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4025 E Chandler Blvd,Ste 14
Phoenix, AZ, 85048

(480) 706-1700

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User:Aurelio D.

First time here for me and one of several times for my wife. We ordered the chicken tikka masala and another dish with chicken and spinach along with a little dessert at the end. Our senses were poised for a good time as we approached the restaurant. The quality of the food did not let us down. It was perfectly spiced and seasoned and gave the impression of a carefully and skillfully prepared meal. My wife was not very fond of the rice pudding, representing an area of compromise between us as I differ. Upon noticing that my spoon was now invading her cup of rice pudding, the owner provided my wife with two other alternatives to sweeten her pallette. My wife and I spent a nice weekday dinner escape and found quality food, service and care for us as customers all for what "the average Joe" can expect to spend at a high volume and taste deficient place like Applebee's. That's why I'll be back to the Star of India and I may yet again have two servings of rice pudding if my wife allows me.

User:Amber H.

I like this place a lot and they offer take out if you just want to pick up food and go home to eat. I always get the chicken makhani and my husband gets lamb curry... and garlic naan (so good you should get it!) Every time the food doesn't disappoint. The decor leaves much to be desired but I could care less about how the place looks as long as its clean and yummy. The people that work there are always very nice and welcoming. We'll continue to go there in the future.

User:Deepak M.

Good food..good service. It's hard to find authentic indian food here in the valley and though it isn't really authentic. .it's fairly good. The owners hustle to provide service and are courteous.

User:Farmer T.

Ordered some food to-go last weekend and was told it would be ready in 15-20 minutes. Showed up about 25 minutes later and was told it would only be a few more minutes. Well, I ended up getting my order 50 minutes later and not the 15-20 that was initially told. Such a waste of time! The food was good, but the to-go order portion size is smaller than eating in-house...also, didn't get a side of rice like I do when I've had this dish at a sit-down before. Such a disappointment.

User:Donna B.

I really like star of India. I usually get their chicken tikka masala. I also enjoy their vegetable korma. What stands out for me is their special naan. Naan bread stuffed with maraschino cherries, coconut, and nuts. I've yet to find it at any other Indian restaurant. I agree with another reviewer that the place needs a decorating update. It kind of looks a little shabby. Doesn't bother me much, I just really like the food. When I was going there on a regular basis the owners seemed to know who I was and, they were very friendly. I have been going to Star of India for the past three years on my birthday. Always a good birthday treat.

User:Ysenia K.

I've been eating here for about 8 years, it's the best Indian food around in my opinion. When I first started going there, I thought they were a little rude, but that isn't the situation at all, not anymore at least. They have a delicious lunch buffet that's both vegetarian and non, and I love it all. Don't be afraid of the green stuff, it's delicious, it's spinach with goats cheese. They use to bring out fresh curry chicken but now they just bring out fresh naan, which is freshly made. The table cloths are a little long, be careful when you get up cause you can take the whole table with you.

User:Stephanie D.

I was surprised upon first entering this spot (as recommended by my cousin who raved about this spot when she first moved to AZ) the place wasn't fully packed, a few tables were empty & there were two other couples who came after us which we all waited in the seating area for a good 15-20 minutes. At this point i'm not discouraged because i will wait if i'm anticipating GOOD food so finally, we got seated along with those 2 other parties at the same time. Another 5 minute wait to look through menu & get drink orders taken. They forgot my coke which was later served the THIRD time our waiter miraculously came around :(. We finally ordered while snacking on the chips which tasted like residual hemp products lol not really my fav-definitely an acquired taste. We simply ordered sheikh kabob, chicken curry, naan & pista kulfi ice cream for i run to the restroom which was dirty & was disappointed considering even the worst hole in the wall gems i have found have clean public restrooms! Should have been the last red flag for me & ended the experience right there.... ....Another 10 minutes pass by & I'm noticing the tables next to us have already gotten their food....come another ? minutes at this point i'm wondering if my frustrations are psychologically ruining my taste buds or was it from my dehydration from the lack of water refills because in between the two tables who were also seated at the same time if my cousin & i were intentionally being neglected considering most of the tables left & aside from the table who was next to us were the only patrons left in the joint! We are not the type of people who make a peep in public places, as both of us work for the public & for this reason i will always rate my experiences honestly. Finally as the last table left we were still getting served our last dish. Mediocre at best. I found a plastic part in my pista kulfi which topped off the list of undesirable dining experiences i've ever had. Terrible.

User:Chrystal A.

This was a wonderful experience! We have never had Indian food prior to this... We walked in and the wait staff was very welcoming. We were unsure of the items on the menu and the waiter took extra time to explain the items and make suggestions! Food was AMAZING!!!! Afterwards; our waiter brought us a desert on the house! Very good food...great service and a quiet and quaint atmosphere! Must go!!

User:Carl G.

First visit and not impressed. The reviews seemed to suggest a different story, albeit, I only tried the buffet. The basmati rice was almost tasteless, the chicken tikka masala had very little flavor and the chicken was a tad overcooked. I tried the samosas, but again tasteless. The grilled chicken was dry too. Don't think I will be going here again.

User:Kevin E.

We have been coming here for many years and it is absolutely wonderful. We have our favorites but everything we have had is great. We have also often ordered take out. I simply can't say enough good things about the food and the people that work there. Please enjoy.

User:Sunita P.

Preet and crew always take care of you! Best dishes are paneer tikka and naan. Dessert get the ras malai

User:T W.

We bought a voucher. It was good only for menu items (not the buffet). The ambiance is sort of divey. Clean, but shabby. My wife got a buffet, I ordered curry off the menu. They curry was fine. Nothing special, but fine. I ordered "medium" hot, but it was't hot at all. Which is surprising because Indian food can be very spicy. My wife snuck a few buffet bites to me (technically not allowed, but we didn't abuse it...just a taste). The items were OK. Again, nothing special. But fine. I can't say I'd come back because I know of at least two other Indian restaurants that have tastier food (though one is much pricier!). But the food is not bad. You could do much worse.

User:Sherin C.

So many choices! They are very nice. Food was delicious. Definitely will return.

User:Mimi M.

This has to be the best Indian food I've found in Az!!! The Tandoori chicken was incredible as was the bit of lamb korma and chicken tikka masala that others in my party ordered and I tried. The staff was also competent and very understanding, (seeing as how a member of my party was almost an hour late). I really enjoyed my meal at Star of India and I plan to return, repeatedly!!!!

User:Jane O.

