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4720 E Cactus Rd,Ste D118
Phoenix, AZ, 85032

(602) 726-4521

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User:Dave K.

First time to Marigold Maison and will definitely be back. Have searched all over Phoenix for great Indian food and have finally found it! Love southern Indian given lots of good heat and spice. Had the Dosa Masala (outstanding) and Lamb Vindaloo (equally outstanding). Gina was our server and she was phenomenal. A true asset to Marigold! Thanks for an outstanding meal - we will be back for sure!

User:Rhoda R.

A nice addition to the hood. Food is flavorful. Ambiance and decor is lovely. Great service. Loved the lamb chop tandoori.

User:Deana C.

Absolutely superb. Chicken tikka Marsala must not be missed. Nan made in hiyas. Chilckpea cerviche delicious and unique! Do not walk

User:Phx A.

Food has been very good both times we've been there. The service has been spotty, however. On our second visit, we were seated for 10-15 minutes before anyone acknowledged us and it took 45 minutes for our food to come out. The manager did come to our table to apologize and tell us that they were inundated with online orders, but it still keeps them from getting 5 stars. Also, the prices are a little high. We always leave with leftovers though, so that is nice. We'll definitely go again.

User:Pam R.

I was in Phoenix for business and looking for someplace different for dinner. Went here with colleagues and we all agreed this was the best place we had been to in the past week. Very authentic dishes and reasonably priced. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine give this a try.

User:Mike W.

My wife sells seafood for a living and visit a lot of different fine restaurants, this one by far is my favorite in the valley. You must try the eggplant I have not liked eggplant all my life but what this gifted chef does with it is amazing!

User:Katy N.

Great food, great customer service by Gina she is amazing, I recommend this place, I'm addicted to it.

User:Tommy Z.

Interesting restaurant. Used to be a different cuisine, then changed to Indian (my favorite). Fantastic food, not the best Indian place around, but pretty quality. I wouldn't suggest this for a date night, it's a smaller restaurant, seems informal as compared to other Indian food restaurants. Only take the spicy food if you can handle it. Seriously. It's hot for even me, someone who eats hot Indian often. The tandoori chicken is a bit overpriced, but fantastic. The rest of the food is great!

User:Xandra G.

Tried this place because of Yelp. Ordered the chicken Tikka masala and chicken curry... shared meal. We also ordered chicken pakora. Chicken pakora was delicious and the accompanying sauce was dynamite. Both entrees were fantastic!!! Tikka masala is out of this world!! The masala sauce is rich and delicious. The curry was equally delicious and plentiful. Service is excellent, attentive... but not to excess. Highly recommend. One appetizer, 2 entrees and 2 soft drinks. $50 bucks. Not cheap... very reasonable none the less!! Try it... you won't be disappointed!

User:Phil M.

Hands-down, this place is awesome. Great selection, fresh, great service, great ambience, great quality, great quantity, etc. Despite one problem, this place is so good I still give it 5 stars. My only complaint is the $10 bottle of water (from my understanding that's all they offered too).

User:Patt G.

Food and service were top notch. The platter is the way to go as you get salad, soup, meal and rice pudding for dessert. I don't even like rice but this was wonderful and my husband had his fork in all my food! We will definitely return!

User:M A.

We just had a GREAT dinner and we're so glad we tried it! We had garlic and onion naan which was delicious. Entrees were Tikka Masala, the Dal Makhani and Lamb Curry. OMG was it good! The lentil dish was outstanding. I'm vegetarian, but the meat eaters commented on how good the different meats were. The place is warm and inviting and the service really made me happy. They have a nice wine list too. Gina was our waitress and she was very helpful, sweet and professional all rolled up with a great attitude! Steve the manager stopped by and was very nice and personable. The staff are very helpful if you are not that familiar with Indian food. Great job Marigold Maison. I'll see you often.

User:Charles H.

I'm going to be kind here and give three stars because a few of the dishes were good. Specifically, the mango salad, the samosa, the tika masala were good to very good. The "vindaloo" was just WRONG. I have eaten indian food all my adult life, both here and in India. I have be fortunate to count many Indian nationals among my friends and dined with them. I know what indian food is. The "vindaloo" here is NOT vindaloo, and whatever it is, it is not tasty. The Biryani was even spicier than the "vindaloo" and, other than the extremely hot spices, rather tasteless. Finally, the "curry" was unrecognizable. Much like the "vindaloo." I am not sure what the "curry" was, but it was unlike any curryI have ever eaten and not tasty. I would give this restaurant a lower rating, but the three items I mentioned at the beginning of the review were ok and others in my party enjoyed them. If I was basing this review only on the food that I ordered, I would give it one or two stars. I will not be back.

User:Bob C.

We had a wonderful dinner tonight. Delicious food including chicken curry and lamb vindaloo. Spice level was medium plus. The service was so attentive and sincere. Abraham and Gina were great. We look forward to our next visit!

User:Abe S.

Its the best curry EVER!!!! I really love this place. Cant beat the quality of the food the natural elements in the food and flavors is what i love,

User:