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6102 N 16th St
Phoenix, AZ, 85016

(602) 279-5335

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User:Georgina F.

Very delicious sandwiches and very sweet owners.

User:Jim R.

Best Italian sub I ever had in my life. Delicious doesn't begin to describe it! Homemade bread with awesome chew and mouthfeel. Spicy capocollo ham. Dressing made inhouse - great pepperoncini heat. Owners are very friendly. I will be coming back here for sure.

User:Gino C.

What a great find! I went with my wife to pick up a couple of sandwiches at Capriotti's and noticed Niccoli's sign down the street. My wife wanted some Napoleon and we hopefully went in lookibg for some. No Napoleons today but some fresh out of the oven big macaroons. I took a few of those and a half pound of Italian wedding cookies. I looked over the meat case and they have all the legit cold cut brands from NY, DiLusso, etc and beautiful imported cheeses. Nice little selection of grocery items too. They make their own Italian sausage too, like I used to do in my dad's butcher store. They have the traditional hot and sweet but on request, you can order skinny cheese sausage (romano, Italian parsley, etc) in 10lb increments. Trust me, cheese sausage is the BEST on the grill and slide it into some nice Italian bread to make a hero. The owners are there and take care of you when you come in. They are super nice and do a great job helping their customers. I will definitely be back for lunch, it seems as though they have a restaurant attached to the deli called Poppy's Place. Have to check that out soon!

User:Mike R.

Good food made even better by the exceptionally nice service. The delightful lady at the front desk was truly helpful and guided us thru their menu and the wide array of grocery items they offer. We had a meatball sandwich and pasta, both of which were good, but definitely could have used a bit more zest and spice. Since they sauce they use is arguably on the bland side. The grocery section is an absolute gem, being able to come here and get authentic imported pasta and canned San Marzano tomatoes is an absolute game changer for your homemade pasta dishes. From the welcoming service alone, I am definitely going to come back and give their pizza and italian sandwich a try.

User:Max L.

This place is AMAZING. The sandwiches are killer and the biscotti and almond cookies are perfect. The Italian sandwich is in my top three best sandwiches I've ever tasted! I love the Italian grocery they have too. The owners are so sweet and friendly! They are wonderful to talk to while you wait for your food and you really feel welcomed! Hands down my favorite sandwich place in Phoenix, I will drive out of my way to come here! I will update this once I try the pasta dishes :)

User:Jennifer S.

Wow - how have I never been here before? This place is incredible! I stopped in one day on my way home from yoga to pick-up some lunch for the hubby and I. The owners are so welcoming and kind and really made me want to hang out with them all afternoon. I ordered the meatball sub, the cheesesteak and a cannoli - absolutely delicious! This is the kind of place you'll crave and I just can't wait to go back! There is something to be said about using high quality ingredients and keeping things simple...guess that's why they have been so successful for so long!

User:Jordan F.

The best adjective for this place is adorable. It's like going to grandma's house for lunch if your grandma is a really sweet Italian woman who has lived in the Midwest for her whole life and now owns a deli with her husband who makes delicious sandwiches! We had Italian subs and a Coke. They were delicious and huge!!! I would recommend splitting a sandwich! We were both STUFFED by the end of the meal. Our sandwiches were dripping in Italian dressing as they should be and piled high with meat and lettuce. All in all it was a great sub. The atmosphere is awesome too. Just like grandma's house, adorned with ikea pictures, folding chairs, and vinyl, flower tablecloths. It's also BYOB we found out which is pretty cool. All in all, a great place for lunch if you're in the area!

User:Jared R.

This review will brief as you only need to know 3 things about this place: 1. The Italian Sub is fantastic. 2. The meatball sub is fantastic. 3. The people are friendly and this is a great little mom & pop place. That's it. Now go get some good food.

User:Sean B.

If you have never been here, than you are missing out on local gem of a deli. The owners are soo sweet & you getting real deal here. I just had a Italian sandwich and it's one the best I've had ever! They also have some unique olive oils & other related grocery items that are hard to find.

User:Ella M.

Ok, here goes. AWESOME! I had the Italian Sandwich and the meat is so tasty and legit it is crazy! The BEST cannoli I have EVER had in my entire life! Filled to order and the shell is absolutely homemade. Lemon bars. Just have one! I can't wait to go in and try the meatball sub! This is a mom and pop shop! Go support LOCAL!!!!!

User:Brian N.

