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User:Deborah B.

I had seen good reviews for this restaurant, and wanted to try. It's a block from my apartment, but the prices looked a little high. I'm so glad we decided to go anyway. First of all, don't be fooled by the outside of the building. Once you enter, you are transformed--the place is much bigger than it appears, and beautifully decorated. I knew we were going to be happy when the server brought out the most terrific, crispy bread I've had in ages. We split the calamari, which had a light, tasty breading and wasn't greasy at all. Even the tentacle pieces were good (if you don't think about it too much). I got the spaghetti and meatballs, as they did not offer just spaghetti marinara. Rolled those two giant meatballs right onto the plate with my partner's lasagna and every one was happy. I have to admit, though, I would have just been happy eating a dinner size portion of the garden salad that came with the entree. The salad dressing was amazing, the vegetables were fresh, and when I was done I wanted more. Next time, I'll probably just get an order of bruschetta and a side salad, if that's possible. But I will definitely be going back.

User:Reinhard P.

We had: excellent artichoke salad, superb oysters Michelina and veal piccata. As for the saltinbocca I was quite disappointed not to find at least one leave of sage in the preparation. I have been eating Saltinbocca from Brussels through Paris, Milano, Bologna, New York and Chicago as it is my favourite veal recipe but without sage it is not a saltinbocca. We'll definitely will return to this restaurant but I will insist on getting the saltinbocca as it should be.

User:Stacy M.

Very good food. Love the bread, salad and stuffed shells w/alfredo sauce. The complimentary after dinner drink is pretty awesome too. Great spot.

User:Shannon B.

What a sweet little surprise. Adam and I just loved it. Everything is homemade and it is a very romantic spot

User:Kazi H.

This place was recommended to us by an Italian girl, so we were thinking it has to be good if an Italian girl loves this place! Off we go... The place is a little hard to find. It's in a crappy smelly strip mall. We walked in and it was almost like walking into someone's home with a the family oil paintings and stuff. We were seated in the maiming dining area. While the decor was outdated, it was refreshing to see some authenticity to the place. You don't see that anymore. The bread they brought out was delicious! it was hot and smelled of heaven! I ordered the spinach ravioli and my boyfriend got something garlic fettuccine. We ordered the fried calamari as an appetizer. A huge portion of it came out and it was by far the best freaking calamari I have ever had! It tasted fresh! Sooooo good! Then to our surprise, they brought out salads, apparently it came with the dinner. It was delicious! I loved the dressing and it had beets in it which I don't like but for some reason, it was delicious with the salad and dressing. Then our dishes came out and we were hoping they weren't too big of portions or too small, they ended up being just perfect! Our dishes were freaking delicious! The noodles tasted like they had just been made!! Mine was so flavorful but not over the top, and I tried my bf's and it was garlicky and delicious! We were very pleased! Service was good. Server was informative and polite. No complaints! We will definitely be back!!

User:Jenn F.

My daughter and my first time here. AMAZING! My daughter keeps on saying that she hopes to be engaged here! (me too! Haha) Food, wine and ambience is wonderful. We are from NY and very reminiscent of a NYC/Bronx mom and pop establishment. Plates are clean! Will be back!

User:Dianne W.

This was my first time here. The service is top notch! My water glass never empty. I had the green lipped muscles in white sauce for an appetizer. It was absolutely delicious! My mom ordered the bruschetta. It was also delicious. I ordered the special veal osobucco, which was also scrumptious. Mom ordered the angel hair pasta with grilled chicken. She said it was delicious. I will definitely be back to try more menu items. I highly recommend reservations. It fills up fast! You can useYelp to make reservations. An hour before our reservation I received a text asking to confirm or cancel. Very convenient.

User:Samantha U.

I love Italian food and my boyfriend is always looking for new places to try, so we went here NYE. Dinner was amazing. It was a set menu for the holiday like many restaurants do, but excellent nonetheless. All of the staff gave the impression that they have been working at Michelina's a long time, and genuinely happy to be there, despite it being a holiday.

User:Barb V.

