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  • Grace S.

    We went to the sonoita wine festival yesterday, and on our way back stopped for dinner at this steakhouse. The food was good, but could had been better. I ordered my steak medium rare, and I had to send it back on the grill because it was rare. Even the waiter was surprised it was that rare. When I got it back, there was a hair in my food. As we were checking out, I got charged for an appetizers that I didn't order. Food was very pricey too. Maybe it was my bad luck, but this place could definitely be a great steakhouse if they took care of the basics.

  • Daniel L.

    Me and the wifey ate here for Valentines Day last night. Its about a 35 mile trip from where I live so I did some reviews to decide whether I really wanted to drive out there or not, I feel like there are mixed reviews mostly regarding the service and the steak well with our experience our steaks were perfect cooked to perfection and so tender! I ordered a filled mignon, she ordered prime rib, we double dated and the couple with us both ordered rib-eyes. I work at a resort and we go through all different types of cuts of meat I am very picky about what I like and what we serve our customers, all their cuts of meat were fabulous very high quality no complaining there. The only complaint I have is the sides lol is there something in particular you can't eat without something else? Eggs with ketchup? A burrito without salsa!? Cereal without milk!? Well that's how I feel when it comes to steak I usually like some green beans or some type of mix vegetable and a nice baked potato preferably loaded with sour cream bacon salt pepper maybe even chives! Well with your steak they offer beans a baked potato or french fries that's it I asked if I could get my potato loaded and she said they actually couldn't do that. Everyone else with me said I was being a crybaby and everything else was perfect I just say our bills over $120 I want cheese and bacon on my potato! Lol so the verdict is... it was very good. Small menu, it consists of 5 or 6 different steaks a burger or two and a few other things. It's pretty expensive. About 30 bucks a plate. The steak alone was worth it. I just feel like they can accommodate some sides better. I'd go back and bring my own bacon!!

  • John W.

    As good as a steak-house gets, friendly staff, good selection of "cowboy favorites". Delicious food, go ahead and order it a little rare-er than usual. You will not be disappointed. Live music, unsure of the schedule.

  • Glenn J.

    If you want a great steak with rich mesquite flavor this is the place. The owners Gracie and Michael were there on my last visit and were fun to chat with. The NY strip is their best steak followed by the porterhouse. There is live music on weekends and a full bar. Steaks come with salad and baked potato. The Steakout is well worth the drive from Tucson

  • Diana E.

    YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM! Stopped by with my brother & his wife for an early Sunday dinner on our way home from Bisbee. There was a duo playing some old-timey cowboy songs and a packed house. Perfect! The service was pretty good- they were packed so it was a little slow, but we never felt neglected (full water glasses, beer refills, etc.) The family-style house salad and rolls were just what we needed to take the edge off... and then some! By the time our steaks arrived, the three of us were thinking we were almost full. Luckily we got our second wind. I ordered the strip steak, blue rare, and that's what I got! Love when a steak isn't overcooked. My brother ordered the baby back ribs and they were some of the best ribs I've ever tasted- absolutely cooked to perfection. Tender, sweet, and smoky-- just falling off the bone. I'm definitely ordering the ribs next time. A big thanks to the cowboy singers, too. They honored our requests for Buck Owens and helped complete the experience. I'll be back here on my next trip through!

  • Melissa G.

    Food was good to great but the service was terrible. The place was not too busy, but we had to ask for water, for our order to be taken and then we had to get up and find our waitress (who was chatting with the hostess) to get us our bill. And that was 15 minutes after she asked us if she could get us anything to which we replied "no". Disappointed to say the least.

  • Saba B.

    The Steak Out has been a go-to spot for more than a decade along scenic Sonoita Highway, a place to hang out during the rodeo or the races or to fill up after a hike. Times, they are a-changing. We should have realized something was amiss when only one other table was occupied during what should have been a busy Sunday lunch. The service is not only snail-paced, but clueless. We waited while the two servers chatted with the nose-pierced cook, and when one deigned to seat us, we waited another ten minutes to order. When another 20 minutes passed without our salads, I politely asked our server, again leisurely chatting with her colleague, that they be delivered. Of course as soon as they arrived, our steak and burger followed. She then whisked away my salad that I'd hardly had time to touch. The burger was a desiccated, tough, tasteless hockey puck, burnt beyond recognition. I had asked for fries, so our server took my plate and placed it next to a pan under a heat lamp where the "steak fries" had no-doubt sat shriveling for several hours. She dished up five (yes, five) fries, leaving most of my plate empty since the burger had shrunk into a tiny piece of shoe leather. The fries were inedible, but by this time I was almost fainting with hunger. I told our waitress about the horrible burger and fries. I later wound up giving the whole mess to my dog. We had to ask for our check although only one other table was seated. That table, too, had to go hunt someone down to ask for their check and send back an undercooked steak. I think it was my partner's, as hers was overcooked. She was overcharged and given what we suspected was the wrong steak altogether, but we were just happy to get out of there, not to return.

