergey V.

    I've been coming to this place a lot, the hookah is cheap, plus if you get a package for 20something you get chips a hookah and a free refill, u will never find a better deal like that. The service is nice, and the owner always happy to see me with my friends, and other costumers. I give a 4 star because it needs a little work to get a 5 star :)

  • Jenevieve Y.

    This place is a very affordable, chill place to go with friends to play cards or do homework. It has very well priced hookah and the workers are very nice. Alan is an amazing worker and always asks if the customers are doing okay, he truly cares for his job. This place is not the nicest place but workers like Alan make this place a great place to hang out at!

  • Juan V.

    Amsterdam Cafe can be described as a perfect combination of a full-service hookah bar and a coffee shop+espresso bar to get work done. There's an indoor area with plenty of tables and seating, which I believe just underwent a beautiful renovation. Only about a block away from the NoHo arts district, it's a refreshing break from the standing-room-only Starbucks and the sometimes-TOO-lively Republic of Pie (which I love but seldom find it easy to be productive when I choose to work there). Amsterdam is another NoHo gem that I'll surely frequent.

  • Jon S.

    Came out Amsterdam Cafe out here in North Hollywood, with a friend. Cool place to hang out, smoke some hookah and drink some coffee.

  • Ducky D.

    Really cool little Cafe and Hookah lounge. good hot sandwiches and great drinks. Be sure to check out the back patio! The guy who worked there was very nice to us and made us feel welcome.

  • Ernest M.


  • Nona M.

    Free wi-fi, yummy drinks, hookah, outside patio & performances! It's a cool little quiet coffee house soooo not like Starfucks! I approve heheheh

  • Cristie N.

    Cheap, good hookah with good quality coals. Service is not friendly, and when it's slow, they don't turn on the heat lamps on the cozy patio with cushioned seats. The staff sit around and smoke with guests. Sitting in the cold is unpleasant... Would definitely not come back unless it's Friday or Saturday night. The music is constantly turned up and down in volume. Come here for cheap hookah and okay paninis, but not if you want to be comfortable or if you're in a hurry.

  • Cali S.

    I'm starting to really enjoy this place! I've been coming here for 2 years and recently stopped (bad customer service) but now this is my spot again all due to the new employee Rob! This guy is a magician (literally!). Very friendly guy, always speaks to the customers when he has a change and makes the BEST hookah! Always has great taste in flavors. Ask for Rob and try his personal "Sweat Quad Mix"

  • Eric H.

    I cant even believe their is only one person working their at all times. Service is****! Blah. Hookah took 30 minutes to come out! Their wings were microwaved. And on top of everything they were playing weird music. Oh dont forget that their couches are not couches and are pieces of plywood with a carpet on top! God please get your business together!

  • Arina O.

    place looks really run down. they need to replace all the couches and clean it up a bit

  • Mike Y.

    This is a neat little place. It's not your regular hookah bar, nor your regular coffee shop...whatever you want to classify it as. First of all, hookah has always been amazing. Top notch flavors, coconut coal, and clean hoses/vases. Very reasonable prices and good selection of hookahs are available as well (1 hose/2hose). The coffee is also top-notch. Espresso's are freshly pulled and the shot itself it correctly tampered. They have a great selection of lattes, espresso's, tea's, and more. They also have amazing food, such as pizza and delicious paninis. Now, it sounds like a perfect place, which it is, at times. But at other times, you may just wish that you didn't come. Some nights they have amateur comedy nights. Undeveloped jokes in circle jerk format. It's good if you don't mind or are an aspiring comedian that can appreciate developing humor, but for everyone else that wants to enjoy some good hookah and coffee, it's tormenting. On other nights, they just get overly busy and because it's family owned, the staff is just not sufficient. Service turns from fair to poor immediately. It's a love and hate relationship as they still make sure to focus that all the food, drinks and hookah come out at a high quality, but the time it takes is just horrible. They need to either hire some help or limit their evening menu. It only gets this busy at night (9pm and later). Despite all the times of horrible service and bad jokes, we still come here quiet frequently. That's because we have figured out a little system to eliminate all the bad, and keep the good. This is what you do. If you come on one of the nights where they have amateur torture nights, request to sit outside. If it's cold, ask them for a heater immediately. On a nice summer night, it's perfect without a heater. When ordering food, especially on busy nights, order a pizza and share it. It's a delicious pizza and on par with many established pizzerias. Their panini's are good, but when they are busy, it can take an extra 30 minutes to make. Trust me, order the pizza or starve to death. That's really all. Good luck!

