Grand Canyon Inn

Jct Hwy 180 & 64
Valle, 86046
This is for my review for their Motel and the restaurant: My BF and I went to visit the Grand Canyon and had no plans to stay over night since all rooms were booked. We decided to go into the Grand Canyon Inn if they had any room available, luckily [not really] they had one room available that night for $79. We got the keys to the room, and we had a hard time opening the door. I walked around the room and felt dirty. The room had spider webs around the lamp shades, bugs crawling on the floor, the bath tub had yellow stains, the toilet would flush and the water would still be yellow. I turned on the shower to test it, and the water was dirty for a few seconds. I felt so disgusted!! For the price we paid and the place we got was not worth the money. If my brother was with me that night, he would probably slept in the car instead. This place is old and is not well taken care of. I'm glad it was just for one night, because I could not take a shower. I would use this place just to change and chill for a bit, but never again would I stay over. **As for their restaurant, the service was pretty slow, the only great thing about it was the free pack of ice they gave us. =/
The room was huge and clean and the beds were great. So why the 2 stars? Well for starters we paid $95 a night, breakfast not included. Add The absense of a laundry facility, a WiFi that was as fast as my good old fashioned dial up modem back in '96 (also in the bar/lobby area where it's supposed to work best) and 10 crappy TV channels and there you have your 2 stars. I usually don't care about TV but this place is in the middle of nowhere: literally nothing to do when you come back from a day in the Grand Canyon. A bit of in room entertainment would have been highly appreciated. Thank God for the Flintstones Bedrock City Park and Campground across the road: did our laundry, had a (modestly priced) great burger for dinner and a nice breakfast too.
nice hotel en route for Grand Canyon NP; great for tourist (I'm french) accomodation are fine. GC airport where Papillon Helicopter tour is nearby (20 miles IIRC)

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