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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Jessica S.

    Oh my God, this place is stupid good! My boyfriend and I just bought a house a few minutes away and we were looking for the best local Chinese place for us to settle into and OH. MY. GOD. did we hit the jackpot. I know it sounds a hyperbolic but this is hands down the best Chinese food place I have eaten at in my life. When you order a dinner combination, it comes with SO MUCH FOOD for your money. Egg roll, two fried shrimp, a bowl of soup and a side of rice with your entree (on which they certainly do not skimp.) The sides alone almost make a full meal and they are so delicious. A little on the greasy side but you'll hear no complaints from me (the stuff is /fried/, after all). The soup is the best egg drop soup I've ever had. Thick and meaty, not a bowl of water with a few slivers of egg like I've had at many other places. Thick and hearty with a nice amount of egg and chicken. The egg roll is HUGE compared to the average egg roll and also plenty meaty, not just a fried cabbage pocket. Rice is hot and fresh and delicious. Of the entrees, we've tried the cashew shrimp, orange chicken and sesame chicken and all three of these were completely perfect. Large portions make it well worth the money (about $9-$10 for the dinner combos) and they taste amazing! The cashew shrimp was both savory and creamy at the same time and there was no shortage of shrimp. Sesame chicken was fluffy and juicy and delicious. Orange chicken is, quite literally, the very best orange chicken I have ever had. Deliciously saucy without being overpowering and the chicken slightly crispy which kicks the flavor up just that much more. The atmosphere is nothing to write home about. It's modest but clean and well-kept with a peppering of decoration here and there. Very casual and relaxed which is certainly not a negative for me. The service is pretty casual but definitely friendly. Both times we've been here there have been employees cracking jokes with each other behind the counter but not behaving in any way inappropriately and treating us very respectfully and being sure to keep checking on our needs. I have no problem whatsoever with people enjoying themselves at work provided it doesn't interfere with the service and it definitely didn't. We are really excited about this place and have invited so many people to come eat there with us once we're settled in to the new house. We took home a menu today to put on the fridge for nights that we can't be bothered to cook or go out so they can be our first choice for some delivery.

  • Megan L.

    Been coming here since it opened. Good msg at good prices.

  • Bry W.

    My family and I love this place. The food is always fresh and they can customize our orders to fit within our low carb and low sodium diet. The owners are always friendly and the customer service from the staff is top notch! I highly recommend the happy family, chicken and mushrooms, and the fish dinner (they only have it around Easter).

  • Jeanine P.

    Before they switched to this new owner they were a lot better.. The foods OK. Nothing to get all excited over.

  • Trish B.

    Husband and I went looking for a local Chinese food restaurant that does Dine-In, Take Out, and Delivery to our home. This place fit the bill so we went for dinner. I always like to visit a restaurant before using a delivery service because I like to know where the food comes from. I was pleased when we entered as it was a brightly lit and clean no-frills Chinese express type restaurant. The clean part is important to me. Next was to try the food. My husband ordered Pork Fried Rice but asked they withhold the usual carrots and peas. That was no problem. I ordered their wok stir fried thin egg noodles with vegetables and tofu. I love Chinese black mushrooms and this had it listed in their menu as part of the ingredients (they are high in iron and I am anemic). It came out pretty quickly and though we ate there it comes out in takeout styrofoam and a plastic fork - so no plates and leftovers are easy enough to take home as they are already in take out keepers. My husbands Pork fried rice according to him was very tasty. Next time he mentioned he would try the chicken as the pork was on the tough side but it tasted good. My wok stir fried thin egg noodles were quite good. I was disappointed though that they used just boring button mushrooms and not Chinese black mushrooms in it. The dish though I really liked the flavor. So, it met our expectations and will definitely be our go-to for Chinese Delivery from now on. Sorry so long winded! :-)

  • Becca N.