I was making a "HAVE TO" trip to Trader Joe's on Saturday and pulled out my yelp app to see if I had anything worthy of lunch bookmarked in the neighborhood. I did not, so I then searched and filtered based on highest reviewed. Niccoli's came up, and it was settled. The parking lot, for the most part, was empty... but that didn't deter me from going in. The smell that hit me upon entering reassured me that I had made the right choice. Since I'm rarely in that neck of the woods, I ordered a meatball sub and an antipasto salad - knowing full well I would not be able to eat both in one sitting. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with the female owner, who proceeded to tell me a story about a photo on the wall I had noticed of her and her husband, over 50 years ago, on the night of their wedding night. Just the fact that she took a few minutes to tell me about their lives that long ago while I waited for my food was worthy of at least four of these stars. Then, as I was seated in the dining room next door, listening to Sinatra's greatest hits, the food came and it was out of this world. Easily one of the best meatball subs I've ever consumed - the bread had the perfect chew - and wasn't soggy from the delicious fresh marinara. The salad had banana peppers, delicious olives, provolone, three different meats (salami, mortadella and pepperoni) and quite possibly the best Italian dressing to cover it in. There were not many others who came to eat - but plenty were in and out for various Italian needs. Their store is small, but appeared to have anything you might need for an authentic Italian meal. Check this place out, whether you go for ingredients to make your own meal or want to try something they make fresh it's totally worth your time. If they're not that busy, ask about the beautiful picture on the wall and you're sure to hear a great story about Joe & Peppy's wonderful life.

User:Scott D.

I read a Yelp talk thread that was singing the praises of Niccoli's Deli & Pizza a couple of months ago. So I decided to take the plunge after my office moved to CenPho. This is a Mom & Pop place that's been around for over thirty years. I talked to the Mrs. for a couple of minutes explaining that I was the new kid in town. She explained the setup where you order and they call you if it's busy but will bring your meal to the table if they're not swamped with customers. They don't have a soda machine. They sell individual cans. I ordered the meatball sub sandwich. The bread was really soft. They cut up the meat so you don't have your meatballs falling out of the bread like most meatball sandwiches. They have a lot of marinara sauce on the sandwich and it is piping hot. The ladies out there can probably only eat half of the sandwich, that's how big it is. I would say that it had to be one of the tastiest meatball sandwiches I have ever had. I definitely will be a regular customer of Niccoli's.

User:Nathan S.

This is just a brief update regarding the Italian Beef sandwich. I have tried three sandwiches: meatball, Italian, and Italian Beef. All of them were good, but I would probably rank the Italian Beef last. The flavor was fine, but the sandwich was incredibly messy, oily, and spicy due to my stupid selection of hot/spicy Italian giardiniera. This stuff actually made me sweat, because it was so spicy. I fully expect to experience some type of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Consume at your own risk.

User:Amber L.

Saturday afternoon, approx 2:00, they are sold out of sausage. Note to self: get here earlier. Settled on cannoli and biscotti. Cannoli are filled on the spot, crunchy, light and flaky. Filling is perfect, creamy & sweet. Only wish they had chocolate chip but will def be back for more! Biscotti are some of the best I've had, not too sweet, crunchy and flavorful (I taste anise seed) I had the pecan and will save some for coffee dunking tomorrow.

User:Jay B.

The best Italian Deli in Phoenix, period! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!!

User:Shigeru Y.

The Italian submarine sandwich is absolutely fantastic. Amazing bread, superb dressing, melt-in-your-mouth meats. It was the best version of this that I've ever had! The owners and employees are always so friendly too.

User:Chris H.

Stopped in for lunch after reading the reviews and decided on the Italian Sub. It was a great sandwich on fresh bread piled with meats and cheese. Considering I have ate at the other deli shops in that area Niccoli's has my vote! Owners were friendly and accommodating. The market and deli are great places to pick your items when you are looking to make an authentic Italian meal! I will be back!

User:Norm R.

Now that I've moved to central Phoenix, Romanelli's has become too far a drive for me. But I'm definitely glad to have found this place in my new neighborhood! There's a good choice of products imported from Italy here, perhaps not as wide a selection as in Romanelli's but definitely sufficient for making good Italian meals with authentic ingredients. Service is friendly though a bit slow, especially during peak hours, but I think that's because they don't sacrifice the quality of your purchase - especially the deli sandwiches - for speed. That's not unusual for a Mom 'n Pop place. Plus, this place makes the best St. Joseph pastries I've ever tasted, and they're made to order -- sorry, Romanelli's, but Niccoli's beats you in this particular arena ;)

User:Linda C.

Had to run an errand in this area and happily discovered Niccoli's. We bought an assortment of Italian wedding cookies, chocolate and almond biscotti and the pizzelle's. All super good and so fresh. Definitely going back to try out the sandwiches and cannoli. Good selection of grocery items as well.

User:Leslie Ann K.

Meatball sub is fantastic. Ridiculously good. Olga was very helpful and went above and beyond in her customer service. My only complaint is the prices are high for the imported products from Italy. I understand I have to pay more for the importing but some of the prices are way beyond what I could ever conceive of spending on a single food item.

User:Kristen P.