  • T T.

    I've come on 3 different occasions. Hookah and Tea Date: The back patio was great, it was really cute. While we were back there, we struck up conversations with some of the people around us, so it was a nice vibe. The hookahs were good, and the tea is only alright -- it was bagged tea, nothing special. Open Mic Night: The place was packed. Only some of the performers were incredible. Others made me want to retreat to the back patio for chit-chat. Late Night Studying:'s not a terrible place for this, but that's not the vibe here. It's more of a hang-out type spot. I was the only person studying when I tried that late one night. Regardless, I got a good amount of stuff done.

  • Jilly S.

    Can't believe I have never been here. Amsterdam Cafe is a cool little hole in the wall cafe. A nice place to chat with friends and drink coffee or smoke a hookah (if that's your thing). I met there with a good friend to write and loved it. It's a little gem in Noho and the service was great. I'll definitely be back.

  • Alanna L.

    "The pomegranate.. it won't taste good.." VERY uncomfortable seats, by the way.

  • Charles J.

    Great place I love coming here waking up in the morning and having a great coffee and everybody's really friendly

  • Krystal P.

    I love this place. I always come here when me and my friends want to do something different yet relaxing it's a good place to go with a group of friends and the workers are really nice. This hookah bar has a pretty good, mellow vibe, it's small/comfy, and it's an affordable hookah bar. It definetely is a chill cafe to go to if you want to go somewhere not too crowded to just kick back and smoke some hookah.

  • Diana T.


  • Orsolya D.

    Shame on me for frequenting this place and living within walking distance and not yet yelping about it.. Shame Shame. Amsterdam Cafe is a great concept combining an independent coffee shop with a hookah bar owned by three extremely kind Armenian brothers. Strong local supporters; the brothers decorate the walls with artwork from local artists that you can actually purchase. Speaking of esthetics, the cafe has recently been remodeled with an extended outdoor patio, new furniture indoors and out, and new lighting. It looks even more "hip" and inviting than before. With a menu offering coffee drinks, smoothies and fruit shakes ( try the organic strawberry shake with soy), breakfast foods, pastries, and paninni sandwhiches; Amsterdam Cafe can't be beat. Unlike Starbucks, you can drink a latte, eat a sandwhich, smoke a hookah, and use their free* wi-fi ( * You must purchase a $4 item to use wi-fi. They had too many patrons not make a purchase but simply come in for the internet so they had to impose this rule). Overall, great food, drinks, and lovely owners. Stop in and say hello to the brothers!

  • Chris R.

    Show up at 10am -- door is locked. If you post hours on your business, keep them. Sounds like there is new ownership and the don't keep regular hours.

  • Cindy Lou W.

    Let me preface this by saying that I used to really like this place. I had been there several times with the previous management and they were always very nice and friendly. The iced coffee was good, as was the panini I tried. Also, since I was always there at off hours (mornings) they never enforced the Wi-Fi minimum purchase. I went there today and there was no one else there. I bought a large iced tea, which was rang up by a child (is that legal?). I then asked what the wi-fi password was and the man explained that there was a $4 minimum purchase. I explained I had been there several times when the other guys were there and he explained that he had just bought the place. I then pointed out that I was the only person in there (around 1 p.m.) and he stated that was because they just re-opened. I asked if it was worth losing a customer over and he said that if I wanted to leave it was my choice. So I left and will never be back. Also, there are stickers all over the window that state "People Love us on Yelp." Those were referring to the previous owner and I think Yelp should take those back. Just because they kept the name "Amsterdam Cafe" does not make those reviews valid for the current management. Note to new owner- people do not love you on Yelp.

  • Rukiya A.

