New Asian Star Menu

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  • Rebecca M.

    Our service was quick. The servers were respectful and double checked our order. Nothing really stood out about this restaurant. It's pretty much your typical Asian food, although they do offer a wider variety for selection.

  • Elijah H.

    We had ordered for delivery. They said 40 minutes and they had to have gotten here in less than 20. Super fast and friendly. Food is fresh and flavorful. My only critique is the lo main noodles are gummy but the flavor and freshness of the taste makes up for it. Recommend the crab puffs and the orange chicken. Large portions. We are very pleased.

  • Kyle F.

    I have been to this location twice and both times the food is better than exceptional. They have amazing costumer service, extremely diligent in their quest to keep a happy customer and always polite and cheerful. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for amazing Asian food and great service

  • Santiago M.

    Dont mean to bash on this place...only saying that the overall rating and reviews had gave us higher expectations. To be fair all we tried was their Orange n Sesame chicken (came with fried rice), &chow mein.

  • Sarah M.

    This place should be called One Asian Star and that is only because Yelp does not allow no stars. This by far is the worst food I have had since my last bad review. WARNING!! Do NOT waste your money! Flavorless, dry, cold and unappetizing is what you can expect. I ordered fried rice and got white rice doused in soy sauce. Sweet & Sour Chicken was dry dust balls of breading with no chicken. I could not even chew through it. I ended up throwing everything away and eating a sandwich. All I can say is stay away. There has got to be better places that actually care about providing quality product to paying customers. This place is not one of them.

  • Leo A.

    I've honestly only had the sushi from this place. But, the rolls are well priced and very delicious. There is the standard California and tempura shrimp roll, but the real gem is the Arizona roll. It is fried, for the health conscious, but if you're looking for healthy eats at a "Chinese" restaurant, you're going to have a bad time. Eat everything same day, like any other Chinese place.

  • Myla V.

    This review is for their chow mein. I'm new to the area, decided to try this place as my friend was raving about it. It was Sunday 8PM, and for some reason could not get through to their phone line -- it kept getting forwarded to the owner's cell phone. No big deal, I understand the mainline can get busy, and the guy told me t keep trying a few minutes later. It took about 20mins to get through. Mind you, I was starving, and wanted to order for delivery. So by this time, I was a bit discouraged to continue ordering bcuz at this rate, it's sooo late to eat. But I was determined! By the time I got through, I had ordered the chicken lettuce wrap, general tso's chicken, Mongolian beef, beef fried rice. I really wanted some chow mein, but didn't see it on their menu since they only had chow fun, lo mein and pan fried noodles. But heck, the guy said they had chow mein, so I lucked out on ordering it from off the menu. Got the food delivered quick. Tab was about $40, and was happy to tip the driver. Food was good, for the most part. Lettuce wraps were on-point. The chicken and beef main dishes were good. Again, this review is for their "chow mein." I found it appalling that they would use spaghetti noodles in their chow mein. SPAGHETTI!!! I could not believe it! I've had my fair share of Chinese food. I'm coming from San Francisco Bay Area -- it is heavily Asian populated. Plus, I'm Asian myself. But c'mon guys! Spaghetti noodles?! Asian noodles are supposed to come in the form of rice, cornstarch or egg noodles. NOT PASTA! Ideally, I don't like writing negative reviews. But just like to forewarn the other folks out there. For an $8 dish, put it on one of their other dishes instead.

  • Daniel L.

    I never did get to the food, but when I called to place an order the lady seemed confused. After verifying that they DO deliver to the hotel i'm in, they took my order, then said she wasn't sure about something and kept asking me for the address and phone number. After five times of that I hung it up.

  • Mister S.

    Orange chicken here is gonna blow your socks right off! It taste so sweet and has that authentic orange citrus flavor. I ordered the family dinner for 2 and the portions were big enough to feed 3 or four people. Plus they were so fast that I thought that would hinder the quality and freshness of the food but I was happily wrong! This is gonna be a top pick for Chinese food in the Tolleson area.

  • Ronnie D.

    Food is mediocre at best. I came in one day and ordered the lo mein and they use spaghetti pasta to pass as lo mein noodles.

  • Keith C.

