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  • Appetizers
  • Beef & Pork
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  • Shrimp & Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Das E.

    It's a busy restaurant on Friday at 1:30 pm. Long line. Dirty tables and floors. The staff did their best. The food was typical of Panda Express. They ran out of Mixed Vegetables, but made a fresh batch in a minute.

  • Daniel P.

    Just awful!! Went thru the drive thru. When I got back to my hotel and opened the box I was completely shocked. Broccoli Beef with "No" beef, kung pow chicken with "No" chicken. Portions we also pathetic. Got a large side of fried rice box was only 3/4 full. Not my first bad experience at this location. Needless to say I will not make the same mistake 3 times. Dine at your own risk! I value my money and these people don't. Will not return. There's other choices for Chinese.

  • Nat G.

    I was there Saturday and the service was ridiculously slow! I was in line for over 10 mins and there was only 2 people ahead of me. The staff serving the food were rude. The cashier was polite but you could tell he was still learning. I will not return. Panda used to be a favorite but lately all locations have gone bad. Very disappointed.

  • Sandra V.

    The food was fine, nothing was off. The service was so so. I do not live in Yuma so I had gone to Panda Express to get dinner and go back to my hotel. I get to my hotel, starving, ready to eat and they didn't even put forks or napkins in my bag. I was a little irritated. That's my one and only complaint.

  • James G.

    For the last two years I have been traveling to Yuma for work and either I eat lunch or dinner at Panda. The food is fresh and hot. I like the fact that I can find something healthy and tasty.

  • Ron Q.

    This was a really painful experience at Panda. Normally, I've had pretty good experiences in general. It's a pretty standard chain across the board. Maybe it was because I went through the drive thru. Do you remember Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 2? "Don't go through the drive thru cause you get F&$%ed in the drive thru"! Well, we didn't get that far, but it was quite the ordeal. We had pulled in after about a three hour drive from Phoenix with another three to get home. We were looking for something quick, not burgers and something we hadn't had the previous three days. Didn't have a Panda near the convention in Phoenix, so into the drive thru we went. With five pairs of eyes checking out the menu, it took a few minutes for everyone to decide. So when I start placing the first order, I asked about a two item combo with rice and chow mein. The girl on the other end of the speaker says, "Oh, can you hold on"? So I waited. She gets back and says, "Ok, go ahead". I repeated a two item combo with rice and chow mein. I started in with the entrees on that order asking for kung pao chicken and honey walnut shrimp. She gets back asking if I wanted white or brown rice. I said "white". Then she asked what else I wanted with the rice? I repeated, kung pao chicken and honey walnut shrimp. She said, "what was my second entree on the two item combo? I had just told her, honey walnut shrimp. I looked at my wife and she just smiled because we had a similar experience a few years back that all of our kids remembered of a gal at the drive thru that was just clueless! Anyway, I started to order the next meal which was a kids meal with white rice, teriyaki chicken and a sprite. The gal asked what I wanted as a drink with the kids meal? I repeated, sprite. She then asked if I wanted chow mein or rice with the kids meal? I was now in shock that I had to repeat the orders multiple times for a simple three meals. You always here people talking about the horror of going through the drive thru and the person on the other end sounding as if they're in a shoe box or tin can. This was pretty much it! I had repeated the order of three items approximately seven times before she finally got it right. So as Joe Pesci says, "Don't go through the drive thru, cause you get F&@%ed in the drive thru" Keep on Yelp'n!

  • Len W.

    So what do you expect from a cafeteria type Chinese "restaurant". Lackluster fare which fills the belly but does not leave you wanting 2 hours later. You have to be desperate and hungry to dine here which we were. Return visit not in the cards here or any Panda Express.

  • Beth S.

    Friendly service and familiar recipes that you can expect at any Panda. This is a refreshing location because it's newer, cleaner, and the employees are very nice. This location also has a drive thru though I haven't used it yet during my passes thru Yuma on the way to CA. Definitely make the turn north toward the Mall. It's worth it.

  • Andrea C.

    Lovee the menuuu. It is the best chinese food i have ever taste. Especially the walnut shrimp and the green beans. BUTTT they dont have lots of workers and the line gets big. Almost 10 min making line !


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Panda Express

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