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  • Ashley W.

    I've noticed this restaurant quite a bit and decided to visit one evening with my boyfriend. The place is small yet very cozy, and we were served water as soon as we were seated. There are jars of different spices and sauces on the table, and pickled jalapeños. Be careful, because some of these are insanely spicy! We ordered the red curry and chicken Tom yum soup. Both were very delicious and filling, we were thoroughly impressed! You get to choose your own level of spice. Only downside is that the dishes are a little pricy, about $9 each plus $3 for rice on the side because they are not included. Total is $12 per dish. Expensive, but we did get to take home leftovers. The service here was great. I would recommend giving this restaurant a try if you enjoy Asian food. Haven't tried the perogies, but we will definitely give those a try next time we visit. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants of Yuma now.

  • Paul J.

    I have been here several times and live everything I have had. Tonight we started with a#60 as a appetizer. The person I was with had never had a perogy before. They put grilled onions and a large chunks of smoky bacon on top of it. It was as good as a place in Poland that I had them last year. Next we had fresh rolls add shrimp. You can taste all the freshness of the vegetables they cut for these. Then we had the fantastic fried banana dessert so we didn't run out of room at the end of our meal. Pineapple fried rice seemed interesting and when I came out it was fantastic. It is nice and sweet with big chunks of pineapple and raisins and assorted other vegetables a nice pieces of chicken and egg in it. They had a special on an avocado green curry which we added chicken to and it also had a great assortment of vegetables a couple large prawns and chicken. It had probably a whole avocado sliced on top and a very rich and creamy tasting green curry. The lady behind us ordered the ox tail soup and says it is amazing! That is worth the trip back just to try the giant delicious broccoli bowl of oxtail soup.

  • Joseph B.

    Excellent Pho, incredible service! Small little place, nothing fancy, but so far the food was excellent - I can't wait to try their curry! I stopped by this restaurant a little to close to closing time one night looking for some great noodle soup - I wasn't disappointed. They had actually locked their door, so I kept walking because I felt a little embarrassed. They must have heard me and hurriedly unlocked the door and convinced me to come in and eat. I needed a good bowl of pho and some curry - but I only had enough room in the stomach for the pho. I'm not sure that's what they call it since this a Thai restaurant and not a Vietnamese restaurant - but it has very similar flavors. The soup was off the hook good! I met the owner and she was so polite and accomodating. I even asked her lots of question about the Thai culture and their food - it was a lot of fun. I can't wait go back, I'll give an update.

  • Amiee H.

    The food is pretty good for Yuma, but the price is a bit high for the quantity you get. I don't think it's a very good deal, but if you are looking for some good Asian food (especially Thai food), this is the right place to come!

  • Jaswant A. S.

    Divcha moye horoshe, Chi znayesh moi sni - Shyo ya tebye kohayu Iz sirom pirogi -- Ukrainian Folk Song Yeah, yeah. I know. It's about pies not the other kind but who's gonna know, right? Close enough. So I was travelling from the ocean back to the desert and somewhere along the way - Yuma to be exact - there was a place where you can get pierogy! PIEROGY! Oy mamochki - in Yuma of all places. So I got off the I8 at Fortuna exit and went south and right on the right was a mall. The mall is full of other businesses such as: Tiki Hut Frozen Yogurt, Subway, Cups, O'Reilly's, Radio Shack, Crazy Earl's Cocktails & Pool, Da Boyz Pizza, Sesame's Kitchen, Dairy Queen, and Foothill Shoes. Right next to Foothill Shoes at the edge of the building is Red Rose. I walked in and ordered the number 60. Nine bucks gets you perogy, sausage, and cabbage rolls (golubtsy). Can't beat that with a tire iron. Lady who took my order was very nice and the food came out quickly even though it was crowded with a large group in the middle of the restaurant. I got my plate and pretty much dove right into it. All that driving can make a guy hungry. I came here strictly for this meal - just happened to find out about it on Yelp. It's like one of those matryoshka dolls. A Ukrainian dish hidden inside of a Thai restaurant. Was it good? Just like babushka used to make, comrade. In Yuma of all places. And not even the Yuma Palms or 4th Avenue or any obvious hipper or trendier or touristy place like that but out in the boonies/outskirts part of Yuma just before you get to the Border Patrol station. Well it hit the spot and I was ready to hit the road again quite refreshed. Will definitely be back for that again. Maybe even try something Thai along with it next time.