Unbelievable food! The oysters Michelina is some of the most amazing food I've had in a long time! The family atmosphere and personal service make me feel like a vip!

User:Denise L.

Okay...... The only reason I did not give five stars is because of the desert. Everything else was perfect. We loved the decor the feeling we got there everything was great. The food was outstanding we had to travel quite a ways to get there it was well worth the travel. We ordered the desert that everybody talk about on yelp the custard. We think it might've been the day before's custard because it was watery at the bottom. We would not let this from stop us from going back. Our waitress was very well spoken and was very informed. Made us feel very welcome and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Funny we read a lot of stuff about Brad the waiter and she ended up being his stepdaughter she was a great waitress too. Feel bad I have to get four stars because of the desert but I have to be honest for my fellow yelpers.

User:Jennifer S.

We found this place through the great reviews on Yelp. We are always looking for tasty and authentic Italian food. We split a caesar salad and I enjoyed the penne di casa...a large portion that was so tasty. This is definitely a great neighborhood find and it seems to have a great following of regulars to enjoy this great and reasonably priced food. The restaurant could definitely use an upgrade, but the food is good enough to overlook the decor (or lack thereof).

User:Amber P.

After hearing from my parents how amazing this place was we decided to give it a try. It is small and intimate and exactly what you would expect a family owned Italian restaurant to be. The food was delicious (both of us had lasagna and both of us cleaned our bowls). The dessert was amazing (cheesecake was fantastic) and the after dinner drinks were a fun touch. We will return and often. I can't believe I never tried this place before!

User:Derrick D.

There are few places in this city which can truly transport you to the country of culinary origin and Michelina's does just that. Michelina is the owner and chef (if you couldn't tell by the restaurant name) and she made it her personal duty to meet us with every dish she prepared and ensure its taste to our delight. She cooks all of the food and even hand picks and prepares the flower arrangements that are placed throughout her restaurant. She was born and raised in Southern Italy and knows her Italian cuisine (I know this because she took the time to simply chat with us; her passion for pleasing her customers is palpable). I will have a hard time enjoying everyday food after now tasting true quality. This is a fantastic place where my wife and I will be enjoying dinners for many years to come.

User:Jerry D.

Excellent Italian food. We had the cannelloni and the lamb chops. Everything was cooked perfectly. Service was great. Everything was home made. Cant wait to go back.

User:Old F.

Don't let the location put you off. It's in a run down, dinky strip center, but the restaurant itself is very nice. The staff was very friendly, professional and attentive. The food was also very good. Our group had the salmon, veal Marsala and Lasagna. All were very tasty and included salads. They don't have a kids menu, but my 8 & 10 yr olds had no problem finding something they liked on the menu. Portion sizes were just right, except for the Lasagna which was huge! Prices were on par with similar nice restaurants in Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

User:B. G.

Had a very good experience approximately a year ago and decided to go there for Mother's Day. What a miserable experience! I don't think that they can handle a full restaurant. The service was terrible and the food was below average. The Salmon Special was very fishy and the chicken dish i ordered was dry and didn't taste very good. Nobody at our table enjoyed their meal. We chose the worst to complain about and they did take the Salmon off the bill. The waiter said that nobody else complained about it. I find that hard to believe. As we were exiting the restaurant the fishy odor was so strong we could hardly breathe. The bread and salad were good and the fresh flowers very pretty, but the food wasn't. It took over an hour to be served and the order wasn't right, when we got it. So disappointed! We all left feeling hungry.

User:Scott M.

I took my girlfriend here last night as a surprise as her favorite food is italian. The restaurant was cute inside, and classy. However for the attention put into the decor I expected more out of the food. I had chicken Marsala and it was alright. My girlfriend had cheese ravioli and I'm not sure she truly liked it as she took more than half of it home. She said she would definitely go back. I would as well just to try something different. I feel that there is much more potential and maybe I just had come in on an 'off' day.

User:Bob S.