  • Chelle M.

    This was great place! Live music and good food. Beautiful location very clean and friendly.

  • Timothy C.

    It was July 4 and they were closing early. We split a filet and it was amazing. We will be back. Not fancy but when it comes to Beef, they know what they are doing. Service was excellent as well.

  • Ashley Brandon B.

    Food: The food here was really good, it was much better than we expected. You get your money's worth both in quantity and taste. Service: The service here was horrible. We had to hunt the servers down just to pay our bill, you get the picture. I gave this place 3 stars solely based on their food. Atmosphere: Country Western decor with a lodge feeling. Does have room for groups

  • Andrew Y.

    Great Mesquite grilled steaks and more. Real-deal cowboy atmosphere. This place ain't for the posers. Staff is top-notch.

  • Christine B.

    Food was AWFUL and served with a scowl. We would have been better served to eat the taxidermy.

  • Alex H.

    If you're ever in southern AZ and are a red meat fan, you need to come here. Big, big steaks are on the menu -- always juicy and full of flavor. Come on Saturdays and enjoy some real country music and even a little dancing if the crowd is right. This is the real deal.

  • Kirk A.

    After a nice long ride to Tombstone from Tucson, we decided to stop at The Steak Out on the way back home. I was quite hungry and looking forward to a nice juicy steak. I had my heart set on a ribeye, but chose to go with the $38 Porterhouse. I have a dog at home that loves the bone. Wow! What a mistake that was for me (My dog made out though). That was absolutely the worst Porterhouse steak I have ever tried to get my knife through. The fork actually bent when using it to hold the meat while I am trying to cut this thing. I couldn't eat it. I mentioned this to the waitress. She apologized and offered a round of drinks, which we promptly turned down and requested the bill. This is not the first time I was disappointed by the quality of the meat at The Steak Out, but I generally give a second chance when I hear others rave. All I can figure is those who left high marks and agree this is a reasonably priced steak house, must be friends of the family/owners. This is a no-go folks. Stop for a cold beer, maybe a burger (haven't tried that and not recommending it). Pros: Nice cold beer. Nice looking place/atmosphere. Cons: Poor quality steak. Pricey. Not sure where the $$ comes from. Should be at least $$$. Not for me. Kirk

  • Yolanda G.

    The food was average. The ribs were not the greatest. For the price that you pay for the food, it NOT worth it. The service was ok. The decor was the best part, it had a saloon feel to it. Disappointing overall.

  • Anji C.

    Toni, our waitress, was terrible on two occasions. A good rule of thumb is to check on your table a minute or so after the food arrives in case something is wrong. I finished my entire meal before she ever came over so I could tell her my food was not made to order. A good server also scans the room frequently; instead Toni appeared to avoid eye contact with her tables. She schlepped around, unenthused to be there, was unfriendly, and took way to long to bring the check. She was not busy, no excuse for the slow, atrocious service. The food is pretty good, but poor service ruins the place for me.

  • James L.

    I would have rated higher had we not had to trim so much fat and grisle from our entrees. I had the T-bone and my wife had the prime rib. Both were flavorful and cooked to perfection, just a lot of work getting to it. The band was a hoot. after playing some old C&W covers, they started running out of songs and were pleading for requests from the patrons and playing short classic rock riffs. It was a good time paired wirh a stay at the Sonoita B&B. if you are in the area wine touring, suggest you byo to dinner. The wine list is very small and basic.

  • Pat E.

    On motorcycle ride from Phoenix, stopped out front for gas and noticed other bikes parked at the Steak Out. We were happy to find tasty steaks, not beef that is covered with seasonings. Enjoyed duo playing on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. Tasty margarita. For those not fortunate to have a designated driver as I always do (husband drinks nothing stronger than black coffee), the Sonoita Inn is next door. Our daughter is flying in for a visit in October and we have made plans to eat here after tastings at area wineries.

  • Cliff R.

