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  • A R.

    Last night my wife and I went out to eat in Yuma, AZ. We stopped at Las Palapas Taco Grill. I thought I had seen it all. What happened next was absolutely incredible. We ordered 3 tacos at $1.79 each, 1 quesadilla for $2.59, 1 large ice tea $2.09, and 1 Margarita for $3.95. That roughly comes out to $14.00. The girl taking the order says $17. 69. I paid it and then asked for a receipt, which she had not given us. She disappeared for a few minutes, and when she returns explains that they print the receipts in the back. When I checked the receipt everything was 10 cents higher than on their menu. The Margarita was a dollar more. I pointed this out to the girl and she went and got the manager. The manager explained that they were in a price change and they hadn't posted their prices yet. So, you are suppose to charge what you post, not what you are going to post. I grumbled and got my condiments. Looking more closely, I discovered that we had been also charged an additional dollar for eating in/take out. When I told my wife about the overcharges including being charged to eat inside their establishment, she exploded. I go back to the cashier and demand a complete refund. Once again she disappears and returns with the manager in tow. I tell him it is outrageous to charge 50 cents per person for eating in their establishment and with their other overcharges I want a full refund. He proceeds to cancel the order and then hands me back $7.00 and change. I tell him the amount was over $17.00 dollars and where is the rest of my refund. He says I drank the Margarita and kept that money. Now the Margarita is $10.00 plus change. My wife collected the untouched Margarita from our table and returned it to the manager. I then loudly say, "Do I need to call the POLICE?" He says, this is how everybody does it, then proceeds to refund the rest of our money. To summarize, we were charged $1.50 more than the posted rates, and on top that another dollar for having the audacity to walk into their restaurants. If I had not requested the receipt, that they do not voluntarily give you, they would have gotten $2.50 in fraudulent charges. Now multiply this fraud by every customer that comes in and it adds up to a lot of money taken from unwitting victims. WHAT A SCAM!!! If you are ever in Yuma, AZ avoid LAS PALAPAS TACO GRILL.

  • Jonathan A.

    I've always liked Las Palapas until the last couple times I've gone. You order at a counter and it took 20 minutes for a cashier to greet us. After that she was very rude to me and my friend making overweight jokes thinking they were funny. On top of that the meat was overcooked. Not impressed. I suggest going to Monster Taco on Pacific Ave great service, great atmosphere, and free guacamole!

  • Haley B.

    I went last night and found 2 long pieces of black hair in my bean and cheese burrtio... I almost threw up it was so disgusting. I would recommend the Las Palapas in the foothills before I would ever recommend this one. There's hair nets for a reason, use them!

  • Mo H.

    Stopped in with my friend to grab a quick bite after a long day. Cheap, tasty. Try it.

  • Chelsea B.

    The quesadilla was good the fish taco was very fishy tasting and I ended up pulling it out filling the tortilla with cabbage and eating that.

  • Jamie S.

    shrimp tacos... omg yummmmmmmm

  • Jaswant A. S.

    There's a mall right about the point where south 4th avenue curves and morphs into west 32nd street. There's a huge building that starts off going east to west and then curves up northwards. Right at the point where the building makes a sharp curve northwards is Las Palapas. It's a sister to the 16th street location but I like this one better. The other location has an outdoor grill and lots of outdoor seating. But that location has a dirt parking lot and paying for food there has always been a bit awkward for some reason. At this location it's mostly indoor seating and smaller but the parking is better and never any hassle paying even if the total is less than 10 bucks being charged on a credit card. I've eaten at Mr. G's. I've eaten at that donut place that also makes tortas. I've eaten at a number of places that are no longer around and some that I'm too embarassed to mention - but this place is my favorite place in Yuma right now. Tried the fish and shrimp tacos a few times but I'm not really a fan of either one of those when they're breaded. I do really like their pastor tacos, quesadillas, burritos. I also like their mulitas. Steak, bacon, and cream cheese - what's not to like? This last time I was here, I ordered an horchata and the girl working there pronounced the "h." LOL. It sounded like she was saying "whore chowder." Good lord, I wouldn't want any of that! Anyway... this is a great place to relax and fuel up for the road - there's even a Starbucks nearby if you need to stay awake for the drive. According to the website, there is supposed to be a location in Phoenix. Either it hasn't happened or it was unsuccessful because when I passed the area it was supposed to be in (next to Ono Hawaiian BBQ on East Thomas road) it wasn't there. That's ok though - I can settle for the occasional lunch or dinner when I happen to be passing through Yuma.

  • Taija B.

    Best Carne asada in town hands down in my opinion. Oh and I dream of the salsa bar...

  • ann s.