    Absolute love this place.... The ambience is so comfy, the good tasty... The smoothies delicious.. And if you wanna smoke hookah, this is the place to do it. And definitely check out the back patio.

  • Michael S.

    Nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either. If you are simply trying to escape the Starbucks crowd for a day and don't mind paying up some scrilla to nab a password, you can do your internet surfing with ur coffee in hand here. They also do some open mic stuff, but whenever I've gone it was for the most part garbage. Anyway, it's decent enough that I'm not gana rag on them, but nothing about it stands out either. I give Amsterdam Cafe a 3 out of 5 stars.

  • Eddie R.

    This place is by far the one of the worsts places ive ever been. I came here with friends one day after school and it was completely empty and we chose to sit outside. the outside is nice and has a lot of greenery and the inside is the oppisite, dark and plain chairs. I was hungry so i decided to order a chicken sandwich when i got there. My friends ordered 2 hookahs, they said it wasnt bad but wasnt something they would come back for. My sandwich took forever to make!!! we had been there for an hour and i was still waiting starving to eat. and right when he asked for the check my sandwich came! Horrible service and rude employees. i wont be back again.

  • Dave A.

    The place had me at Amsterdam. Laid back coffee house, small front room with waterfalls painted as if they are breaking through the brick walls. They have a psychedelic mushroom lamp shooting off primary colors while floating in a sea of dry ice. That's kind of fun. There is a cheap low sitting couch against the wall, another kind of lazy boy padded chair that looked like it came from a garage sale, and a couple of tables. Service=very slow. They have wi fi there which is a huge plus. For food they have the coffee house main stay of panini sandwiches. Mine was a veggie with tapanade, and a mound of melted cheese. It was fried up too oily and was way too salty but I forced my way through it. You can get whatever coffee bev you want here and for $14 you can grab a hookah and hit it in this fantastic bamboo enclaved shack in the back. Because the front and back doors are always open, there is a super cross breeze flowing carrying out any offending smoke. The crowd here looks to be sympathetic with the theme of the place. My favorite was the guy sporting the red white and blue pot leaf shirt declaring "Weedom" I'll come back here with my laptop and sample the coffee next time.

  • Eddy H.

    Really great atmosphere. It's small, but cozy and the open mic is really fun, with a community of performers who all seem to support one another. The coffee isn't the best but the people make it worth it.

  • Gerry K.

    I love this place. I played at an open mic on Friday night. So friendly, so cool. The owner Samis was so nice. Yay! ------------- Due to Alison B. (who sensed a conflict of interest in my reviewing a place that I hadn't eaten at, but had performed at, I will say that the Perrier was delicious.)

  • Michael K.

    Amsterdam Cafe is a great place to chill and have a conversation with a friend. The environment is very intimate and relaxing, but the food, drinks, and hookah are typical. I had the Rosemary Chicken Panini and the BLT Panini, both of which were good, but basic. Mainly because of a lack of vegetables and seasoning, the paninis tasted bland. To drink, I had an Ice Black Tea and a Strawberry Banana Shake. Both of these drinks were, again, good, but not unique in any way. And finally, I tried the hookah there, which, as expected, was nothing amazing. Though I say that nothing here was exceptional, this does not mean that this cafe is not worth going to. Actually, in a way, this is a good thing. If you live near this cafe, this is a great place to frequent because you know what you will be getting. One last note. The service here is extremely slow, so don't expect to pop in, grab a sandwich, and pop out. Again, this is not a bad thing. You just have to come to expect these things. GET: Rosemary Chicken Panini

  • Shelley G.

    This is a great place for writers- free wifi and quiet. You can sit on your laptop for hours with no disruption or judgement. The coffee is pretty good, too. But admittedly, I've only tried the lattes. In the back, there's a very scenic garden patio complete with plants, a fountain and rustic tables. Perfect for smoking hookah. It's best not to sit here in the summer though because in the 90+ degree Los Angeles heat, it can be a sauna back there. Overall I've had only easy, chilled out experiences here. Exactly what I'd expect for a small neighborhood cafe!

  • Paul V.