  • Mei C.

    I ordered a takeout.#42 from the menu. It was wrapped in an aluminum foil packed inside a foam box so it was very clean. I was a little surprised as I didn't expect that. The food was tasty and the person who helped me was very friendly. The only downside is the portion was not big.

  • A R.

    This was dinner on the way to SD from PHX. We drove into the shopping center and just randomly chose it since it was different. We had spring rolls which the kiddos liked and shared 2 main dishes: a spicy beef and then a house specialty with chicken & shrimp noodles. It was a good place to eat, nothing stood out but it satisfied all our hungers and we licked our fingers.

  • Kim L.

    We've been going to Yuma for many years and always look for something different to try. Don't know why we hadn't tried this one yet, maybe because they don't have a liquor license? But you can BYOB, which is just fine. The food is wonderful and very reasonably priced. Chan took very good care of us. We will definitely go back.

  • Winter E.

    Everything tastes wonderful here. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. My go to place to sit and read and enjoy great food.

  • Brianna B.

    Wasn't sure what to think of the combination of Thai and Ukrainian food, but it totally worked. The menu is mostly Thai, with a handful of pierogi-centered Ukrainian options. Pierogis (potato and cheese) and green papaya salad made an awesome meal: cheesy starchy goodness with a side of fresh, spicy, and salty. The salad was a little too salty for my tastes (too much fish sauce), but I've run into this issue a lot with papaya salad. The pierogis were among the best I've had, with a perfectly tender dough, and cooked in plenty of butter. Warning for vegetarians/pescetarians: the pierogis came with bacon crumbles on top, even though that is not described on the menu, nor did my server mention it when I asked what kind of pierogis they were. They were easy enough to scrape off.

  • Nat G.

    A nice locally owned biz to support. The owner is very pleasant. They serve you water when you arrive and don't even bother with a drink order-which is fine by me. (They do have a fountain drink machine) the food is good and you can choose how spicy you would like a dish. I've gone twice in 2 weeks. The ultimate noodles were good-chicken, shrimp & beef. Prices are a bit high. 2 people ticket was $21 without a paid drink. None the less, I will return.

  • Brandon W.

    I never thought I'd find a Thai restaurant in Yuma. I even less expected to find a Thai/Ukrainian restaurant here. I made jokes about Russian/Mongolian cuisine in a previous review, but these countries aren't even close to each other. I wonder how that all started. THE GIST: Heinously expensive / Tiny portions / Great flavors FOOD HIGHLIGHTS Chicken Satay: I don't know who decided that this was a "one dollar sign" restaurant, but whoever it is must have the smallest stomach in the world. You get 3 dinky chicken kabobs for $9. That's more than I expect to pay even in upscale restaurants in some areas. It was delicious though and the two sauces they serve it with were amazing. Try it if you can afford it. Yellow Curry with Beef and Rice: I appreciate the heart shaped serving of rice, but it's not enough to feed a goldfish. Same with the curry. This dish continues with the theme of great tasting food with tiny portions. I think there were literally only 6 pieces of meat in the whole thing, even if the curry itself was delicious. Good thing there's a Dairy Queen outside. Perogy: IF YOU WANT TO BE FULL AFTER EATING HERE, YOU MUST ORDER THIS. Maybe even two of them. I don't know about production cost but in terms of getting full, it's by far the most economical choice on the menu. And it's tasty. I'd definitely return for the breakfast combo if the restaurant were closer to me. Fried Banana Ice Cream Dessert: I can tell a lot of labor goes into making the bananas for this dish, but once again I feel like they're really skimping on the portions on me. A big scoop of ice cream topped with a larger amount of whipping cream... then 4 dinky little banana slices fried wonton-like skin on the sides. Once again, it tasted good, but I felt ripped off. CONCLUSION The food here is delicious, with flavors ranking among the better Thai restaurants I've had in the past. The portions and prices here are a bit ridiculous for a restaurant that tries to look like just a hole-in-the-wall diner.

