Julieanna’s Patio Cafe Menu

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  • Courtney F.

    Wow, I'm a fan. I've heard of this place but wasn't really sure what it was all about. It feels like you're visiting the Amazon when you eat here. The outdoor patio has parrots and a peacock roaming around, they're really fascinating to watch. Funny too when the waiters try to shoo the peacock away from guests with a broom! The food was spectacular, although I wasn't 100% satisfied with my entree. I ordered the salmon on a bed of spinach. I personally prefer my salmon well cooked and this one was on the verge of being undercooked but by my understanding, that's a good thing. It was very tender but again...my personal preference differs, so I didn't take a star away for that. The spinach was a little too sweet for me. The stuffed mushroom appetizer however was very delicious. Our waiter was attentive, polite, and placed our tablecloths on our laps for us. Felt like we were dining at a 5 star restaurant!

  • Elizabeth M.

    I was excited when I was told that this place was considered "fine dining". I travel a lot with my husband. We love to find new places to eat at. The interior and exterior seemed dated. The food was plated in such a way.. Like golf course food. Nothing special. Overall, outdated and needs lower prices to match the food quality. Just okay.

  • Laney P.

    Dined here and had a fabulous dinner. A wedding was going on but did not interfere with delightful ambiance of outdoor dining. Fried Oyster app is so good! Dipping remoulade sauce had sesame oil that enhanced the flavor. 6 oysters easy to share but could be a perfect light entree. Had the Iceberg Wedge with feta cheese. Liked choice of that cheese - very mild and tasty. The iceberg is wonderful here since this is the heart of lettuce production! The Ultimate Burger was to die for! The white cheddar was the perfect cheese - usually cheddar is mild but this is delightfully sharp. Beef was hand ground, nice & rare. Num! Ahi Tuna dinner had unique sauce - tasted like habanero mixed in with wasabi. Tuna was plentiful but a bit overcooked. Enjoy patio - always feel like we are in San Miguel de Allende!

  • Cyndi L.

    This place !!! Beautiful. There are peacocks and birds it's beautiful. I sat on the patio and was astounded. The food is also delicious !! Prices aren't bad 15-20. Definitely recommend this !! Agui was our server he was fabulous such a sweetheart!

  • Rick S.

    So a friend came to town last week and we decided to go to Julianna's for lunch as our friend has never been there. We got there about 1:15 p.m. and there were barely 10 customers in the place, we were seated quickly and asked by our server our drink choices, two of which they didn't carry (diet pepsi and Ginger Ale) odd considering how many snowbirds in town. We all ordered the french dip and the Hand-cut fries and waited a while to get it,well the sandwich was very small for the price and the quality was just average,the extra cost fries were a real dissapointment,shoestring,limp and greasy. The place is as attractive as ever, although the birds are loud and the service was barely ok at $57.00 with tip it's not the place it uses to be.

  • L B.

    Good service nice try at entertainment but the food was terrible. Went there to hear a jazz band play and have dinner. When we arrived there was a private party in a reserved area on the side of the restaurant. It didn't completely drown out the band but it was impossible to enjoy the music. I ordered lobster mac and cheese and my wife the prime rib. The waiter brought dinner rolls that had to be a week old. Not edible. My mac and cheese had a bit of lobster in it but I really had to search for it. My wife's prime rib was overcooked and tough. Might have been an off night but I still wouldn't go back. Yuma is a retirement town and the crowd was an average age of 70. Good service and a huge plate of food is usually all it takes to please us old farts. I'm pretty sure that's why the good reviews that lured us in. Seek higher ground.

  • Penny S.

    Had a great Dinner tonight. Was so happy to find a wonderful elegant, beautiful restaurant in Yuma wow food was awesome service was fab and we will definitely be returning and becoming regulars.

  • Kristen H.

    I cannot believe that this place has some negative reviews...I have never had better service, and that's saying a lot coming from the city of Chicago where restaurants are a dime a dozen. This is my absolute favorite date spot that I always beg my husband to take me to! It has a very romantic atmosphere outside with beautiful greenery, tables, and of course- John Henry the peacock. The servers are attentive and knowledgeable and we always have great conversation. The crab cakes and white sangria are my favorite! Do yourself a favor and get a carafe!

  • Bert P.

    A little chilly on the patio tonight, but thank you Mary for the blanket. She actually brought me a blanket! How awesome is that? The food is awesome too. This is my favorite restaurant in all of Yuma, and quite possibly everywhere else too!