    I brought my wife here about a month ago because I had seen some good reviews on this website. While there was nothing particularly offensive about the place it was nothing special either. My wife ordered a carmel latte and I ordered a regular latte. She thought hers tasted a little strange, and it wasn't very sweet. As far as the layout goes it was OK, but there really wasn't much ambiance although we went during the day, so maybe I should try it again in the evening. There is a back patio that seems like it's trying to be very chic, but it's rather clearly part of their parking lot that has been covered with a tarp. It just doesn't quite capture the relaxing or cosmopolitan feel that I think they're going for. Lastly, I have to note that the neighborhood doesn't help this place out at all. Overall, while there was nothing terrible about this place, there was nothing that makes me want to go back either. The free internet was fine though.

  • Amanda K.

    Great place, great hookah, nice to just sit and talk. Cozy back patio. I was there until closing (midnight) on a Thursday and the owner didn't kick us out. He never kicks customers out, he says. I want to go back and try their food and coffee...

  • Natalie C.

    This place has horrible service. I honestly was shocked, I went in with a group of friends and we paid for our hookah and waited 30 minutes for them to remember we were there. That's horrible, not to mention all we got was ash and waited another 30 minutes and left because of there horrible service.. They were to busy attending there friends and ignoring there actual customers. Worst place ever!!! Never again will I ever go there or recommend it!!

  • the Richie D.

    I live the atmosphere, the patio is really nice. I'm totally dragging my laptop here next time I come (free wi-fi)! Open mic on Fridays :-(

  • Ariel P.

    On a random Friday night me and my girlfriends wanted to just chill somewhere and get out of the house so we turned to yelp for some guidance. We all love hookah and since this place is down the street and had some pretty good reviews we decided to give it a go [ truthfully it was a previous review saying $10 hookah and $5 refills- that was the kicker] so 4 of us drive down to this little dumpy looking place for some down time and girl talk. SO GLAD WE CHOSE THIS SPOT! the inside was small and it was an open mic night so there were no free seats- but you just have to walk through the place and out the back door to get to the patio and there is adequate seating space. it was all these mix matched lawn/ garden chairs and one couch area [so not the most luxurious or comfortable seating] around a bunch of small tables. It was cozy and quaint with a touch of ghettoness to it. BUTTTTTTT hookahs were only $12 bucks and refills only $6 [ not that we needed one- a hookah lasted us 4 girls about and hour and a half- two hours ] AND there was no "minimum order" required like when you go to most hookah places- we didn't have to buy drinks, food, pay per person- nada. He asked but only once if we needed to order anything and didn't push us to leave when traffic started picking up or anything. the sex on the beach flavour is soooooooooooo good- i def. recommend it. there is also free WI fi - we noticed the guy next to us was facebooking frantically. hehe which is a bonus if you want to get out and study or just chill somewhere besides home. even though the back patio is small your not crammed next to the person next to you- no one has to move so you can get to the bathroom or anything like that and the tables were big enough to fit our hookah and our UNO championship games. haha. none of us tried the food or got anything to drink so my review is purely atmosphere and hookah based. PS. added bonus for all you "medical patients"- a social place to gather and "medicate" without being bothered we noticed. but shhhh don't tell anyone. ;]

  • Andy S.

    The guys in here are really nice. I like their coffees and paninis, and I've availed myself of the WiFi here on many occasions(again, bear in mind there is a $4 minimum to get the password). There is usually ample seating here and the back patio is nice. One thing worth noting, though is that it can get a bit smoky if you aren't a smoker or there for the hookah. Usually it is better inside, but sometimes that nice breeze blows through the place with someone's hand-rolled cigarette in the air. Just saying it. All in all, this is a very relaxed place, good for writing or concentrating on a project. If you need to spend a few hours hunched over your laptop to make a deadline, you'll get more done at Amsterdam Cafe than the library.

  • Jocelyn M.