  • Corie V.

    As previous reviewers have noted this restaurant is a bit of a hole in the wall and entrees can be expensive; restaurant prices in a strip mall atmosphere. However, the ingredients are expensive and not commonly found in Yuma; seafood, lemongrass, coconut milk, etc. They advertise no MSG. My husband said well we could just eat at PF Changs but in my opinion this food is much better and fresh tasting. Prices have increased everywhere and for $9 I felt like each entree was big enough for two people to share, or one person to have leftovers. We got takeout so maybe the portions were larger than in house dining or we got lucky? I got the pineapple fried rice with beef and it was the best fried rice I have ever had. Yes the amount of beef was small and thin slices but it was more of a different from the amount of scrambled egg you get in other fried rice. The pineapple was fresh and not canned. We also got the wonton dumpling soup and it was enough for three good size bowls or four people as a first course.

  • shari l.

    This place was fantastic. Very authentic. FYI yelp says it is closed on Mondays but it is open

  • Loren F.

    The best restaurant in all of YUMA!!! My husband and I have been there 3 times since its opened. The thai food is authentic and the service is wonderful. We have tried several entrees and I love each one more than the next. I think my favorites so far are the BBQ chicken, the chicken is fresh and the sauce has a bit of a kick to it. The fried rice is AMAZING!! And don't forget to try the chicken satay!! If I could give this place 6 stars I would. Go and try it for yourself!!

  • nicole d.

    Great food and great service-- A Touch of Thai has it all. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed, and very clean. The menu has a wide variety of options to choose from, and features something for every palate. On separate occasions , I have tried the pumpkin curry (a special that night I believe), the Penang curry, and the fresh spring rolls. The spring rolls were very fresh, but the curry by far stole the show. This is a fantastic addition to the Foothills area. I highly recommend it!

  • Jay E.

    Good stuff. We have been waiting for a decent Asian type restaurant to open around here. I'm going there right now!!!!

  • Joshua G.

    great food but horrible service! it's a shame because we're in dire need of thai here in yuma.

  • Matt M.

    I've found my new favorite Yuma restaurant. My wife, roommate and I ordered takeout for lunch and it was so amazingly good, we decided to eat in for dinner. For lunch, I had the ultimate fried rice which was pretty darned good. The roomie had Mongolian beef stir fry and said it was excellent. The wife had pyrogies that she thoroughly enjoyed. On to round two: we started with their version of Crab Rangoon. It was crispy and creamy and delicious with a little sambal. I had the special ox tail noodle soup, and let me tell you I'm a huge fan of pho and this beat any of the pho I've eaten in Phoenix or Las Vegas. The wife had curry fried rice that she really liked. The roomie had pineapple curry with pork. He sweated like a lady of the evening at a church service, but he loved the sweet/savory combination. We ended up getting the fried banal ice cream. As with everything else, it was outstanding. I tend to get down on the Yuma culinary scene because due to the lack of competition, not a lot of places seem to put forth much effort into their food or their service. This place is a refreshing oasis in a desert of meh mom & pop joints and boring chains.

  • Yoder O.

    I'be heard how good this place is since I moved here over 8 months ago and I regret not having been there sooner. With that being said, I have only been here once and have only had their pineapple fried rice with shrimp and chicken and it definitely ranks up there with some of the best I've ever had. I wasn't too impressed by their Thai iced-tea though. I will definitely be going back..... Soon...