On a trip to Arizona we looked for an Italian restaurant and scored a big hit !! Probably a nice a dinner as I have had in years. We were able to enjoy our cocktails and not be rushed to place our order. Excellent salad; outstanding Banfi (from Italy) wine; the veal parmigiana was to die for!! The Owner / Chef was the perfect host ... the complimentary after dinner drink was a plus. The prices were reasonable, the service terrific and the dinner was great.

User:Betsy B.

Ate here years ago and not sure why we did not return. Last week we decided to try it again. Glad we did. In my opinion, Arizona has few really good, authentic Italian restaurants. We had the chef's combo, chicken with a lemon wine sauce, delicious, so tender you did not need a knife to cut it. It came with 2 stuffed shells that had the best marinara sauce I have had in years. We also had the chicken Genovese with artichoke hearts and my brother loved it. Dinner comes with a salad and a vinegar based Italian dressing that I really enjoyed. The service was top notch. I noted that our waiter, I think his name was Brad, had many tables and he handled them all with ease. crusty bread. They take reservations, good portions and such a great place to try again. I will be back soon. The only thing that would improve this place is to add some Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin....That would be perfecto.

User:Dan B.

No change after 20 years. We moved from Phoenix in 1994 and haven't been back until yesterday. It's the same, and that's a great thing. Same great food, same reasonable prices, same Michelina. One of the hidden treasures of Paradise Valley. It's right on the 51 at Shea so it's convenient from anywhere in the valley. Can't recommend it enough. It's great when good things don't change.

User:J D.

We found this place because of Groupon last year. We waited until the day before it expired to redeem it. That was a mistake. We made reservations for 7 pm and when we arrived the place was slammed. Everyone was trying to redeem their Groupon. Because we had a reservation, we thought we were golden....nope, we ended up waiting for 45 min. You could tell that the employees were super stressed. I actually felt bad for them. The food was very good and we wanted to give this place another chance, so we decided to come back another time when they weren't busy with Grouponers. Several months later we returned and had a normal dinner here. The service was excellent and we had a much better experience than before. Some of the menu items we sampled: Escargots - $10.95 Caprese Salad - $13.95 Stuffed Shells (Spinach & Ricotta) - $17.95 Lasagna - $17.95 The Better Half loved the Escargots. She ordered it both visits. I enjoyed the Stuffed Shells the first time and had the Lasagna on the second trip. Between the two, the Stuffed Shells were my favorite. I'm glad we came back for a second trip. Return Factor - 85%

User:Tyler G.

I had heard a lot about this place to start off with, but it is definitely one of those "Gotta experience it to believe it!". It definitely lived up to its reputation with the most AMAZING oyster plate I have had in a long time! It was stuffed with shrimp, spinach and topped off with some WONDERFUL sauce that drove me absolutely crazy for the place. Mind you, it's only Michelina herself cooking for, on a Friday night, over 30 people easy, as far as i could tell. At the end of our dinner, she came out and introduced herself to ALL her customers to make sure everything was tasted up to par. How many cooks will do that every night? To say the least, I will definitely be seeing her soon and enjoying those DELICIOUS Michelina's Oysters!

User:janette e.

Meh. There's so much better food and service out there in Phoenix/Scottsdale. We tried this place again, only to be disappointed by the small portions and very poor service. Our third time here was not a charm!

User:Alisa C.

We've been going to Michelina's for 8 years now. It's our favorite romantic date night spot. The food is unbelievable. The owner/chef is always in the house, but the main host is very sweet and attentive. Excellent service here. I can't even start to tell you what to try. Everything I've had is good, starting with the appetizers all the way to dessert. I love the Caprese, the chicken Marsala, and chicken parmigiana. It's all good. They have a pretty extensive wine list as well, including some very reasonable offerings price wise. Surprise your date with this fabulous spot. You won't be disappointed.

User:t f.

3 words: DON'T GO HERE!!!!!! Only because I am being selfish and don't want everybody to go here. The place is great. Everytime we go there the food and service is great. The cocktails are great. Great. Great. Great.

User:Debbie S.