  • Tina G.

    Atmosphere was great food great very inconsistent with their food some people read some people did notsome people got water some people did notwould've given it five stars except for the service was terrible!!!! We waited forever for service food took 45 minutes!

  • Amiee H.

    There's a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. On Friday nights there is live music in the outdoor patio area! I heard if you go during lunch, they some birds (like peacocks and tucan's) walk around the patio area while you are eating! Food: 1) Tortilla soup: Best tortilla soup in Yuma that I've had so far! It was just the right amount of flavor and consistency! There were even avocados in there! YUM! 2) Spinach and Strawberry salad: Tasty salad with strawberry vinaigrette dressing. 3) Tres leches cake: Really moist and rich! It's a corn cake but they poke holes in it and let the condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream seep into the cake. Really delicious! Service: Our waiter was really nice and friendly!! He was really honest and upfront about everything. There were a few malfunctions for the kitchen throughout the night but he was very good about explaining and apologizing for the long waits. The only thing I didn't really like was how long they took to seat us. I know they are really busy and everything but no one greeted us for a while when we entered the restaurant. And when someone actually greeted us, they sat this other couple first and it took a really long time for them to come back and seat us. There was this other party behind us also waiting to get seated, and before you know it, it was a pretty big line up waiting to get seated. Maybe hire more hosts/hostesses so people can be seated faster? Ambiance: Good indoor and outdoor ambiance! Makes you feel like you aren't in a small town like Yuma. It had a casual ambiance but I would lean a little towards romantic as well too. There were these electric candles on every table and it felt like a more intimate type setting. There wasn't romantic dim lighting or everything. Price: Reasonable for the quality and quantity of food you get! Overall: I liked this place, good food, service and ambiance! I will definitely come back for the tortilla soup!

  • Thomas M.

    What a great little gem in Yuma. Staff is friendly and helpful. The food is fresh and the menu is creative. The atmosphere with it's music, colorful decor, open air patio and Sammy the peacock made me forget I was in Yuma for a short while.

  • Lauren O.

    Everything I've ever gotten has been delicious. Though they seem to run out of ingredients frequently! But didn't matter much since everything is so good. Baked Brie is to die for.

  • Jennifer K.

    My husband called the restaurant on a Monday to reserve a table for our anniversary dinner on Friday. He was told to call back to set up the Beef Wellington that is an off the menu item that is available given 24 hours notice. ..this was Tuesday when he called again. He was told that they would make it (the Beef Wellington) the special for the night on Friday. When we arrived the sign outside said the special was chicken marsala....needless to say we left. We left because after we were seated my husband asked if the Beef Wellington was available. It was not. REALLY? WE CALLED WELL IN ADVANCE despite t g e fact that they said they would make it. Went to the Radisson Market Bistro.

  • Steven T.

    We are on a road trip to Grand Canyon and decided to eat here for lunch. I ordered the lobster ravioli and it was sooo good. The waiter is friendly and nice. I also saw a beautiful peacock around the resto. The only thing I didn't like was the service...it took 45 minutes for us to get our orders.

  • Leah S.

    Service was great but they over peppered everything to death. Over all the best you will get in Yuma.

  • Joel B.

    A truly wonderful evening. I found my self looking for something entertaining to do this Friday and was sorely disappointed by the options here in Yuma, but I finally found an ad in the local paper about jass night at lillannas and decided to check it out with my girlfriend. We got there and were amazed by the beautiful restaurant with gorgeous frescos on the wall and a truly exquisite heated garden patio. Everything on the menu looked so good we had trouble deciding what to order we finally settled on the prime rib and crab cakes. The food was amazing and the service was excellent ( especially for as buzy as they were) my glass never went empty. The live music was wonderful and provided a truly romantic atmosphere. By far the best evening I have had in the 9 months I have been in yuma. I would give this place 6 stars if I could I will definitely be back.

  • Emily S.

    Wow!!!!! I have been in Yuma for seven months and only just NOW discovered this beautiful place!! The patio/garden is amazeballs...ok all the tables are mosaic'd and they vary. The greenery is lush and plentiful. I very much enjoyed the live music provided by the Yuma Jazz Quintet. They provide the quintessential background to the delicious food we ordered. The menu is small however they hit all the key classic dishes. My companion ordered the prime rib and I had the crab cakes. Loved both!! + the coconut shrimp as a starter! I would like to say I like how they portion their food...it's just ideal and not the "more is better" philosophy. Would order again in a hot second! It was a very romantic evening with my boyfriend and I look forward to coming back very soon! Thank you for a beautiful evening!!

