Frankie’s Chuckwagon Steakhouse

18428 S Picacho Hwy
Picacho, 85131
Our RV rally consisting of 28 people descended upon this small local steakhouse at the KOA campground for Friday night fish/shrimp fry and Sat night full menu dinners. Food was delicious. Service was superb. Portions were plentiful. Everyone was very satisfied. They are only open Wed thru Sun from 4 PM - 8 PM. Too bad. It would be a great lunch alternative to the myriad of fast food chain restaurants along this stretch of I-10.

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Dairy Queen at Picacho Peak Travel Center

16543 E Camino Adelante Rd
Picacho, 85141
Holy Breakfast burrito! I never would have guessed that Dairy Queen would make such a good breakfast. Staff were friendly, it was a pleasant surprise to get a good meal to start my day here. Also, you can't beat the scenery of the beautiful Sonora desert.
I remember stopping here as a kid on many a roadtrip from Mesa to visit family in Tucson and Nogales. It has been many a year since my last visit and I am surprised that not a lot has changed, except the price of a dilly bar and blizzard. If you are looking for a quick DQ fix off the 10, then this will do in a pinch, but you will pay a lil bit extra for the middle of nowhere convenience. I don't know what it is about this location, but even though the Blizzards pass the "upside down drip test" they always seem to instantly melt the minute you get in your car? This "insta-melt" phenomenon also afflicts their dilly bars. The staff is usually of the "miserable elderly" or "disenfranchised youth" variety, so if you are wanting common courtesy or a smile, look elsewhere. This place is, however, a goldmine for people watching though! If you aren't in a hurry and want to eat your melt-a-mess on premises, I highly recommend sticking around for some of the gems that walk through the double doors (including those that can't figure out that pulling vs pushing and vice versa is the magic that gains you entrance). In any case, this last visit was a $5 small liquid blizzard with a free helping of humorous people watching an extra side of nostalgia.
Terrible service, slow, unorganized. The manager in training was a joke. Milkshakes were super runny. Yuck

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Fast Food, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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Dairy Queen

16543 E Camino Adelante
Picacho, 85241
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Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

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