I have passed this place for 20 years and had always heard good things. Well one night when we were kidless we went. It was pricier that we thought but we forgot the price once the meals arrived. We were both very impressed. Warm homemade bread. Awesome salads. I tried the escolar (it's a fish that a friend of mine loved but I had never tried it) and it absolutely melted in my mouth. My husband enjoyed his sausage and peppers. We will definitely go back!

User:Melissa H.

Too pricey for the food. The meal I had was just ok. My MIL had a terrible loud garlic pasta. It was stinky. They were also not too happy to see my two kids in tow.

User:candee s.

I went to dinner at Michelina's for the first time last night. It is located in a strip mall just west of the 51--and talk about unassuming from the outside! the strip mall neighbors include a psychic and a locksmith--once inside the aromas take over and you know you will be having something wonderful. The restaurant is nice inside, but it is the food that is wonderful. I had the sausage and peppers which was terrific and they provide everyone with a complementary frangelica after dinner. the meal was reasonably priced for the quality of food and i will definitely be going back.

User:Sarabear B.

Oh Noes! You told! This was supposed to be a secret place so we could have it all to ourselves! Now, there will be crowds waiting for the eggplant rollatini and antipasto salads... I'll have to wait in line to get a table so I can have my Shrimp FraDiavolo or my Tortellini. Surely they will be running out of the dinner specials early now that everyone will be flocking there for dinner. I'll have to call ahead to make sure they save a Tiramisu or a cannoli for me.

User:Mary M.

We have ordered take out from this place for the last few years and finally had dinner a couple of weeks ago. I love the food and the out-dated decor. I really do. I would not change a thing here. The food is great, the wait staff remember us, the owner/chef is always cheery and welcoming. The food is always delicious and we always say that we need to come here more often.

User:Marybeth P.

Michelia is the best hostess in our area. The food is incredible with ambiance to match. Our entire family loves to dine here much like home with out the dishes.

User:Barbara S.

One of our favorite places! The food is consistently excellent and the waitstaff friendly and attentive. Not unusual at all for Michelina to visit with the diners and ask how their food is. It is in its 25th year and is located in a very non-descript center which boasts a palm reader and small appliance parts distributor, but don't let that fool you. Once you walk through the door, you are transported into a very well-designed space with great ambience. Several of the waiters have been there since the beginning, and if you are somewhat regular, they may even remember your favorite beverage!! I would suggest leaving young children at home - I'm not aware of a specific kid's menu but I'm guessing most people dining here probably prefer their dining experience to be sans little ones. It's a great date place, but also a wonderful place for larger gatherings. On New Year's Eve, they have a prix fixe menu which is awesome and very popular. You can be notified of special events such as wine tastings throughout the year, too. Excellent all the way around.

User:Kim N.

We dine here about once a month, and have for years. Love the food - the oysters Michelina are so so good (especially with her homemade bread to sop up the sauce) and the pasta is fresh and lovely. It's a small place and has been at the same location for something like 20 years, so the decor is slightly dated but we go there all the time for the fabulous food and wine. Brad is awesome as host/waiter/bartender, and of course we alwasy enjoy a visit to our table by Michelina's herself, which is always a nice touch.

User:Gabi M.