  • Jim O.

    I know we won't be back until their menu changes and maybe not even then. Our dinner here on Saturday was to say the least, disappointing. We ordered the Pear and Walnut salad which was good although I miss the Blue Cheese crumble. My entree was the Steak Fritas. Wow was that awful. Super salty and over-spiced to the point of completely obliterating the taste of the NY Strip steak. I seldom refuse to eat my entree but this one went back. They were nice about it though and cooked another steak for me. Unfortunately, this steak too was way over salted. I took this steak home for the pups. Their patio is a very pleasant setting for dining but their menu and food prep don't make me won't to return. Too bad, this used to be one of our favorites.

  • Don S.

    I wish this could have been a 5. Food was 5+, and reasonably priced. Service, however, could have been a lot better. Even with reservations, we waited too long to be seated. Then we waited too long to order. Quite likely this was a staffing problem ...not our server's issue. After ordering, food was served promptly and hot. Server, Gabriel, was very pleasant. We would ask ask for him again!

  • Christopher B.

    From the rude host to the rotten-smelling grilled chicken sandwich, I was not impressed at all. The outdated interior was also cramped and very loud. The food is overpriced per the quality and ambiance, and the portions are on the smaller side. Market Wine Bar Bistro has comparable prices to Julieanna's and is better in every category imaginable (except for the outdoor peacock & parrots)!

  • Kathy S.

    I found the ambience and menu to be dated. The birds were nice as well as the outdoor dining. As a recent transplant from the Bay Area I expected a more up to date menu with clean lined plating, certainly not what I received. Sad truly, I won't bother to go back.

  • Rebecca R.

    The place was really cute with a unique tropical feel to it, but the food didn't do it for me. It took a really long time to get our food even though it was far from busy. The food seemed like it was sitting out before getting to our table, and the seared Ahi was really disappointing. It smelled fishy and the flavors did not go together. I could not finish my food. Only the coconut mojito was good, but even that was overpriced.

  • Lo B.

    I am from Northern California where fresh fish is abundant, and their salmon rivaled anything I could find here. Simply delicious. The music, decor, and overall atmosphere make for a great environment to spent a nice evening out. It's a little pricey, but worth it.

  • Shane G.

    Good ambiance but that's where it ends. Waiter we had took 10 min to get us water, 15 min more to bring a tea and a soda. Coconut shrimp was tasteless, wife's prime rib was reheated causing a strange skin to cover it, again tasteless but was tender. My cubano sandwich was good. All sides are chef chosen so it's out of your control. The sides we received were cheap and absolutely no taste, the slaw was the worst. Vegetables were cook to mush. Our waiter even told another patron that had a bad taste in her dinner that it was a new recipe so that's just how it taste there's nothing that can be done about it. Replace staff and food this would make a nice restaurant.

  • Marco C.

    I use to love going to this place but the last two years it has gotten bad. The service is slow and the selection is small. This wassnt always the case, but it is now. The last two times I went the menu was small, only about 5 items on there, and one of the five items they didnt have. so then because I went with other people I had to pick a different item that wasnt to great. The other thing I noticed is they are getting creative with their billing, I recall you could get a burger and fries as one lunch meal now, they have you buy the burger and ojnly offer lettuce as the side and if you want fries your looking to spend another 5 dollars for small order of fries. The other issue was the slow service. I placed the order around 12pm both times and both times we got our order almost an hour later. Its not the place it use to be.

  • Larr G.

