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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • K C.

    OMG this is my new favorite place to pick up dinner to go. The dinners, pizza and sub's are amazing. Great customer service. Everyone is friendly. As soon as I walk in the door I get this feeling of happiness and start smiling. I love that the counter employees say Hi with a big smile, then you hear a Hi for the guys cooking. Go check it out and ENJOY!

  • Em J.

    We live around the corner and come here for pizza and beer couple times a month. this one is a little family owned one with the same people always working which is nice. The pizza is always delicious, fresh, and crispy! The booths and chairs are outdated but other than that it's cute on the inside.

  • David S.

    Conveniently located, good food good prices friendly staff what more could one ask for

  • Sheri C.

    Like the food. Subs are great but wish the people behind the register and making the food would have better customer service. For being there as long as they have they should know the regulars names. A smile works wonders.

  • Tim S.

    Some of the fellas (and one lady) from work tapped me on the shoulder and said that they were headed here for lunch. I drove over there to meet them and to try out some pizza. They have a great deal M-F for lunch.... 2 slices cheese and a drink for only $4.10! Can't beat that! The pizza was good...crisped up in the oven nice. The cheese looked a tad greasy but it was not...no puddles to be found anywhere. The sauce was just alright but the crust made up for it. Really good crust! The slices were really big too! Score! Service was to the point, not friendly, not rude but you could tell that they were appreciative for your business. It's only a mile or so from work so I'm sure I will be back for that killer lunch special. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their food too!

  • Rick G.

    The crust on the pizza I didn't like also I ordered the tyraki wings and BBQ. Which tasted burnt.

  • Mariah L.

    I've been told that this is a family owned shop that has been around for years so I was very excited to try this spot for a quick bite to eat. We went on a Saturday afternoon before the dinner rush hit. The woman who took the order was efficient and quick. Two huge slices of pepperoni pizza and a soda cost about $8. I really enjoyed the pizza. It was big, greasy, and the right temperature. The restaurant also had a quiet, peaceful, and laid back feeling which I am always in search of when dining out. I do plan on making this a regular stop when I am on this side of town again.

  • Leilani B.

    My fav mom n pop pizza place! Pizza is good size.... People are friendly... I love this place

  • Morris K.

    My wife, our grandson Michael, our friend Kathy R. and I went here lunch a while ago and I forgot to submit a review so this is long overdue. I'm from Rhode Island-born and raised--and have had pizzas from authentic Italian mom and pop pizza joints so admittedly, I am hard to please when it comes to Italian food. This pizza is good: perfectly greasy, cheesy, chewy, gorgeous, flavorful and is always piping hot, very fresh, and the cheese and sauce are excellent quality. While Ray's isn't the best pizza I ever had it was to my likings. I do appreciate a good pizza. Some people may think "pizza is pizza," but you'd be wrong. It is hard to find a real good pizza in Arizona especially because I was raised back east and have had some great pizza. One of the more expensive pizza restaurants in town. In addition they don't have delivery. It's good pizza! But not mind-blowing. The crust is actually super fantastic. FOOD: It wasn't the best pizza I have ever had in Arizona but it's right up there in the mix. The pizza was a typical New York style pizza, nothing special although the pizza is always piping hot, very fresh, and the cheese and sauce are excellent quality. CONCLUSION: I didn't think it was anything special as far as taste / flavor goes. The ingredients of the pizza tasted fresh and I believe it was of high quality. Good pizza, but not as good as some. Their pizza is between OK and I'm-a-fan- RETURN FACTOR: 100%] ************************* What does my OVERALL rating mean?************************* 5 stars -Highly recommended. I would be willing to drive out of my way to this business. It is that good. This place represents their industry or cuisine very well! 4 stars - Highly Recommended. I would frequent this business. 3 stars - Not that good but not that bad. Just average. I wouldn't mind going again. 2 stars - I would not recommend this establishment to friends or family. 1 stars - DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT patronize this business. I would RUN AWAY from this place and you should too! DON'T WAST YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY AT THIS ESTABLISHMENT

  • Elizabeth S.

    Talk about horrible customer service. Their pizza was horrible and drenched in grease. It took 10 paper towels to get some off it off. They have horrible attitudes towards customers, and talk down to each one when customers don't enjoy their food. I've worked in 5 star restaurants and would've gotten fired on the spot if I treated a customer like they treated me. Beware! This place is the worst place I've ever been too. I would take Peter Piper Pizza over this crap.

  • Daren C.

    Rays a locally owned family operated place that has been there since I can remember. I however am not a huge fan of this style pizza. That being said I still gave a 4 star review. Ordered a large pie with pep and a order of wings. The pie was hand made fresh as can be, with a ton of cheese and pep. The wings were large and meaty with a great flavor. They came with a free 2 liter.. who doesn't love free. The pizza was good, the crust was great. I wish the sauce had a flavor other then a hint of tomato, but that is my issue with Ny Pizza. Again the crust was great. I wish they had better ranch IE not Buttermilk. I had the left overs just last night and it was still pretty good.

  • Brad G.

    I LOVE Rays !!! When ever I'm in Phx this is my first stop. I always get the pizza and wing special. Large pizza and 20 wings. They have the best wings in valley !!!

  • Deborah S.

    SOOOOOO miss our Ray's Pizza. Ray's Pizza don't you want to open up a pizza place in Oregon? You will make a killing here! salvagesisterandmister.c…

  • Kam D.

    I dropped in for lunch today. I ordered a small salad and 12 wings which were both good. The wings were good, hot, and cooked perfectly---I just wish they offered 6 wings instead of 12. My salad looked fresh (sliced tomato, sliced white onion, green and black olives) but they did not have blue cheese dressing AT ALL. I did not have the pizza---the reviews about the grease was disturbing and I know I cannot handle a bunch of grease. Dining area was clean, it looked clean behind the counter, customer service was good and food was fresh --- keep in mind that I came around 1p-ish on a Wednesday so they were able to take their time with perfecting my order.

  • matt s.

    Piss-poor service!! Food used to be really good. But it has home down hill since. I have been a customer for over 20 years and my last visit will be my LAST!! Ordered an antipasti salad for myself. To share with my two toddlers. And two slices of cheese pizza. It was hot plate leftover pizza.. I expected that. It's by the slice so you get 2-3 hour old stuff. But there was no excuse for the moldy mildewed lettuce and freezer burnt meat in the antipasti salad. I sent it back and showed the lady at the counter the mold. She got huffy and it took 20 plus minutes for a new salad.. This one had freezer burnt meat and that lettuce was soaking wet like they washed it a lot. By the way tha first salad was prepared in the front by the pizza toppings. The second salad was prepared in the back.. Out of all the years I have eaten there all the salads are prepared out front. I threw the salad away and left. NO WAY IM GOING GO FEED THIS GARBAGE TO MY CHILDREN..

  • Chukki S.

    Pizza is very greasy, which can be a good or a bad thing based on your preferences. I asked if they delivered and apparently they don't, so I'm not sure how they stay in business. The building is a bit of a dump. The pizza was decent New York style pizza though.

  • Bianca B.

    Terrible pizza! We ordered the monster pizza and it was literally a preheated pepperoni and cheese with all of the works added afterward and reheated. Very disappointed!!!!!

  • Adriana B.

    Two slices of cheese and medium soda for 4.28 including tax. Can't be beat! Delish! Lunch special.2 slices and free medium soda for 4.28. This place is so yummy.

  • Jeff L.

    Been going to Rays for years. Great pizza, subs, calzones and wings. Only thing I do not like is they do not deliver.

  • Nicky James B.

    Our favorite pizza place

  • Cecilia M.

    I think this was one of my worst experiences in an eatery so far. I went to Ray's pizza after reading the reviews on this website. I was planning on having a pizza party and wanted to impress everybody. I went there a few days before to sample the pizza beforehand, and I am glad I did it. Once you get there, there are multiple boards and handwritten signs where prices are displayed making it very confusing for the customers. We couldn't figure out what we wanted and how much was going to cost us. The bitter old lady at the counter did not even greet us, and gave us attitude. She finally showed us a printed menu, which had updated handwritten prices all over it. I kept saying to myself, they make very good pizza so anything we order is going to be fantastic. We decided on veggie pizza and white pizza, and then she said they don't sell white pizza by the slice and I changed it to mushrooms and ham. The printed menu said a slice of pizza was $2.50 but our total was going to be over $8.00. So we said, "Wait a minute". Then she explained that the base is a slice of cheese pizza that they charge $2.50 for, and then any extra toppings are $0.50 each. I looked at the menu and showed her: "pizza slice" is $2.50 , not "cheese pizza slice". And she didn't care. We both ordered a slice of pizza with a couple of toppings each, and we waited patiently at the table. Anyone who has children knows how difficult it is to control little ones in a restaurant. My 18 months son started to play with the salt & pepper shaker and napkins holder, and I was glad he was at least sitting at the table, and I did not have to run around after him. Well, surprise, surprise!! The bitter old lady came to our table and grabbed the shakers and the napkins holder from him and moved them on a different one. How rude is that? I mean, have you ever seen such bad customer service anywhere? Just plain rude! Later we got called at the counter to get our pizzas. The slices were very big, and they were placed on two single-use foam plates. My pizza looked like a pile of ham and mushrooms, on a top of a cheese pizza. They literally stick to the menu; you could see the base, tomatoes and then the grilled cheese under the toppings. Ham slices were covering the cheese pizza, on top of the ham there were huge slices of canned mushrooms, and not a bit of cheese on top of it. My pizza base was a little warm; the toppings were almost cold, without any sign that they were placed in the oven. My husband had a Mediterranean (or veggie) slice and it was just a pile of raw vegetables, with a sprinkle of cheese. I mean, they were all raw: onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes. I tasted it and the veggie one tasted better than my pizza. I could not finish mine because it did not taste like pizza at all, and the taste of cheap ham and canned mushrooms was just horrible. We left the place very disappointed by the customer service and especially by the food. I am glad we sampled before embarrassing me at a pizza party. Don't go to Ray's Pizza because they overcharge and whatever they serve is not called pizza. Bad food and bad customer service doesn't have room in the restaurant business.

  • Walt P.

    Love this place love this place love this place!! This is my favorite AZ pizza place as close to NY as I've found here. We eat here couple times a month and their pizza is fantastic and affordable!! Staff is extremely pleasant as well!

  • Carmelo W.

    I thought the pizza was a little too oily. It wasn't bad though.

  • Jim V.

    Very nice people good food at a good price helpful and accommodating Happy customers


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  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Casual
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No


Italian Cuisine

The immense popularity of Italian cuisine globally isn't unknown. You can find an Italian Pizzeria around every corner of almost every city in the United States. Not to forget that in every house, people enjoy mac and cheese as comfort food. But it would be wrong to believe that Italian food starts with pizza and ends with good pasta as this Mediterranean country has much more to offer other than these two dishes. In Italian Cuisine, there is a high use of fresh tomatoes, all kinds of herbs, great quality of cheese, all types of meat, seafood and fresh handmade pasta. Many find it hard to believe that Italians have been making noodles long back.

Italian and Greek cuisines are always mistaken to be same, but they are poles apart. The primary difference between the two cuisines is the use of cheese in most of the Italian dishes. Italians love to cultivate their own cheese and process them as per their food requirement. It is believed that some cheese is so expensive that cheese producers secure them in lockers.

If you are bored eating the same old pasta or pizza, you can try some of the authentic Italian dishes like Risotto, Polenta, Ribollita, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, Bottarga, Ossobuco, Carbonara, Focaccia, Arancini and Supplì. Another item which Italians love to relish every morning is a good cup of Italian Coffee. Once you taste a freshly brewed cup of Italian Coffee, you might not visit Starbucks ever again. Authentic Italian food is made with heart and soul, so go find a restaurant where you can relish Italian cuisine in your city.


Pizza is a famous Italian dish savored around the world. The entire credit for the popularity of Pizza in the United States goes to the chain of pizzerias all over the country. While the base and the texture of Pizza remains same across the globe, it's the toppings that differs from country to country. In the United States, you will find the top pizzerias serving pizzas with the toppings of mainly beef, bacon, chicken, ham, and sausage for the non-vegetarians. Other than these famous meat options, Pizzas with veg toppings such as mushrooms, pepperonis, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, etc. are also famous in most restaurants in the United States.

Irrespective of your locality, you will find a variety of different restaurants in your cities offering pizzas of all different types. Pizza is hot favorite among people of all ages in the United States. A large size pizza is enough to feed a family of 3 or 4 at large. Pizza is also the most preferred food whenever a group of friends is hanging out together. Pizza gained popularity in the United States after the American soldiers stationed in Italy returned from World War II.

Over the years, different pizzerias in the United States have developed their own respective regional variations. Pizza gained popularity as the iconic dish in the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Whether you prefer thin or thick crust pizza, you can find a pizza of your preference at the best pizza restaurants in your city.

Ray’s Pizza

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