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  • Jennifer R.

    I was a little afraid to try this place but it Was yummy! I tried every dish that was served to the table, six total and found them all very flavorful and fresh! I recommend this to anyone trying to avoid chain resteraunts in Yuma!!

  • Justin S.

    I am pretty simple when it comes to Chinese food. The orange chicken is awesome and so is the chicken chow mein. I have not tried anything else yet but so far pretty good. The fried rice could use a new recipe but it is not bad. I would recommend this place if you have a quick craving for some to-go Chinese food.

  • Dan O.

    As a long time resident of this hell hole of a town I haven't found very many restaurants that I would say are good. However, this place has been fairly decent and the portions are usually fair for the money. I prefer independent businesses over chains any day and this one is certainly worth a shot.

  • Winter E.

    I have been here several times and it was good. The one time I order delivery it was not so much.... The food was bland, I ordered garlic chicken and general tso's and it looked and tasted the same with the exception that one had mushrooms and the other had peanuts and neither had garlic or spice.

  • Randy H.

    The Subway next door had a line out the door so my son and I tried Sesame Kitchen. The restaurant is pretty basic like many small family owned spots, the food is good and service friendly. I had the Cashew Chicken and my son the Orange Chicken, we both enjoyed our meal and are glad that we didn't wait at Subway.

  • Under P.

    Worst chinese food in Arizona - stay away. I was enticed by the $4.95 menu (and the super duper long line at Subway two doors down), but was sadly disappointed.

  • Mrs C.

    Not bad for the price. They have a great $4.95 menu for the summer. The rice is better than the soft noodles, they were a little over cooked and held way to long in a warmer. Will try again!

  • Jean M.

    Four of us went there for dinner last night. We ordered soup, won tons, and four different entrees. Everything was great and the service was friendly and efficient. Definitely will eat there again!

  • Christopher B.

    Sesame Kitchen is decent. They have the typical items that you'd expect to find at a Chinese take-out Panda-express sort of place. For about $6.50, I got a styrofoam container almost overflowing with food. The taste was decent and the service was prompt & cordial.

  • Maria T.

    Definitely a cheap place to go when u are in dire need of Chinese food. I ordered fried wantons, wanton soup, shrimp and fried rice. All of this has mediocre flavor but it was good enough for it price. The only thing I didn't like was their gen. tso's chx. It had an after taste when u bite in the chicken. I hated that the owner was so in denial about her food , saying that it could have been the onion and it was not. She even forced us to share it to a friend to eat it, which i declined because i don't want my friend to be disgusted as well.

  • Daniel M.

    Went there for the first time since the new management. Had the kung pao chicken and it was really good. Only paid $5 for a heaping portion with fried rice! Would reccomend anyone who have never been or went before the new management to go and give this place a shot

  • Sam J.

    The guy who works here is very rude! I left before I even had the chance to eat here.

  • Javier P.

    Sesame's Kitchen has become one of my favorite chinese food places to eat in Yuma. It has a restaurant look with the taste of home cooking. I expected the food to be delicious and I wasn't disappointed. When I ordered my food, it was prepared quickly and the plate in which it was served was full. It was a good amount for the money. The service was good overall.

  • Francisco V.

    Its Chinese (Americanized) fast-food on par with panda express. Decent if this is your kind of thing. The service is decent.

  • Scot C.

    It'll do in a pinch when you feel like pre-cooked chinese food. It's not anything to write home about but it's convenient and the food is decent.


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Sesame’s Kitchen

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