    This review is based purely on the actions of someone working there three years ago. He could still be there, who knows. I had been out and about nearby and when my ex picked me up my cell phone slipped out of my pocket. When we realized it was gone, we sent it a text, asking whoever found it to contact my us so we could get it back. A man calls later on and says he has my phone, Yay!... So we thought. He immediately asked me what I would give him for it... Uh, how about a thank you and maybe a beer? That's when he told me he wouldn't give me my phone back for less than $50. Considering it was an older Nokia with nothing of importance on it (no camera phone, no apps, just an ancient phone that made/received calls), we told him he was being an idiot. We weren't going to drive an hour round trip to spend more on a phone my insurance would replace for free. The guy wouldn't back down and insisted we meet him at his work (Amsterdam Cafe), so I told him we'd discuss his demands when I got there. My ex wasn't being very defensive over this, so I decided to just cause a scene when I went into the cafe until the guy's boss came out and made him give my phone (unless this tool was the boss). It was going to be an emphatic performance, with lines like "How could you steal customers' phones then extort them for their return?! I'm just a young girl, I'm calling the police!" etc etc. The guy wasn't there at our planned meeting time, but I managed to convince a young female cashier that the phone in the brown bag on the counter was mine, give back please kthanks. Anyhow... Normally, I would have liked to try the place out even though on the weekend afternoon I was there it wasn't very full (maybe a couple people in there) and the atmosphere was utterly lazy and dull at the time. Still, it looked like it had potential to be a cool hangout.

  • Dan F.

    The internet is SLOOOOOOOW. The coffee I ordered was really bad. The $4 minimum purchase to use the internet is weird, and frankly, antiquated. Just bad. I know some people like this place because of the mic and stage and the space in back really has potential. Here's what they need to do: 1- Fix the internet. Seriously. 2- Learn how to do a great cappuccino (mine was super bitter and nasty) 3- Get rid of the metal folding chairs in the back! Put larger cushions in the chairs 4- DROP the $4 minimum BS! 5- Employees/owners should not take smoke breaks in the patio during operating hours! It's unprofessional and I think it's even illegal! This place has potential. If they made these changes I would come back WITH FRIENDS and revise my review to 5 stars. I never came here under the old owners, but I REALLY understand why people are pissed about the change.

  • Angela G.

    Kid has an acting class in NoHo on Saturday afternoons, and with gas at $4.00+ a gallon, it's not really convenient to drive back and forth to LA. This is a lovely spot to grab a coffee, haul out the laptop, sit on the back "Zen" patio, and write. Not really a hookah fan, so can't comment on that, but the pipes look pretty. Wifi not free, however - minimum purchase $4.00 (hey, like the gas!), but that's what I pay for a latte, anyway.

  • Jessie S.

    holy crap, what happened?! My upstairs neighbors were being rather loud and obnoxious so I decided this would be a prime time to go revisit the Amsterdam. Little did I know how tragic of a decision that was. I caught the tail end of open mic night, which was horrible. So horrible in fact that the only people in the place besides me were the open mic performers. The last guy was intensely offensive. I caught myself grinning at a couple remarks but for the most part I wanted him off the stage so I could have some peace and quiet, just me and my laptop and a green tea latte. When the comedians had left and the cafe attained the bearableness I had hoped for, I popped my headphones in and got comfortable. And then the music started. It wasn't bad or especially loud, I mean it was 94.7 The Wave for pete's sake so it wasn't like... pounding bass or screaming metal or anything, but man. I dunno. Not what I came here for. I could hear it through my headphones, and I was not in the mood to be bothered. Call me cranky but such was my day. And then the crazy lady came in. I don't know where she came from but with the front door open (and the noise of traffic streaming in, I must say) she suddenly materialized, staring at and then - because the night couldn't get worse - talking to the art on the walls. Let me say that again in case you missed it. Talking to the art on the walls. And then, apparently unsatisfied with whatever they answered her, she hurried out again. Guys, please don't keep your front door open. Just for future reference. And here's a fun fact: after I purchased my $3 latte and another girl came in and purchased a bottle of water, and we both had set up our laptops, a giant sign appeared on the counter stating in bold, sharpied letters that there would be a four dollar minimum to use the internet. Whoops. The latte, for the record, tasted like warm milk with a tea bag thrown in. which is guess is what it technically is, but lord, it was awful. Can't any cafes use real tea?! I'm just going to go ahead and blame this whole fiasco on the new management. At least they didn't hike the prices...yet? I didn't get any food, for all I know that still tastes good, but damn. Sorry guys. Maybe I caught you on a bad night, or you caught me on a bad night, but something was just completely off. When I moved up here I was looking for a chill place to hang out at night, and the first time I visited I thought I'd found it. Alas, that seems to not be the case.