    Exceptional food, value and service. Any lunch special offered here is a fantastic value as it comes with fried rice, spring roll, wontons and entree. The mu shoo pork and pork fried rice and pot stickers are the best I've had in a long time and food is prepared fresh and quickly. I mostly order for pick up, which you can add special requests to such as spice level and add or omit specific ingredients. In fact, I have most of my entire office "addicted" to the flavor of The Wok Express to where we order at least once a week. I just ordered the Orange Beef today for the first time and I'm excited to say that I think I've found a new favorite! I'm treated very well by the staff/owners here and will never go to another Chinese Food restaurant in the Scottsdale area. Make sure you try the Orange Chicken lunch special if you're a fan of the stuff. This is the BEST OC you will find, they fry it up extra crispy, and you'll never go back to Panda Express after you have had it here!

  • Leah F.

    Finally I have found a good Chinese food place that is delicious and inexpensive :) went in on a Sunday yes they are open Sunday's even though yelp says closed when brining up on phone 12-9. I ordered 2 lunch combos to go an order of sesame chicken and sweat and Sour chicken yum yum and yum !!! They are very generous portions and come with 2 won tons fried rice and egg drop soup & spring roll per order I ordered a egg roll too honestly Their spring rolls where better but for $15 bucks you can't go wrong and it kept me and my husband and daughter full till dinner unlike most Chinese places where you feel Hungry a few hrs later . This will be our new place it was very clean inside and the lady running the front was super sweet and friendly. My only regret is that I didn't find this gem sooner.

  • Yvonne G.

    Well, if you want VOLUME, this is the place for you. Generous portions & very fair pricing. Lunch specials for about $5.65 and dinner specials for about $8 and up. The dinner combo includes soup, egg roll, two fried shrimp, veggie fried rice and the entree of your choice. I prefer less food but have tastier food. Too much of bad is just bad, but a little bit of good is excellent. Here's why my star allocation is the way it is: 1. Egg drop soup which comes with the Dinner combination had very little taste. It is about 4 ounces but considering it is free, some consumers would appreciate it. I would rather have no soup than tasteless soup. 2. The free fried shrimp which come with the dinner combo were 70% crust. Shrimp not cleaned. Found a long string of poop when I opened it. A bit oily too. See photos. 3. My House chow mein which came with Fried rice did not have much flavor. A few drops of sesame oil would have done the trick. I added soy sauce to make it taste better. If you see the photo, it looks delightful but it is a disappointment to the taste. 4. Hubby LOVED his Orange chicken. It was thinly sliced chicken and lightly crusted. They should have followed suit on the shrimp and they would have been perfect. Had brown rice with it for 50 cents extra. 5. Egg roll was pretty good. Lots of veggies and not too greasy until you get to the end of the egg roll but that is to be expected. Cordial service, clean place, very fair pricing. If you want a lot of food for a cheap price, this is the place for you.

  • Bob R.

    You cannot beat Wok Express for really tasty take-away Chinese food. So far we have had all of the appetizers except the lettuce wraps and they are all excellent. Egg Drop soup - also excellent with a lot more soup than stock. Entrees - We have tried the Sesame chicken, HS Egg foo Young, HS Mi Fun Noodles, Walnut Shrimp, and the sweet and sour Chicken. ALL great with large portions. The staff is really pleasant and makes sure you get all of your order. And the online order system actually works! We are going to work our way through the entire menu. . .

  • Su-shien C.

    I'm going to very quickly write a review as I wait for my takeout. Located next to Dollar Tree in the Safeway shopping center. Now that it's under new ownership owned by a nice family, the quality of the food has definitely improved. I love coming here now to order their moo shu chicken, hot & sour soup, yu shan chicken, lettuce wrap. The interior has been brightened with new furniture and fresh paint & decorations. It is much nicer than before. The only thing which I am not sure how you would get rid of it is when you initially walk in, the place smells stale. Maybe cause I got here just as they opened and the place needs to get aired out. I love coming to family owned places especially one where the owner greets you with a warm smile. I hope this business does well. Support local, shop small!!!

  • Jennifer L.

    We get delivery from here every couple weeks. They are always prompt on delivery and they have decent quality food. My husband always has to ask for extra spicy on his general tso's chicken to get it hot enough for him. I usually get the chicken with broccoli and it is almost always good. Overall I am not a fan of Chinese food in Phoenix in general but when a craving strikes, this place will do in a pinch.

  • Corey S.

    We recently tried The Wok Express since it is right down the street and wish we had tried it sooner. The ordering process online was so easy, delivery was fast, and the food was fresh and delicious. The portions were large even when we got the small sizes. Some of the best Orange Chicken I have had.

  • Jen H.

    Stumbled across this place when my hubby was out of town and I wasn't feeling well. Great pricing, close to home and they deliver! The egg rolls are HUGE, you get twice as many crab rangoon as other places and the fried rice seems homemade, just made, fresh. The first time I ordered delivery they said 45 min. Totally fine. It was a busy night. They showed up in 15. The second time we thought they were closing soon and felt bad ordering for delivery. The gentleman said it wasn't a problem. They expanded their hours as they are continuing to get busier and busier. This is def our new spot!

  • Melissa V.

    Food is ok. Will not return

  • Lydia S.

    This neighborhood Chinese restaurant makes me wish I lived close by! We were in town for vacation and ended up ordering from them twice, they were so good. We did not eat in, but did pick up so I know this isn't a date place or fancy in anyway. But the food was just what we were looking for. Prices were very reasonable, taste was on point, and portions were large. Mongolian Beef - Big, tender, flavorful pieces of beef Shrimp with Vegetables - Lots of big shrimp, veggies included carrots, celery, broccoli, green beans, and snow peas. Orange Chicken - Not too much batter, great orange flavor with just a little bit of heat. Beef and Broccoli - Beef was thinner than in Mongolian Beef but still tender and flavorful. Broccoli could have been cooked a little more but that is personal preference. Fried Wontons - I think these were supposed to be crab rangoon but there was no crab in them, just cream cheese. But they were REALLY TASTY! Deep fried but not greasy, sweet and salty. Perfect!

  • Robert B.

    Food was awesome! So was the price! Lunch was $5.75 for soup egg roll rice and entree.

  • Bethany G.

    First went here 2 years ago and thought it was fabulous. Their Orange Chicken was amazing and they also included Egg Drop Soup, Friend Shrimp, and an Egg Roll with every order (for dinner or lunch). Decided to visit them again and got the same exact order and was highly dissatisfied. The chicken tasted like it was from a can and was overly cooked (I could taste burnt crispy parts, yuck!). They also no longer give you the Fried Shrimp. The Egg Roll was super small and tasted like it had previously been frozen. The WORST part about the entire experience was that when I was waiting for my order I went to the restroom and immediately saw a giant cockroach scurrying around the floor! No thank you. I will never be back.

  • Caitlyn C.

    I don't know why but Chinese food always tastes amazing when you are sick, sick or not the wok express is really tasty! And order online and delivery makes it easy to get a hold of. We orders the small egg drop soup, king pao chicken, twice cooked pork, spring rolls and we got a free order of crab puffs thanks to the specials they list while ordering. The egg drop soup was missing something, was light and refreshing but need a bit more punch. Spring rolls were okay, crispy and the dipping sauce was good. Best part of the meal was the king pao chicken, we ordered it spicy hot- needed more. But it tastes fresh and the sauce was delicious, it is probably one of the best I've had, especially since the chicken wasn't breaded and fried like so many other places. The twice cooked pork my bf loved, being a bit under the weather I wasn't feeling up to trying it, but it did smell and look good. My big kept going into the fridge and stealing bites. Would definitely, happily order again!

  • Drea O.

    Great food for a great price! Super big portions. I finally found a great Chinese delivery place.

  • Kimberly M.

    Very friendly staff... However, the food was soooo bland, there was no flavor whatsoever! Even my kids commented on how flavorless the food was! Because this place had such a high rating, I wanted to give it a try... Wow, I'm beginning to doubt YELP!

  • Gerald S.

    Singapore Mei Fun Noodles were excellent. Portions are generous, the place is clean and the service is friendly. Great place to have in the neighborhood!!

  • Nina P.

    Was really craving for Chinese food tonight and found this awesome restaurant on the way home. I must say, the restaurant itself was very cleaned when I walked in. I liked the look and the layout of the restaurants. The servers and cooks were very nice people, my boyfriend and I were well-welcomed. I got the combination (chicken, beef and shrimp) friend rice as an entree and three Chinese spring rolls as an appetizer. The spring rolls were freshly prepared and were delicious! What really got me was my entree! It was cooked to perfection in my opinion. With a few dash of soy sauce and some chili sauce, my entree was completed! My boyfriend ordered an entree of the kung pao chicken which was also tasty as described. The food if great! I love it! And the prices aren't too bad, that's a plus! Yum, yum, I will be back for more Chinese food! And if possible as often as I can! : ) Recommended!!! Yes!!!

  • N V.

    This is one of the best Chinese meals I recommend lettuce wraps, crab Rangoon , steamed dumplings , hot and sour soup Bourbon chicken , orange chicken , rib appetizers , donuts and Chinese fortune cookies Always pleasant This is a once a week visit

  • Lisa F.

    I came in here for lunch one day. I ordered BBQ pork fried rice and crab puffs. I was very impressed by their crab puffs. First of all, you get 8 in an order. Secondly, they are light and crisp and delicious. The fried rice was ok. There was nothing special about it. I would order it again.

  • Dianna H.

    Had a great dinner at Work Express tonight. Their sauces are excellent, taste home made, not to sweet and perfectly blended. Vegetables are steamed perfectly with a bit of crunch and not overcooked. Restaurant is clean, well kept and the service is quite prompt. We will definitely come here again!!

  • Alex T.

    Good food but the customer service is horrible, I have been waiting for 30 minutes for my take out, the two people that came in after me have already got their food and left. Not happy.

  • Austin T.

    Great place for Chinese food. Had moo shy beef and sweet& sour chicken. Good crab puffs. Great online ordering and discounts

  • Michelle H.

    We came here after seeing 4 stars on yelp. We must have come on a really bad night. This was the worst Chinese food I've ever had. The hot & sour soup was too spicy to eat and I could only taste pepper. The fried shrimp & egg roll with the meal was swimming in grease-very old grease. We took about two bites of our orange chicken and sweet & sour chicken before deciding it was too gross to eat. It only gets 2 stars because the workers were super nice!

  • Shaunna M.

    Hands down, best take out Chinese in Phx/Scottsdale. For 2 of us, We ordered the fried rice to share, orange chicken, sesame chicken and wontons. Everything was amazing - this will definitely become one of our go-to's! Tip: the portions are generous! We were stuffed and hardly made a dent...we would've been fine with just 1 order of chicken and half order of wontons. The people who work there are super friendly as well, so that's just icing on the cake. Love love this place, will definitely be coming back soon!

  • Anna D.

    Absolutely DELICIOUS! Love the family staff :) friendly atmosphere and very clean. Delivery is super fast and always correct as long as you ask for the item you want, never expect it, just ask ;) My husband and I eat there weekly.

  • Jessica L.

    Great take out and I finally went to the restaurant to pick up my order and the place is really nice. We'll have to try dining in some time too

  • Kyle M.

    Best CHINESE!!!! Could eat this every Friday after work and again for lunch the next day.

  • Gaby T.

    Again, good, fresh, Chinese-American food. I tried the shrimp & vegetables. The white sauce was made with wine and garlic, yum! They don't skimp on either the variety of veggies with mushrooms, cabbage, green beans, water chestnuts, snow peas, carrots, broccoli, or the amount of shrimp! My other half had pot stickers and hot and sour soup. The pot stickers are a definite hit as is the dipping sauce. The hot and sour soup had more heat today than the last time so, although good, it was a bit of a surprise.

  • Cassie P.

    Eatiing here now very easy and friendly. The food is grat as well. Orange chicken and rice is pretty darn good.

  • Melissa T.

    My favorite Chinese place. I just wish it was closer to home instead of work. They make the best wor wonton soup- Love it!

  • T F.

    We have had food delivered from these guys on many occasions and it is ALWAYS delicious. The portions are healthy and service is timely. There was even an instance that they forgot sauce for one of our entrees and they immediately brought a huge container of the sauce out. We live quite a distance from the restaurant and were very grateful. In addition to generous portions the food is always well presented. We are so happy to finally have a decent Chinese take-out in our area!

  • Rodger B.

    I ordered the Walnut Chicken in a sweet cream sauce. It was very disappointing. The chicken is deep-fried pieces and ok. The walnuts are cold and the sauce is not sweet and has the consistency and taste of mayonnaise. It was also served in a tortilla bowl. I did not understand that. There was rice as a side and it was not sticky rice. Very bland. The Pepsi did not even taste right. I am not going back.

  • Brett B.

    Very disappointing . Very average food. Very cheap. Very hard to imagine ever returning again! Our family was super hungry tonight and everyone WANTED to like this place. Ordered take out via phone - food was ready in about 15 minutes I found this so-so place after having received a bright pink paper menu at our front door. Based on the generally favorable YELP reviews I was EXCITED... and kept this place in mind for when the family was in the mood for Chinese. All the over the top and highly exaggerated comments by other YELPERS should have been a dead giveaway that this place might not be as good as advertised. Here are some of my faves: "Oh my god - this place is stupid good" and "My favorite Chinese place. I just wish it was closer to home instead of work." "Yum, yum, I will be back for more Chinese food! And if possible as often as I can! : ) Recommended!!! Yes!!!" You've got to be joking! These reviews are an illusion my friends -I respectfully suggest you WOK away and find a better Chinese restaurant! Maybe some of these YELPERS have another wacky definition of what competent (or even decent) Chinese food tastes like. This ain't it. Food was consistently bland, sauces were so-so, portions big ...but who cares as the food was no good! We ordered the following items - and they all were rated by the entire family as being average to below average in taste (we just threw away all the Styrofoam boxes of leftovers - and there were plenty of leftoevers): 1. MONGOLIAN BEEF (A tasteless brew of chewy/shoe leather dried out meat and bland brown sauce with slivered onions and limpy scallions. The menu rates this as spicy and yet there was not a single hot pepper or spicy note to be detected. Very poor) 2. LETTUCE WRAPS (Another tasteless bomb - ground chicken with what tasted like stale and non-crunchy dry rice noodles. Chicken meat was also dry and bland. PF Chang's or Pei Wei beats theirs hands down. I used extra plum sauce to drown out the bad taste). 3. CHICKEN CHOW MEIN (Bland and boring dud of a dish - tasteless white meat chicken and a tasteless brown sauce with overcooked noodles few veggies. No flavor.) 4. POTSTICKERS (This was the best of all the dishes tried. Fairly tasty filling, but the outside of the potstickers were not seared or cooked enough, so these were more like steamed dumplings than potstickers). 5. CHICKEN FRIED RICE (We used the menu coupon to order the free Chicken Fried Rice. Rice was also bland like their other dishes, could not detect that the rice was even moderately fried as it rice was still white like normal non-fried rice. Almost no egg to be found, very little chicken, another tasteless item) Look, I know good Chinese food - and I will seek it out when I find it and return again and again. So folks you have a choice - you can believe all the other gushy "over the top" reviews here (just curious if real people actually wrote those other gushy reviews?), or you can take my humble word for it and save yourself money and time by avoiding this disappointing dive.

  • S H.

    This is one of my fave places, I like the orange tofu since I am a vegetarian, but the mixed veg- wish it had more broccoli in it, and I do love the fact they have brown rice. All in all I like the place to go there fairly regularly.

  • Erin D.

    I love their crab puffs! They are so light and crispy, and never too greasy. I try to get something new each time I come, although I love their curry, and the porc mi fun. I go here almost once a week for a quick dinner, and have never been disappointed. The staff are courteous and remember the special orders I get, such as adding veggies to dishes, and removing the mushrooms from others.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :11:00 am - 9:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : Yes
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch, Dinner
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : No
    Waiter Service : Yes
    Caters : Yes


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Generally, Chinese use dark meat small bones and organs to cook dishes but this changes when you are eating American-Chinese fusion food prepared using white boneless meat cooked with broccoli, carrots and onions. Back in China, the food is less spicy and oily as they favor steaming and braising method for cooking the most popular dishes. So, if you have a taste for authentic Chinese food, then try finding a real Chinese restaurant in the city. You can also try the most popular fusion Chinese food like Pecking Duck, Chicken Feet, Hot Pot, Shrimp Dumpling Soup, Mapo Tofu, Wontons, Chop Suey, Egg Rolls and not to forget Fortune Cookies.

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The Wok Express

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