I really would like to give Michelina's more than 3 stars. The service, atmosphere, wine, and food were all pretty good. Michelina herself even came by the table to check on us. However, for $50 per person, I believe we deserved to be blown away! We were satisfied, but not blown away... It was a rainy Friday night, and my boyfriend was craving Italian as was the other couple we went out with... They relied on me to choose the restaurant, so I remembered that I enjoyed Michelina's a few months back with some family that was in from out-of-town. (Please note that I never saw the bill that last time and had no clue how expensive everything was during that visit.) There were no Yelp reviews yet, so even more appealing, right? I could be the first! So, here it goes: Michelina's is hiding in a very unassuming little shopping center off of Shea and the 51. I would guess that their business is mostly from word-of-mouth because I'd never noticed the location before my first visit nor had I heard of it! I made a reservation to be safe, but I don't know if we really needed it or not. Brad was our server and he was excellent. He took drink orders and recommended 2 appetizer specials: Eggplant rollatini and Oysters with spinach, ricotta, and bay shrimp in an alfredo sauce. We took one of each for the table. Brad commented that we could wait to see if we liked the apps to know if we could trust him or not. We did trust him - we were all pleased with the appetizers even though I thought the Oysters were a bit heavy. We went with a bottle of Merlot for the table (I don't remember the name of it) and it was good - nothing special, but good. For our entrees, I went with the escolar special - served on a bed of sauteed spinach; Jared went with the Veal Chop special served with fresh pasta shells stuffed with spinach and ricotta; Deborah took Brad's advice and ordered the Chicken Genovese special; and Jack had the Veal Saltimbocca layered with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese. (More on entrees coming soon...) This is where the highlight of the meal came in... we were all pleasantly surprised that dinner salads came with our entrees. There was no mention of this on the menu, so when Brad brought out the salad course, it was an added bonus! The house dressing was delicious and the salads were basic but fresh and delicious! Back to the entrees... Jared was the most pleased with his (the Veal Chop with fresh shells) - he said it was excellent! We all had meal envy because the rest of the entrees were kind of bleh - not Worth the $25/$30 for each of them. Jack and Deborah mentioned after that perhaps our meals would have been better if Michelina added about a cup less salt to each of them! We opted against dessert, but the boys had some coffee/cappuccino and Brad brought us all out a complimentary apertif of amaretto, creme de menthe, and creme de cacao... I don't think any of us were interested, but it was a sweet (literally sweet) gesture. We all left feeling satisfied but not blown away... We won't be rushing back to visit Michelina anytime soon, but if money is not an issue, go check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe your experience will be worth more than 3 stars!

User:Jana G.

Yum! Good hearty Traditional Italian food. The chicken Parmesan was delicious and everything tasted completely homemade. The house dressing was absolutely delicious as well. Service was good and I would definitely come back.

User:Vegegirly K.

I have been to Michelinas a couple times in the last 6 years or so. Both times the food was very good. Last time I had the eggplant Parmesan. Very tasty and a generous portion. My husband had their seafood pasta which he said was delicious. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because of the steep prices. It's not very often I spend more than $20 on a vegetarian dish. Hence why I only went a couple times. But the service is great and the atmosphere is classy and romantic. It is a good place for a special occasion.

User:Matt L.

Had I great experience and outstanding dinner at Michelina's tonight! Brad our waiter was very personable and made some great suggestions. The bread was very good & hot and there was plenty of olive oil & butter on hand. I had the cioppino which was excellent and huge - large amounts of fish calamari & clams. Others in the group has the sea bass putenesca & the the braciole - all were very pleased - will certainly go back soon

User:Nicki E.

One of the most romantic places I've ever eaten dinner is at Michelina's in Phoenix, and if you haven't been there yet, I suggest you set up your next date there now. The Italian restaurant, run by Miss Michelina DiSibio, is a gorgeous fresh flower-filled eatery, complete with white linen-covered tables, pretty lighting and friendly, competent servers. And usually, Michelina herself visits tables to make sure guests are perfectly satisfied with what they're dining on. The menu is classic Italian, with recipes Michelina brought with her from her native Italy. At a recent visit, I had the absolutely amazing pasta shells stuffed with spinach and ricotta ($17.95), which I covered in both alfredo and marinara sauces to create a divine creamy concotion. I've been there many times and also really love the salads and desserts, especially the tiramisu. Everyone I've dined there with has also raved about the food. The place is so pretty and cozy, the food so delicious and the staff so professional and friendly, it's a guarantee you'll want to go back.

User:John P.