    Great place! The service was outstanding and the prices are just right. The portions are even better. I had the orange chicken and it wasn't fried like you normally would get it an it was great.

  • Stephanie S.

    I just ordered from this place. I love egg drop soup and have ordered it from many places before. His by far is the best! Just found my new fav chinese place !!

  • Tiffany M.

    It's hard to find Good Chinese. Then factor in Az, then factor in I just moved to Tolleson. I thought I would be sentenced to cook everyday for the remainder of my days here. I rely heavily on reviews and then I debate. Well low and behold this place is great! I ordered pork fried rice and added shrimp, sesame chicken, and orange chicken. Omg so good! Plus, really nice workers. I was shocked. Two empressive things happened while I waited for my order. First, there was a sassy (atitudey) customer and this server did not flinch. She smiled and took care of the peach. I was so expressed. Second, the delivery guy hustled like he was on fire to get the order out. I mean he literally ran to his car. I was like, "dam that's how get it out to the customer". I usually don't write good reviews because in my experience customer service is rare if not dead. This place made me so happy I had to let you know. Go get you some!

  • Ray T.

    Tried the family meal for $9.95 each and have to say I was impressed. I've not found a great place for Chinese in the west valley but this is currently at the top of our list. We had the wonton soup which was outstanding. We also had Mongolian beef and sweet and sour chicken and both were tasty and we enjoyed them. It's not the best we've ever had but it is the best we've found in the west valley and will definitely go back.

  • Kai C.

    I love this place!! The people here are so great the food is absolutely wonderful... If I could give them 20 stars I would. Salt and pepper shrimp is the bomb.

  • Shannon W.


  • Josuee L.

    This place I like for its General Tso's chicken, egg foo young, and their mu shu. I haven't tried their other plates simple 'cause I found what I like and I'm happy with it. Their staff is always friendly and every once in a while when I go there near closing time I get free soup or rice or egg rolls. Lately I've noticed they are taking longer and longer to deliver but I give them a break since they only have one guy doing all the deliveries and they get swamped some days.

  • Amber L.

    Great service and food. Didn't know that this place was here. Diamond in the rough. Will be back.

  • Darren J.

    Cheap prices, decent food, friendly staff. I had the General Tsao's, added a side of veggies and an iced tea - came out to $8.30. My friend had the Kung Poa Chicken with water and he was out the door for $5.40 (less tip). I gave this place 5 stars for the friendly staff, great price, and decent food.

  • Joe P.

    Great prices, great food. The staff is very friendly... I'll definitely be coming back here for lunch on a more regular basis. I had the kung pao, and the portions were incredible for the $5 I paid. Not mind blowing, but better than most Chinese places I've been to in the Valley.

  • Timothy R.

    I got a menu for this place in the mail a few weeks ago and kept telling myself that I would try this place. I got there and was greeted by very happy workers, I was seated and they took my drink order right away. I looked over the menu and I kept going back to the lunch specials and landing on the Mongolian Beef lunch special. So I ordered it and was very happy. The waiter asked which kind of soup I wanted Egg Drop or Hot and Sour so I went with the Hot and Sour and I was very pleased with the texture, flavor and spiciness (not too spicy, just enough to let you know it was there). Within 15 min. of ordering the beef I got the food. I picked up the fork and tried the beef strip first and it melted in my mouth. It was very tender and full of flavor; again just enough spice to let you know it was there and not so hot that you couldn't enjoy the other flavors in the dish. For me everything that was mixed with the beef was very good and full of flavor. The fried rice was just a good and flavorful, it even seemed lighter than other fried rice that you get at other places. Several times throughout the meal they came and asked if I needed anything. They really look after their customers to make sure you are happy and have everything you need during your meal. I look forward to eating here again and trying another item on the menu. I hope this place sticks around and does well. The food was great and the service was just as good.

  • Rammi M.

    My favorite Chinese place in Arizona!! The double pan fried noodles are amazing!!! Great food and service.

  • Erik M.

    Love this place! Excellent take out, fresh food, nothing pre made!

  • Joe S.

    Hard to find a good Chinese place that you want to go back to. This place is one of those rare finds. We were excited when they opened up and have been faithful patrons ever since. The staff is great and always smiling and willing to make accommodations to your order if you request it. On one visit the place was really busy and I was waiting around for my to go order. They offered me a free soda just for having to wait a couple of minutes longer than normal. This last visit I ordered online because the baby was crying the the 5 year old was running around crazy like. Well a couple of minutes later the phone rings and it is the restaurant asking when we will be showing up so they can ensure that the order is not sitting around getting cold. Now that is service!!

  • Rebecca B.

    I've lived in Avondale for 3 years now, but had yet to find a decent, reasonably priced chinese restaurant. I live closer to New Wok, but the prices are too high for the low quality food. I drove 7-8 minutes to New Asian Star, and the service is great. They are very attentive and the food was very good. I was surprised that the orange chicken was not fried, but it was good, nonetheless. I also got a crunchy roll to go, and I had to try a piece when I got home. Very good, great portions for the price. The prices on the lunch menu on here are slightly less than what they actually are. I ordered the orange chicken lunch special, and it was 5.75, not 5.25. This is the best Chinese i've had besides Chen Wok in Surprise!

  • Nora V.

    This place is friendly, yummy, clean & close to my home. So this place suits me to a T. The take out is fast & good as well. Love this place!

  • Candace M.

    I love the freshness of their dishes and their soups have all been delightful. I usually order Chicken Fried Rice and the War Wonton Soup (hold the wontons). The fried rice is seasoned well, piping hot, and has nice cuts of chicken breasts. The War Wonton soup is a clear broth soup with chicken, shrimp, carrots, snow peas, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and green onions. The omission of the wontons are just a personal preference; I'm just not a fan. However, I also make sure to get a side of the crispy wonton strips to top off my soup ( =\ they charge 50 cents for the crispies). I love this place and will continue to frequent here a couple times a month.

  • Bryan C.

    Love this place. Close to home and great service. They even deliver. The only Competition is dragon palace in P V

  • Frank L.

    I really appreciate the food ere. It is quality. I come from the east valley and hasn't found decent Chinese food on the west valley till this restaurant arrived.

  • Panama R.

    Mediocre, bland, tasteless. Tried several items and all pretty boring. The Lo mein tasted errrr didnt taste like anything but boiled noodles with lots of bean sprouts. Not going back

  • Steven T.

    This place has good service. I called in for delivery and they got my order quickly. I only wish they had explained their pricing for delivery more clearly, cause it's not on the menu what they charge.

  • Jennifer L.

    The food is fresh and great! Super fast delivery. I will definitely order from them again. Thank you

  • Sarah S.

    Awesome food but best of all, awesome service! personally I love their hot and sour soup and tomato beef and my family loves their kung pao chicken and orange chicken. They deliver!! great lunch specials!

  • John Paul A.

    The food here is pretty good and very cheap. Their orange chicken is really good. They also have great lunch specials and they deliver. The service is always fast and friendly. If you like good Chinese Food at a good price this is the place.

  • Myke C.

    Simply AWFUL!! It smells like a gym & the Beef & Broccoli was disgraceful. Also, If you enjoy Lo Mein without a hint of flavor, then this is the place for you. I want my money back!!

  • Beth C.

    New Asian Star is great for a lazy night when we're too tired to even go for takeout. Great prices, good food, very friendly service. Dine in, takeout, or delivery. If you're not in the delivery zone, call for takeout or even order at the counter - they're fast.

  • Calvin W.

    They serve the best egg drop soup I have ever had, and I have egg drop soup countless times at more Asian restaurants than I could count. The base is traditional But they add ground chicken some of which is suspended in a delicious broth and some form delightful small dumplings that float amid carrot and peas. Our office manager was raving about it so I had to check it out. And what a surprise to the pallet! I enjoyed their spring rolls as well. Their luncheon menu offers a wide variety of chicken, shrimp pork and beef specials between five and six dollars. All are tastey. Another co-worker loves the orange chicken. I like the moo goo gai pan. The service is very friendly and fast which is good thing when your time is liimited on an office lunch hour. I look forward to visiting after work for a leisurely dinner to enjoy both their tastey entrees and conversation. Go there and be sure to order the egg drop soup. You will become a regular like I have. See you there!

  • Ivan G.

    My wife and I have made this our weekly go-to place for dinner. We've tried almost everything and have not been disappointed. I absolutely LOVE their General Tso chicken wings. Absolutely perfect. Aside from the food, what keeps us coming back is the staff. They are very attentive and friendly. It's a family ran restaurant and they go out of their way to make sure you well taken care of. It's apparent that their client base is mostly repeat customers since they seem to know almost everyone that walks through their doors. That says a lot about their food and their service. This place is the real deal.

  • Matthew S.

    Great service, good prices, and it was a nice clean place. The lunch specials for $5 are a great deal. I had the sweet and sour chicken and it was good, just not great. I will be coming back here for lunch in the future.

  • Sylvia M.

    First time customer... I had their Kung Pao Chicken delivered with some rice sides and I was not disappointed they were so friendly and food was delivered very quickly... The food was amazing super fresh and hot.. new favorite delivery

  • Christine H.

    This place is so wonderful! The staff is really friendly and the food is amazing! My husband, son and I went in and came back a couple weeks later without my son and the lady asked us how our son is! Amazing!

  • Rosalina N.

    yummy foods, i know the owner, nice, helpfull ,friendly, anything food yummy, i like this place ,very clean. my house at east mesa so far go to tolleson, but if i and hubby go to near tolleson, we want visit again. if you vegetarian ,they have too. i recommend this place for any people.

  • James C.

    After seeing some good reviews here on Yelp, we thought we would give it a try. The food has no flavor what so ever. Dishes seemed to have been cooked seperatly from the sauce or other flavoring spices and then just before it is brought out the sauce it thrown on top of the dish.

  • Christina S.

    My husband and I love this place! The food is great, the price is great, and the staff is wonderful. It's super close but they also deliver which is nice when you just want to stay in. We are so glad that there is a good Chinese place nearby.

  • Rebecca M.

    This place is outstanding! Great food, great service, great atmosphere. Went there for the first time yesterday and had their "happy family" special, a three course meal for $9.99 per person, minimum 2 people. My boyfriend and I shared the egg drop soup (comes in a huge bowl with a serving spoon, and each person gets their own small individual bowl), a plate of two crab puffs & two egg rolls, and I got the mixed vegetables while he got orange chicken, with fried rice. Everything tasted great... my mixed vegetables had a great white sauce, which I've been searching for ever since I moved to the West Valley, and the fried rice was delicious. Tried some of my the orange chicken sauce (I'm a vegetarian) and it tasted like fresh oranges, with just enough spiciness. I'm looking forward to trying their other dishes. They have a GREAT selection of vegetarian entrees, including orange tofu, which I've never seen at a restaurant before. All of the servers were working together and were super nice... food was brought out quickly... prices were reasonable... portions were large... they even packed up our food for us and wrapped it up in a to go bag. Try this place out, you won't be disappointed! :)

  • Ariana B.

    Love Love Love this place! Excellent Customer Service, excellent food. Entree Sweet and Sour Chicken, House Fried Rice is all we need for our family of four and we still end up with leftovers. The portions are more than enough. The sweet and sour chicken box will never close all the way because its overflowing with chicken. The food is always piping hot. Just excellent all around. Will never go anywhere else.

  • Hillary C.

    Ordered at around five today, through the online order option through their website. Did two apps, crab rangoons and potstickers, and an order of pork lo mein as well as some orange chicken. First impression - this place is crazy fast. Less than twenty minutes after placing my order I get a knock on the door. Food was really hot! Orange chicken was delicious with just a little bit of spice, and the pork lo mein was amazing. The rangoons were delicious, only downside was the potsticker wonton was a little chewy, but the filling was tasty. Came with standard sweet and sour sauce for the rangoons, and a spicy brown sauce for the potstickers. Overall a great meal with tons of leftovers. Will definitely order from here again!!

  • Uriah H.

    Was so hungry I almost ate my cat so I decided to order up some food through the app. I went with the spicy general tso's chicken, pork fried rice and egg rolls. Before I knew it my food was at my door, upon receiving it I knew it was made fresh from the extreme heat coming from the bag. I opened it up and begin to indulge like never before. Overall food the food was delicious real happy I didn't go with my first choice.

  • Lizett B.

    Love all their food!! Very fresh ingredients and serve it fast and steaming hot. Food looks better in person than in there photos!

  • Susannah S.

    We just moved out here and really wanted some good chinese food. So we looked up a few places on yelp and decided on this place. I am so glad we came here. Right away everyone was super friendly and helpful. We had a pretty big order with drinks to go, but the man at the counter carried our order out to the car for us! He was so nice! And the food was perfect. My whole family loved it. The crab puffs are delicious. Will definitely be coming back to New Asian Star!

  • Reimun S.

    Everything I've tried here is really really good :) excellent customer service, great food. Once I tried it I got hooked. I've tried many other Chinese restaurants, this one in my opinion stands out because they care about quality and most importantly their customers. So if you're in the area definetly give them a shot... I'll be back :)

  • Andrew K.

    Portion size = 5/5. The portions are always generous. I can usually only finish half of my plate. Friendliness = 5/5. The staff here are about as kind as they come. They deliver service with a smile everytime, and return to your table several times to check in. Cleanliness = 5/5. It's always incredibly clean looking in here. I have no doubt the kitchen is just as appealing as the front end. Appearance = 4/5. Although it's clean, the look of the place is nothing special. It looks new, but it doesn't scream Asian restaurant. Taste = 4/5. The food is good, no doubt. Good, but not amazing. I'll still be returning to New Asian Star though for all the aforementioned reasons.

  • Jeff J.

    Move over Red Dragon! We have a new favorite in town! This seasamee chicken is so tender! I'm sold! Its made to order too! Dinner combo comes with rice, crab puff, and egg roll. Bomb! We'll be its on the way home! Score!

  • Charles A.

    We love this place and have eaten here a lot don't know why I never checked in before the food is great and the service is awesome they go out of their way to make you feel like your old friends.

  • Chuck F.

    I am very picky about Chinese food and let me tell ya...This place had me at hello!! Very nice people when we eat there and a very clean restaurant. Love ordering by the "eat24" app, when we need delivery too. Super convenient! My favorite dishes are Chicken Lo Mein( gotta try it "hot/spicy".. Ohhhhhh myyyyy!), shrimp fried rice( plenty of huge shrimp btw!), sweet & sour pork with egg drop soup for starters, but, all the food is good to excellent! GET IN MY BELLY!!!

  • Veronica V.

    One thing that stands out is the excellent customer service here! The staff is always very friendly and welcoming and the owner goes out of his way for customers. The food is also great. My favorite is their Arizona rolls!

  • Cara M.

    Cozy little spot, very good service. The food was brought out hot and cooked perfectly. Don't miss the egg drop soup, it has delicious little bits of poached chicken and the crunchy wontons on top are great. We ordered beef egg foo young, it was fantastic. The orange chicken spicy and just right. We will be back!

  • Eli A.

    Still great and good portion for the price. This place never disappoints. The staff is always friendly.

  • Bobbie M.

    Awesome lunch specials, great prices, selection, and portions! The staff/owners are super nice, and take pride in their business. They were prompt, and serve quality product. The fried wontons are too die for, and I'm pretty sure they make their own sweet n sour. My boyfriend had the general tso, and ate every last piece. He said the sauce was superb. The eggrolls were very crispy, and not over cooked, just right, with no weird fishy taste. My boss devoured his Orange chicken, and said I picked a good place. Def going to eat here again!

  • Lissette G.

    I love Asian star so much! Their food and costumer service is amazing. This is the only place I got full satisfaction with the sushi and other plates. I always come here when I get the chance because it's that good. I would recommend this place to anyone in a heart beat!

  • Sara M.

    What can I say they are one of the best. I love going there they always remember me. Their food is so delicious and they are so attentive.

  • Martha G.

    The place was really cleans and welcoming. The lady gave us really Bad customer service. The hot and sour soup was good, The rest of the food had no seasoning.

  • Anthony V.

    Best Chinese food in all of Arizona!!! Mongolian beef is phenomenal and service is great. Big portions and a nice dining area with TV. If ordering take out they treat you like you're dining in. Love this place and go as often as I can!!!!!

  • Lalalia A.

    The food and services is on point. The two brothers along with the entire staff is efficient. Their Singapore rice noodle with shrimp & beef is very good along with their Mongolian beef. My ultimate favorite is their Asian wings and tomato beef, you won't be disappointed. They even service sushi! Always hot and fresh, their portions are huge on their dinner combo, be sure to go in hungry.

  • Jeannette M.

    The honey walnut shrimp is my favorite! And the double pan fried noodles come in a close second. This mom and pop place never disappoints!

  • Sophia M.

    Love their food here. The staff there is also very kind and polite when taking your order. My delivery orders arrive on time and my food is still nice and hot. Great choices to try are their egg drop soup, sweet and sour pork, sizzling rice soup, and house lo mein! They also give you option of leaving out the onions on the entrees of your choice, which I am very appreciative of.

  • Crystal T.

    We usually go to Asian blossom but wanted to try something different since the lunch special was very affordable. We got about 4 plates of takeout and it was the worst Chinese food ever. I don't know it it was just the cook that day but it was just awful. I almost went back to return it but decided it was too much of a hassle. The chow mein was made with linguini pasta and it just had way too much onion. I hope for their sake that they just had a new cook that day but as for me, I'm not giving this place a try ever gain.

  • Ahriza M.

    This place has one of the most friendliest staff! I usually come her to dine in. The service is fast and the food is tasty! I like how they give free soup when you dine in. The price of the meal and the serving is a great deal! They will also customize meals for you if you want to take something in/out or have the meat cooked a certain way like from another dish they have. It's a nice and quiet spot. Today, I actually called in for pick up. I only ordered soup cuz I'm sick. But the person who answered the phone was so friendly and understanding. He had asked if I was sick then he said that he was sick last week...and that there must be something going around. And before the conversation ended he said I hope you feel better. =) I just love friendly people! And on top of that...they got good food. I'll be back...soon!

  • Jordan S.

    After my first time trying this restaurant they have consistently delivered quality food

  • Jonathan R.

    Great service every time I go in and great food! The orange chicken is one of the best iv ever had!

  • Nick T.

    Got lazy and felt like getting delivery so I ordered from here and it was ok. Not very good but not very bad either. Delivery was quick but food was just ok.

  • Lenny A.

    So they sent me a note tell me they would investigate. Nothing ever happened!!! FU New Star bad food restaurant.....

  • Chris L.

    Best place always nice people always good food. Never had a bad experience here been going there for the last year eat there at least once a week

  • Ilar S.

    Great food and delivers. Friendly employees, decent price food, fast on time delivery. I also must add the food was very good .

  • Kimberly L.

    The staff is super friendly! The food is pretty good just a bit saucy at times. I always order the wonton soup and it is always good. Haven't tried a good variety, but from what I have tried, I was not disappointed.

  • Erin E.

    New Asian Star is an all-around great restaurant. If you're lucky enough to live within their delivery boundaries, you can expect quick delivery with a smile and a very gracious "thank you". I have dined in once and the area was very clean. The food is terrific! I have tried several things on the menu and I haven't been disappointed yet. Their crab puffs, sesame chicken, and hot and sour soup are some of my favorites. Everyone there is extremely nice, courteous, and grateful for your business and I am more than happy to patronize and support such a nice mom and pop establishment.

  • Candace S.

    I love Chinese food and I am well aware that Panda Express is not authentic. But this place was a major let down. I was really disappointed that this place was chosen to cater a banquet. The food was cold, the chicken was hard, the noodles were soggy and the inside of the egg roll was over cooked. I will not refer this place to anyone. It makes me wonder if the person who chose this place has ever treated their pallet to real Chinese food.

  • Colt L.

    Came here for lunch with a colleague and was definitely impressed. I must say the customer service here is top notch! Plus the food is great! That explains why it was so busy during the lunch hour. For lunch, I got the General Tso Chicken. It came with that, soup, rice, egg roll and cream cheese Rangoon... For less than 7 bucks! I was so impressed. Too bad this place is so far in the west valley, too far from where I am, otherwise I'd be here often!

  • L C.

    2.5 Stars I've been here five times now and have realized that I only like one thing on their menu. I will not trash New Asian Star. I am only assuming that the folks here are all family, but they are so super friendly! I've had the Thai fried rice twice and five other items on my other visits here. I can't reiterate the friendliness of the staff here and the superb customer service. I have no problem knowing I found a spot for great Thai fried rice. I understand any type of food is subjective and would recommend everyone to stop here and try it out for yourself.