  • Alan U.

    Great Thai food in Yuma! This is a small but fabulous Thai restaurant in the Foothills. I have had the Chicken Pad Thai four times now and it is so good I can't seem to order anything else from the menu. I have tried a few of the curry dishes (ordered by friends) which were equally very good. If you are looking for authentic Thai with great customer service this is a must try restaurant! You can also bring your own beer or wine to the restaurant to enjoy with your meal if you feel so inclined.

  • Laura C.

    This place is SO good! I never knew I loved Thai food until I started eating here. I have tried almost everything on their menu and I have liked everything. Today I tried the Tom Kha and I think it's my new favorite. The food is always fresh and hot. Small restaurant with only one server but you won't feel ignored.

  • Reena D.

    Dishes we tried and enjoyed: panang curry, papaya salad (medium spice), chicken larb salad (medium). The rhad naa noodles had a strong citrus/sour flavor, not our personal favorite. Odd combination at a Thai place, but I'd try the perogies if we ever stop in again. Keep in mind Yuma does not (currently) have a selection of Thai restaurants.

  • Gregory O.

    Pro: Small, creative Thai restaurant with excellent food. That is: really, really good food. Many vegetarian options as well! Con: Service was inflexible (unwilling to half a large, expensive 4 spring roll appetizer for table of 2 and unwilling to allow a neighboring couple to split the cost of another bowl of rice). Also, the cost of rice (extra $2 a bowl even with curry) was not shared up-front. Would return for the food... the food was worth it!

  • Mark L.

    Great food, great service and great prices. We found this restaurant on the drive from Phoenix to San Diego. It is a small space in a strip mall. The sign says Thai, Ukrainian and American food. I didn't see the American food on the menu, but you definitely don't need it with the quality of the Thai food. It is great for kids as well. They make the food mild or spicy to your taste.

  • Paula K.

    The food was okay, but not something I would go back for. I actually ate there twice because my friends liked it and I decided to give it another shot. But the thing that really upset me was that the first time I was there, the waiter split the bill for us, but double taxed us after we already paid the tip, and he said he couldn't fix it. Then the second time I went, I had a different waiter and I found on my credit card statement that they charged me twice for the same exact amount on the same night! I will definitely not be back to this place.

  • Michael P.

    I've been to Thailand several times so I know what the real stuff taste like. The taste of the good is ok but it doesn't close to the food you can get over there. I guess I'll have to keep traveling to San Diego to get the good stuff.

  • Alex S.

    Had lunch here on the way from San Diego to Phoenix. We were not disappointed, the soups and the curries were excellent, even the simple brown rice was unusually tasty.

  • Kelly L.

    this is my new favorite stop along I-8 heading to San Diego. the service staff is always very friendly and nice. the pad thai is tasty and has bean sprouts and crushed peanuts to add some texture to the dish. This time they had some Ukrainian food on their menu which was new to me. since that's such a random addition I knew it had to be amazing - and I was right! we got an order of the perogies and we were not disappointed. hot, full of cheesy/potato, and topped with grilled onion - yum!!

  • Kate P.

    This is the best Thai restaurant ever! My husband and I have been to many thai restaurants all over and this one is superior to them all! You have got to try it! You will not be disappointed! Tonight we shared green curry, fresh spring rolls, and noodle soup. Delicious as always! Everything on the menu is we have tried almost everything.

  • Steve C.

    This place is even better than last season. This is by far the best pad Thai ever. And the yellow curry was also the best. WOW great job and the only Thai restaurant in Yuma.

  • IgottaBootie T.

    Love this place! Different from any other restaurant we've been to. Good food, friendly staff.

  • Chelsea B.

