Rags Catering

11124 W Alabama Ave,Ste C1
Youngtown, 85363
If you like Southern barbecue. This is the right place for you. I recommend the ribs. Also the rib tips a must try it. Everything else on the menu is so delicious. From the pulled pork to the hot links to the chicken. No complaints. This is man food. Every time I come here it's like heaven. And the owners are so friendly. The side dishes and desserts are also so delicious.
CALL BEFORE YOU GO TO BE SURE THEY ARE OPEN (THURSDAYS AND FRIDAY AND PART OF SATURDAY RIGHT NOW) CASH ONLY BUT WORTH IT Rags... like the fine type of clothing not the dirty dish towel. Wow... one of the best ribs I have ever had. Seriously top 5. Smoked over cherry, hickory right there in the run down strip mall parking lot. We ate ribs, pulled pork, brauts, beans and cole slaw. It was all good. Ribs, smoky and fantastic rub. No sauce needed. Pulled Pork, appeared to be yesterdays and was a tad dried out. Needed sauce to give it some life. Braut, hand made filled to almost a half pound, great flavor, nice texture, great braut. Beans, were doctored very nicely. I liked the secret ingredients. Slaw, fresh, nice flavor, enjoyed the small diced tomatoes in it. Cash Only.
Absolutely delicious! Tender,fall off the bone! Not a regular style restaurant, but there is limited seating inside and out. We sat outside and it was great! Great for take out also! Live band, great music. The owners are lovely, friendly, and hospitable!

(623) 977-4067


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Mighty Moo Ice Cream

11122 W Alabama Ave,Ste G-3
Youngtown, 85363
Probably the best ice cream I've had. I ordered the peanut butter explosion and had a sample of the key lime pie. The single scoop was quite a bit of ice at a good price. The staff was very friendly.
We love this place! Delicious ice cream, cute relaxing atmosphere, and awesome people!
Extremely friendly staff, Delicious ice cream, and close to home! They insisted I tried some samples before making my decision and suggested I try the banana cream pie which was amazing. I'll be back!

(623) 214-6532

Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Brenda’s Kitchen

13200 N 113th Ave,Ste 4
Youngtown, 85363
This is one of my favorite places to go. The food is amazing and everyone is so friendly! The prices are VERY reasonable. If you want a ' home away from home' feel , surrounded by wonderful people, try Brenda's. It's home cooking that sticks to your ribs. Who knows..you might even meet a new friend or two. It's a magical place . Thank you Brenda and crew! You are all doing a great job! I plan on being there in a day or two!!
I love this place. every time I am in town I stop here. the staff are friendly and they treat you like family. It is a business with small town values in a big city. Love 8t here.
We have been coming to Brenda's Kitchen for years and it just keeps getting better and better. I didn't want to write a review because we kind of wanted to keep this place a secret just for ourselves. However, the food is fabulous, and you are always greeted as if you are family. Thank you so much Brenda and crew.

(623) 977-2631

American (Traditional)

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Jack in the Box

11101 Grand Ave
Youngtown, 85363
Service is slow
Service wasn't very good and pretty slow but I expect that from most "fast" food. Jack in the Box has one BANGIN chicken sandwich though, that's for sure.
Had a coupon, as I usually do, and decided to get a Monster Taco. All I had to do was buy the drink and taco free!! Cool! I watched as a guy WITHOUT RUBBER GLOVES handled my taco and its ingredients!! He put it in the bag and, there I go!!! I asked the gal who was the cashier,"Do they not wear gloves when handling tacos?" She looked around at him then said, "We wash our hands!" OK, no more!! Too many other options.

(623) 523-0211

Fast Food

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Denny’s Restaurant

11121 Grand Ave
Youngtown, 85363
Service auks here today very SLOW
It's Denny's. They stay in business because you know what you're going to get. And even though there is bound to be some local place that's better, there are also bound to be local places that are worse. So you're here for the safety of the choice, not the chance for greatness. This particular Denny's isn't bad. Neighborhood is sketchy. And the building itself isn't exactly sparkly and fresh. But the food is what you expect and the service is good. You can be 60 years old and still be one of the younger people in the place. I had breakfast and it was just what I was expecting.
The food was good, but one single server just messed it all up. With big signs of discrimination and giving us cold food. Luckily the manager and another server got us hot and good food. But they server made this place bad.

(623) 933-1380

Burgers, Sandwiches

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