    I have been a tried and true fan of Julieanna's for about 5 years. I will continue to eat here and I will continue to recommend it as a great place to eat. The owners, however, need to know that the service is not up to scratch. Three incidents lately have left me a bit annoyed. The first one occurred about 3 weeks ago at lunch. My wife has food allergies, but Julieanna's has always been good about working around them. The place was pretty busy, but not overly so for lunch in the winter months. When we explained the allergies to the waitress, her response was that she was very busy and did not have to take special orders. We called our usual waiter over and he took care of the issue. This is a problem with training and the attitude of the people you hire. The next problem occurred at an evening meal. I and two friends from Louisiana all ordered the special which that night was swordfish. I don't think that we are food snobs, but being from Louisiana we know good food and we also know how to identify bad food. We all agreed that the swordfish was off by a couple of days at least. I know that swordfish is oily and to some extent it has a stronger fish flavor than other fish, but when you cannot swallow you food because it tastes so bad, then something is wrong. We sent it back to the kitchen. They wanted to debate the taste with us a bit, but not overly so. Their response was that this was the way that it was supposed to taste. If that is the case then the chef and the kitchen staff have never had good swordfish. Today (December 17, 2013) was the latest incident. The website clearly says that they are open until 2 pm for lunch. We arrived at 1:25 pm. The greeter (a women with blonde hair) told us right away that the menu was limited because the kitchen decided to get ready for the dinner crowd early. We said okay, we just wanted salad. She went back into the kitchen and came back to let us know that the chef did not want to serve us because he had pulled all of the lunch menu and it would be too much trouble. The waitress went on to say that they do this when they are not busy. So prior to going, how would we know if they had been busy that day or not. Folks, this was 35 minutes before their stated closing. This is not a good way to treat people. Okay, enough of that. I continue to like this place and every positive thing said by other people is true. I encourage you to try this place out. In sum, this message is for the owners, since I tried to let the manager know about the issues and he was too busy or too disinterested to even talk.

  • John S.

    Ate there tonight and enjoyed the service, atmosphere and food. Sat in the patio and enjoyed the sounds and weather. Ate the chicken and it was excellent. Filet mignon was great and had the ahi tower appetizer. Great place we will be back!

  • Reba C.

    Our server was awesome, the food was good, nice variety of food and drinks. The idea of the parrots and peacock is delightful, but in reality, the parrots were freaking loud and the peacock petrified me - it kept coming over and trying to steal our bread! It is definitely an experience.

  • Chris B.

    The interior and outdoor patio are marvelous! The manger greeted us and seated us, and then he decided to stop working for the evening. Our waiter did ok until he got a large table. He had us (5), and two 2-tops, then the party of 8. The manger never once assisted this poor guy who was running to try to keep up. The entire time this was going on, the manager could be seen leaning against the inside half wall or sitting in the bar chatting. We ordered a pitcher of Sangria after we were assured it was made from scratch and the fruit was soaked for a period of time. It took 15 mins to get the Sangria, and it came out in two glasses rather than the pitcher (3 of us were going to share it), and the bartender told us that she had to slice the fruit so it took longer than usual. We had specifically asked how it was made. Not great. Food was ok, but the waiter (manager?) never came back to check on us. We had to flag him down several times for assistance. Owner needs a new manager!

  • Carey M.

    Great ambiance and food. Love the parrots and peacock. The service was good and staff was very polite. Thank you!

  • Cody B.

    I love the lunch, especially with the nice weather, it makes for the perfect atmosphere while dining. The colorful and chatty birds outside make the environment pleasant and fun. All in all, I had a great meal. The service was on top of their game, the bread was warm and on the table fast, our drinks never went empty, the meal came out in a reasonable time, the food was delicious, and the bill wasn't that heavy. This restaurant has a lot to offer for romantic dinners, weddings, live jazz, or even geocaching.

  • Lety L.

    Nice ambience but I think their food is too overpriced for the quality. Now don't get me wrong, I used to love this place. The chicken cordon blue was my favorite but the last few times I've had it, it has tasted like a reheated frozen dinner. Sorry but true! I do still enjoy their tableside caesar salad for 2. So tasty! Their fruit & nut caesar is good too...but that's about it. I don't even enjoy their napolean dessert & that was my favorite. So sad!

  • Ashley-Anne N.

    First and foremost, how many restaurants have you been to where there is a live peacock strutting around behind your chair? None, unless you've been to Julieanna's. The outdoor patio is where to be, it makes for a great atmosphere. The thai glazed chicken and house salad are both lovely. The house salad has mandarin oranges, apples, feta, and so on...very refreshing! I personally have not had a bad experience, although I will say that they portions can be somewhat small for the price (I'm sure it has to do with the "fine dining" aspect). Overall, it's a neat place! You definitely wouldn't expect a place like this to be hidden in Yuma.

  • Ted M.

