La Posada

11721 Hwy 160
Courtland, 95615
This is the 2nd visit we've made since new ownership. Its really the height of our day during and after a ride along the Delta. The new owners/operators go out of their way to make you comfortable and your dining experience so very positive. As for the food...I can't believe how each menu item we've ordered surpassed expectations in both taste and presentation you can tell fresh herbs and spices are used in their entrees and appetizers...I'm telling everyone I know about how La Posada's food is nothing short of great cuisine! Located in an out-of-the-way, you'd-never-know-it, you have to try it place!
Loses one star for ambiance. The new management (new as of September 2012) has done a good job cleaning up the place. You can't fight "old" and there are some issues with the flooring/heating/overall ambiance, but it's clean. The food was great. Fresh, flavorful. Carnitas were a little dry but the chilaquiles are AMAZING. Rice, beans...all good and flavorful. Chef Arturo is doing great. Don't miss out on the HOMEMADE corn tortillas. Can't wait to go back.
I am pleased to say that i have found the best Mexican food restaurant in (or actually in the general vicinity of) Sac. I have been to this place bunches of times as I live close. Never once have I seen another gringo in it. The food is delicious. As Greg said the Siete Mare soup is divine, and everything else I have eaten here has been terrific. Also...AA meeting next door, just in case the temptation to have a beer with the soup is to overwhelming.

(916) 775-1382


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