    Literally the best Asian food in general yuma has to offer. It is so delicious and I never felt like the place needed to be cleaner (as I do w/ blue fin and ah so). Seriously highly enjoyed my meal so much that I went into a food coma when I got home and slept for three hours.. This restaurant is a hidden gem in the foothills.. SO GOOD!!

  • Mike S.

    If you are big on judging a book by its cover, this probably isn't your place. A bit of a hole in the wall that could use a touch of updating, but the taste and spice of the food makes up for it. Try the Fresh Salad Rolls and Pad See Ew.

  • Coati W.

    Definitely not a bad Thai restaurant when in Yuma, stuck without many Thai options. I I ordered the pad Thai for carry out and it was pretty delicious. Not the best ever, but above average most definitely. Go here.

  • Brian O.

    The food is delicious, the portions are large, and the prices are very reasonable. Be warned, their spiciness scale runs hot. I ordered my rice dish as medium (2), and it was much hotter than I expected.

  • Ti-Michelle C.

    The papaya salad was terrific as usual I had chicken basil and my friend had the beef with garlic both met our expectations. Service was perfect.

  • Dawn M.

    WOW!!! great food and super attentive and friendly service! we tried several menu items here, from the chicken satay to the fresh rolls and the beef waterfall. Everything was fresh, the flavors clean and fragrant. ill be back with bells on! Thank you Andrew for your hospitality and wonderful service tonight.

  • Francine D.

    Some the finest Thai food I've ever had. We will be regulars. Thai tea is one of my favorite drinks and their's is Great. So glad to see a Thai restaurant in Yuma. Now We won't have to wait six months to eat Thai food. Special we had was pumpkin red curry with chicken and shrimp. Black rice dessert, oh my!

  • C. H.

    Fantastic Thai food. Spice was perfect and the flavors were so good. Can't believe we just found this place. Can't wait to go back and try everything on the menu. My husband had the spicy squid and the flavor was great. I had a clear noodle prawn that I loved. Had a vinegar sweetness that is hard to describe. We both ordered mango sticky rice for dessert. This is one of my fav things to order and usually I feel like the restaurants are skimpy, but not this place! A big serving of sweet coconut rice with half a mango on the side. I almost couldn't finish it. Of course I forced myself! What a gem, can't believe I have to wait until next winter to eat here again!

  • Laura S.

    This was some of the best Thai food we have ever had. Just fantastic!!!b service was friendly and fast. A surprise in Yuma AZ!

  • John M.

    If you've never been, go asap - if you've been already, for gosh sakes, support this good effort by going back - often! I'm not a Thai pro, but I've enjoyed everything I've had to date - seems to me the kitchen likes to take conventional Thai dishes and apply 'homey' touches - nothing wrong with that - and everything is well priced too. I'm going to try the pierogies soon, 'cause I love them, and they are damn hard to find too - might seem a strange item for a Thai restaurant, but it's a specialty of the Ukrainian(?) husband part of the husband/wife team. These folks deserve support -lest they pick up and go elsewhere- so go back often!

  • Jess J.

    Ok, I have given this place a second chance after coming here in the winter and I must say it has completely and utterly won me over :). This is probably one of the only if not THE only restaurant in all of Yuma with some variety. If you want PHO, come here and get the oxtail noodle soup, the broth is the best I've ever had. The owner is so nice and even offered to make me something off the menu to try it, that's excellent. So happy to see this place has grown on me and is doing so well. Oh and let's not forget the Ukranian pierogis! Go here now, do it.

  • Laura S.

    Thai is my favorite cuisine. Good service. I ordered panang curry and my hubby ordered chicken pad thai. We paid $25.00 including tax and tip. That is about right for a sit down type place. Entrees are all around $9-10. I'm disappointed that they don't include rice with the curry. $11 seems excessive. They have alot of great and authentic selections. Fast service. Next time I order panang I will ask them to lighten up on the lemon grass. Lots of shoots that I had to fish out. Great flavors and the restaurant is generally pretty clean. Recommend since they are the only Thai/Ukrainian place in Yuma, but I will be mainly getting items To-Go in the future.