Michelina's, without a doubt, has the best food of any Italian restaurant in the Phoenix metro area, if not the best food of any restaurant period. The Oysters Michelina are amazing. Make sure you dip the bread in the sauce! The fried calamari is done perfectly and is served with Michelina's marinara sauce, which is so good you can just dip bread in that too! All the parmigiana dishes, veal, chicken and eggplant, are outstanding and served with linguini in marinara sauce. The fresh fish putanesca (sometimes halibut, sometimes sea bass) is served over linguini and is delicious. If you want to eat healtier, get the grilled Escalar served over fresh spinach. It's awesome. My wife doesn't like fish but she LOVES the escalar. I saw another reviewer say the escalar was bleh. She must have drank too much wine that night. Best grilled fish of any kind I've ever had. Michelina also makes her own italian sausage from scratch. Try the sausage and peppers over pasta. Wow. If you like it hot, ask for it hot and she will gladly make it spicy for you! I can go on and on because over the years, I have eaten everything on the menu. I can honestly say I have LOVED every meal I have ever eaten at Michelina's. And with Michelina's great food, you also get Brad's great service. Brad is the best waiter that has ever existed in the Phoenix area, if not on the planet. Ask anyone that knows him or knows of him and I am sure they will say the same thing. For dessert, the zabaglione (a creamy italian custard over fresh berries) and the tiramisu are to die for and are both made from scratch by Michelina. Is it expensive? Well, if you are used to getting the $10 special at the Olive Garden or some other chain, then, yes. But, I took my wife and daughter to the Cheescake Factory the other night and dropped $100 and my wife and I went to Pappadeaux's a couple weeks ago and spent $90. And, we do not drink anything stronger than Iced Tea. Both times, on our way home, we said "We should have gone to Michelina's". The bottom line is that the prices are very reasonable. Do yourself a favor. Next time you want to go to a chain and spend $50-$100, go to Michelina's instead. You will be glad you did!

User:Jane R.

Michelina's should pop up as the #1 Italian restaurant in a Phoenix/ Scottsdale Yelp search. The menu is large enough to satisfy anyone's cravings and the preparation spot on. Our first visit was a "word of mouth" recommendation and I'm passing along the favor. During my last visit, everyone at our table ordered a different entrée, and all I heard were raves. And the service was impeccable. Try the Veal Marsala or any one of the chicken dishes, you won't be disappointed. And save room for the Zabaglione; fresh and fabulous. If you are seeking delightful Italian dining, Michelina's is the place!

User:Prescott P.

Great spot, excellent traditional northern Italian meals. Great service, price is right. Hidden gem.

User:Jesse J.

Wow I really am glad Groupon guided me to this place. I was a little worried after reading some reviews but pleasently surprised that the place didn't stink as one stated and that even though food was pricey it wasn't without merit. For starters the bruschetta was great I am a huge fan of garlic and there was a lot of it. After that came the dinner salad which had a creamy homemade Italian dressing on it which was just awesome they should bottle that stuff up and sell it at the front. Finally my main course was Veal Lasagna yes that's right VEAL mmmmm. It was full of flavor and the portion was just right. After all this I still had to try a dessert so I went with raspberry sorbet dipped in dark chocolate. It was a nice refreshing way to end the meal. This place would be a five star if it wasn't for the a/c pumping the whole time when it wasn't needed. Other than that I loved it and will totally go back. It was one of the better Italian places I have been to in the valley for food.

User:Ed L.

Group party dinner the night before the 2011 Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon. The restaurant was busy that night, but isn't it always before a marathon? The entrees were pricey, but I guess that's normal for authentic Italian dishes. Good times, great company. I had the veal lasanga, side salad, with 2 bottles of Heinekin. Wasn't the best, since the portions were smaller, service could've been better, and the prices were just a bit too much.

User:Jeff M.