    Holy Crap! I'm driving from Phoenix to Bisbee via the scenic route. I see a restaurant in a small town as they say, "in the middle of nowhere". I think that there about 6 or 7 other prominent business in the whole town that I can see. When I see "steakhouse", I'm thinking thin steaks grilled on a flat topped kitchen grill. Maybe some really good french fries if I'm lucky. Cut to the chase... I had a rib eye steak that rivals anything that I have had in New York, California, and anywhere in between. Excellent tasty, and properly cooked and marbled beef. This place is an oasis for any beef lover. Great BBQ beans as well. They offered bread, but I declined, as I didn't want to overeat and then have to drive. If you pass through this town, and feel like a great meal, make sure you stop. The only reason that I can imagine you might be disappointed, is that you had to drive so incredibly far to get a steak this good.

  • Elissa W.

    So disappointed and annoyed, I don't know where to start! 1) 15 minutes before we saw a waitress or even got water 2) never got the appetizers that we ordered 3) steaks horribly over cooked and tough 4) our bills were screwed up beyond comprehension. Both couples were double-billed (different credit card auth #'s) but no one on staff was capable of straightening the mess out)

  • Tam G.

    I love The Steak Out. The first thing I love is the name - there's no "Mastro's" or "Boa" pretension going on here. It's such good steak that they can get away with a bad pun. Given the popularity of a "sellout town dinner dance" on the local Sonoita fairgrounds, most restaurants were closed for New Year's Eve dinner - leaving The Steak Out our only option. The Man and I kicked off the evening with a bottle of Sonoita's finest red (yes, they have a booming wine business in the region) and placed our carnivore-lovin' order: filet for me (the strict "no sissies" rule means there would be no "petit" at the Steak Out). Medium rare. The Man had a half a chicken (yes, it was a large chicken). So, salad and rolls were meh...though who really cares? I mean, what kind of pansy goes to the Steak Out for lettuce and bread? But OH THE soon as our kind and friendly waitress settled those plates on our table and we caught a primal scent, The Man and I reverted to some kind of cavedwelling tribespeople, focused entirely on sinking teeth into juicy, succulent, PERFECTLY COOKED meat, pausing only for the ornamental sip of wine or forkful of baked potato. Emerging from our protein-induced trance, clean plate for me and picked bones for him...we looked deep into each other's eyes, satisfied, knowing we'd just fulfilled our ancestral meat-eating destiny. The rest of the night was awesome - we swung by the dinner-dance, which welcomed us as after-dinner drinkers and dancers - and rang in the new year with 100 new friends and fond memories of meat perfection.

  • Cristina L.

    The Steak Out would have been great if we weren't smart-ass customers. Our server didn't find us humorous as we walked in and joked about being indecisive about where we wanted to sit. Her rotten attitude carried over to the rest of the meal. Seriously? It was a Monday night and the place was dead! The salad and steak were good and we enjoyed the ranch-house sort of environment of the restaurant. Hope to have a better server experience next time.

  • Adam P.

    Tonight was not worth the $82 spent for the two of us. Because we drove 45 minutes to get there after decent reviews from friends, we decided not have any alcohol, and stick to cola. Our waitress upon bringing us our drinks asked us to try them to see if they tasted okay, as they had just changed the syrup.... That was the first impression, not too bad just odd. She asked us if we were ready to order and we asked if their onion rings were thick sliced or thin. The waitress said she wasn't sure, but they were from Costco, as we're their other appetizers. We chose the fried zucchini, and each ordered our meals. I ordered the ribeye, and my wife asked for the filet. The waitress asked us each how we wanted it cooked and told us the cook tends to undercook, so basically order appropriately. Our appetizer arrived and was obviously overcooked, even in the dim light. It was not edible. The waitress noticed we were not eating it and inquired. That is when we learned the fry lady tends to always overcook the appetizers. She took it off of our bill. The salads and two rolls arrived and they weren't spectacular. The dressing was good, but the salad looked exactly like the bagged version from the grocery store. Our steaks then arrived, and prepared how we hoped they would turn out. The steaks were good, but nothing that would really stand out from a chain restaurant. Our night wasn't a total bust, we sat for a little while eating our Costco deserts and enjoyed the live music. The place appeared clean and waitress polite and helpful- maybe too honest? We were looking for something off the beaten path, a diamond in the rough. unfortunately, we will keep looking.

  • Joel N.

    Great food. We went there on Tuesday for Mexican. The kitchen was a bit slow but everything seemed fresh and made to order. I will go back.

  • Barbara K.

    Called ahead for reservations and dress code since we are out camping nearby. No reservation needed. This was on 5/30/2012 around 7:30 pm. We waited to be seated for about 10 minutes. It wasn't overly busy. I counted six tables. Two waitresses. After we were seated she asked what we wanted to drink? There were four of us. My daughter asked for water. I ordered mine. She did not wait for any other orders. She came back with our beverages after about 15 minutes. Took our orders. I requested bread, which I never got. I ordered a medium rare steak. It came back rare. I also ordered beverages at this time for the other two in the party. I never saw our waitress again, until time to pay. I ordered desserts and then it took forever for her to come back for our bill. By this time there was just our table and one other. I sent my grandson to ask the cook for our waitress. We had to be back to our campsite by 10:00 pm because they lock the gate. I was starting to worry. The food was so so. $28.00 for a steak not cooked to my request. Is a bit much. The dessert was pretty good.