Only tried a "small" antipasto salad and the cannoli so far but awesome! Friendly! Huge fresh salad! Best cannoli in Phoenix and my NY husband agrees! Will definitely go back!

User:Valerie F.

Singlehandedly the most amazing Italian food I've ever had!! I love picking up a pan of their mouthwatering lasagna and/or eating a huge sub in house. You feel like you're right at home with your long lost Italian family. The owners are such a lovely family and treat every customer with exceptional customer service. This is my go-to spot whenever I need to bring a dish over to a party.

User:Katie D.

The best Italian sub I've had yet! The bread was so soft & fresh. The meat was extremely good. My husband's meatball sub looked amazing, he was going on about how good it was. Be prepared to get messy while eating here!

User:Randy W.

Love this place. Best Italian sandwich I've ever had. The Italian beef and there tuna sandwich with hot peppers where also definitely worth coming back for over and over again.

User:Melinda S.

I rarely write reviews these days but Niccoli's deserves one. I stopped in to pick up their house made Italian sausage to make my favorite lasagna for Christmas day. I also grabbed a can of imported tomatoes and two sandwiches for lunch for me and the BF. I've eaten here before and I always get the Italian - it is DELICIOUS - totally messy and dripping in vinegar and oil. Yum. My only complaint is the prosciutto selection. I don't mind paying for quality but $34 or $42 a lb is pretty steep. I'd like to see a less expensive option. That said Niccoli's is a neighborhood gem and I'm happy I only live a few blocks away.

User:John S.

Read about this place in Phoenix magazine and decided to try it. Living in East Mesa I was having higher expectations of finding a really good Italian Deli. What I found was an extremely over priced little shop in a strip mall. I did purchase some cannoli's at $4.00 a piece that turned out to be just average.

User:Danielle C.

The best italian sub since I went to a local deli in Chicago. It's family owned and they are the nicest people! I will definitely come back over and over again and I live in the East Valley!!! Support your local businesses! This is truly a hidden gem!!!!

User:James C.

I finally got to check out Niccoli's deli and it lived up to the hype. The owners Peppy and Joe were very friendly and told me a little about the place upon my arrival. It has a good selection of Italian meats, cheeses, oils, sauces, pastas, etc. You can order a number of subs, pasta dishes and entrees and there is another room (very casual) where you can sit down and eat. I ordered the meatball sub and it was awesome plenty of sauce, the meatballs were tender and the bread was soft and delicious. I'll be back to try the pizza and the Italian sub for sure. If you are craving an east coast style deli then this place is for you.

User:Jen B.

Came here because of the good reviews but if you've had decent Italian food you would agree this place is not up to par. The raviolis tasted freezer burned and the sauce tastes as if from a jar. Absolutely nothing great about this place.

User:Lindsey D.

I have a serious crush on Niccoli's Deli and even though I don't live in the area, I will be sure to find my way to this little mom and pop shop as often as I can! I stumbled across this deli after reading all the raving Yelp reviews and having some time to spare before an event. I am so happy I had time to spare because it helped me discover one of my favorite delis! This Italian Market reminds me of someplace you'd find in a big city, but instead it's situated in a strip mall along 16th street. Upon entering, you're immediately welcomed by fresh meats in the coolers, fresh bread behind the counter, homemade raviolis waiting in the refrigerators and several rows of Italian imported products waiting for your kitchen adventures. I spent some time exploring each rack filled with exotic olive oils, fresh pastas, olive spreads, canned tomatoes and every other Italian product imaginable. First the owner welcomed me and led me to a reasonably priced yet delicious bottle of olive oil. This is after I accidentally picked up the $70 bottle of olive oil! Whoops. After filling my arms with products to make a homemade Italian meal, I then made my way to the counter and my mouth started watering as I read about all the sandwiches and menu items they offer. Unfortunately I was going to an event, otherwise I would have purchased a sandwich. However, I did purchase two rolls to make a sandwich later! During check-out, I began chatting with the owner's lovely wife who started giving me kitchen tips. She even gave me a recipe for a summer pasta sauce! She took the time to carefully explain the recipe to me and then wrote it down. I feel like I received a special gift! I've already tried the meal at home and it was just as amazing as she promised it would be! If you're in the area and want some delicious Italian products, or you simply want a tasty sandwich, this is your spot!

User:Anne H.

Without a doubt, the best sub dressing on an Italian sub. Period. No questions, a great sandwich. Plenty of delicious freshly sliced meats, tasty provolone, lettuce tomato, pepperoncinis(which in my opinion made this taste all the better). This would have been five stars had the roll been fresher. We also had the cannoli and while an excellent shell, just right on the crispness without being too thick or tough, we are still looking for something closer to what we had in Sicily. This was a little sweeter and missing a contrasting flavor for us, although the texture of the filling was pure smoothness, no graininess like some. Very good, but not quite there. Can't wait to go back and try the prosciutto di Parma or some of the imported cheeses, along with the many imported products. And another sandwich. Although it might be tough getting past that dressing!