You'll see a lot of different "Star of India" restaurants but they're all different. However, this one is the best! It seems like this is a family-owned business and are very friendly. We always order the same things: chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken, or chicken biryani. Plus their garlic naan is AMAZING and a must have especially when you're eating the chicken tikka masala with a side of rice (if we don't order the chicken biryani). The tandoor chicken comes on a big bed of grilled lettuce, onions and a few big pieces of tomatoes which is a necessary component that adds to the perfectly seasoned/grilled chicken. Their chicken biryani gives other biryani's a run for its money. With raisins, cashews, chicken and other herbs/spices, it's a great dish even to eat alone!

User:Jennifer D.

I ordered to-go from Star of India. Garlic Naan and Aloo Gobi, with rice. Service: It was a to go order, but everything was ready when I arrived, and they packed it up neatly with no leakage at all. Food: DELICIOUS. I ordered medium spice on the Aloo Gobi and it was perfect. Well seasoned, excellent flavors, and just hot enough. The rice is good and the Garlic Naan was excellent. I'm really glad we have Star of India in the neighborhood. Go there!

User:Amie C.

Super friendly service! The friends we were dining with go here a lot so we were definitely treated very well by the staff. Shrimp tikka masala was delicious! Garlic naan was also great! The veggie samosas were yummy. The cracker and spread that was brought to our table when we arrived was super tasty, but I don't know what it's called. At some point during the meal I swallowed something very sharp. To the point that I went to the bathroom bc I was worried I would have to try and get it out of me. Ha. Needless to say, I did not need to do that. It has now been two whole days an I'm still alive despite sealing a sharp morsel. I'm guessing it was an accidental piece of shrimp tail and not the jagged check chicken bone I thought it was. Ya ya, never mind I was eating a shrimp dish. I did also try the mutter paneer (sp) and another chicken dish that were both also delicious. Despite the swallowed sharp piece, I will be back!

User:David S.

This place is absolutely amazing. The service is incredible, and you can tell that they really care about their customers and the food they provide. It seems to be family-run, and they are extremely attentive and helpful when a dumb American such as myself is trying to order things he doesn't know about or understand. The food is awesome. I like spicy food, and I order a '7' out of '10', which gives me some real heat and keeps me reaching for my Kingfisher beer. Everything is amazing - perfectly spiced, cooked, and portioned. The atmosphere is wonderful too. I don't know what a traditional Indian place is supposed to look like, but it's authentic enough for me. The last time I was here, there was a large indian family sitting near us, and they kept talking about how wonderful the food was, so apparently it's the real deal too. I confidently give this place 5 stars. There is nothing I would change.

User:Alyssa J.

Star of India has some of the best food around. I've never had anything here that I didn't like, the chicken Korma is a particular favorite. Owner-manager(?) Preet is incredibly kind and welcoming, my husband and I are regulars here now and he always comes over to our table to say hello and talk with us. We also usually get a dessert on the house too ;)

User:Nadia B.

Great place and amazing good! I ordered take out from here twice as I work very close by and they gave me a great deal and even delivered food to my work! Tried the chicken tikka masala, rice, and garlic naan and it was to die for! Unlike any other Indian good I've had. Truly authentic and I asked for extra extra spicy and boy was my mouth on fire! It was delish!

User:Evan B.

The flavors here are truly great, if you like garlic and spices this is your place. So if you have a 2pm business meeting you may want to find something else, but if you want to make your tast buds hit the international disco floor give the lunch buffet a try. There were the usuals, pakoa, aloo tiki, raita, and then mostly common food but well executed. For me the winners were the saag, a green spinach based concoction packed with garlic and exotic flavors which may even be healthy. The korma was my other favorite with clunks of veggies paneer and a creamy curry sauce. The meal also inclues garlic naan (nice touch), chai tea and desert. For desert may I recommend the rasmali. a sweet creamy milk sauce with balls of cheese that have the texture and taste of cake.

User:Nura A.

Been here many times. Good food and service. Never disappointed. I like the ambience in the room. Light music, dim lights and quiet. Just wish the place is bigger. Not much room to move at the table.

User:Steve B.

It was my good fortune to try Star of India for the first time last night. Such wonderfully complex flavors in the vindaloo, ordered spicy and it delivered the heat! My vegetable biryani was superb, ordered medium and it was a large portion. It seems to be a family-run restaurant, and the two men who served my food and inquired about everything----they were very helpful. It was an enjoyable experience that I will certainly return to here and there.

User:David P.

Food was mediocre and service was abysmal. I'm shocked this place has a high rating on Yelp. There are dozens of better Indian options in this area.

User:Desiree S.

This place it's so amazing not just because of the flavorful food but also because of the wonderful people the manage it. I am always craving this food. Buffet from 11am to 2:30 really worth the price. Today the owner thought me how to nNe garlic bread and it was an unforgettable experience

User:Jennifer O.

I visited Star of India with a friend for dinner and we both agreed that it was alright. The service was attentive, which we liked. We had the chicken masala and the lamb vindaloo with garlic naan and rice. The chicken masala (ordered mild) was good, with very tender chicken, but with a little lacking in flavor in the sauce. The lamb was alright... a little tough, as if it was not cooked long enough, and the sauce (ordered medium) was not spicy and, though more flavorful than the masala, it wasn't the most amazing I have had. Overall, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. I was also a little disappointed that we were charged for the rice.... really? The dishes (which are not inexpensive) don't come with a tray of rice? Indian food is all about the sauce, the meat isn't meant to be the main part of the meal... so what are you supposed to eat the sauce with? A spoon? It wasn't a huge charge, but I disagree with the concept of it. Anyway, I don't think I will be rushing back, although maybe it is better at lunch time.

User:Andy G.

We returned to Star of India recently to enjoy the lunch buffet on a weekend. The restaurant was pretty empty the last three times we've been here--I hope that's not a bad sign! The buffet is somewhat limited as others have noted. There is stuff to make salad, plus about 8 entrees, various sauces, rice, naan, a few desserts, and Indian tea. Everything is quite delicious, but if you are looking to sample a wide variety of Indian cuisine, this won't quite do the trick. The entrees are quite filling though--I really had to press myself to try a little bit of everything. You will leave feeling like you just ate enough to last for two days! I find the staff to be quite helpful and friendly, as well.

User:Rand H.

= = = = = = WEEKDAY LUNCH BUFFET! = = = = = = It had been almost 15 months, so I stopped back in here, joined by Mike C., to see how they're doing. For me, the strongest feature of this place is the small, stylish, very comfortable dining room. It's just

User:Jerome C.

I have been coming here for over 10 yeas and love this place. Prete is the owner and does a great job running this place. We have never had a bad meal here, and when it comes to Indian restaurants there are plenty of terrible places in Phoenix to visit. This however is not one of them. I have eaten Indian food all over the world; Germany, London, New York.... and this ranks at as one of my favorite.

User:Mason K.

