Charley’s Grilled Subs

240 Fitzgerald Blvd
Edwards AFB, 93523
Our favorite place to eat at Edwards! We have been five years, and have been going here every once in a while just as long. The service can be very slow, but the people are very nice. Of all the times we have gone though, an order has never been done 100% correct. Things are either forgotten, or added that we didn't want, like cheese. The food itself is very tasty and it is worthwhile to eat here if you are coming to Edwards.
Does Charlie's only have one employee? Every time I go it's the same woman, and she's always alone. But she ALWAYS is so polite and never acting stressed. Which honestly is amazing seeing as she's the only one there and will have a long line and not to mention a long line at baskin Robbins too which she handles. Get this lady some help! But clone her - cause she's great! My food is always delicious and correct and LOVE the lemonade! If I have to eat at the BX this is the place I choose.
Best place on base. Best service by the friendliest staff AAFES has to offer. Food tastes great and made to order. If they mess it up, they correct it with a smile and friendly conversation. The rest of the restaurants on base could learn a thing or two from the staff at Charley's!

(661) 258-1084


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