User:Pat A.

If the food wasn't good, I'd still be back, since the service is fantastic. But...the food is awesome. Get the cannolis.

User:Piotr S.

The Italian sub was very tasty. Coming back for the meatball, cheesesteak, and desert.

User:Josh G.

I dont care how its put. Hands down this place is the best! REAL authentic, REAL italian, REAL ingredients EVERYTIME! FRESH FRESH FRESH! The quality here never changes! I personally love the Italian sub. Ive had many Italian subs, but none compare to a Niccoli's ! I live about 30 mins out from this, and the drive is never thought of hesitation! I was hesitant to try another sub because i love the Italian, but i figured they ALL have to be great! Boy was i right :) I recently picked up my usual Italian sub, nut this time bought a Sausage & Peppers sub! Can we say, authentic made sausage! Man i was blown away by how good it was. Even by the time i got home it was still hot! I never expect anything less but top shelf quality here!! if you havent been here yet, you HAVE TO GO!! Thank you Niccolis for your dedication, and quality as one of my best places to go to! Josh

User:Courtney B.

Honestly, one of the most amazing and delicious sandwiches I have ever had!! That dressing is garlic heaven, the sandwich was LOADED with meat but balanced with the other ingredients well, the bread was perfect! My eleven year old just freaked out at how amazing his sandwich was, he wants to eat it everyday now. I had a turkey and prov, the kido had an Italian. The sandwich alone is five tons of trillions stars, but the owners are one hundred million, billion, infinity.... I enjoyed the kind and simple conversation we had so much! They made my day! I can't wait to some back!

User:Todd P.

Great food, sandwiches, and customer service.

User:Lou M.

I had the best meatball sub I've ever had today. The sauce was phenomenal, I kick myself for not finding this mom and pop family place sooner. I can't wait to go back to try something else...can't miss with this place its awesome.

User:Jason V.

I like to support a local business, especially one as long-lived as Niccoli's. My financial advisor would unfortunately like to point out that the same Italian sandwich that I enjoyed for lunch is a full dollar cheaper at another local eatery which shall remain nameless but rhymes with frumpy's. The deli is well stocked with imported Italian products but I can't bring myself to pay $25 for a can of scungilli. Can't do it. But if I was gonna do it, I'd do it here. Must come back and try the 'za sometime.

User:TJ R.

I stopped in quick, on a whim, after driving by for the last 10 years. Had a hankering for an Italian sub and MAN did this place deliver. Owners were friendly, super talkative, and I felt like I had been invited into their home to have a sandwich. The sub was built on freshly baked bread, the dressing was home made, and the meats fresh and delicious. The owner chatted me up for a good ten minutes, and even sat down with me at the table while I ate; that is, until her husband (who was making a HUGE pasta order for a fancy country club in town, which should tell you something in and of itself) pulled her away to help out. There is a small room off the side of the deli that has a few tables covered in simple, flowered plastic tablecloths, and a TV playing (today) baseball. I sipped a wonderful orange creme while relaxing with my Italian sub. The serving was large, so I have half saved for later. Definitely worth the 8 or so bucks I paid for the sub. They have a beer and wine license that allows you to BYOB/W, so I'll definitely come back with a bottle of red in hand so I can dive in on the pizza with my family. It is an absolute certainty that I'll be back, and I'll bring friends.

User:Matt B.

The best Italian sub I've ever had. Another person in my party ordered a meatball sub and shared the same sentiments - absolutely delicious!

User:Mario C.

This place has been here for as long as I can remember. Plus, for as long as I can remember it has been the Best! The absolute place to go. Even my parents buy food items here. Just like the old country. Hehee Everything is fresh and it all tastes wonderful. Living a bit far away from it these days, but it is so worth the drive. My girlfriend bought Christmas gifts of food to ship here last year. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back . It is a great place with a lot of good food. Family owned and run,which makes it even nicer.

User:Lisa T.

My boyfriend and I traveled an hour on Thursday to come to your store based on the reviews and advertising of your business. We ordered two sandwiches, one Italian sub, and one sandwich with mortadella only. We also bought the imported Parmesan Reggiano cheese, a jar of hot cherry peppers, a package of the imported long ziti, 1/2 lb of Hot Capicola and 1/2 lb of Mortadella totaling approximately $80. We are from NY and have Italian in our blood. We are used to good Italian delis in NY. Yours doesn't even come close. I should have realized when there was no smell of cheese when we walked in. The sandwiches were ok, we ate them there. Your store was very clean, not sure if that is due to lack of business or what. When we got home, my boyfriend tried the cheese, he said it was tasteless. I just made a sandwich with the hot cherry peppers, however, I noticed that the jar cap was popping, which means it's been opened. I tried them anyway and they are tasteless! Your prices are very high and then to have tasteless cheese and cherry peppers? I told my boyfriend we should come back to your store and demand a refund for the cheese and peppers, which was about $40! But how much gas are we going to spend traveling back to you? The proper thing would be to credit his credit card. Hopefully, you will see this and do that.

