Hungry Howie’s Pizza

7575 W Twin Peaks #121,Ste 121
Tuscon, 85743
I used to love this place, however the last 2 times I've eaten here, the pizza has been NOT fresh like it use to be. Also, is there a topping shortage today? I ordered 2 toppings and on a slice there were 3 pepperoni and 2 tiny little sausage, yet they charge for 2 toppings but give only the amount of 1. Maybe I've came on off days for you guys which is why the 3 stars.
Pretty good pizza. We had the butter cheese crust and it was excellent. The howie bread was way too seasoned however and after scraping off the top it worked. Overall way better than little ceasars or Pizza Hut.
Copious amounts of beer and other libations always proceed me making the less than though tout decision to eat from Hungry Howie's This trip was not exception we were even making beer! It was not but 400 feet from my friends house so I gave in and decided to give it a try. One large pizza with feta and a order or cheesy bread was $20, long gone are the days of the $4 pick up deal. The pizza is now gourmet as they put stuff on the crust, we tried sesame seeds. The pizza overall is too fast and bread like and the sauce lacks flavor. The cheesy bread was good but greasy. for $20 I was disappointed. If you are in this area and too far gone to drive then stager in for a pizza otherwise go somewhere good.

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