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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jewel T.

    This place is authentic and delicious. When you walk in you feel like you stepped into a grocery store in Italy. The aroma of cheese, olives, and cured meats greet your nose and make your tummy rumble. The Italian gelato is superb and tastes fresh. My new favorite flavor is spumoni. Try this place out. You will not be disappointed with their sandwiches!

  • maryanne S.

    "OLD SCHOOL" shouldn't mean just old. Have a look at the grocery items: pickles, peppers, any grocery item in liquid: SO OLD THE FLUID IS GRAY! So how would "old groceries" impact my sandwich? I don't know, but I'm not gonna try... Tony's been at this corner forever, just not with my business.

  • Tom C.

    This is a small Italian grocery store, not a restaurant so some of the survey questions don't apply such as "waiter service" which is really "counter service" in this case. The Pros: I stopped in for a sub sandwich. I ordered the hot pastrami sub, with extra meat. The guy behind the counter asked if I wanted it hot...."yes." The sandwich was large, so full of meat it was difficult to eat. The meat was really tender and juicy...the way you want it. The Cons: After I ordered, he disappeared into the back, returned and asked if I wanted mustard. Yes, but I didn't realize that there weren't any condiments or condiment packages out, you had to trust that he would put on the amount you wanted in the back. The sandwich was "hot" but not because it was "toasty hot" it was because it was microwaved. The roll was so soggy that it wasn't easy to keep the sandwich together. Recommendation to owner: get a commercial toaster oven or alert your customers that "hot sandwich" means "microwaved." This sandwich would have be extraordinarily good had I been able to add my own condiments and had it been heated in a toaster oven.

  • Vince E.

    I had the best capicolla sandwich here! Best Italian sandwiches in Arizona. If you're also looking to shop for Italian groceries then this is the place to go.

  • Michelle L.

    Love this authentic Italian deli! Great sandwiches and cannolis to die for. The service is great! Makes you feel like family!

  • Scott M.

    Great little spot to grab an authentic Italian sandwich! They are both a grocery and deli and while I just stopped in to grab a bite to eat while I was waiting on my vehicle to be worked on across the street at Mad Hatter Muffler, I noticed that they have some great looking Italian grocery items in the store. They handmade my "Italian Special" sandwich while I waited, and fixed me a side of their delicious macaroni salad. The very tasty "small" sandwich was plenty for me, and I'm a 185 lb guy. Also, for the size of the sandwiches, the prices are a smoking deal. I will definitely stop back by Tony's on my lunch break for a sandwich in the future!

  • Johnny W.

    Italian hero was decent but probably wouldn't come back for it. The pasta salad was old and some of the pasta was starting to get hard. No bueno. Overall I'd say they are coming up short in too many levels. If you want a real Italian deli go to Niccolis not too far from here. They have one of the best sandwiches I've ever had!

  • Daren C.

    Aside for the enthusiasm that the owner has for the store that place was complete crap. I ordered spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad. the salad was bag greens and 3 cherry tomatoes with a little tiny packet of ranch. The spaghetti was overcooked in a half inch of water, the sauce had no flavor once so ever, and it came with one, smaller than a cue ball, meatball, almost flavorless meatball. more like a mush ball The garlic bread was awesome I also purchased a small jar of pesto recommended by the owner. I opened it just to put on my pasta because it had no flavor. I don't even think I'm going to eat the pesto as it wasn't that good either. There was what appears to be a homeless man rubbing through the trash looking for food. He was more than happy to eat my leftovers that I was unhappy with. Perhaps next time I should get a sub. The pesto was tossed out after the weekend...99 percent full.

  • jouce j.

    I go here on occasion but the only thing I have bought is their pepperoni it's the good dried pepperoni. The kind you used to be able to get in the grocery store but for some reason they don't sell anymore. It's a tiny little store that dark they don't put on the light and loaded with Italian things fantastic reminds me back home in New York for some reason Phoenix just doesn't have to many Italian delis around here so for now I'll stick with Tony's

  • Anthony A.

    Have to have a sausage sandwich when i get out of school it is too good.