User:Michael D.

Didn't know this place existed. Good people and service. Awesome Italian Sub! Good bread, meats and cheeses. I just drove up ordered a sandwich and met the owners. I am 100% certain I will be going back!

User:Karina R.

Delicious and family owned! I've been to Niccoli's only twice and the first time I went the owners made me feel like part of their family. After reading and watching a video about this little place I decided to give their desserts a try, boy were they good. They BEST cannoli that I've ever had the amazing wedding cookies. The second time I went I gave one of their sandwiches a try. They were delicious!!! Again, everyone makes you feel so welcome and like you're part of the family. :)

User:Shirley S.

Niccoli's is a great little neighborhood deli. It offers meats, cheeses, desserts and a small selection of Italian staples to take home. The woman (co-owner???) behind the counter is very sweet and I'm very happy to patronize (what appears to be) a family-owned local business. Having said that, I'd love to see an expanded selection of fresh loaves of Italian bread.

User:Christina P.

I make a mean cannoli. Well, technically, I make a mean cannoli filling. I get my cannoli shells from Niccoli's. :)

User:Zoee T.

Sooooo delighted to have finally discovered this wonderful Italian gem! My sausage was delicious and Peppy was welcoming and gracious...I was treated like an old friend! Looking forward to experiencing the pizza, sandwiches and biscotti!

User:Pete T.

Fanatic little gem at 16th and Bethany Home Road; owners took great care of us. Great selection in the grocery section. Make sure to get the cannoli!

User:Johnny S.

Best selection of authentic italian deli food! Wonderful, friendly, and charming owners! Love the treats and wow the provolone, and amazing meatball subs! great hard to find items as well, don't miss out.

User:Amy H.

I love this place! It's been around forever. My dad went to high school with the owner, and he and his wife are the salt of the earth. I wholeheartedly disagree with other Yelp reviewers who don't think this is the best submarine sandwich in town. I find Niccoli's sub to be near perfect. If you're not a lettuce guy, take a little off, but you will miss some of the kick butt Italian dressing they are very generous with, unlike some other places in town. Love the imported items to buy, love the little shortbread cookies rolled in powdered sugar. Keep on keepin on, Mr. and Mrs. Niccoli!

User:LaVerne F.

Niccoli's has the best cannoli I have ever had. Made fresh while I waited. Heavenly. This will spoil you for anything less.This is what they're supposed to taste like.

User:Samantha B.

Friendly, amazing family run Italian deli. Almost everything there is imported. Food is soo good, and the deli, well you can just never decide what to get!! Same amazing quality every time:)

User:T B.

Best Italian sub East of New York!! Great selection of sausages, cheeses and imported canned goods. Friendly and YUMMY!

User:Vanessa L.

This place is going to be added to my rotation of places to eat! It is a little mom and pop deli full of fresh meat and ingredients! I had both the Italian sub and the meatball sub! The Italian was great! However, the meatball was my favorite!! It extremely tender and the sauce was quite flavorful! The other thing that made me love this place were the employees!! They want you to have a great experience and it is important to them. I appreciate that! Pepe is amazing and I will continue to come back not only because of the food but because of her service!! PS- It is BYOB! Well, it's beer or wine. (No fee) PSS- The setting is extremely casual. Plastic tables with table clothes....but who goes to a deli for ambiance anyway?

User:Nicole H.

The hubs and I were staying in this part of town for our anniversary. Decided to give this place a try as we wanted good non-Subway sandwiches. We arrived at about 10:45 am and the place was already hoppin'. There was only one gentleman working so service was a tad slow but we didn't mind...we were on vacation after all. And the food was well worth the wait!! My husband and I split the Italian sub and the ham/provolone sub. The subs had no mayo or mustard but had a delightful oil and vinegar-type sauce that definitely made the subs stand out. We usually don't eat onions and both subs came with onions but we ate them and didn't mind them because the subs had such wonderful flavor, the onions just added a little something extra. We shared a cannoli for dessert....holy schnikes, so fantastic!! This is a quaint little place in a strip-mall. They sell Italian foods...canned tomatoes, pasta, meats and cheeses and also have the deli. There's a little sitting area attached to the shop where you can sit to eat. If you're looking for a delicious homemade sub try this place. You won't be disappointed. Service could potentially be slow but it's well worth the wait and the owners are very friendly, helpful, and apologetic for the slow service if you happen to stumble in at a busy time.

User:Karen B.

Cannoli. This review is only for the cannoli. 5 stars! They fill it while you wait. Crunchy outside shell and creamy filling. Absolute heaven.