  • Rob D.

    Good food fat portions . Kool to have Chino food a phone call away. Delivery is quick . Ppl are nice I've eaten in and it's pretty clean and they seem to enjoy there jobs.

  • Judy L.

    It is all Nora V.'s fault that I had to come order from this place! =) So after shopping at Target, I had to come get my Asian on! LOL! I walked in and placed an order to go: 1. BBQ Pork - This is from the apps selection: the bbq sauce to too sweet for my liking 2. Sesame Chicken - I liked their version, but the chicken could be crispier but then again I got it togo so it was steaming in the container 3. Beef Chow Fun - This is a good flavorful dish but the chow fun was made with thin flat noodles not the normal flat wide noodles. Either way, it is was good.

  • Melanie c.

    Love Love Love New Asian Star !!! Although we live in Los Angeles,CA we frequent AZ to visit family and we always make it a point to visit N.A.S. while we're there. GET THE TOFU !! OMG, ORDER ITTT !!! Orange Tofu is great, we've gotten the fried as well and it's superb. So far everything we've ordered has been great and the service is always awesome. People here are genuine and really seem to appreciate you coming to THEIR spot to eat. Maybe they are just good actresses but hell, they are great and I have no complaints :) Always feel welcome here! If you live in AZ and haven't tried this place yet I highly suggest it, and the best part about it is they deliver !!! woohoo !! Unfortunately not to CA :(

  • Angela B.

    We like that its close and delivers and love their egg foo yung but will drive to a place farther away next time probably. Got the honey walnut shrimp which came covered in a hot mayonnaise sauce which tasted and felt like eating hot mayonnaise...kinda felt like I might get sick eating it so ended up throwing it out do not recommend that for anyone !

  • Mike B.

    We have had the great experience of having them deliver many times to our house. Orders are always hot when the arrive and accurate. We are very pleased with the friendly drivers and timely delivery. Food has great taste- we have had people in from out of town and they actually have said it's the best they have eaten in a long time! Thank you guys for dropping of the delivery menu at our house, we are glad to have your service!

  • Maddie G.

    I know I already wrote a review, but I have to update because I'm SO happy! My last review mentioned that my only issue was their crab puffs because there wasn't enough filling, but we just ordered again this weekend and the crab puffs were packed full! So either we just got a bad batch the first time, or somebody cares to listen. :) Also, tried their egg drop soup which was really tasty and their egg rolls. They have my favorite kind of egg rolls without that weird cinnamon flavor and the extra thin crispy outer shell. I'm just so happy to have this place so close with such friendly service.

  • Debbie T.

    This has become one of my favorites. They're friendly, reasonably priced and the food is always delicious. My husband and I have tried a number of their items, but my personal favorites are the BBQ pork appetizer, house fried rice, the mushu and lemon chicken. My husband also loves the house fried rice, the mushu and the orange chicken. One of the things that is so wonderful about this place is, the food isn't heavy. The sauces are light and fresh tasting. Plus, I'm lucky enough to be in their delivery zone. When I get delivery, the food is still hot and tastes like it was made just a few minutes earlier. I have yet to be disappointed by anything I've ordered here, and to me, that's a sign of a good restaurant.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :Closed
  • Mon : Closed


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : Free
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


Chinese Cuisine

The popularity of Chinese food in America can be adjudicated by the appearance of China Town in many major cities in the United State of America. The popular trend of ordering or opting for Chinese take away food isn't unknown in America. Chinese take away food comes to rescue when you're too tired from work or too exhausted to cook. No one can resist the temptation of eating spicy noodles, shrimp, chicken, beef or pork cooked in the sweet and spicy sauce. The cooking method of authentic Chinese food is a lot different compared to what is served in America.

Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

There are not many restaurants in America serving authentic Chinese food. A little research on Restaurant Listings directory can help you locate the best Chinese restaurants in the city. Chinese cuisine is continuously evolving, and you can find a variety of dishes categorized as the food for lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, vegan, vegetarian, and diabetic friendly. So, if you have a group of friends with different taste patterns, save the hassle and visit the nearest Chinese restaurant in your city.

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