  • Emily S.

    Yuma, AZ is not really known for its varied and quality cuisine. If you want fried Mexican-American style food then Yuma is the place for you! that being said, I love Thai food...LOVE... and as a new resident to Yuma I "yelped" and found this place. My companion had the BLT as he is not a fan of Asian food. I ordered the tofu pad thai, spice at a 3/ time I will go hotter and ask for it to be less sweet if possible...totally decent dish, would order again. The menu seems varied and I may try other things...curious is that it also serves perogies? Never saw that at a Thai place before...thought that was pretty cool.

  • Nick M.

    Red Rose has a good selection of a lot of different foods. I think the appetizers are a bit pricey, but the three I've tried are all good. The fresh rolls are good, the spring rolls are even better, and my favorite are the crab puffs. They're a bit more crab flavored than what you find at most places that are mostly cream cheese, which is what I prefer. I get the Pad Thai every time that I go, but my wife and friends have tried the Pho and the cashew chicken, which they've loved. I really enjoy thai food and for Yuma, Red Rose is pretty darn good. I continue going back time after time. Don't forget to BYOB!

  • Karen S.

    I love good Thai food and this is the best I've had. The Tom Kha soup and Pad Thai noodles were delicious. I wish I lived here so I could eat here every week!!! I've eaten Thai in 4 states and this is worth the time to stop by and eat!

  • Nacho L.

    We recently moved to Yuma and had the fortune of trying this restaurant. We were completely surprised to find this Thai food equally as delicious as the Thai takeout we would get from the places in LA. We've been back at least a half dozen times and never been disappointed. An added bonus that I discovered on my most recent visit is you can BYOB or wine and they do NOT currently charge a corkage.

  • Josuee L.

    Wish I could say I enjoyed this restaurant as much as the other reviewers but I didn't. The food portions are rather small and much too pricey for the amount. My curry and my wife's curry were both lacking in meat, her's had 3 pieces of chicken and small ones too and the rest was bell peppers and pineapple chunks. Also the coconut milk flavor was sadly missing and the curry failed to achieve that creamy thickness I've found in other Thai curries. Even though both us ordered rice we only received a small bowl to be split between us. This would not be a good place to introduce other's to Thai food but I realize there aren't many options in Yuma.

  • Jenny M.

    A good strong 3.5 stars. Excellent food and service, portions are a bit small for the money, but for Yuma to have be thankful for fresh and delicious food. Basil stir fry should come with rice. It's nice they have the spice pots on the table and full of different chilies and sauces. Atmosphere was pleasing and music was authentic. Big parking lot if you are rolling with an RV. We'll be back.

  • Kacei P.

    The food here is phenomenal. The flavor is superb and the staff makes you feel like you're dining with family or old friends.

  • Reina P.

    I am a regular and I can honestly say, this place is incredibly delicious. The food is always perfectly seasoned! I love their green curry and their curry fried rice with chicken. The Thai tea is also good. It's fresh. Not too sweet with the perfect amount of spice. This place is one of the finest Yuma has to offer. Definitely stop by and try it out. The staff is also very pleasant and kind. Always a friendly and clean environment with lovely Thai music playing in the background. If I could rate them 10 stars I would!

  • Stephen H.

    Pleasure Doing Business, Great Service -Ocean Palace Wholesale

  • Aman B.

    Pathetic place if there was 0 star I would have gave them, Total rip off I ordered chicken sate close to 9$ small portion wrapped in aluminum foil worth 2$ when I called the waitress she blamed on new chef food don't taste like Thai food low quality please avoid this place. TOTAL RIPOFF

  • Benjamin P.

    Terrible food, mediocre service. Food is too greasy, some how the pad thai is super sweet and the garlic lovers dish tastes like pure pepper and nothing else.


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Red Rose a Touch of Thai Cuisine

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