User:Ryan S.

Niccoli's is a gem in Phoenix and if you blinked while driving by on 16th St., you'd miss it. Family owned and run, it's everything you'd expect from a little Italian deli that you'd commonly find on the east coast. It's a great place to stop in for lunch to grab an Italian sandwich - extra Italian dressing!

User:William P.

I went to Niccoli's on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014. We order 2 sandwhichs which we ate their, our sandwhichs were good. We also purchased a Jar of Hot cherry peppers , Imported parmaggina reggiano cheese, a package of pasta and our bill total was almost $80.00 . Well both my parents were Italian immigrants and homemade foods were a staple in our house. This is were my expierience went bad. The so called imported cheese was flavorless and it was the worse cheese I ever had and it costed $27.00 for 3/4 0f a pound. What a descrase and what a rip off. The jar of peppers for almost $12.00 was tastless and already opened. I have never been so upset that people would purposly deseve hard working people out of their money a sell a infarior product and claim its something else. Shame on yo Niccoli's Deli. Maybe you can fool people who don't know better, but you can't fool a New Yorker who is born to 2 Italian immigrants. I will never go their again and would not reccomened that Deli to anyone.

User:Charlie B.

I've been coming here for years! Never had anything there I didn't LOVE!! this trip was the Italian beef. FANTASTIC!!

User:Eli H.

Love this little gem, it is a tiny Italian grocer that has fantastic food. I am addicted to the Italian sub sandwich that has their famous Italian dressing. I live very far from this place so I don't get here much anymore but I have to come here every once in a while for their olive oil. It is very tiny and only has a few chairs so get your food to go. You must stop in sometime and just check it out. It is a little hard to find in the corner of a strip mall just North of Bethany on the West side of 16th Street.

User:Amanda R.

They deserve to be knocked down a star. Their meatballs are still abso-fucking-lutely the best, but everything else has been lackluster of late. Past two salads were 60% brown- as in stinking rotten. Last time I bought grated parm it was $34.95 a pound. Last few I've been in the woman working the counter was slower than Florida election results, making me itch with intolerance.

User:Miss C.

This place has been around for five million years. I remember going here when I was a young kid with a friend of mine and her mom to get supplies to make an Italian feast. I came in today to get some prosciutto to make a dish I saw on Giada... damn you food network and your impressionable ways! The owners were there, the husband in the back making pizzas and the wife running the counter. She was recovering from surgery and couldn't walk far, apologizing profusely that she could not walk to go cut my meat. So we sat and talked while we waited for her husband (who was diligently watching those pizzas....they must be yumm-o!). Sitting talking to the owner made me feel like I was in some neighborhood grocer in Italy and not in the middle of a Phoenix summer, which was a fun escape for the moment. I hear their subs are tasty, and the pizza smelled delish! Perhaps I will come back again to give either a try. The prices are not small, but the quality is good and the place is local. It is definitely worth the visit, if nothing else to shoot the breeze with a cool lil old lady!

User:Gina D.

Feeling kinda homesick so I turned to Yelp. Could I possibly find the cure here? Yep, sure did. Growing up in an Italian family back East I was privy to really good, authentic Italian food. My Sicilian father allowed no shortcuts. Sundays were spent at Uncle Pete's for an all day meal with all of the extended family. Everything fresh, homemade, completely filling and delicious. It's hard to describe the feelings associated with these memories, but walking into Niccoli's was like living them all over again. And that's a great thing! The lasagna I ordered was just made that afternoon. It came with fabulous garlic pesto toast and sliced tomatoes with the homemade Italian dressing. No way I could finish it all, huge huge portion. I'll have a nice breakfast tomorrow morning! Regardless of being full I did indulge in my cannoli. The filling was just like Zia Pietra's minus the chocolate chips and citron. So delicious that I could not bear to leave a trace of it on the paper it came wrapped in. Know what I did? I licked the wrapper clean...yeah, I'm not afraid to admit it. Tonight was a full on pig out feast, one that was long overdue and well worth it.

User:Jeromy H.

As you walk into this friendly little Deli Packed to the ceiling with what you can expect to find in any establishment that calls itself an Italian style Deli in the heart of Manhattan. . . Only in the north part of Phoenix. The owner and his wife have been bringing this authentic NY experience to AZ for around 35 years. All the Cheeses! The LASAGNA ! The Garlic bread!

User:Laurel J.

I've been in here half a dozen times with my family over the years and we always really enjoyed the tuna sandwiches. So this past January, my boyfriend and I stopped by for lunch... he ordered a sub and I ordered the tuna sandwich. He described his sandwich as "blah" and wasn't impressed with the shredded lettuce or unripe tomatoes (he said that he has been more impressed with the variety and selection at Subway). I on the other hand enjoyed my tuna. HOWEVER, I became violently ill a couple hours later with the worst food poisoning of my entire life. My boyfriend called and left a message the next morning to inform them of the tainted tuna but we never received a call back... I will never eat there again!

