Yarnell Family Diner

22624 Arizona 89
Yarnell, 85362
Could not have been better!! Everything was prepared EXACTLY as we requested. The place is spotless, and the staff could not be more friendly. We come here yearly to pay our respects to the "19", and will certain come to this restaurant again.
Ate here a few times, since family lives close by. Food is decent, service is eh. I recently got sassed by a waitress who asked if I wanted my eggs over easy with runny whites. When I said no, she corrected me by saying it was called eggs over medium. I've never heard that. 1. Why would anyone want eggs over easy with runny whites? 2. Eggs over easy/medium/hard refer to the yolk, not the whites. She never checked our coffee either. Meh.
We were on a road trip just passing through the area and needed a rest stop. Driving slowly through town, looking for a restaurant for the family, I noticed several cars parked outside a restaurant. Must be the local's favorite!! We stopped for a rest and lunch. Restroom facilities were clean, and the staff was friendly. The walls were decorated with a southwest themed mural. The patrons seemed to be local- everyone seemed to know each other. The menu choices were basic diner type options, with some Mexican entrees added as well. My husband had the chimichanga and I had the grilled roast beef sandwich. Both were delicious! Iced tea was served in mason jars- nice touch. The kids had burgers- good food all around!!

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Ranch House At Yarnell

23225 S Highway 89
Yarnell, 85362
Ranch House is not just another roadside breakfast restaurant. Situated about 40 minutes from Wickenburg and about an hour from Presscott this is more of a destination. Very easy to find on any weekend mornings, just follow the motorcycles. This place serves as a meeting place for locals and a local history lesson for visitors. I have taken the family here on many of road trips and it never dissapoints. The food is a throwback to the flintstones with their portions. First time visitors often order a breakfast entre and then order sides. This proves to be a mistake. Every menu item is large enough to share but that would require restraint. Omelettes are massive and sublte flavor is not exercised here. Green chiles and oinions being a staple in most. Their biscuits are hands down the best I have ever had. They have a homemade taste and quality that most restaurants fail to appreciate. The gravey along with everything here is scratch made but somehow is done very quickly. I would challenge anyone to have an empty coffee cup on the table for more than a minute. Service here is excellent with a very seasoned staff that help each other out. Perhaps the only drawback here also doubles as its charm. The restaurant is too far from home to get takeout and the portions are so large that the homemade dessert items get neglected. I keep saying i'm only ordering dessert next time but I just can't follow through with all the great specials that they have. you need to plan to dine here as they only take cash and an ATM machine onsite is often out of order. I have never taken anyone here who hasn't wanted to return right away. This is that restaurant that you treat yourself with right after to get your labs done for cholesterol. The prices can be a little high but once you realize just how out of the way this place is and just how great the food is then it all makes sense. Watching your budget, then go to a chain restaurant but I challenge you to remember two days later what you had.
So, I will write another complete review once I have had a couple of new visits as I haven't been in since the new owners got settled... so expect to see more in a few weeks, I hope to report that things are as great or better than they've ever been and bump this rating up to a '5'...
I'm giving this place 2 stars because the food looked good. But I wouldn't know what it tasted like. I went in just off my motorcycle and hungry like many the others there. I was seated quickly and promptly ordered. No big deal right? A couple over medium, bacon, and wheat toast. Oh, and a big iced tea. So I sat there looking around at all the kitsch. Then noticed no one had food. People there before me had nothing. I started watching the kitchen. Sloooooooooowwwwww, glacial speed slow. I waited for nearly an hour totally jacked on my iced tea caffeine high, I paid for my tea and left. One hour and no food. I guess next time I'll just ride by hungry. At least then I'm riding.

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