Five stars for the awesome food and kind / friendly service. They really cared about us having a good experience. The place isn't too fancy, and it's a tad expensive (they kind of nickel and dime you a bit on things like naan and rice) but the food was so good that I'm still giving them 5 stars. Nice people running the place.

User:Cameron H.

Fantastic service. Amazing. I've been to India four times and this food is spectacular.

User:Crystal P.

My first experience with India food was not very pleasant. I went to a buffet and the food was just horrible. After that, I tried a couple of other places and just couldn't become to like Indian food. Well, I must say that Star of India really changed my perception of what Indian food should taste like. OMG....they make the best Chicken Tikki Marsala, I always get it spicy by the way. Very good garlic naan and love their vegetables ( potato and cauliflower ). Staff is super friendly and very welcoming whenever I step in the restaurant. I usually get take out and they give me something free to try. Absolutely love this place!

User:Kim B.

If you love Indian fare, this is your spot. I'm gluten free and they can make nearly everything to fit my diet. LOVE having this place in our hood!

User:Myesha W.

This place has some the absolute best chicken tikka masal in the valley... The courteous staff makes it even that much better. This dish can range from mild to blow your taste buds hot but they always seem to get it just right unlike other places. I would recommend this place to any and everyone!!!!

User:Michael T.

This may sound snobbish, but I shall not abide pathetic service. My wife and I have been going to this restaurant for about 2 years. The service was always, and I mean always, sketchy, but at least the food was okay. The last time we patronized it, we ordered take out and they said it would be 25 minutes. Knowing their habits we got there after 35 minutes and waited another 20 before our food was delivered to us, despite my asking three times of three different people to check on my order. When we got it home, it was the worst Indian food I have ever had. Dry, overcooked, tasteless and of small quantity. I have sat in the restaurant on numerous occasions waiting for the waiter to appear and take our drinks order to the point that I have had to get up and go find him/her. Disgusting. Give it a miss.

User:Aletheia W.

We came with a groupon, and ordered a bunch of things. It was... ok. It wasn't the worst Indian food I've had, but it definitely wasn't the best. Which could also be a summary for almost all restaurants in Ahwahtukee. The service was alright.... but the food was just not great. I honestly can't even remember one thing that we liked. Ok, the biryani was probably the best thing, but not good enough that I could recommend this place.

User:Ana E.

Food was bland. Chicken Tikka Masala was flavorless. Not spicy. Samosas were cold on the inside. Naan was good.

User:Anna G.

My husband I LOVE this place. Sure, it's not a five star restaurant, but they aren't claiming or trying to be. Their food is very, very good, though. My husband is Indian and has probably tried every Indian joint in the valley and we always end up back here. Their Chicken Muknee and any of the saag dishes are our favorite. The naan is also hot, a little yeasty and chewy- melt in your mouth yummm... By the way, if you don't like buttery food, why are you eating Indian cuisine at all?

User:Chad B.

Service: A+ came on a Friday night couldn't believe how busy such a small place could be but now I know why. Was brought a drink while we waited for a table staff was happy to see us and very friendly. Atmosphere: A+ small restaurant but very cozy and authentic the walls are filled with Indian art and the music was authentic and cheerful. Food: wow! Let me say it again! WOW! We were first brought out a complimentary taco shell looking appetizer with a few sauces it was delicious. I then ordered chicken tikka masala (hot), regular rice, and garlic naan. I think I've found my favorite food of all time. Everything was so hot and delicious I will definitely coming back very soon probably twice a week. I've eaten at a few Indian restaurants most recently the "curry corner" and this place is hands down 100% better in every way shape and form. Price: extremely reasonable for the quality of food. I heard they even have an all you can eat buffet from 11-2 I will definitely be checking it out soon! Overall for me it's the best Indian food in phx and most likely all of Arizona if you are over on 40th and chandler blvd GO CHECK IT OUT you will not be disappointed.

User:Namara H.

I went in for dinner when I did not have a lot of time and when I realized I would not have enough time to eat there I got up to leave. One if the workers followed me out and said to stay that he would bring a chicken curry out right away and what kind of bread would I like. It was yummy although the rice was a little over cooked. When I go the bill I was suprised to see the chicken curry was 18.00. Wow! I feel ike I had been had.

User:David C.

Very good food and the staff is friendly. The atmosphere is very India, and that's cool cause you definitely get the authentic experience being there. I loved eating with my hands (which is not a requirement, I just did it personally, I think that's what they do in India any way) and that was fun. The drinks are pretty reasonably priced. But for a buffet I would say it tasted pretty fresh and good, not tasting like the usual tasteless stale buffet. Definitely recommend this place!

User:Ryan J.

Our favorite Indian place - nice, simple atmosphere, great Tikamasala, decent prices.

User:Amanda D.

This little place is tucked deep into the corner of an Ahwatukee shopping center and is easy to miss. That's too bad though, because this is the best Indian food I've ever had. As a matter of fact, I thought I didn't like Indian food until I started eating here several years ago. The buffet is the best way to go, in my opinion, as you can try a bit of everything, even desserts. The Simosas and Naan are my favorite, but everything is delicious. After eating here so many times, I can attest to the fact that the food is extremely consistent. The management/front staff are extremely friendly and accommodating and the atmosphere is casual and relaxing. This is a great place to get someone over their fear of trying something new.

User:Ainee B.

Lunch buffet until 2.30pm.

User:Marlene S.

Star of India was first recommended to me five years ago but I was a bit hesistant because I had never tried Indian cuisine before and feeling a little adventurous one night we decided to give it a try we were amazed and instantly fell in love with this restaurant from the delicious food to the very kind owners who make sure that each experience there is as good as our first if not better. We have been to other Indian restaurants in the valley and in California but this place by far has won our hearts and taste buds. We have taken many people here to try Indian food for their first time and each time they too fall in love with this restaurant. We love things extra hot and we are never disappointed with the spicy saag or tikka masala, my daughter loves things on the mild side and they always accommodate to her tastes as well. Don't forget to try the naan or the deserts too...Enjoy.

User:Kerri F.

We love this place, the food is fantastic. Great spices and good quality food for the price :)

User:N M.

By far, the best Indian food we've had in the valley, and we are total snobs. Really enjoyed the variety at the buffet, and the nan was really homemade. Keep up the good work!

User:Armando C.

the lunch buffet is a great deal. The fresh garlic naan is delicious as is everything else.

User:p t.

Been here three times now over the last few months and the food and service never failed. The tandoori chicken is amazing! Have had it three times now and it didn't disappoint! Another favorite is their malai kofta! So delish! Definitely recommended!!

User:Jennifer W.

This place is excellent! I come here every time i'm in town for business. Love it!!

User:Deborah F.