User:Sean O.

Italian Grocery items and dinner too! I can't say enuf good things about Niccoli's. Lets see....... they stock La Valle San Marzano Tomatoes and Tomatoe paste ( The only products I use for sauce) , Il Primo Hot giardiniera ( makes any sandwich yummy) and Panettone at Christmas. Fresh rolls and pastries!!! Their pizzas are great and if you want a GREAT sandwich, try Niccoli's homemade Italian sub...mmm mmm... best sub in the question its homemade! Niccoli's is like a little Italy right on 16th street! Check 'em out!

User:John F.

Holidays Items are in. This years new treat, Drago Antico Pandolce Genovese Panettone of Genoa 1 Kilo Old Genoa's Cake $25.95 a crumb style Holiday Bread/Cake. The Pannetones are all incredible especially Fig & Dark Chocolate Panettone from Colavolpe Approx $50.00 combination of sweet baked figs and dark chocolate. Also, bought the homemade circular Egg Bread for the first time which was great toasted.

User:Nadia C.

Roland hit the nail on the head here.... BREAD. Bread is the most import part of Italian Sandwiches. Niccoli's has it to perfection. Everything about Niccoli's reminds me of my Italian neighborhood in Toronto where speaking in English was never needed at the local market, doctors, bakeries, service shops, or church. It was little Italy. Niccoli's has some of the best tasting food in town and it is locally onwed-- which is very nice. PLUS, it's next to Burland Jewelry.... so pick up a Mortadella Sandwich AND some diamond studded earrings all in one stop = HEAVEN ;o)

User:James C.

Best Italian sub I've had. Very nice owners. Just be aware there's no place to sit, so you'll have to get it to go.

User:Dan L.

Just go here and get the Italian Sub. It's fantastic! Also they have real deli meats and cheeses, not Boar's Head. What's not to love?!!

User:Adam S.

Got the Italian. Wow, really authentic and bursting with flavor.

User:Thomas J.

Local deli, locally owned. Small little place tucked in a strip mall behind the A&J BBQ about a quarter mile north of Bethany Home on the West side of 16th Street. Love their sandwiches. Never had the pizza. Love the Italian cheese and desert treats selection. Love the small but densely packed shelves of canned and bottled cooking materials.

User:Roland W.

Niccoli's Deli is another great find! It never ceases to amaze me how people pass by great little mom and pop places like this to go to fast-food chain restaurants. I happened upon Niccoli's looking for real italian bread. I'm not sure theirs is exactly what I'm looking for, but it's so much better than anything Subway, Quizno's, Port-O-Subs, etc. could put out! I ordered the Italian Sub which I thought was pricey at $7.75, but OMG it was well worth it. Enough for two people to share, although since it was so guessed it, I ate it all myself. Although they're a little far from my office and there are good choices closer to me, I'll definitely be back. If you like neighborhood spots with things in a little bit of disarray with great food served to you by your "Italian Aunt" this is the place for you! To let you know how well I liked this place, I'm not even done with my sub and I'm writing this review!

User:kern n.

I happened to spot Niccoli's during a lunch break and pulled into the lot; I work just down the street from this place, Rocco. So, listen... it's about 11:derty am. Still early for lunch. No one around, see? I walk in and the place, it don't look like no sub shop, ya know. Looks solely like a nice little authentic Italian grocery, you get me? I like it. They got everything there, and my eyes are buggin outta my head like *this*, see? I mean, I'm lookin' at this quaint package that looks like it could either have a bottle of, emm... a Sangiovese, or maybe even a nice Dolcetto for the lady types. And, then they got these tins of all kinds of olive oils. They got these dried salamis and a big thing like *this* of Prosciutto. There's a nice little case there of homemade pastries that were tasty just by lookin at 'em. Jars of authentic sauces up the wazzoo! I dunno, what am I sayin'?! GET OUTTA 'ERE!... they ain't got no Safeway stuff here, c'mon! Hckck! I just ain't seen so much authentic Italian stuff. And the place, you know, it's 'bout as small as one-a those swanky studios downtown, and they got it packed to the chin. But hey, I digress, look at me! So, I looks up at the menu and I sees they got "Italian Sub" up there as one of their six or seven sa'mmiches. It's nice, ya know? So hey, anyone can claim to make an 'Italian' sub, so I gotta ask to make sure. I ain't a fool! Hahaha!... ok, knoggitoff, listen!... This guy comes up to the deli case and he looks to be a nice enough gentleman. He's got his apron on to keep himself proper, a conservative pair of prescription sunglasses that you can still see him look you politely in the eyes like you're family, and the guy even cleans his hands before he's ready to listen to what I gotta say. Hey, that's class, and respect! Other places don't know about that. So, this is what I asks, I asks this right here... I says, "What's in the Italian sub?" Guy goes through a quick list with his fingers: "Three meats, cheese, tomato, lettuce and dressing." Hey! That's perfect! You can't get anymore honest than that, and that's the best that I need to know. So, "Ok", I says, "I'll have one", and he gives me a nod. So, this guy gets to putting my sub together, and I see he's just graceful at it, like he's just pulling the elements outta thin air. Not like those kids over there at Mr. Subways, acting all confused and empty like a clan a-mice with hats on, forced to stand two inches from one another for 8 hours! I mean, this Niccoli guy's just effortless, putting a little a-this, a little a-that, and - DONE! I sh*t you not, jerky, it takes this guy no more than 40 seconds to put that thing together! I ask for a bagga chips, too. He asks if I might want a drink, but I thank him and pass, since I got one back at work. Nine bucks and change it costs me. The size of this thing, though, they aren't faking 'cuz I can see this sub's an honest foot! And, I can already smell the dressing and salami from it! "You have a good day", he says. "Thanks. You too", I reply. I get back to my desk, and I unwrap this thing, and it's just like the guy said: it's stacked, but not too ridiculous like. It's holding everything nicely and naturally like. I take my first bite, and it feels like... it feels like... I'd been reborn. This thing is the best sub I've had since... since I been born! It's dripping a little with the purest most wonderful olive oil I ain't tasted before, and that bread roll I tell ya, it's keeping fresh and crisp like it's just meant to be! I can't believe it! I had to set the thing down as I was chewing, sit back in my chair and close my eyes, and just... LIVE! That salami, too! And, there's provolone and ham! It's all fresh. And, there's even some herbs in that dressing that made me feel like an a**hole in heaven. I ain't never been treated to a sub like that. THAT'S Italian! You gotta get one a-these! Hey, you got some schmootz there on the side-a your mouth from droolin. Go over there to Niccoli's. Get that taken care of.

User:Jack N.

Delicious subs. Havent had their pizza or pasta yet. I have had the Italian sub that is stacked with meats and cheese on a fresh baked bun and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and some bomb olive oil with herbs. It was huge and delicious. I also grabbed a jar of ghirardini italian peppers that were awesome on the sub as well as at home. If you are in the neighborhood and looking for a good sandwich from a deli or even to pick up some imported Italian goods Niccoli is worth the visit. The staff was also very polite and helpful.

User:chad O.

Stopped in today for the first time and was amazed at how good and fresh their sandwich was. I got the Italian sub and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm going back tomorrow to get a cheese steak, I'm sure it will be just as great.

User:Kimmie K.

I love this place!! Have had the meatball, italian, and turkey subs. All delicious. Their cookies and pastries are delicious too. Can't wait to try the pizza and lasagna. Staff is super friendly too.

User:Jason B.

I only purchased some hoggie rolls at this place but the bread quality was fantastic. I'll be back to by some more yummy goodies at this place.

User:Anne W.

Had their Italian sub for lunch yesterday. Haven't been there for awhile for anything but grocery items, probably because sandwiches don't really turn my crank. The Italian sub was however quite fresh and tasty, and the owners are always enthusiastic. I would go three stars as a "restaurant", but upped to 4 because of the nice imported grocery items. Italian cheeses, candies, and all sorts of packaged stuff. Great lady finders for tiramisu. They have some good frozen pasta too, though you have to ask about them. If you eat their sandwich in your office, throw the wrappings in someone else's wastebasket. A day later mine still smells like vinegar and peperocini.

User:C V.

I want to talk about the Pizza at Niccoli's! A few decades ago my best friend and I discovered this place. Note: we both come from Italian family's who were raised on good ingredients that only a deli can have. This is not your hut kind of pizza. Then we went back and poof it was gone! Skip forward a couple of decades, and we were still talking about this pizza and how good it really is, when our friend said, "Oh yeah, I know where they are now." We got over there had the pizza and BAM there was the best Pizza we ever had in Phoenix! If you are looking for an authentic NYC pizza made with ingredients only Italians use, Niccoli's is the place.

User:Don H.

I love this place! The best pizza in all of Arizona! The subs are to die for. The grocery section you can spend forever in trying to decide what you want to buy this time. The staff is what really makes this place fantastic. Joe and Pepe are two of the sweetest people one can ever meet. Oh yeah also try Joe's homemade sausages.

User:Dan M.

TREMENDOUS!!!! Best Meatballs in town. Italian Sandwich is outstanding as well. Great service and friednly atmosphere. Can't wait to try the Pizza.



Opening Hours

Mon :11:30 am - 3:
Takes Reservations : Yes
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Lunch
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Quiet
Alcohol : No
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : Yes
Waiter Service : No
Caters : Yes