  • Sierra N.

    Great place to meet people and talk or just relax, read a book, check your email ect... The cashier was super nice. Update - the Sunday guy deserves the 5th star. Always nice and gives great (fast) service.

  • Armando O.

    I came here for one of the local events. Always a pleasure to be in a place that appreciates the word and opens its door to the wider community. I had one of their sandwiches and it was good as well the coffee. Really friendly people.

  • Justina W.

    If the owner reads these reviews, OPEN EARLIER and put your calendar online! I always want to stop in on the way to work, but they open late. And I always want to check out what's going on there on the stage, but never know. When I do go, i love having a cup of coffee and using their wireless. Very laid back, never crowded. I can have a cup every hour and not be bugged to buy more. The coffee is good and inexpensive. I haven't had the food either, but I think I'll try it next time I go.

  • Iffat B.

    The food was mediocre, but prices were reasonable. The atmosphere was really cool. They have free wi-fi and a cute back room with tables where you can do work. AND they're open late! The service was also really good as the guy at the counter was really friendly. I would go back to try the hookah, but not the food...

  • Kelly F.

    Had the best white chocolate mocha with soy there I have ever experienced in my life. One of the guys who works there made it, and I've never experienced anything as delicious as it before. This place is great to come and hang out with friends, and also it's cool to watch people perform for open mic night. There are some really unique people who go, and some hidden gems of comics and singers. It's certainly an experience to go and check out. The coffee is amazing as I've stated before, and the smoothies are fresh and great too. I've tried a few different panini's and they are amazing! A huge portion for me, I couldn't eat all of it and had to share with my friends. Their cold pasta salad along with the panini has become my favorite too. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a good place to hang out whether it's inside in their main area, or in the outdoor back patio.

  • Robb R.

    Look... this whole thing about corporate coffee being evil.. is a bunch of nonsense.. but i know a certain starrish Buck likes to come in to an area where there is a local coffee place and do its thing.. i wouldnt call it evil.. its more like bad kharma... well the kharma has began to pay back big time my friends.. if you don't know what i am talking about... um IDK but .. trust me.. its pretty awesome.. kinda like when we ruin the earth i am sure it will kill us all. and replenish itself.. ok its a stretch. but you gotta admit you sorta know what i mean huh... whats this got to do with amsterdam cafe? well if you know your bible references.. Amsterdam won't be here come armageddon. its not acorporate bad kharma place.. it will be up in heaven saved from devastation.. mainly cause of its free wifi and the little area out back. i would go more often cause i live pretty close but i dont drink coffee super regularly.

  • J. C.

    This place was fine. Pros: relaxing environment, the guy behind the counter (I think the owner) was very pleasant, and my Americano was probably the best I've had in the Noho Arts district (not that the nearby competition is too fierce but I was pleasantly surprised). Cons: It was -dead-. I was there for an hour or so and saw one other customer. While not the cafe's fault per se, I'd prefer a little more liveliness. The relaxing environment would be much moreso without the electronic dance music... I'm able to tune it out, but I'd prefer not to have to. The time to make my panini sandwich, which was fine but nothing special, was astronomical. I wasn't in a rush so it wasn't a big deal, but I was the only person there. I'd be afraid to go there with other people if I knew everyone was in the mood for a sandwich as I fear it would be 40 minutes before the last person got their food. The place has potential, though, so support you local businesses and give it a look-see. I'm sure I'll be back in for some tasty coffee.

  • Sharon S.

    This place is decent. Street parking only is kind of lame, unless there's a hidden parking lot I couldn't see. The customer service was lackluster, but everything else was satisfactory. The blackberry hookah we had was quite tasty and mellow. The vanilla iced latte was amazing. I also tried my friend's cheese panini, and it was okay. The patio in the back is chill, especially the huge rug couches in the back. If I decide to visit the area again and want to hang out somewhere for a while, I'll head here. Otherwise, it's definitely not what I would consider a prime destination.