Lunch Buffet There was three of us for a fast lunch.. The food was excellent and the service was very attentive and helpful with ingredient explanations ( one of us is gluten-free). They had about 12 items to choose from (meat and vegetarian) along with a basic salad, and 3 desserts. We plan on going back again the next time we're in the area.

User:Wil E.

Great lunch buffet here today. Good selection and tasted freshly made. Good naan, too. I'd go back again.

User:Benjamin C.

I was unaware of this little gem of a restaurant next to Trader Joe's in Ahwatukee, and the only reason I ventured there with my wife was that there was a Groupon deal for it. Thanks Groupon! Here are a couple of things I thought were worth mentioning about my experience: Food: I had the Chicken Tikka Masala with "medium" spice levels, and it did not disappoint. The curry was fragrant, rich and spicy! Just the way it should be. I'd be hard pressed to recommend a better Indian curry to my friends. The garlic naan was also well done and was a decent portion, be it for a slightly exorbitant price (more on that below). Spice Level: Spice levels are more spicy than the the typical Indian buffet, so beware if you have a delicate constitution. My wife was tempted to get "hot", but lucky enough she settled for "medium". It was just right for her, and she likes spicy food. Price: The meal was a little on the pricey side due to the fact that we had to pay $2 - $5 for rice/bread on top of the entree, as it is not included with it. Onion Fumes: While waiting for the food to come out, I started tearing, and started wondering if I was just having a "moment". ;) But as it turned out, it was onion fumes wafting into the dining room from the kitchen that were making my eyes water. Yes, the fumes were that strong! Then again, we sitting right by the kitchen door and it was a little stuffy as it was cold outside (winter) and they likely had the heater on. I did cease to notice it once the food came though, because I then started crying tears of joy whilst stuffing my face. Nom nom nom! Conclusion: I would likely return, and bring a couple of friends or family members back with me!

User:Angel C.

Very disappointed about the Star of India restaurant, on Chandler Blvd! A view years ago, the food was rather good, well spiced, like true Indian food. - I had the fortune to have a friend (from Bangladesh) once, who cooked original Indian food for us. Furthermore, I went for years to good, additionally upper scale, Indian restaurants in Europe and America. Therefore I know, to distinguish between good and not good Indian meals. - Yet, the last two or three times, when we went for lunch buffet (in 2014/end 2013) to the Star of India restaurant, we were each time disappointed! Therefore, we decided now, we will definitely not return anymore. (But looking for a better restaurant in the Phoenix metro area.) Paying $10 + tax for a unsatisfactory meal - while you want to go out to eat something special - is not worth it, as well as very, very disappointing!!! Here how just recently, on a Saturday, the food for lunch was: Although the restaurant was fuller than I'd ever seen it, the food was terrible to bland! Additionally, I see many containers of eight main dishes on the buffet line almost every time not even touched, but full to the rim. (While I saw in other restaurants with good Indian food, that they had to replenish each dish over and over again during lunch. Because each lunch time the restaurant is so full that they need to work to keep up with the demand!) Even the Chicken Masala at Star of India was almost tasteless, as well as runny. The spinach dish was terrible! It tasted like chemicals, appearing like a paste - and with almost no Indian cheese in it! The rice desert was not worth mentioning, bland! Therefore, of all eight(!!) main dishes, I only had one single one - the Vegetable Masala with Indian cheese - that was good, tasty. (... Many dishes tasted like they were watered down or something like this, so that the spices do not come through any longer! ... The main dishes ran apart when being put on plate.) The service is nice, polite. But the restaurant itself, including restrooms, are very dirty. Also, the walls at the tables still spilled full with food spills.

User:Lee H.

I've lived in Ahwatukee since 1999 and have eaten at Star of India quite a few times. I've always found the food good, but not great. Recently, I went with a friend to the lunch buffet and was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Not sure if anything has changed there or not, but there seemed to be more variety of food to choose from, and more flavor. I tried to ask the waiter if there were new owners or a new cook at the restaurant, but he only spoke Hindi. No matter... the food was great and I'm looking forward to heading back soon.

User:Lelana A.

Just had them deliver. Very good chicken tikka, very flavorful and I love the garlic naan.

User:Cias H.

My wife and I love Indian food. We've tried every Indian restaurant in the Ahwatukee area, and this is our favorite. When you come, remember that this place is family owned and operated; it's not a chain with five bussers and six servers running around. For that reason, service is not as quick as Chile's or Outback. The food is authentic, fresh, and the restaurant aims to please. The owner always comes by and greets us, and if there's anything wrong they fix it immediately. The prices are fair, not cheap or expensive. For best results, order a la carte expecting to share each item. A curry or two, some samosas, and a meat or veggie entree will be more than enough for a couple, and you'll come away with about a $40 bill. There's also a Groupon out there right now, $12 for $24 I believe. Good for: Foodees, couples looking for something different, casual meals, and a weekday night out. Bad for: Snobs.

User:Jen V.

How can anyone give this place more than 3-stars? The food is overly buttered. My naan is always burnt. I ordered dahl and it was burnt. I have been here to eat and ordered take-out three times and each time I am disappointed with the taste of the food.

User:Micci G.

The buffet was pretty good, nice selection, though the flavors were a bit understated. I can understand, for a buffet needs to have wide appeal. I just think if people are going to an Indian restaurant they should have a good general idea what they are in for. As such, I would have preferred the food have a bit more of a kick. Service was decent, casual but friendly. Clean, well set table and and nice ambiance. Maybe a good place to take someone experiencing Indian or the first time, but if you are looking for spice like I was, you might be disappointed.

User:Michael S.

This place is the spot for lunch! I mean come on. Its Indian food buffet style! What's not to like about that. They serve you garlic naan or plain naan also buffet (all you can eat). The have all the standard fare as well as basmati rice. I always eat about a metric ton of food and when I get the bill... That's right $10. Starbucks costs more than that!! Definitely try this place out.

User:Richard J.

Wife chose this place and we went late Tuesday (9pm) for dinner after I got out of school. Owner was attentive and very helpful and helpd us order. he explained dishes and brought usu a few different breads. Dishes were VERY colorful, tasty, piping hot. I asked for spicy and WOW..., on that scale, I should have asked for mild.... Yummy food and Great time. the owner's family children were playing (read: screaming and running around jumping on boothes and staring at us over the wall) the whole dinner, which was mildy annoying in a quaint way..:{ we'll be back. maybe once school starts?

User:Raymond L.

My favorite indian restaurant in the Phoenix area. Staff are very friendly, give good recommendations. Everything comes out fresh and hot. They'll make your food as spicy as you can handle. The meat samosas, chicken curry, chicken tikka masala, shrimp korma, aloo gobhi, naan, and garlic naan were all delicious. It does take a little time for food to come out but that's because everything is prepared upon order. Have to say, didn't want to write this review in hopes the place wouldn't get busier but I have to give them their dues.

User:Ana L.

We love this place! Best naan bread ever and the chicken Makhni is excellent! We normally order our dinner to go but it is also a nice place to eat in, nothing spectacular but cozy and romantiquish... If you are around you should give it a try!

User:Natasha D.

This is by far my favorite Indian restaurant in the Phoenix area and the best! The food is very delicious and the owner, Preet, is very hospitable. Too bad I no longer live in Ahwatukee. All I could think of when I was at a restaurant down the street from my place earlier, is how mouth-watering Star of India's chicken tikka masala is.... Yumm! A must visit!

User:R P.

Star Of Indian in Ahwatukee is a gem! The food is excellent & very fresh. I have never eaten anything there that would make me think otherwise. We usually eat our favorite dishes every time we dine there but whenever we try something new it is always a wonderful surprise. The service is excellent, the owners are very nice people and are always willing to go the extra mile to make your visit a great eating experience. I've eaten at other Indian restaurants in the area but none compare and it being so close to where we live (The Foothills) it's a perfect place for us. You must try it once for yourself !!!

User:Jenn C.

I LOVE Star of India. I have been there three times, and every time, the service and the food were spot-on. You absolutely cannot beat their buffet. They have a huge spread with tons of vegetarian options-- there's something for everyone. On days when they don't have the buffet, they also have a sampler platter on their menu that is good. The buffet and the sampler are great introductions for people who have never had Indian food before. Their vegetable samosas with yogurt sauce are my personal favorite. This is a great restaurant for both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

User:Camille H.

We lived in Ahwatukee for probably a good 4 1/2 years before we ever tried Star of India and I have no idea what was stopping us. (To think of all that wasted time we could have had together...) We met some friends for dinner here because she worked with a bunch of Indian guys and they said it was the place place they found in Phoenix. I've probably only been to maybe five different Indian restaurants in Phoenix, but so far, I'd have to agree. Some particular delicacies you'll find are in the Chef's Selection area of the menu. My husband can't get enough of the Lamb Frazee (I think that's what it is). I can't go for a visit without the Aloo Gobi (in the vegetarian section). The lamb frazee on the chef's specials my husband LOVES! It think it's the first one on the list. I can't go without ordering aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower) and a side of raita. My favorite time is actually lunch when the have a nice buffet with at least three different main courses and probably three different vegetable courses (almost always aloo gobi is there too). At lunch they bring around naan to everyone but if you request garlic naan, they will oblige. You also will get a plate of tandoori chicken - so good! The toddler loves coming here with us. He eats off both our plates and waits (most often impatiently) for desert. Our favorite (and they're always on the buffet) are those little cold, wet donut balls. God, I love those things. (Though my personal description does them no justice.) I ate here throughout my entire pregnancy so maybe that's why the toddler has a taste for spicy ethnic food. (That could also explain his love for ahi...) Either way he's always happy to come, as am I. It's priced well and everyone is so friendly and sweet. They're always bringing out extra treats for Beckham (the toddler) like rice pudding and if you haven't been in for a while, they still remember you and greet you like an old friend. Maybe I can talk the husband into going here for dinner tonight? Nothing says Easter Sunday like a little curry, am I right? Jesus didn't sound like a picky guy. And with party tricks like water into wine, surely he would have been up for some curry...

User:Jose V.

14 years in the same location... I have lived in Ahwatukee longer than that and I shamefully say that this was my first time at the restaurant. What was I thinking. Great food, defintely family owned. Will be back!

User:LuckieMaounds P.

Wow. Just... wow. Wow! I came here for a wedding rehearsal dinner and the experience was incredible. I was in a large party and we ordered damn near one of everything on the menu and every single thing I tasted I wanted more of. Tandoori chicken - served on a sizzling platter with seared vegetables and fall-off-the-bone tender. Had a delicious, yet mild, flavor, perfect for those venturing into Indian food for the first time. Vegetable korma is my absolute favorite. It's like a thick sauce you can eat over rice or by itself with chunks of potato in it. Very flavorful. Chicken Vindaloo is a little spicier but doesn't kill your tastebuds with heat. The spice definetly enhances the flavors in the dish. Sop it all up with rice, or garlic naan and special naan. Sooo good!

User:Brady K.

I feel really bad about not bestowing five whole stars upon this place in my previous review. In hindsight, the only explanation I have is that I was "holding back" because it was my first visit to ANY Indian restaurant in the valley since moving here and I didn't want to just go carelessly throwing five stars around before experiencing other Indian restaurants. To help you understand what I mean ... It's as if you were an ice skating judge at the Winter Olympics. And the first skater out, say, from the Congo, absolutely blows you away. Like, you can't believe it! But the whole time she's skating you're thinking 'The Congo? Do they even have skates? Have they ever even seen ice?' And she finishes her routine and it's flawless. But you haven't seen any of the other skaters yet. So you can't go ahead and give her a perfect score, especially without seeing the Russian chick first. But you're not allowed to wait and see the Russian chick before having to submit your score for the gal from the Congo. They need your score right now! So you ding her for some arbitrary reason, like her skate laces weren't the same length as each other. Or something. And then you get a chance to watch the other skaters, Russian chick included, and they were all just "meh." And you wish you could go back and change your score for Ms. Congo, but you can't; the IOC won't allow that. And you have recurring nightmares about the medal ceremony, where she stands on the podium with her bronze medal, just below the South Korean girl (who trains in the US) and yes ... the Russian chick. But she displays great sportsmanship. She smiles as the Russian flag waves and "Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii" (that obnoxious national anthem) plays over the loudspeaker. She is probably happy with her bronze medal. She might even be a hero in her home country. But you know it's just not right. She was done an injustice, and YOU were responsible for it!! Luckily this is Yelp, and not the Winter Olympics. Now that I have eaten at several other Indian restaurants in the valley, I have become a regular at Star of India and would like my previous three star review stricken from the record and replaced with five strong stars. In fact, I'm gathering signatures on a petition that Star of India be renamed Five Stars of India. They deserve their gold medal.

User:Niraj P.

I don't understand how people can like this place. Maybe I'm spoiled from growing up with fresh Indian food daily but this is the worst Indian food I've eaten in the valley. NOTHING was fresh. Everything tastes like it came thawed out of the freezer. The samosas were so old and stale the green peas were a strange brownish green color and the minced lamb was dry as sand. The lamb dish we ordered was so over cooked it felt like beef jerky chewing it. And to top it off the chutneys looked and tasted like they came out of a jar from the grocery store. If you truly like this food do yourself a favor and try ANYTHING else and you'll realize how subpar it is.

User:Meri D.

First time we went I was very impressed...owner is such a nice man. Food was really good. Our seconds experience we ordered for takeout and not as good. Latest time we had a groupon. We were there for at least 2 hours. It was very warm, none of the tables were clean, service was terrible, there was a little girl running back and forth screaming and worst of all was the food. They have gotten very skimpy. I think our food was sitting for a while before it was served because all of it was cold. Too bad because it was so good the first time.

User:Jesse E.

I'm really surprised at all the good reviews of this place. We have been trying to find a good Indian place in the area and chose here because of the good reviews. The bottom line is that all of the food was extremely bland. We got the vegetable samosa, shrimp vindaloo, Bangan Bhartha, and garlic naan. The vegetable samosa's crust was very hard and didn't flake off like I'm used to, the filling was average (this was the best tasting thing we got). The shrimp vindaloo was in a very watery bland sauce that reminded me of italian tomato sauce. The Bangan Bhartha was just unbelievably bland. The atmosphere of the place was not bad and the service was pretty good. I didn't even want to keep eating after the first couple of bites.

User:Stephanie M.

Been here a couple times for dinner. Food is usually pretty good - though the Lentils are really salty as are the potatoes in the Aloo Gobhi. The main complaint is service time. The last time we tried to have dine-in, we almost had to leave it took so long for the food to come out. Unfortunately they are no better for carryout. Called in an order, was told 25 min for pickup. Arrived at 25 min past, and food was not yet ready - did not have my order ready to go until a full hour from the time I had called. This kind of wait is unacceptable.

User:Kimberly P.

Very delicious! And really great prices! I had the Tandoori Shrimp Masala (Medium) and it was absolutely amazing. Hubby ordered the Lamb Vindaloo and he really enjoyed it. His only complaint was that he went to order it "Hot" and after an "Are you sure?" from the server he changed it to "Med-Hot" and he wished it was hotter. My medium was flavorful and I was very pleased with it though. Everyone has a different take on heat level, so he will try it Hot next time and I am sure it will be great. We split an order of Garlic Naan which was absolutely delicious! Overall, a quiet little place, with good service and great prices. We have finally found a restaurant in Awhatukee where we were not disappointed! We will definitely be back.

User:DeAnn S.

Love the buffet, the folks that work there are great, we usually hit this at least once a weekend and our table is always ready and he knows what sort of naan we want. Small but worth it.

User:Dallas G.

Ridiculously tasty. Not good for you.

User:Vijay R.

Star of India has an upscale Indian restaurant theme. The prices are definitely upscale, but is unfortunate that I can find better food at simple Indian establishments. The food is well spiced and flavored, but the main problem I had was that some dishes tasted exactly the same. The Korma and Mattar Paneer should be two distinct tasting dishes, even though the color of the sauce is the same. The Korma has a little bit of a sweeter taste normally. The naan was not too special and slightly burned. I would say the service was similar to an upscale restaurant. I would take a date here, but only if she has never tried better Indian food before.

User:Alicia W.

Above average. The Korma and Vindaloo were tasty. We ordered spicy, and boy, it was. Whew. Definately one of the better Indian places in the East Valley. Oh, the staff was friendly but slow.

User:Natasha L.

I would eat here again! The prices are very affordable and the food was delicous! We ordered the combo appetizer with was bursting with different flavors and spices. The tandoori chicken was good, but the portion was skimpy and there was more bone than meat. Our lamb saag was awesome! Perfectly cooked lamb that was fork tender and the sauce was yummy. I was so happy they didn't skimp on the meat. Our portion had a lot of tender lamb in it. Best mango lassi I've had in a while. We completed out meal with the gulab jamun. Delicious! I'm not used to it being served cold, but the flavors were spot on. Great service and a fun atmosphere due to the musc played.

User:Eric L.

Visited last night with the wife. She is a big Indian food fan and she has been introducing me to the cuisine. I have to say this place was great. The only thing I would say is that we ordered each dish medium heat and it tasted as though there were no spice at all. Food was great and the price was very reasonable. Snagged up a coupon on and we ate for a very low price.

User:Aman M.

i was going to star of india and i ordered shai panner,chicken karuma and garlic naan. so goooood i love it so much my favorite resturant n phoenix

User:Harish A.

food is better than average. the owner is a great guy.

User:Chuck R.

Not by any means an Indian food expert, nor have I been to more than 3 Indian places. I was craving some Naan (that awesome flatbread) and talked to my good friend (who's Sikh) and he recommended this place as it was local to me and he had had a good experience there - and if he says it's good I listen. She even asked me on a 1-5 scale how hot I wanted the food... 3 totally but could have done 4 probably :) It's in a dark corner of the plaza and the price was higher than I was expecting but the food totally made up for it. The safest thing I could get is Chicken Tikka Masala, which tears me up anyways but I love indian food (don't think indian food is meant for skinny white guys.. just sayin). Bottom line... girl on phone was very helpful and very nice, the guy at the front desk was very welcoming and nice and they even offered me drinks for waiting like 3 minutes for my food to be done (was doing take-out). Felt very welcome there and everybody was friendly. Got home, everything wrapped and sealed up nicely as for no spillage in the car and the naan was wrapped in reynolds wrap. Food was great... bread warm and fluffly, chicken cuts were very tender and moist and the rice was perfect fluffliness. I'm totally going back... but I need to give my body a break... I'm payin for eating Indian food... but it was so worth it!

User:David L.

This is the best Indian food restaurant I have ever been to. I highly recommend the lunch buffett - they usually have Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken and some type of lamb dish that I cannot think of right now. The Naan bread that they bring you is also amazing. I have lived in Phoenix for over 13 years and this place is better than anywhere else. This the place to go if you like Indian food.

User:Michael W.

I almost feel guilty writing a review for Star of India, since I frequent this restaurant at least once a week. Obviously, I'm a fan. The owners, who seem to spend their entire lives at the restaurant, are some of the most welcoming and thankful hosts I've ever run across. This is one of those small family owned restaurants that I feel proud to support. Don't get the impression that I would rave about a place if they didn't have the food to back up their hospitality. I'm fairly certain I tried just about everything on the menu. My favorites are the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Saag Paneer. My wife and girls really enjoy the Paneer Tikka , Samosas, Malai Kofta, and the Shahi Paneer. My oldest daughter has developed something of a reputation at Star of India as the "Gulab Jamun" girl. Each time she comes home from college, we pay them a visit. The owner can't resist bringing her ridiculous numbers of these desserts just to see the look on her face. If you've never tried Indian food before, this is a great place to start. Ask for Preet and he'll be happy to help you pick something that meets your tastes.

User:Joseph P.

I have been by this spot many times and I needed a place to eat lunch so I stopped in... I entered the restaurant and was seated right away. But then I sat there for a good 10 minutes and watched the workers walk around then I got to see the owners little kid decide she was going to sit with the consumers in the booth a head of me... Then the kid started crying and it just does not need to happen I was kind of shocked please leave your kids at home if they are not working at the restaurant. I ended up getting up and asking the staff if I could just get the lunch buffet. I got a bit of everything to try I enjoyed the rice and the chicken dishes... The fish dishes on the other hand not so good the fish puffs were cold and not good and the one fish dish super fishy tasteing. The bread was really good that came with the meal... So all in all I would say I will not be going back anytime soon nothing to write home about.

User:Mini B.

If Star of India (SoI) is named after the historic ship that set sail from Great Britain to India then it is best to declare at the beginning that there is nothing worth remembering about this place and there is little that keeps you afloat in the morass of ordinary fare. Like many other Indian restaurants in the valley, the smell of Indian cooking hangs in the air and permeates every piece of furnishing. The place does not disappoint when it comes to service, it is warm, quick and attentive. The complimentary papadums (Indian flatbread) with homemade chutneys (condiments) is usually the high point of a meal at SoI. Experiences with the order could be as follows: Gobi Parantha (Indian bread stuffed with cauliflower)- The real thing is meant to be fluffy and served with butter but the SoI parantha resembles a topping-less thin crust pizza. Lamb korma- The gravy is thick, nutty with a lot of authentic flavours but the meat tastes pre-cooked. Chicken biriyani- it is difficult to describe the God-food that is biryani but SoI manages to serve a new variation which is nothing more than chicken pieces thrown into a mishmash of rice and vegetables. Disheartenment with the over-priced, sub-standard food could lead to a decision of not ordering dessert. Finally, as observed in other reviews and the menu, if you visit this place then stick with the tandoori stuff and Chef's specialities. However in that case the excitement of an extensive menu will be lost.


I returned to Star of India last night for the third and final time. I had a Groupon and hoped that maybe they would have gotten their act together since the last time I was there about a year ago. Nope. The service is still lousy. It took 40 minutes to get served two very standard dishes - tandoori chicken and the baingan bharta. So nothing fancy, no fish that had to be specially cooked, no changes to the recipe. A couple who came in after us was served 15 minutes before us. The tandoori chicken did not taste like tandoori and was just covered in onions (probably 2 onions) and the baingan bharta was bland. I had half a dish left and didn't want to take it home. I won't be back.

User:Aileen B.

It's been almost two years since I last visited Star of India, and my absence is due to other reasons and not bec. of the food. Some good eats I've tried here are the chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, and chicken naan, the latter of which was overflowing with chunks of tender, marinated chicken. Add a side salad and you've a delicious meal.

User:Mike C.

Well to start I now have a new favorite east Indian buffet. Went here for lunch today with Rand H. and this place was small comfy and with lots of nice decor. As far as the food goes everything I ate was great. The service was real good as well. Not much more to ask for , woo hoo!!! as good as it gets. they should change the name to 5 star of India. yumm yumm yumm!!!!!

User:W B.

Consistently good Indian food. Anything with the garlic naan is better. T host is always attentive, though when he is not around, the staff are definitely not up to the same caliber. Their food always tastes fresh, hot off the stove.

User:Dottsy Z.

So I just got back from taking a solo trip over to Star of India. I was craving some comfort food, something simple, but yummy, something that would cheer me up on a cloudy day. Something that would make me feel less loser-ish because my lunch buddy had taken the day off and I had to eat solo....cha-ching... Star of India fit perfectly! I chose to do the buffet because it had everything that I liked. I don't claim to be an expert of Indian cuisine, but I love the sauces and gravies and the rich flavors that are used. The naan was HOT and fluffy and I scooped up everything with it! Like I said, this place is nothing fancy, but it was clean and my waitress was friendly. Plus, it made me feel a little less loser-ish.

User:Sujith P.

I tried the Malai Kofta, garlic naan and vegetable biryani. All of these were excellent. The prices are amongst the most economical in Phoenix Metropolitan. $8.95 for most curries, only $2.50 for the garlic naan.

User:Jade L.

5 star service, 4.5 star food, overall a super enjoyable experience. We'll definitely be going back! My boyfriend and I went to Star of India for dinner. I got the chicken tikka masala, while he got the channa masala. My chicken tikka masala was absolutely perfect, all buttery, with tender chicken and a spiciness that was tasty and not overwhelming. His channa masala was really good -- he asked for medium spiciness and it was considerably spicier than my mild. We ordered a parantha and a naan to go with our entrees. When the very nice owner asked us how our meal was, my boyfriend offhandedly said the parantha was a little different from what he was used to, that it's not as fluffy and tender as parantha from other cultures. The owner immediately set out to find us a bread we would like, giving us a free order of roti, and free order of rice to pack with my to-go box for my chicken tikka masala. The owner was gracious and eager to please, and really fun to chat with. That made all the difference, and with the great food, we'll definitely be going back! p.s. get the gulab jamun -- it's delicious!

User:Eugene T.

Good joint. Brought my friend who have not had good Indian food there. He was willing to try again and i took him there. Guess what - He liked it. Whatever he ordered looked like baby's poop - slimy and greenish, but it tasted really good. My own chicken was quite tasty as well. Everyone gets complimentary bread and some chicken (?!?). Buffet WAS unimpressive. However, all in all this is a real nice place for some tasty food. "I like" Eugene

User:Allison T.

I went for lunch and it was very good. The reason why it isn't 5 stars is because the selection was limited. Definitely a place to go for lunch. :)

User:Drew N.

This is the second best Indian buffet I have ever been to (behind Mayouri of Bellevue WA). While the actually buffet only has about 10-14 dishes, each one is really great! Service was good too)

User:M K.

This is an incredibly good food stop! Check out their hours before you go, however, as they are closed during various hours of the day. The lunch buffet is our favorite--great selections, varied spices and tastes, and all you can eat, of course! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and most of the menu is gluten free, which is important to us. It's quiet, clean, cozy, not expensive, and decorated classic Indian. Trader Joes is next door, as is a bead store for the ladies in you group (needs a motorcycle shop or gun store nearby for the men). If you like Indian, you'll like Star of India!

User:Zachary L.

Great atmosphere. Great help.

User:Chris C.

The best Indian food that I have had since I left Seattle and on par with the best that I have ever had. Loved the Tandoori Chicken and Garlic Naan. The rice was outstanding, very aromatic. The rest of the meal was equally excellent. Although I don't know what it was. My wife orders and I just enjoy. Some vegetable plate, some spinach maybe some potato looking things. I don't know the names but I do know great food ! Happy we found it and will be back.

User:Andy F.

Well, my beautiful bride and I were headed to the Indian Paradise in Chandler... closed for good (we sought yelp for this one). So we remembered the Star of India in which we visited a couple years prior. We remembered the food was good (not great), but we were not impressed at the time because this restaurant was not ready to open at their scheduled time; and not only were they not open, it seemed that they were just arriving. In todays competitive market, I dont know how a restaurant could not be ready at 5pm, we had to wait another 15 minutes to get in and another 15 to place our order. They really should be ready at 4pm... I believe restaurants who suit their own schedule instead of what people seek, will be out of business soon. I don't eat dinner that early, but there are many folks that prefer that time slot. Tonight we got there late... 9pm; I know we can't expext the best service or quality of food 1-hour prior to closing, but why not. Well, tonight we had three issues: 1) We were seated quickly by the water girl, but waited a good ten minutes to figure out who was our waiter/waitress before we could even ask a question about the menu or even place a drink order. 2) The owners daughter was running around and at times yelling or crying. Not really a big, big issue because we have young children, and when we first sat down this cute little girl landed on my wifes lap; we have a daughter around her age, but there are times when you leave the kids at the grandparents home and rarely get some time for one another, and you don't want to hear yelling or crying, especially from the owners child. It tells me they either are not watching her or they are not paying attention to their business. Maybe that is why I found a strand of what seemed to be part of a brush of some sort in my food. The female owner/waitress tried to play it off as a part of an herb. Not quite...I know what it was and my wife verified it 3) Their curry, rice, and naun bread is tastey, but their veggie kofta balls in the curry were hard and the lamb (lamb curry) seemed a few days old. I see some good reviews here, but we will not be back; they did try to accomodate the bristle brush strand with a $10 coupon and free dessert; but the lack of smiles, poor service, semi fresh food, and denial of the bristle strand, will have us put this "Star" out.

User:Pierre Trudeau I.

3.5 stars. Excellent chicken tikka masala, which is my staple at all Indo/Pak restaurants. Everything else is pretty average. The buffet in particular was unimpressive and I avoided it. The decor and atmosphere are a tiny notch above standard Indian-restaurant fare, with compliments to the ownership for cleanliness and neatness in general. You could certainly bring your visiting parents or in-laws here, for example. Maybe not a date or an important client though since it's not fancy-schmancy enough. Once upon a time I lived in a house with a white picket fence in the suburb of Ahwatukee, where this is located. I very often (too often) would stop by Star to pick up dinner on my way home a mile or two away. Nothing extraordinary, but if you find yourself craving Indian food and are in the area, stopping here is a safe bet.

User:Al W.

Found this restaurant on Yelp tonight and it did not dissapoint. The food was delicious and the service top notch. The atmosphere was lovely. Definitely will be going again in the very near future to sample more of their menu. Thank you for a great meal.

User:Maya M.

The food was pretty good, and the 1-10 spicy scale they offered was helpful. Service was excellent. Naan was excellent. The only reason i won't go back is because it's too far, and there are definitely indian food places that are on the same par with this one closer to my house.

User:madstop m.

Went here for the lunch buffet, which was about $12 a person. The papadum were nice and light. The pakora were cold and soggy. Of the two chicken dishes in the buffet, I tried the chicken tikka masala which was ok. Instead of having the chicken Korma, I had the vegetable korma which was tasty. My favorite of the vegetable dishes was the chickpea dishes which had a bit of spice to it but was not overwhelming or overly spicy - I would have liked to try a spicy dish. I was disappointed in the sag paneer - usually one of my favorites but hadn't tasted one like this - not sure why I didn't like it as much as I usually do. It tasted like spinach and a little mint of something like that but couldn't figure out the rest of it. The other vegetable dish was ok. A couple of minutes after we sat down freshly cooked Tandori chicken and Nan were brought to the table. Both were tasty. I tried both of the desserts - the galub (i can't remember how to spell the rest of it) and the rice dessert - both were very sweet and tasty. One of us had the mango lassi which was sweet and good. Overall the buffet was ok - don't know how long the food was sitting out so I can't comment on that. I think I would come back for dinner to order from the menu instead of having the buffet again. I gave three stars more because in comparison to other Chandler restaurants its a bit better than what I've been having here lately - as far as compared to other Indian restaurants I've been to out of state - this was a little disappointing. I'll try something from the menu sometime to see how it compares to the buffet.

User:Jack T.

After going back a few times, I can say I love the chicken dishes but have always found the lamb to be fatty and tough. That and service varies... one waitress was pretty rude, wouldn't answer our questions and even asked "are you sure you want to order that?" Um... yes? Maybe? I don't know? Do I?!?!?!?

User:JT B.

Tried the lunch buffet and enjoyed it extremely. It could've used a little more spicy heat. But overall, it was an awesome gastronomic experience. Remember to try the milk tea and freshen your breath with their homemade concoction of Tic Tacs and fennel seeds!

User:Andrew P.

The mild chicken tika masala was pretty good but not excellent, its sauce more buttery and less creamy and tomatoey than I'd prefer. Portions are plentiful. You'll have leftovers.

User:Heather G.

This small, dark restaurant is in the Ahwatukee area, in a shopping center with a Trader Joe's, Safeway, and other stores. It is in the corner, on the same side of the shopping center as the Trader Joe's. We go here periodically because they have decent food, and I like the staff - very friendly. It's nice to get some saag paneer (great texture, fluffy & creamy - try it) for take-out. They use canola oil, which saddens me, as I like ghee (I like my saturated fats & olive oil more than certain vegetable oils). You can get decently spicy food here (that's "extremely HOT" to some of you) or skip the heat entirely. They use good spices and make good sauces. They don't make the most awesome Indian food I have ever had, but it is good, hearty, and comforting. It's a good place for children, if there is something on the menu yours like (and who doesn't like ras malai or rice pudding?). It can be good for groups, but I would call ahead or make reservations (not sure if they take them). I appreciate how they gave me decaf tea & warm water (not just "no ice" water, but room temperature water) when I asked. Recommended: any of their tandoori dishes; a vegetable curry that may not be on the menu but comes as a side in one of the special dinners; saag paneer; mango lassi; their relishes. I'm good with anything on the menu. Try the lunch buffet.

User:Michael D.

I love this place and it's by far the best Indian food in the valley that we have found. The owner is always there to greet you with a smile and you'll be amazed by how many of the patrons he knows personally. The dishes are wonderful with plenty of food to be taken home. I would highly recommend this hidden gem of a restaurant.



Opening Hours

Mon :Closed
Mon : Closed
Takes Reservations : Yes
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Dinner
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Quiet
Alcohol : Full Bar
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : Yes
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : Yes