  • Turtle B.

    First time in here, friendly service and an old school store. This place reminds me of the deli my grandmother used to take me to when I was a kid. The sandwiches are wonderful and a bargain price. Yes they keep the lights off in the back but they do turn them on. Can't blame a guy for conserving some electricity (you aren't paying his bill). Awesomely unique items in the store as well. If it had some indoor seating I'd give it a five star review. I WILL be back.

  • Dave B.

    Tony's. I'm salivating just thinking about the place. I'm a gourmet chef and so I can be picky about my ingredients. When I want Pancetta or Prosciutto I get it from Tony's. He slices it to whatever thickness I need. And when Mama looks at me with that twinkle in her eye and says, "I made fresh cannoli..." I can't resist. Nestled back in one of the frozen food cases is the most wonderful pasta sauce; I keep some on hand for a quick meal. And it's not just the food items. Walking in to Tony's takes me back to the days when I lived and worked all over Europe and bought many a meal in little shops just like it.

  • Edwin N.

    When my friend had took me here to eat lunch, I fell in love with subsandwich. I love it

  • Donald P.

    Stopped in for their spaghetti lunch special. Everything was delicious. Had to get the spumoni for desert too,mmmmm.

  • Ray C.

    THEE BEST mild Italian sausage out there! They don't overload it with fennel seed which if you don't like licorice you dont want that taste anyways. They have everything an Italian could want from pastas to sauce to just about everything you could imagine.

  • Mr. W.

    I've stopped into Tony's Italian Delicatessen twice now, so I guess it is deserving of a review. It possesses that "real", not manufactured old world delicatessen that seems to be on the verge of extinction. The owners are very friendly and accommodating. In my two visits I've had the meatball sub and the hot pastrami sandwich, both were just okay. They were reasonably priced, so no complaints there, but they just seemed to lack the full flavor I was hoping for. I would def. stop here before a chain/franchise sub shop, but I have had better in the valley. I still have plans on stopping in to try out their pizza, I'll update my review once completed.

  • Jason B.

    So I visited Ton'y Italian Deli on three separate occasions recently. Each time was a real treat! I feel that I really need to try to drive the Yelper's who appreciate quality, authentic, simple, old world food to make stop at this place. if you aren't cultured, and do not appreciate the simplicity of old world food, then steer clear and don't waste your time writing a negative review due to your ignorance. To be a qualified reviewer, you must first have an understanding of what it is that you are reviewing. Unfortunately, a great majority of the younger generation in this semi-metropolis have not had the cultural exposure that many of their own age in old school and well cultured cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York City have grown up in and around. With that being said, old world, simple dishes, made with simple ingredients and a whole lot of love are often under-appreciated. I urge you to research the importance of things such as bread, cured meats and olives, peppers, homemade sausages, etc. in the old world countries, and even well cultured US Cities. A physical location that has been around for 30 years in this town that serves up old world cuisine, at an old world price, with a ton of love from the family who has been there from the start deserves a certain respect for those qualities alone. It is apparent to me that the typical American these days, seems to consider a true sandwich incomplete without Mayo or Mustard. The truth is, that those two additions are fine, but your tongue is uncultured. A true sub should not have such ingredients to cover up the subtle flavors of the cured meats and cheese. A little oil and vinegar add the zing that Ashley C. was speaking of. Again, no disrespect to her lack of knowledge, but knowledge and understanding are power and lead to a well rounded palette. The sandwiches are only one small item in the full spectrum of this old world rarity, in a not so favorable part of town. The fact is, that this part of town may be a couple of miles out of your daily travels, but it is only a hop, skip, and a jump off the 51. Any true Yelper who appreciates the few, true Phoenix greats who sometimes fall into the unknown needs to make their way to this abode and see what you think and how you feel. If you feel the way that I do, then I think that the weight that I currently have on my shoulders about helping this quality place to stay afloat, will transcend to you and our team efforts will unite to get these old school purveyors back in the spotlight that they deserve to be in. Let's keep the growth of true culture and diversity alive in this town before it ends up like Old Town Scottsdale. There, you have a bunch of places with different names and decor, but the majority of the same food and lack of culture or ambiance are spreading like a wildfire that is depleting true cultural experiences and the small and simple places that don't get the love and appreciation that they deserve. Forget the fancy menus with a fancy plate made in China, you can find that anywhere and they are in a completely different market. Take yourself back into a different time and into a different culture, it will make life more enjoyable and you will be more appreciative of the things that you have this day in age, as well as the roots that the things of this day evolved from. it's like thanking your parents or grandparents for the wisdom that they gave you. :) Cheers!

  • Ella S.

    Terrible bread makes for a terrible sandwich, the bread is absolutely awful! If you're from NY, don't bother, you'll be extremely disappointed. check the expiration dates on canned/bottled goods as well, they seem overstocked and can't possibly have the turnover of inventory to maintain freshness. As a 30+ year customer that is originally from Brooklyn, I was appalled. Jason B. must be from Kansas, to talk about being "cultured" and "old world quality" strikes me as someone who hasn't a clue. I give Tony's two stars solely for ambiance, but as to quality, I'd rather eat a scorpion.

  • Nick S.

    This place has to be the worst and dirtiest place in town. I have driven by this place my whole life and today I said they have to be doing something right over there cause they have been here for 40 years . How they have been in business this long is beyond me. I'm Italian and I'm embarrassed for these people. This is the worst sandwich, pasta, salad, macaroni salad, and pizza. I'm so mad they have $16 of my money. I wish I would have lost that money so at least I could be happy for making the day of who ever was to find it. But instead I feel ripped off. F$%#ing disgusting, the health department needs to go in here and shut them down. What a disgrace to Italian food. They have a lot of groceries that look interesting but this place is so dirty and cluttered that I don't think they have sold anything off these shelves since opening day 40 years ago.

  • Ashley C.

    I worked about 20 yards away from Tony's for about a year, so I've experienced a lot of what they have to offer. I am writing this review because I am utterly shocked that anybody would rate this above 1 or 2 stars. They don't bother to turn on the lights in the back of the store most days. The canned foods in the grocery area are dusty. I ate here probably half a dozen times, and each time the sandwich had an odd whang to it that I can't identify. It wasn't *bad* per se, but I quickly learned to spend another 2 dollars for Subway down the street. I ended up coming here for sodas and candy because it was so close to where I worked, until I caught on that I had to check the expiration date on all the items. I am sure that the expired sodas and candy bars weren't dangerous, but I sure got a nasty tasing one from time to time. Also, the prices randomly change based on who is ringing you up. It's an OK stop if you're hard up for cash and have a hankering for a sandwich with a weird taste, and don't mind rummaging through foodstuffs to find fresh items. But certainly never go out of your way to eat here.

  • Nam D.

    Two visits on consecutive days, two awesome sandwiches and pasta. When asked if they've been here long, shared a laugh at a very well delivered deadpan 42 years. Pictures of family everywhere, clustered italian deli and dry goods, frozen, take home and cook yourself available. Cash register must be from when they opened, very charming. Had their pastrami sandwich, italian hero, very well balanced between the that-morning-baked bread, juicy meats, and refreshing veggies. Oh, and it's CHEAP! A huge sandwich will set you back $3.25-5.55. Also they have freshly made cannolis! This will become a weekly ritual for me and my co-workers, I'm thinking.

  • Terry M.

    This review is composed as a companion piece to the other positives on this page, so please read those for details I won't repeat. I think Jason B.'s comments most accurately mirror my overall feel for this place. And, while I find Nick S.'s opinions undeservedly harsh, they do contain kernels of truth that shouldn't be entirely dismissed either. Regarding cleanliness: I contend that Tony's operates on the "European Standard". So ,if you've ever been, you know. If your home has anti-bacterial soap pumps at every sink, you carry antiseptic wipes in your purse or on your person at all times, and you fixate on the illusion of a 100% microbe-free world, you may want to "pass" on visiting Tony's. I'd assume then, that you would also avoid any contact with street vendors and food stalls in places like Mexico, Madrid, Bangkok, Hong Kong, et al? Yeah, we're all free to set limits on our individual tolerances, but at what cost to the fullest enjoyment of all that our one, single, lifetime has to offer? Scorpions on a stick, anyone? Perhaps a chilled brewski for starters. Do you do calamari, or not? If you're of the more adventurous sort, at least poke your nose into Tony's for the cultural experience. I consider this place a bona-fide living history museum, with a least three generations of family in evidence, and at your service. Want the lights on in the grocery? Ask. Have a question about ANYTHING? Ditto. Also, take time to see the mementos, memorabilia, kitsch, and exotic products liberally displayed on,behind ,and above the counter and entry. Yeah, there IS dust, but for me that doesn't diminish the faded, festive charm in the least. Nor does it alter the palpable sense of eras past, and present, that this place evokes in me. See the vintage ('50's?) black and white photo of Elvis w/some past friend or relation. Or, more currently, the color shot of, and shout out from, the entire Orangewood Cheer Squad of '09. I admit that not everything at Tony's is superfine, or to everyone's particular taste. I don't especially care for the coarse grind of their sausage, for example, but the sliced meats and cheeses are very good, and well priced. I WOULD recommend checking expire dates on groceries, since the turnover on these items is unknown. I've found outdated items at AJ's, Fry's, and almost everywhere else. It happens. If you're up for a purchase, let you senses (and common sense) be your guide. I "second" the votes for the subs, and the standard size, traditional cannoli @$2.15 is a bargain. (compared to $7 at Aiello's restaurant on Central, which I haven't tried.) Another bargain here is the bulk olives. While I'm not a big fan of green or kalamata types by themselves, a good tapenade is always welcome. With jumbo plain greens @$3.50lb., and Greeks priced at the upper end of $5.49lb., you can pay $11 and up for the same thing elsewhere. Let the Snoot in you decide. To wrap, YOU NEED TO KNOW about their SICILIAN olives. They're black. They're ripe. They're wrinkled, and dry-cured, and shiny. They're salty,(very) not sour. They're earthy, deeply rich, and complex. They're meaty, satisfying, and delicious. They're addicting. They're sprinkled with fennel seed, red pepper flakes, and (on a good day) bits of fresh garlic. They conjure Mediterranean breezes, raven-haired maidens in aprons, and hillsides with goats. They're seaspray and sunshine; they're sublime. And they're $4.49. Match with a favorite wine, a crusty loaf, a chunk of cheese, and you're home.. Where the heart is... OR, you can eat them like candy. Try at least ONE in your lifetime. Sadly, Tony's skips the minced garlic more often than not. If your purchase comes without, I strongly encourage you to add your own at home. Makes a world of difference.

  • Elizabeth C.

    So, I am new to the Sunnyslope area and work nearby. Choices when you have a half hour lunch are pretty slim around here. We have Jack in the box, McD's and a Subway. I had never seen this little place because it's so well hidden. A friend who lives in the area recommended I try their sandwiches. Since I'd like to think I'm open to trying new things I walked on in. The deli is quite the interesting little place. Italian posters have taken over the store and it's kept dark. They seemed to have a vast array of authentic Italian foods for cooking at home. The menu offered variety of sandwiches as well as pizza (sold by the slice) and spaghetti. I settled on a salami sub. Wow, I have never realized a sub can taste SO good!! The salami with the cheese they used plus the condiments gave the sub a nice little kick. Everything tasted quite fresh. The tomatoes were smaller and shiny, bright red. The prices are great. What I could tell a sub runs 2.50- 4.00. Well worth it for its size. They also have the option of getting a side with your sub. While waiting for my sub to be prepared I did grab an orange Italian ice from the freezer. Once at work, I found it had no taste. It was just orange colored ice. All in all, great experience! Can't wait to try some more sandwiches!


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :8:00 am - 6:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : No
    Attire : Casual
    Noise Level : Quiet
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : Yes
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : Yes


Italian Cuisine

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Tony’s Italian Delicatessen

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