  • Lazar C.

    Amsterdam Cafe is great...laid back with a nice, covered outside area. Good coffee and free wifi. A cup of coffee is $1.85. Refills $1.25. not too bad. there are couches to sit on and the music is decent too.

  • Jason M.

    On the name alone I had to check this joint out. Lev, the owner, is super cool. I wanted a special breakfast panini tailored to my dietary restrictions, and he accommodated with artistic flair! The coffee beverages are quite tasty too! I wouldn't say service is "slow"'s first come first serve. When you have one person behind the counter taking orders, making coffee and/or sandwiches, it might take some time. The interior decor could always be updated and cared for a bit better in my opinion. But if you want a cool place to chill, free wi-fi, nice drinkies, and the occasional politically outspoken customer...check this place out!

  • Kevin K.

    I usually leave the house to work (I write) whenever I can, because I feel much more productive when I'm not sitting 10 feet from a distraction like TV, a book, my bed, or even the fridge which needs to be cleaned out. So, I've been looking for a place to perch when I work, and I seem to have found it. I tried Starbucks and Coffee Bean for awhile, but their online access is expensive, and they attract a really loud crowd. Seriously, the last time I was at Starbucks, he had the loudest conversation on his cell phone ever. I think he was breaking up with someone, but damn ... did we all need to know? Enter the Amsterdam Cafe. It meets a lot of criteria: it's nearby, it offers free wifi, it has food and drinks, and it's not pretentious. Bingo! Plus you can buy a hookah it you care to smoke one with flavored tobacco. I don't imbide myself, but they have an entire lounge out back for smoking in, and they are extremely 4:20 friendly, ifyaknowwhatimean. The only thing I have to take a star off for is the hours. The hours painted on the front door apparently don't mean jack. I've come by at times that fall into their "open" hours, only to find the place dark and locked up. What gives? Gimme a clear definition of when you're open, and I'm fully sold.

  • Henry M.

    This place is fantastic, live music and what not, cheap hookahs and shisha, nice venue, etc... Hookahs are $10 (any number of people can use it) and the bowl is pretty large, lasting a good two hours+, refills are only $5 if you plan on smoking that long. The hookahs are not of the highest quality, they don't have a purge valve, so you need to watch it a little more to keep it from smoking too hot. The only thing I wish this place had was pool tables or something like that, but then again, those would make it a totally different kind of place, so many not. My only real complaint were the quality of the pipes, and that they close kind of early (midnight) on weekends.

  • Kurt T.

    Had a production meeting here today for a shoot we're doing in the neighborhood. Chilled out on the patio and really enjoyed it. The guy that owns the place is super cool and he hooked me up with an extension cord out back to power up my laptop. Free WiFi although there's a $4 minimum purchase to use it. Had the club pannini and I was thoroughly impressed with the pesto on it. I'm a pesto fanatic so it has to be good for me to give the approval. I give it just as strong of an approval as Billy D Williams gives Colt 45. I'm looking forward to shooting here next week. And it's right down the street from where I'm staying...I'll go back since it's within walking distance. Don't know about the open mic though. I can only imagine the "talent" that lurk around on those nights.

  • Lauren U.

    Yelp made me think this place was going to be pretty great, but the paninis were meh. It was really dark inside but the back patio was a decent place to sit, and the guy working there was nice. Maybe it's more fun at night? Unfortunately I won't be returning to find out.

  • Tara K.

    LATE NIGHT COFFEE SHOP IN THE VALLEY?!?!?! YAY :) I have only been her once and tried their espresso which was pretty good. The environment is very comfortable and the service is nice. I dig this place.

  • Scott G.

    Really cool little coffee shop. Got coffee and lunch here one day, and it was really good- but like the other reviewers said, it's just dude making your lunch, so your sandwiches come one at a time. The guy working there was really friendly and the seating area was cozy and relaxed. The same could not be said of any of the chain coffee places around. Add free wifi into the mix and you've got yourself a winner.