    Once upon a time, in a fairy tale land filled with butterflies.... ...Julianna's might have been great. We come to Yuma to visit family, and I enjoy checking out the food scene. Today started out with breakfast burritos at Stan's Grocery, and we were very impressed. Julieanna's? Not so much. They charge 5 star prices and have the attitude like they belong in the Michelin guide, but it's clear they have lost their way. Our waitress was good. The psuedo-foccacia bread falls apart like a breakfast biscuit. Strike one. I started with the pear and walnut salad, which was drowned in crumbled bleu cheese so that was about all you could taste. Strike Two. I ordered the Short Ribs. They made them sound good, and what I got was tasty. However, when you're charging $23.99 for short ribs, I expect enough to take home. The short ribs were the same price as a ribeye, or a filet, within a buck or two. So, the value was not there in the portion. Once again, a heavy hand with the sprinkling of cheese, also bleu I think. The mashed potatoes were too salty. A few pieces of broccoli tossed on as an afterthought, or perhaps a garnish? I say that because, the broccoli was raw. I'm into steamed vegetable al dente and all that, really I am. These were RAW. So, we've hit value, too heavy on the bleu cheese, salty mashed potatoes, raw broccoli. Strikes three, four, five and six. Wine list, on the pricey side. Kenwood Merlot Napa Valley, $38. "You mean Sonoma, right? Kenwood is in Sonoma county." "Well, whatever the wine list says" Yep, Sonoma. There were positives, I must say. One friend had the filet, which she ordered medium rare. What she got was what I would call "Charred rare", Flash flame cooked on the outside and blood red on the inside. It was an EXCELLENT example of charred rare, I must say. However, she ordered it medium rare. Still, she enjoyed it. She asked for some horseradish and was brought some very strong, fresh horse radish which she thoroughly enjoyed. Her potatoes and broccoli received the same treatment as mine, so we shared our disappointment. My other friend had the halibut, and she enjoyed that. In summary, it appears that maybe on a Tuesday night we got the "B" team and they were not up to the task. Reading the other reviews I'm sure that once upon a time in butterfly land Julieanna's was a great place. Some of the execution was good (the filet, though undercooked, was a joy) but the value issue is there, and the foccacia bread that falls apart shows they use poor ingredients. $150 for three people. I was missing the burritos from Stan's grocery at the end of the meal.

  • Ruth W.

    When we first moved to Yuma in the fall of 1995, due to a job offer (that's another story), everybody and their mother told us that Julieanna's was the place to go, to be seen, to basically feel like you're part of the proverbial movers and shakers world. I mean, they were absolutely right about that. Because of its location, you'll notice first that there were a lot of medical people who lunched there. It probably was the time where pharma reps treated doctors to expensive lunches :-) So, from 1995 on, I have developed some notions about this place, not all good, but not all bad either. LESSON #1: Go during lunch, right before the lunch rush hour, which is right around 11am. LESSON #2: Dinner prices are wayy too expensive. Which brings me back to lesson #1. LESSON #3: Expect a long wait, especially during snowbirdy season, no matter what time of day. LESSON #4: Get the tortilla soup. Don't get the calamari (the aioli, marinara, and sweet chili sauces are bleh! and the calamari more often than not tends to have a pasty, doughy consistency--highly unpalatable, and I think it's because the oil has not reached its ideal temperature before the cook plunged these suckers into it). LESSON #5: Get Julieanna's house salad-- Spring mix, mandarin oranges, apple, golden raisins, candied almonds, feta cheese, house vinaigrette--as good as it gets. LESSON #6: Get the Club sandwich. But don't get the Monte Cristo. I've had better, in Palm Springs. or at the old California Bakery, closed now for several years. LESSON #7: For some reason, we always seemed to get the same male waitperson with a major attitude adjustment need. I don't know what it is. Maybe his aura doesn't jibe with mine. I just think he thinks he's God's gift to the restaurant business world. But for goodness' sake, don't make me feel as if you know more than I do about food, even if you do LOL I'm just sayin. LESSON #8 I don't know about you. But I don't believe anyplace in Yuma knows how to make a proper Caprese salad. So, I am extremely hesitant to try the one here. But if you, and you think it's worth it, please let me know. I'm up for eating my words every now and then. In a nutshell, Julieanna's Cafe is still a hot destination, for Yuma standards. If you like to be seen, And if you like to run into your personal doctor every now and then.

  • Nomadic T.

    I hate having to give a downgraded update but hey...Had the French Dip once again and it was a waaaaay bad, cold, flavorless hunk of nothing. Someone in my party bought the $6 "red velvet cupcake"....Ok, this is a piece of garbage. Don't dare buy one. The cake portion was hard and dry and the icing was unmixed creme cheese with no sugar or flavor. That thing was so bad it gave me a negative impression of the entire establisment. I can deal with the off French Dip but charging $6 for that horrific pastry is a fucking scam. If I return, it wont be for a long while.

  • Ana U.

    The only reason this is not a 5 star is because they took some of my favorites off the menu :( Other than that, they have delicious food, great service, and classy ambiance. It is a casual restaurant settled among several doctor's offices. I am a big fan of the peacocks and parrots that roam free through the outdoor seating. My favorite is the Julie's house salad.

  • Bonnie R.

    Great food and atmosphere whenever you choose to eat. Both lunches and dinners are wonderful. The birds are entertaining. A great place to take visiting guests. Portions were abundant. "hidden" location. Choice of indoor or outdoor dining. Price point on some dinners/special holidays not always attractive?

  • Kenneth N.

    A Disappointing Mother's Day - We made reservations for 11:00 a.m.; opening hour in fact. We arrived with a party of 8, three special mothers and their families. We were seated rather quickly, received water promptly and then service began to get slower. After ordering, our entree's took more than 70 minutes to arrive and then it got worse. The four that ordered Prime Rib Au Jus were disappointed for each was cold, and one was over-cooked. The Chicken Pot Pie's crust was still doughy, and all plates had cold asparagus, cold mashed potatoes, and cold cherry tomatoes. Considering how long it took get our meals, we simply could not bring ourselves to send it back. Very disappointing as this special brunch day for our mothers was such a let down. Only the Tres Leche cake for dessert was a winner. We have eaten here on several occasions and never has the service been so slow, or the food such a disappointment.

  • Julee L.

    This place is amazing. Exactly the kind of magical place I was hoping to find while visiting Yuma. A beautiful place to sit outside and have a nice dinner or a glass of wine. If you're lucky a beautiful peacock that will come up to your table and kindly greet you and ask for a little bite of your food. I'm guessing that Yuma, AZ isn't big on Yelp reviews or internet advertising yet since this place wasn't too easy to learn about. I just happened upon it while tirelessly searching yelp...I ignored the reviews and saw the photos of amazing looking food and an amazing environment. Some reviews I did happened to read said the interior is out dated. I highly disagree. The interior is unique, and charming, which is something very hard to come by these days. Hope you don't conform to status quo people, Julieanna...Thanks for being unique and thanks Julieanna for creating a great memory for me with the magical outdoor patio!

  • Carl R.

    The salmon was very good and and the prime rib was thick and cooked accurately. Nice place for outdoor evening dining.

  • Nick M.

    With the closing of Hunter's steakhouse, I needed a new place to take the wife for a nice dinner. Numerous people recommended Julieanna's but for some odd reason we just never seem to make it there. Until now that is. Background: We have been there once for dinner and once for Lunch. We love lunches because they are cheaper. :) Items ordered: For dinner I have had the Prime rib and wedge salad, the lunch was the prime rib sandwich. Conclusion: This place is all about atmosphere. I would give their service a 3 1/2 and their food the same, but their atmosphere gets a solid 4. This will be our romantic local spot for some time to come. Hints/tips: Salads are extra to meals, but they are mighty tasty. I had the wedge salad with bleu cheese dressing and it was excellent. Also outdoor dining is where it is at... There are birds everywhere and make the setting very romantic.

  • Maritza S.

    The host was not very welcoming or the bartender. I ordered a vodka martini & was not worth $13 for what I got. I ordered the prime rib medium rare & got an over cooked one, I sent that back & the replacement was not any better. My husband ordered the lamb chops & he was still hungry after he finished. The portions were not that big. Our server was nice & tried to make it better, but we don't think we'll be back.

  • Eric S.

    After giving Julieannas a second chance. I was very happy with our server Alex, and the filet minon was cooked perfectly.

  • Lauralee M.

    Lets first work on location. YOU ARE IN YUMA! What does one really expect? Looking for authentic ? Go to one of the 100 Mexican restaurant's in town. Julieannas is hands down the nicest atmosphere in Yuma. Next...service. This is a hard one. I would say the evening wait staff is more helpful and easier to get good service from. Tried going at the lunch service on a Sunday once. Never again. Go after 7. All the snowbirds are in bed. Frees up the staff. Last...food. There are things they do well, and things that are mediocre. I have to agree with the last guy about the sandwiches. My Monte Cristo was way, way off mark. A ham steak inside? No Raspberry Jam or Syrup? I got a waxy lump of Strawberry gunk. Moving on to the dinner menu. The Caprese starter was awesome as are the Tuna Mountains( cant remember the exact name on the menu). The house specialty salad is one of the best I have eaten anywhere. The dinners are above average for anywhere else in Yuma...Did you forget that's where you are?....The only thing I didn't care for was the Calamari Steak. I have never had dessert, so I wont lie to you and pretend I have. So if you are reading this, trying desperately to find a place to eat in Yuma, and I'm truly sorry you are there, its not a bad bet for dinner. And don't forget...Snowbirds taste like chicken. Isn't it time for them to go home yet?