  • Sherry P.

    Stopped here for lunch before wine tasting. It was the day after Thanksgiving and it was quite crowded and they were not ready for that many people. The waitresses were nice but totally overwhelmed. But let's talk about the food... I had albondigas soup, which was very nice but typical. My husband had a hamburger and it was excellent. I never order hamburgers because they are always over cooked and don't taste like anything except the toppings. This burger was nice a pink throughout (the way we like it) and had a delicious flavor, smokey and yummy. He didn't even use BBQ sauce, which he normally does just to give a burger some taste. The regular burger is small so I would order the large one. Honestly, it was the best burger I have ever had. I can imagine their steaks are excellent. The onion rings were not good--I think they are frozen and it's a really small portion for $6.95. The fries are not that great either but there's not too bad.

  • Ju L.

    Pros: Use only fresh ingredients, even down to their chips. Posh mid-western design. Band music on the weekends. All-you-can-eat chips & salsa, Caesar salad and dinner rolls. Cons: Waitstaff is friendly, but tends to mess up orders - half the groups' steaks weren't cooked as ordered.

  • Matt Z.

    Fantastic steak. Get the ribeye medium rare -- its cooked to perfection. Definitely the best steak for at least 100 miles in any direction. Well worth the drive.

  • margot b.

    Not a bad little spot - food ranges from decent to tasty... they have a pretty damn good burger, a few salads and lots and lots of meat. The wait staff can be a bit lacking although one night we had great service while eating at the bar. Prices reasonable. Full bar. Some nights of the week it's the only game in town to get dinner. 3.5 stars

  • Susan W.

    Although we weren't surprised to wait to be seated, post rodeo, we were suprised that, once seated, a server never appeared for our order. After getting the hostess, who put on a surprised face, we were given water by the busboy. The hostess said oh she hasnt been here? Well, no, thats why we got you? She said sorry, but we are busy....translate people around you are being served, attended to, but we are just too busy for YOU. Finally the waitress arrived , hardly concerned , took our orders for burgers, and left.....never to be seen again. After another forty minutes, we left. On our way out, the hostess was informed of why, and she made no effort to change our mind. How hard is it to serve steaks and burgers?

  • Lexie C.

    Stopped in the Steak Out between wine tasting this weekend. Their mesquite burgers are delicious! So moist and tasty. I really enjoyed it. It's a great pit stop on a fanstaic wine tour of Sonoita/Elgin.

  • Sue W.

    Seriously, we get far better steaks at the Tucson Safeway than I had here. Mine was chewy and flavorless; hubby's burger was okay, but not memorable. Service was indifferent and we were 1 of only 3 parties in the place. Don't bother with this overpriced joint; continue up the road to a couple of truly good cafes when you visit S. Arizona's wine country.

  • Jennifer R.

    We went here after touring some of the wineries on a Saturday evening. The food was great, I do love my steak and potato and I had no complaints. Even the salad was delicious. It was a little pricey, about 100 for four of us which included drinks. They really are in the middle of nowhere, so if you are down in the area, it really is the best place to eat. There was even a live band there which was pretty good, definitely worth the trip down from Tucson.

  • Bob F.

    This place is great place to get a nice steak. It is out of the way, which means it is not over crowded. The atmosphere is old western. Several times they have had live music which was not bad. The cuts of steak are generous, tender and cooked to perfection over an open fire. I judge a steak house by trying the ribeye. Theirs has always been consistently above average. The ribs and sides are very good also.

  • Jill C.

    I love the food here and have been here several times over the course of a year. The burgers are so good, beef ribs messy but tasty and great steaks! Skip the breaded apps (I think they are frozen) and go with the homemade chips and salsa-worth the price! The service is spotty- sometimes 4-5 stars but sadly, sometimes a 2. If you go, plan on okay service and you won't be disappointed because the food and country ambiance will make up for it!

  • Surranna V.

