Antlers Cafe & Bar

Mile Post 306 Hwy 288
Young, 85554
The Antlers continues to amaze me. It's like one of those obscure back road cafés Peter Mayle writes about in A YEAR IN PROVENCE. Not French mind you, but the best food within a hundred mile radius. Tonight's special, Mongolian Beef, had a great mixture of chopped fresh, crispy veggies, lean bite-sized bites of beef w/ no(0) gristle & best of all, wonderful sauce with a hint of ginger, that was NOT thickened w/ corn starch. I sure wish I had room for one of their equally delicious desserts.
I rolled into Antlers Cafe & Bar after sixty plus miles on the trail. I haven't been to this place in 25 years, and I can definitely state it has grown better over the years. Of course, there was that little fire thing, but they rebuilt bigger and better. Anyway, it's hard to complain about any food after you've been eating freeze-dried for the past couple of days, and at Antlers you would just be wrong anyway. Ziggy and I rolled in after a long morning on the trails, thirsty, hungry and tired. Of course, being a dog, Ziggy could not go inside, but fortunately, the Antlers has a large, enclosed patio, complete with a dog water dish. The very polite bartender/waittress/cashier welcomed us and immediately brought tea and a menu. I kept it pretty simple with a hand-formed 8 oz burger cooked a perfect medrare, garnished with bacon, cheese, green chile, lettuce, tomato, pickle and some hand-cut french fries. Ziggy went with the french dip, and had cole slaw for his side. I drizzled some of the jus on the beef and gave it to Ziggy. He scarfed it in about a minute. I took a bit longer, savoring my burger and fries with a glass of iced tea, looking out over the alfalfa fields to the mountains beyond. Service was exceptional, food was great and supporting local businesses in the rural areas of Arizona leaves you with a good feeling. Ziggy gives it 5 paws.
The best food I have ever had!!! I felt so welcomed and spoiled! The atmosphere is family orientated and memorable!! I visit my sister in Payson from California and one of my requirements is to visit "Antlers." The food is delicious!!! I give Antlers a Five star for the service, the chef, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the food!!! This is a MUST visit!!

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