Correcting some gross Misconceptions on Yelp regarding Michelina's.... PART 1 My review will be overwhelmingly thorough, to aid others I will post in a 'bullet point' format for ease of reference (I have enjoyed this restaurant approximately 10 times in the last year (I am a foodie what can I say)... History- Michelina immigrated approximately 29 years ago and opened her wonderful "Ristorante"(more on what this means later) and blessed Phoenix approximately 27 years ago... Food- Excellent! Italian food from the area of NAPLES (this is where Michelina is from)... Food from this region is a blend, "Campania is one of the largest producers and consumers of pasta in Italy, especially spaghetti. In the regional cuisine, pasta is prepared in various styles that can feature tomato sauce, cheese, clams and shellfish.(Wikipedia)" PUTNESCA IS A POPULAR SAUCE from Naples... Recommendations for food: One SHOULD attempt to incorporate seafood/shellfish as a choice; however, Michelina's has many excellent 'Turf' options (osso bucco, veal, eggplant, etc...)... Appetizers: Escargots (dip the bread for garlic and butter lovers, this is the best) Oysters Michelina-fantastic SALAD IS OFFERED COMPLIMENTARY (FYI) The bread is exquisite (with butter how its meant to be churned) Entrees: Surf: Many fresh fish specials usually served ala Putnesca (fantastic) Turf: Osso Bucco (frequent special, this meat will fall off the shank and is incredibly tender, flavorful, and moist), Veal Saltimbucco, Veal Piccata Dessert- zabaione (with fresh berries) by far the best!!!! Tiramasu- not bad but do yourself a favor and get the Zabione A complimentary cordial is provided (fyi) REAL ITALIAN MASCULINE COFFEE (go espresso or Cappuccino and you will be pleased (don't expect fu fu starbucks) Dining EXPERIENCE- In Italy one enjoys the 'TABLE' for the evening (i.e. it is not a rushed affair, rather something to be savored and relished in)....(Notice it is an Italian named Restaurant (not Michelina's Restaurant) but rather "Michelina's Ristorante Costa Campagnia" which means, "Michelina's [exquisite/higher end] Italian restaurant featuring food from Campagnia".... Service- Brad is a wonderful and exceptional server... Request him if possible... Additionally, as inferred from "Dining Experience" above, this is an Experience to be savored... IF YOU HAVE TIME CONSTRAINTS, IMMEDIATELY INFORM BRAD, they will be accommodated (i.e. opera, symphony, movie, or just want a wonderful meal at a heightened pace).... The service WILL NOT HOVER over you as an American Restaurant will!!!!!! The exceptional service staff wants you to enjoy and relish the evening, as is done in Italy... Ambiance- The restaurant is classically subtle and expresses the 'family and regional' values of Michelina's experiences in Naples as a young woman.... Some may call it dated, others may suggest classically influenced, and yet those that appreciate the Italian cuisine and experience might suggest that it is "Old School" in a "Marlon Brando"-esque way... For those of you unfamiliar with Marlon, Michelina's IS HOW A NAPLES RESTAURANT IS?WAS?AND SHOULD ALWAYS BE.... TO CORRECT SOME GROSS MISCONCEPTIONS OF OTHERS I WILL ADDRESS them below... "There is nothing eye catching about the business front at all. It's in a strip mall and looks old. At night, they turn on strands of tacky Christmas lights that only attract attention to the fact that the lights are so poorly hung." - The restaurant is 'Unassuming' from the outside, this is a treasure, not to be shared with just anyone... It also looks old because it is, she has been in this location for 20+ years.... "When we arrived for dinner we were greeted by an empty corridor, no host station and no host. We could see what looked to be a bar but it wasn't a bar that I'd want to eat, drink and socialize at." -Michelina's is not a bar, they have excellent drinks however. Additionally, Michelina's is family run AND the expectation (once you have been their more than once) is to walk in and introduce yourself to Brad or Michelina's son (as you will become friends to dine with).... "To pass the time until we were finally greeted we browsed the many framed publications touting how incredible the place was. I'm already here...I don't need any more persuasion. It's time for the Chef/owner to take down the "look how good I was" trophy wall and go with a more inviting modern look." -See Ambiance section above... Michelina is a remarkable woman and created this restaurant from LITERALLY NOTHING 27 years ago... She has won best Italian in AZ/Phx many times and would continue to win (however the same restaurant winning does not sell reviews/publications)... ...To be continued..



Opening Hours

Mon :Closed
Takes Reservations : Yes
Delivery : No
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Good For : Dinner
Parking : Private Lot
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : No
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Romantic
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : Full Bar
Outdoor Seating : No
Wi-Fi : No
Has TV : No
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : No