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  • Gabriella M.

    The burger was great, nice and juicy, greasy, but who goes to a burger joint for health food. Burger was perfectly medium rare! Yummy jalepenos. Fries, not my cup of tea. But if you are a fan of In and Out fries you will probably like them. Would go back, definitely better than a run of the mill fast food burger. Pre-ordered a pick-up for the office, was ready nice and fast. Feeling delightfully full and wishing I could go into a food coma.

  • Michael G.

    This place has great burgers. It's a must stop if you are in the area or live near by.

  • Paul J.

    The price includes fries but not a drink. That was confusing when I walked in. You can see the burgers cooking on the flat top grill. So I can tell it's going to be juicy and on the greasy side. They seem to cook the fries in small batches so they come out fresh. They have fresh brewed iced tea. The day I was here they were out of house made chili so that will have to be for another day. I ordered a bacon cheese burger. They are making it fresh so it's a tad on the slow side (ok very slow) if people are in front of you. I get the feeling that instead of putting 10 burger patties on for three different orders they only cook the patties for that order. Then start the next order after those are done. Fresh but not fast. The burger is juicy and delicious. The toppings are fresh. I'm going to come back once more and if the ticket time is this slow again I'm afraid I can't recommend d it for lunch.

  • Billy B.

    Walked in, walked out. Was not going to pay over $7 for a basic hamburger. On another note, I did not care to see the grill cook while at the counter. Unless you keep the area amazingly clean like In and Out Burger, just don't show it.

  • James D.

    Lots of options to customize your burger. I ordered the Bacon cheese burger with everything on it, and added avocado. The burger had a nice char on it, but was over cooked. No juices left. The avocado wasn't quite ripe. It should have been softer, if they threw it on the grill for 30 second it might have helped soften it up. The fries were good, fresh skin on fries. Over all a good lunch, but a little over priced, for the money I would rather have In-n-Out.

  • Daryl M.

    A bit pricey, but the burger was great. There was good quality beef cooked just right. I had the14oz and it was huge, (served as two 7oz patties stacked) hard to get my choppers around but worth the effort. The prices are justified by the offering of "endless fries" with each burger, but the initial portions are more than adequate for any sane customer to consume. I of course had seconds.....

  • Daniel A.

    Good burger. Not so good fries.

  • Jeff L.

    Food is pretty good but not for what you pay for it. You would think the owner had a gambling problem with how bad these prices are. Get over your burgers, they arent THAT good. Hopefully now that 5 Guys is in town, Brown Bag will go down. Btw... Didnt their building burn down TWICE? Pretty convenient considering their superb new location next to the movie theatre. Can you say insurance fraud? Brown Bag, go out of business already, youre garbage.

  • Nick M.

    Man this place is pricey... Didn't know what to expect when my wife and I decided to try triple B. My wife got a burger and I got a chili burger, saw they had fried pickles on the menu so had to try those as well... The bill was over 20... which was a little pricey for me. Everything was normal except the fried pickles!!! now I have had fried pickles from a few places. Most notable was Uncle Bubba in south Carolina. These are by far the best fried pickles I have eaten and sad to say I would come here to eat the pickles more than the burger... Overall just an ok experience I think I hyped it up too much and was disappointed... Next time I will just get the pickles.

  • Kelly H.

    It sucked. Sorry... I didn't ask for mustard or catsup and got it, burger reminded me of a bread burger. It was so small a half a bun could have been folded over used, fries were wimpy, bun was dry. Expensive for what we got. Won't go back. Want a Great burger, don't go here.

  • Tracy L.

    LOCATION: In Yuma Palms shopping center right by the movie theatre and Ah-so's. ATMOSPHERE: Very casual. Order at counter then they bring you your food. Couple of flat screens playing various programs (sports on one and reality show on one). Top 40's music. PRICES: Now we had a certificate for 50% off as part of Yuma Sun Deal of the Day promotion. We got the 20 oz burger and of course were going to split it. BUT what really ticked me off is the counter lady asked us if we wanted a split meal and we said yes. SHE DID NOT DISCLOSE THE $4 EXTRA CHARGE FOR SPLITTING nor is this listed on the menu. WOW... what a scam for just putting food on two different plastic baskets so our 1 burger ended up being almost $20. What a rip off especially considering the quality (see below). FOOD: Average. 1. Bacon cheese burger - double patty layer with average flavor. I love grilled flavor of burger but this does not have that. I can make grilled burgers MUCH better at home. 2. Fries - all burgers come with fries. Little thicker than shoe string fries. Average. Nothing special. 3. Fried pickles - our first time trying these. Comes with ranch dipping sauce. Fried in spears. Actually not bad but nothing to go gaga over. SERVICE: Subpar.... As discussed above. CONCLUSION: Average food and thus, over priced and the UNDISCLOSED splitting charge just annoyed me so much that I AM NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN. Probably better for my health too that I don't anyways.

  • Fred W.

    Wife and I shared a 10 oz bacon cheeseburger and a side of onion rings. Excellent sandwich! We ordered it medium rare an it actually came out that way. We are here for a couple of months and will definitely eat here again.

  • Chele B.

    These have been the best hamburgers! We discovered the place 3 1/2 months ago (at the beginning of March). Ate there twice within a week. A very 50's diner kind of decor. The burgers are grilled and are offered on a toasted bun with a 7 ounce pattie, a10 ounce, a double 7, or a double 10 (holy moly!). You can get a burger for two (I think it's the 7oz) halved, with two orders of fries. Just the right amount. Unless you're really hungry, or want to save half for a midnight snack later. One orders and pays up front and then you're given a number to set on the table. Service is quick and they bring the food to your table. I read that the original owners sold the business since we were there, and the new owner remodeled to a western theme and re-opened the first of this month under the name of "The Brown Bag Burger of Yuma". I hope it's still the same great food when we get there next Spring!

  • Joseph F.

    A faaaaarrrrr cry from the burger joint it once was (when it was located right across from the Marine base). The meticulousness of their burger preparation not what it used to be. Once, while waiting for my order at the old spot, I peeked at the prep station and saw them constructing the hamburger and was surprised at the intricacy that it entailed: near perfect symetrical spirals of ketchup and mustard, perfectly spaced onion rings, tomatoes, pickles , and the perfect leaf of lettuce. You used to get the perfect bite every time with these things! The last time I went there the burger looked like it had been constructed by a tweaking sandwich artist from subway! I thought "whatever" it doesn't have to look good to taste good, right? Well it lacked in flavor as well, and it made me sad in my pants. R.I.P. O.G.B.B.B.

  • Ashley B.

    This place was awful. My husband and I went there on a Sunday evening. The place was pretty slow only a couple other tables were there. We placed our to go order and waited for a delicious dinner. And then we continued waiting ......While we waited for our burgers a group of people came in only to be told by the young blond working at the counter that the place will be closing in half an hour and they could only place a to go order.???? Seemed a litle strange to me that this business was willing to let an order just walk out the door. After a half and hour of waiting I approached the girl and asked about our order, without even looking up she stated that it would be done shortly. I got a snippy with her and at that time she said she would check on it. Low and behold she came out of the back with it. If we had not already paid for the order we would have just left. $30 bucks for two burgers and an order of chili cheese fries. The food at best was mediocre. Save your money and time and just go to In and Out Burger!!!


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Bike Parking : No
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

Brown Bag Burger

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