    There are two Las Palapas in Yuma - this review is for the one in the shopping center. The restaurant is located right next to a Bealls outlet. My husband enjoyed his Al Pastor quesadilla's so much that we actually ate lunch here twice in a week - that's unusual for us since we generally eat out only once a week! This is an order at the counter and have your food delivered to your table kind of place. They have a salsa bar with 4 different 'heats' along with chopped cilantro, onion and marinated onions. You have a choice of ordering tacos, burritos or quesadillas. The fish tacos I ordered on the first visit were skimpy and overcooked - not good at all. The problem I have with this place is that it is filthy dirty. Our first visit I chalked this up to visiting after lunch and the staff not having time to clean up. Our second visit was right after opening - we were the second customers - and the tables, floors and countertops were all dirty - spilled food everywhere and full garbage cans. I have to make the assumption that the kitchen is in a similar state but since it is hidden behind a wall I guess we will never know!

  • Michael K.

    I like the fish tacos here, but if you order to go make absolutely sure you get everything you ordered. They have jipped me 3 times now. You would think I would learn. So, if you have patients for thoughtless staff the food is pretty good when you get it all.

  • J W.

    Simply put, Las Palapas has the best fish/shrimp tacos I've ever had, bar none. Rubios is crap in comparison. That being said, they have some issues. Being charged a 50 cent "convenience fee" for using a credit card is crap. Also, they never tell you but if you get the half n' half beans & rice vice just one or the other they charge you more. I also still havent figured out why some of the pricing on their combos doesn't correspond to the ala cart pricing on fish/shrimp tacos, but I'll accept that as a lacking in their basic math skills. Consistency seems to be a real problem though, and each of the 3 las Palapas locations does things a little differently. Sometimes they have limes but usually not and recently they randomly began adding cabbage and/or a white sauce. Sometimes they don't add it at all, sometimes its on the side, and sometimes who knows. The food is the saving grace because the rest is in line with the proven successful Yuma business model that comes from being 180 miles from anything else: "We're the only game in town so take it or leave it".

  • Paul J.

    I came back and the shrimp tacos were bigger and fresh and delicious. They still have the taco for a dollar thing that I reported on in my earlier review. It was lunch on a Friday so maybe they make more batches of shrimp tacos so they are fresher?

  • Charmel W.

    Much better than Chile pepper and faster service. Food is excellent and friendly staff. I've found a new hangout.

  • Mikey R.

    Quesadillas are bang-a-rang but the fish tacos are just okay (beer battered Alaskan Pollock). It's pretty cheap and a good place to watch the World Cup.

  • Tracey M.

    Fish Tacos. Yum. The best I've had so far in Yuma. Put this place down or give them a 5. I'll eat here no matter.

  • Mark G.

    At one point in time this was a quality establishment with some decent food. Somewhere along the way over the past year or so it has really gone down hill. The food is way over priced for the small "street" tacos that are available. I mean any road side taco stand in Yuma has better food than this place. $1.95 for Carne asada taco...really? Salsa bar was out of most everything on this day and no one seemed to be in a hurry to fill it. I must say that the staff was friendly, but it does not make up for the sub-standard food being served.

  • Bob C.

    I don't know why we keep coming here. They NEVER get our order right. It's 6:30 on a Friday and they are out of iced tea and refuse to make more. Very disappointing.

  • Gabriel T.

    I love Mexican food and I will eat most anything but this was pretty bad. I got a chicken quesadilla that was small and over priced for what I got. It wasn't bad. Also got the fish taco which I had to spit out into my napkin. Like I said I eat most anything but this was horrible. The only saving part of this visit were the chips, rice and beans. Pretty hard to mess up in my opinion. I do not think I will be going back there even if someone else was paying...well maybe if someone else was paying.

  • David D.

    Pricey if you order a lot of food but the best fish tacos you will find in Yuma.

  • Ami M.

    I absolutely LOVE Las Palapas!! Just not this one.. Go to the one in the foothills! It's WAY better!

  • Grant A.

    Best fish tacos and carne asada quesadillas around.

  • Ben F.

    Best tacos and salsa in town!!! Nothing beats it.

  • Scot C.

    I eat lunch here at least once a week. The fish and shrimp tacos are pretty good but the pastor is AMAZING. Salsas are really good too. I highly recommend the pastor tacos or quesadillas.

  • Greg M.

    Good attempt at genuine Mexican food. Falls a little short on taste. All n all not bad for a chain fast food Mexican food place. A little like Rubios from San Diego.

  • Casie W.

    Authentic Baja flavors. The best carne asada tacos I've had north of the border. Excellent fish tacos, as well. How do you decide? You don't have to -- I get both! Not limited to tacos, either. Extensive salsa bar to allow you to personalize the flavors. Reasonable prices -- combo with three tacos, beans or rice, chips and a drink for under $6.

  • mike r.

    Kind of overpriced and not very authentic food. Sign said guacamole and salsa bar, only there was no guacamole to be found. Beans were cold. IMO you're better off going down the street to Mar Azul, or finding somewhere else to eat tacos. It's clean enough, and the food isn't horrible.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 10


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Drive-Thru : No
    Caters : Yes


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Las Palapas Taco Grill

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