  • Mos D.

    I had heard great things about Julieanna's so I finally decided to try it on this trip to Yuma. First to address the food. It was horrible, simply put. The Calamari ($8.99) was flavorless and somewhat mushy. The Sweet Chili sauce was decent, but the Marinara was gross and the Garlic Aioli was inedible. Next I had a Reuben ($9.49) with Garlic Romano Fries. There wasn't even a hint of garlic on these pathetic excuse of middle school cafeteria fries. The Romano was simply shaved cheese sprinkled on top and added very little to no flavor. As for the Reuben... awful. One of the beauties of Corned Beef is that the slow cooking process removes all of the fat. There was so much gristle in this sandwich that I could barely finish half. Additionally they forgot the Thousand Island Dressing and the bread was not Rye. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing but also has it's flaws. My main complaint was that when the sun shines through the ceiling fan it creates a strobe light illusion that is an instant head ache if you are sitting in that spot. I know that's a minor problem, but a problem none the less.

  • Kev M.

    A great restaurant with excellent service and superb food. The patio with heaters is nice at night and equally nice inside. You must try this place if your staying in Yuma.

  • Wally E.

    Outstanding place to eat dinner. Never had a problem with setting a resv. Would recomened for everyone to try at least once.

  • Tracy L.

    ATMOSPHERE: Wow, very nice ambience. Dimly lit. HUGE patio with plenty of open space enough to hold a wedding reception. There's also a garden and dining area. Decor is eclectic with mosaic and tropical themed decorations. It was crowded when we went there on a Saturday night around 7 pm. Mostly an older crowd. FOOD: Tried to order the ahi tuna but they ran out... and only had the appetizer.... so I opted for something else. We ordered: 1. Complimentary bread - light and fluffy with essence of rosemary. Yummy. 2. Julieanna's salad - nice compliments of savory feta cheese with the candied almonds, fresh pears, golden raisins on a bed of spinach topped with a light vinaigrette. My favorite part of the meal! 3. Ancho rubbed steak - served on top of some corn cakes and topped with fried onions. Very nice flavors. 4. Salmon on top of a bed of spinach - very sweet crust which was a little too sweet. The salmon itself was very nice. 5. Creme Brulee - topped generously with whipped cream. Nice thick sugary crust on top. Very very good. 6. Wines - good wine selection. Tried the Pinot white wine which was nice and the zinfandel which was ok. Prices range greatly on wine with bottles $20's to $100's. SERVICE: Well... at first service was slow and we had to wait awhile for the server took our order so the first 2 glasses of wine were complimentary so that made up for the wait. Yay! Otherwise, service was very good with some delays here and there. PRICES: Correlates with quality. Most entrees ranging $20 and up. Glasses of wine $6 and up. Bottles of wine $22 and up. PERKS: On Friday they had live jazz music and looks like a regular occurrence for a couple of months. I hear they have live birds including flamingos when the weather is nicer roaming around the outdoor dining area.... this I have to see! EVENTS: 1. Interesting... they do the annual Testicle Festival in November which is not a testicular cancer charity but the actual eating of testicles in a cooking competition 2. Tues night wine tasting 3. Wed night Martini night 4. Happy hour daily 4:30-7pm nightly with appetizer and drink specials. LOCATION: In a hidden location tucked away in a residential location near the hospital. PARKING: Plenty in private lot. CONCLUSION: Nice ambience and food was good. Definitely a unique find in Yuma. Very nice place to go for a special occasion.

  • Zach F.

    Great steaks paired with interesting sides and apps. The peacock running around chirping just adds to the uniqueness of this place.

  • Katt L.

    Limited menu, but I enjoyed my meal. The real draw is the atmosphere of the restaurant. It's nice to forget that you are in the desert; the exotic birds, foliage and decoration are beautiful.

  • IgottaBootie T.

    There is no way to really sum up our experience here, but I'll try. We made reservations for 7pm. Got there, had to park next to the dumpsters (which obviously smelled disgusting). As we walked along a dark, pothole riddled road to get to the entrance, we had to use the light from our phones to avoid tripping or breaking our ankles. Fortunately we survived the walk of death and made it to the door. Our table wasn't ready, so they moved us into the bar lounge to wait. The maitre d' must have walked passed us about 10 times, seating other people as they walked in. After about 20 minutes, we asked for a time estimate. He said "at least an hour". They had our number, they couldn't call us to let us know this piece of vital information? As we are sitting on an old, broken, stained couch, and old, wobbly chairs, not a single person came to offer us water, bread, or any form of apology. We had ordered a couple glasses of wine from the bar to hold us over and help calm our nerves. We asked if we could just eat in the lounge. They still refused to accommodate us there. Finally, after another nudge/plea to allow us to eat they gave us silverware and menus. As we are overlooking the menu, we realized that NONE of us are remotely satisfied with the service thus far, so why would we subject ourselves to anymore grief? (Especially when you will be paying at least $50 a head). Why should we have to settle for this type of treatment? It was New Year's Eve. I get people want to dress up and behave like they're rich. But lets' face it.. This is just another hole in the wall with a decent chef in a small town. Nothing spectacular, and nothing to get dressed up for. When we tried to close out our bar tab, the waitress/bartender told us the total and as we tried to hand over our card to pay, she said, "On second thought, it's on the house." She was a little harder to read than the others. We aren't sure if she said this because she felt we were just too poor to have to pay... Maybe she really felt bad for how we were being treated... OR she just hates her job and thought FREE DRINKS FOR EVERYONE! Who knows. But needless to say, we are now truly convinced that because we weren't dressed to impress and we had a toddler with us, is the reason why we were so rudely brushed off. Being prominent business owners, we've been to several real five star restaurants and we know a few things about atmosphere, food and customer service. Readers, you have now been forewarned, Julieanna's Patio Cafe seriously lacks customer service skills and atmosphere. Will we ever return? Probably not. Will we continue to share our experience with our friends and family? Absolutely. It's our moral obligation to make sure our loved one enter that place with eyes wide open. As far as the food goes, I heard it was good. Small portions, but good. For the rumors of good food, they get the one star.

  • Alysia W.

    The ambience here is great! Lots of gorgeous palm trees with twinkly lights wrapped around them, gorgeous mosaic and glass marble designed patio tables, live birds for viewing, and courteous service. A four course meal for two cost me about $75 plus tip. We ordered the caprese appetizer (tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic, garlic crostinis), julieanne house salad (field greens, apple slices, mandarin oranges, almonds, feta cheese, creamy dressing), pear and walnut salad (spinach, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, pears, candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese), 12oz prime rib with au jus, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables, mint jelly rack of lamb, and the napoleon desert. Everything tasted great but wasn't the best I've ever had which is why I had to dock one star, and the dessert was way too rich for my taste. The service was excellent and I love the atmosphere as well as the fact that this restaurant is slightly hidden. I will be back here for more special occasions to come!

  • Scot C.

    This is one of the better places I have found in Yuma! The food is excellent, great ambiance and outstanding service. This place is not a corporate chain (at least I don't think so..) which is rare for Yuma. I have been there for dinner twice, both for business, and was impressed both times. Last time had a filet mignon which arrived rare as ordered and melted in my mouth. The exotic birds are a nice touch. Nice dessert selection.

  • Pablo R.

    I have been in YUMA for 3 years and i never knew about this place. It is hidden but it is worth the find if you want to take a date somewhere special. It is absolutely beautiful and the food is excellent. The place feels very high scale and it is more pricey than your regular spot for the taste and the atmosphere it was well worth it!!

  • Richard K.

    Great ambiance, good service, very mediocre food. Don't let the menu fool you, or the restaurant's reputation in Yuma, it is good only by Yuma standards, which are very low. Go for the ambiance if you want. I have dined there several times, never found anything outstanding, some items just barely acceptable, some just ok.

  • John W.

    I made reservations for Thanksgiving after reading other reviews for this restaurant. The environment was wonderful, with patio dining with fountains, lush vegetation and the occasional squak of the restaurants various parrots and peacock. The dinner was delicious and the service exceptional. If you want a dining experience other than the national chains of restarants while in Yuma, give Julieanna's try. I think you'll be glad you did.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 2:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : No
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Dogs Allowed : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes

Julieanna’s Patio Cafe

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