    We were hungry after driving around looking at potential rural lots for future living and we stopped by the gas station to fill a leaky tire and saw this place. We said what the hell and had some food and beer. On one hand I was impressed with the beer selection for a place in this location, and on the other I thought that many of the people that live near by are wealthy and may have more demanding taste. The T-Bone steak was really good. I was surprised that it wasn't locally raised beef only because there is a grass fed place near by but it was good for corn fed beef. I had the half rack of pork ribs. The flavor was great and they were tender but I must say I was hungry afterward. The service was good, we sat in the bar area. This place doesn't have a rural price tag so be prepared to spend some money. The decor is western just like the conversations we over heard at the bar. Lots of locals talking farm stuff. It was refreshing hearing about real down to earth bar conversations rather than my iphone this and my bmw that. I would go back.

  • Paul C.

    I ended up at the Steak Out more or less by accident, when the nearby restaurant I wanted to visit was closed. Still, no regrets, as I enjoyed the steak sandwich and "fries", and the service was excellent. The Steak Out is dark enough inside to feel like you're eating dinner even when it's early afternoon. The decor lets you know up right up front: these people know about meat. The walls are lined with the heads of cows, deer, buffalo, javelina, and more. The door says "no smoking", but this was one of the smokiest restaurants I've been to -- not tobacco smoke, mind you, but smoke from the grill. Don't let any of this deter you. The menu came printed on a brown paper bag, and I ordered the steak sandwich with fries. In truth, it was more steak than sandwich. But it was such a perfect steak that I had no trouble eating it like a sandwich. There were no tough bites, no bad parts anywhere. The fries were more like a potato that was par-baked, cut into seven pieces, then finished in the fryer. No complaints here. The best part was probably the drink refills. The waiter didn't come by often, but another server was by frequently to check on the sodas. All in all, the Steak Out was better than I expected, and I wouldn't mind stopping in here next time I'm driving through Sonoita.

  • Roberta H.

    I thought about giving this place 1 star, however we did finish our meals, couldn't have been because we were so hungry after waiting for over an hour! Got there after attending The Hops and Vine event which was OUTSTANDING. The place was busy however no one was waiting in lobby for a table. They told us an hour wait, looking back I believe they may have said that to discourage us from waiting. Well we waited in the bar. This is where the nightmere began. Waiting to order a drink I would say a good 15 minutes. We asked for water and only 4 of us got water, bartender just forgot 2 of us siting at end of bar. Her comment "I put a pitcher of water here where did it go?) next another 10 minutes waiting for our drinks. And when we got the bill she over charged us and it toke yet another 10 minutes to get her attention to get bill corrected and paid. She was also loudly complaining to us about another customer at the bar! Ok finally they figure out we aren't going to give up and take us to a table, lead us though the dining room that has maybe 2 tables and they seat us out in a back dining room where there isn't anyone else. We all ordered one meal and spilt that meal between couples. We ordered the ribeye, it wasn't a ribeye we got, it wasn't marbled, and a bit tough, I believe it was a sirloin. The extra plate charge was $5.00 ridulous! And when we got our bill they added on a 18% gratuity! We only had a party of 6! The service was was not outstanding, long wait to order and then when we got our meal they placed an EMPTY bottle of steak sauce. By the time the wait person came back to check on us we were done eating. So anyone that would have liked steak sauce were out of luck. I usually never give a restaurant this low of a rating, however no one really even tried to make us feel welcome. It's too bad because the people at Hops and Vines were great! Smiling, accommodating, welcoming and fun! The Steak Out needs some fresh staff members to make a diners experience at least 2 stars. Yep after reliving our experience I'm going to give them 1 star. There was not one good thing about our experience, except the music on the jukebox Sorry The Steak Out! I'd say maybe next time it wll be better, however there won't be a next time.

  • Maria G.

    I really like the Steak Out in Sonoita. I love the steak, especially the New York Strip. It is a splurge at almost $28, but I think it is worth it. The sides are included with the steak. I like to get the steak fries, but a baked potato is also a good choice. The salad that come to the table first is simple and good. Ranch dressing is the default, but I prefer getting the salad with Italian dressing. You can have bread with your steak, but I skip it. I have tried the steak sandwich and it is good too, but I prefer getting a steak dinner. If I am not feeling like so much meat, I split a steak. There is a split plate charge, but it is worth it because you get a second side and a side salad. The steaks are big enough to split. When you enter the restaurant the raw steak cuts are on display. Check out the size of those steaks! On our last visit we started with an order of fried zucchini and a side of sautéed mushrooms. Both of the appetizers were good, and we also had the included salads. The Steak Out does have burgers and sandwiches, but I come for the steak. I have eaten at the Steak Out many times. I really enjoy it. Not every visit has been perfect, but overall it is one of my favorite places to eat.

  • Patrick F.

    Food was great! Had steak and a burger. Both where very good. Restaurant has a cool atmosphere. Lots of historical photos and paintings. Good place to stop on your way to Patagonia or Tombstone.

  • Jason D.

    I read the reviews and I feel that expectations are a high end steak house since there are wineries near by. Review The outside looks like a cowboy saloon and the inside is more upscale than expected but very nice decor. The menu is simple and easy to make a selection. We ordered the petite sirloin steak medium and onion rings since the reviews were so good we had to try them. First we started with a large salad homemade ranch/blue cheese dressing and croutons. The salad was tasty also ask for the rolls very fresh and warm. The steak was ordered medium came out perfect. It didn't need sauce if a steak does its garbage imho. Service It was Valentine's Day so it was busy and the service was average at best. If it was a regular night I would have docked them for slow service. Take away If your hungry for a cowboy experience and a steak the steak out is perfect. If your looking for a hipster place to sip wine goto scottsdale.

  • Steven C.

    Took about 2 hours to get my steak. Then when it came out I was utterly devastated by its lack of taste. Never Again.

  • Amy L.

    A staple in town, and the only place that stays open late. Nothing spectacular.

  • Katherine M.

    The Steak Out has the most delicious burger I've ever had. Period. I've been here several times and my dining mates all agree with me. The burgers are fresh, juicy, and super flavorful. That being said, I branched out this last time and I had the pork baby-back ribs. Now a new favorite. Delicious!! I've also had their petite "cowgirl" prime rib before, which for me was still huge and we all know prime rib is not great as a leftover. I highly recommend this place on its own or after a round of wine tasting!

  • Brian K.

    Well I was expecting a lot more from here. We initially looked here to have a wedding rehearsal dinner, glad we didn't (they never even called us back). So they have live music on weekends, not bad but way too loud to even hear the waitress, even after we asked to move back some (initially seated at the speaker). So the menu says they are known world around for their margaritas, steaks and ribs...well the Margaritas are a lousy mix, so that was a bad start. Also asked for a Resling on their menu and they were out. Still not a great start! I ordered a filet, Med well and it was med rare to med at best. Wife and parents ordered the pitete sirloin and not a great cut of meat and over cooked for what they asked for. Bad-food quality (not cooked as ordered, bad cut of meat, lousy drinks) Good-service. Wait staff was very pleasant and attentive.

  • Chris P.

    I do miss the Steak Out in Dove Mountain. However, visited the original in Sonoita. Place was very clean, well maintained. Food was very good and drinks were cold. Oh yeah - live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday can't think of anything more I could ask for. We ate on a Friday night and was surprised on how busy they were. Service was excellent. Highly recommended to visit!

  • Dan H.

    You can basically spit through Sonoita. Not that that is a bad thing. It is a small town in the middle of basically nowhere, but they have a pretty good steakhouse called cleverly enough, the Steak Out. After a long drive down from Scottsdale, we arrived at the Steak Out in the black of night. We were meeting the friends that we were staying with here before heading back to their place just down the road in Patagonia. After a long drive some nice red meat sounded fantastic. They have live music on the weekends here and we were here on a Saturday night. A fiddle/mandolin player and another playing acoustic guitar entertained us with their instruments and voices most of the time we were here. They even did a pretty killer cover of a Cindi Lauper song which was very random for two male singers, but very much welcome. This is a steakhouse so I didn't really feel like I should be eating anything else. I ordered the Ribeye which was somewhere in the neighborhood of $27. They don't seem to have their menu on their website which is kind of strange and it has been over a week since I was there. This comes with a salad and your choice of side (potato, fries or cowboy beans). I ended up getting the salad with Italian dressing. They offer their housemade dressing, but it is mayo based and I'm not a fan of mayo. I also had the beans even though one of our friends said they weren't very good. I had no problem with them and would definitely order them again. The steak was cooked just about a perfect medium rare and the piece of meat was pretty large. I felt about 6 months pregnant after eating even though I'm not even sure what 6 months pregnant really feels like and never will know. A good steakhouse in the middle of nowhere. There is something to be said about that. I think I just said it.

  • Jim P.

    Service was surly. Came in w part of 4 at 3:30. Came back a second time, 10/11/14, waitress was quite ornery, what's up w that. We don't deserve that Food is very good though.

  • Ajla H.

    Came here as part of a deal with Sonoita Inn where we got a $50 voucher for the Steak Out; it was a Saturday night on Valentines day so it was a pretty full house. The service was friendly but not very good; we didn't get our waters refilled a single time without asking. I ordered the filet mignon medium rare wrapped in bacon: it was undercooked and the bacon was a little too greasy. My boyfriend got the porter steak medium rare and his was overcooked. We both got the beans and they were okay (nothing spectacular, though). The salad was also okay, a little too much ranch dressing for my taste. The best part of the meal was the mud cake ( which had an oreo cookie base) and even that had a little too much whipped cream on top. The live music made the night, they took requests and were really great and the atmosphere made up for the food. Overall, if we were to stay at Sonoita Inn and get the same voucher again, I would give it another try. However, I will not go out of my way to go back. Maybe on a less busy night the steaks might be cooked to order a little better.

  • Jason N.

    So we decided to try the Steak Out tonight on our way home from the fall fest in Patagonia. We had heard some good things about it. We arrived and were seated pretty quick and that is where the good experience ended. The waitress that came to our table was not a very happy person. The menu described the Ribeye as "heavily marbled and flavorful". So my wife ordered the Filet medium well butterflied, I the Ribeye medium well and we also ordered the fried zucchini. The salad and bread arrived and also our drinks. When our steaks arrived and the filet was undercooked and not butterflied. The Ribeye, which looked like a New York, was cooked right but had absolutely no marble at all. The steak was juicy but tasted dry and have almost no flavor. My wife ate the filet because she was hungry and it wasent bleeding. I only ate about a quarter of the Ribeye. I asked the waitress to see if it was a Ribeye and she cane back and said that yes it was but sometimes the first couple of steaks cut are not very marbled. If it doesn't match the menu description don't serve it. When the bill came i expected the steak to be taken off since i had complained about it and i didn't eat most of it. ... no such luck. For 27.95 a steak I expected a much better meal.

  • Winter G.

    Overpriced tourist trap. Though the chefs know how to cook rare or medium rare steaks! The petite Sonoita Strip is the most reasonably priced steak on the menu. All meals come with beans or baked potatoes (over-cooked) and a family-style salad. The service can be slow and not very friendly. If there's live music, any conversation at the table will be impossible.

  • Nikky P.

    We came here in February with 8 people- we did make reservations in advance since it was a Friday night. There were plenty of seats open, but we have been there at time where it's been hard to get a table, so reservations are a good idea, just in case. When we do wine tasting in Sonoita, we always eat dinner here. Mostly because we can park the cars and walk from the hotel (you can walk here easily from the Sonoita Inn as well as from Xanadu..the later is a bit of a trek, but doable). The staff is always fine- every time we come we get decent service, nothing to write home about really..but nothing bad either. I get the pork ribs 100% of the time and they have never been anything but good- I love those things. Everyone who ate with us seemed to like their meals. This is a good go- to place when coming through Sonoita. On Friday nights (maybe Saturday too?) they have a live band, which is fun and adds to the atmosphere. The bar is good as well..we've come here a few times for drinks. Margaritas are large and spicy! Watch out!

  • Will M.

    After eating here I went right to the Mercantile next door to get some Advil and also some gum to get the taste out of my mouth. I was greeted promptly enough when I walked in but that is where the service ended. A table of four was seated nearby by me about the same time. Menu down and looking at my server, she disappeared into the back and it was the better part if ten minutes before she emerged to take my order: A Steakout Burger with steak fries. The kitchen is an open one and the cook had the order for the four folks before me up on the line to be served in a reasonable enough amount of time. The food sat there for about 5 minutes. At that point I knew I was in for it. The hostess was active clearing a couple tables and other such tasks but otherwise all the servers seemed to be gone. A party of about fourteen came in and got seated promptly and I am not sure their orders were taken before I left; the cook didn't look busy doing much but looking out over the dining floor with a bit of concern. I didn't see any refills or follow-up with the large table before I left. My burger was dry and if it was a good sirloin burger to start with the life was cooked out. The bun was modest and burnt along the edges...not in a good way. The steak fries I saw served out of the stainless steel pan under some hot lamps were no better than something you would get from a supermarket deli. After my meal was done my hands smelled like I had cleaned out a fireplace with them ...with mesquite overtones. Where was my server? She stopped by when she dropped off my plate and said she would return to refill my drink. She returned with the check (no refill) and said, "I hope you enjoyed everything." I hope? She completely missed the point. You know how you can tell when people are not enjoying the experience in a dining room? They get more quiet, don't laugh as much and their faces look like they are more "tolerating" the dining experience than "enjoying." That is what I saw with the others there. I am glad I didn't invite someone to join me as it would have been a personal embarrassment. I got the over-all impression that sometime ago this place -with such a good location and oozing cowboy ambiance - The Steakout became complacent and just quit trying to be as good as people expect it to be. As a result, the draw to this place is because they are in a small town with limited choices and otherwise they exploit western heritage as a draw for mediocre food, leaving The Steakout as some cowboy, side-show attraction to bait people into spending their hard earned dollars.

  • Viva C.

    Came here with friends since the restaurant came very highly recommended. I definitely thought the decor was pretty cool - very country and down to earth. (Love the big heavy front door when you come in!) It's kind of neat to see the history on the walls lining the entry-area. They have live music Friday-Sunday evening. The night we came, there was a small group playing guitar, fiddle, and banjo. Overall, I was pleased with my main entree. I ordered the smallest prime-rib and my eyes bugged out when they brought it to the table - it was huge! I'm terrified of what their large size would be considering the "small" was bigger than my head. The meat was incredibly tender and cooked just right to my specification. They serve family style-salad (our salad bowl was a little heavy on the onion though...) and bread comes on request. All the other members of our party enjoyed their main entrees too. Fun atmosphere! The place cleared out quick at about 8:30 at night (on a Friday night), but I guess there really wouldn't be a huge populace out in the Sonoita area anyway. The restaurant definitely had a good deal of business the night we came in, but I guess most people just wanted to have an early dinner that night.

  • Jennifer D.

    My husband and I decided to drive down to bisbee, but the traffic on the 10 freeway was horrible so we turned around, and decided to take the 83 down to Patagonia instead. We were starving and saw Steak out. For years I thought it was a dive bar and place only for bikers since that was who see parked outside. But We braved it and went in. The place was clean and neat, and I could see and the staff was very friendly. I had ordered the fried zucchini(my weakness) and a house salad. Over all everything was just ok. But I will if the opportunity presented itself probably go back.

  • Tom W.

    We stopped in here for a beer and maybe some food on a Sunday afternoon. The aesthetics are nice (and that's why they got 2 stars), but the service at the bar was so bad we gave up on the idea of the food. I'm also not sure how our over-priced Bud Light bottle beer changed in price from one round to the next (still in their happy hour), but we won't be back to find out.

  • Alexandra W.

    Whatever people said we had a great experience there the food, the service were great!!!

  • Phil K.

    We ate there for our anniversary. Friendly server that checked back to see if every thing was ok. Ordered a rack of baby back pork ribs to share with a glass of wine, very good. Live western music of familiar songs was ok. Would recommend if in area.

  • Kyle S.

    After my lack luster trips to the steak out in Marana people kept Saying "Oh you should go to the one in Sonoita," Lies! damnable lies! This place is just as bad! so here they have a refrigerated case that you can see some examples of their meat and it IS lower grade than that which you can buy at sprouts, whole foods, or AJ's. being that mothers day and my Special lady friend's birthday were on the same day we got roped into going to the Original The Steak out. look read my other review of the marana location here… the only thing this place had that was good was again the salad and PORK ribs don't bother with any beef here it is a waste of money and calories. pure and simple. I dooo love the location and drive down there but if that is what I am after the connivence store next door sells jerky(that is better than their steaks) and muffins If the trip makes me peckish. All The Steak Out locations can get in the boat with Fredo as they are dead to me.

  • Lew B.

    Just finished eating at the steak out. The burger was very good. The onion rings reeked with grease. The service is very sub par. Waiting to be seated, had to request to order after about 15 minutes of waiting and the burger took 30 minutes to arrive. Also their Heinz ketchup was watered down. Would not recommend eating here.

  • Jonathan G.

    The service wasn't the best and the steaks were pricey but good. Too bad Daisy Mae's in Sierrra Vista closed.

  • Nathaniel E.

    I guess I'll start with the negative. The soda my wife got was flat and the fries she got were cold. The positive, I got the steak burger and she got the hamburger which were very good. The waitress was very nice and quick with our food and check when we requested it. They do have live music on weekends too bit we didn't stay long enough to hear it. I'll admit the place was more expensive than I expected. Should be listed as $$$ instead of $$.

  • Peter J.

    Very disappointed. Service was poor, unfriendly and sloooooooow! Three of us ordered the ribeye and none of us could cut through the tough gristle. To their credit they replaced the ribeye with the filet which were great. Waitress forgot our drink order and brought the check without asking if we would like a dessert. I asked to speak with a manager and was refused. On looking at the check found an automatic 18% tip!!! We were told that because there were six of us the tip was automatic. Far better places around to go here again.o

  • Chantelle P.

    Love the scene here, cowboy cool. Staff is friendly, food is fresh. The blue cheese/ranch dressing for the salad- a real winner when dressed on their non-iceberg lettuce, and cherry tomatoes and yay- they use romaine, (unlike alot of cowboy fare you still find out there.) Live music on the weekend is usually pretty good, and if you do want it a little quieter, step through the saloon doors to the bar and dine there- fun times!


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  • Takes Reservations : Yes
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : No
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Full Bar
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : No

The Steak Out

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