  • Jonathan B.

    Yet to try the food (looked good), however the coffee, drinks and hookahs are a plus. Awesome place to come with buddies and relax. The owner is really friendly and does his best to keep clients content. Service was a little slow, but hey the dude behind the counter is just one guy. Hookah was perfect and I got an Italian soda that was pretty tasty. This place has a real chill atmosphere and I think it affects the customers. Everyone was friendly, talkative and laid back. I will keep coming back. Next time I'll probably grab some lunch.

  • ambre l.

    This is a tough one. There's plenty of seating and it's great to have a different vibe inside because of the mixing of coffee/hookahs ect. The reason I won't come back: At 7:30 in the morning I was treated to LA's best hip-hop and r&b. Who wants to listen to pop music squished between a bunch of commercials?

  • Tamar I.

    Definitely a fan of the Amsterdam "lifestyle" so had to check this place out after passing it numerous times to and from home. Expecting it to be some beat up joint...was extremely suprised by the cozy atmosphere. Was even MORE surprised when the owner turned out to be extremely friendly. It looked like he was the only one taking and making orders, but went above and beyond to meet our needs. My friend had a cheese panini with pesto pasta and loved it. I had a soy banana smoothie and it was all organic and amazing. The food and coffee have amazing presentation. Free wi-fi. Cheap and very tasty hookah. Can mix flavors. Very lovely outdoor patio with a couch and very cool looking hanging lamps. Overall it was a great experience and will definitely be visiting back very soon!!

  • Mark A.

    Cool Place. Free Internet. Nice Food and Drink. The Outside Back Area is what I like :)

  • Indigo C.

    I love this place. I'm in here right now writing this review. I've been here about four times all with the intention finding a relaxed place with late hours to use my laptop but now I think I enjoy its atmosphere and employees so much that it's my new all purpose cafe. The owners are so great that the last time I was here I suggested a specific food that I liked and--lo and behold--I walk in and it is presented to me! Who could want for more? I've had the panini, a muffin, some tea, and some dessert so far and everything has been really good. If they would just put some fruit on the menu I would be in heaven. (Yes, I'm making another recommendation. Hint, Hint. If I come in every night and sample your sweets I won't be able to fit through the door!) I haven't tried the hookah because I just quit smoking but I'd like to give it a try soon. This place is perfect if you want to sit and read/write (inside or out), use your laptop, have a solo lunch, or just some coffee with a few friends. I personally love that it's quiet and chill, but I've only been here on weeknights. You should stop by if you're in the area and just want to relax for a bit.

  • frank w.

    I just love the murals at Amsterdam. The overall atmosphere is warm, cozy, and best of all, friendly. My friend and I sat in the back patio and enjoyed being away from the noisy street. Don't let the small storefront fool you; this cafe is a nice place to wind down and meet up with friends for a chat.

  • Jeff B.

    This place is awesome. They offer amazing panini sandwiches, lattes, coffee and tea, breakfast, pastries, etc. They have a zen outdoor patio and a small stage where they have live acts (poetry, comedy, music). Way better than any Starbucks or local coffee shop. Very cool hip eclectic vibe with a classy European ambiance. Anyone who has not checked this place out may very well become a regular customer once they do. Thanks

  • barry m.

    This is my new favorite spot in North Hollywood. It's a cozy little cafe which has hookahs, art, live music, and delicious food and coffee. It gets bonus points for being independent, offering free wifi, and having a cute barista. Also in the plus category is the location: three blocks from my place.

  • Richard S.

    Amsterdam Cafe is a great little intimate stop for some wifi time, good coffee and coffee and tea drinks, hookah (if you're into that, they have an back patio) and a limited but good menu (the paninis are different and very good, try the Meati). It's convenient and central and occasionally has entertainment; poetry readings, comedy and music.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:30 am - 12


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Street
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Good For Dancing : No
    Alcohol : No
    Happy Hour : Yes
    Best Nights : Fri, Sat, Sun
    Coat Check : No
    Smoking : Outdoor Area/ Patio Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No

Amsterdam Cafe

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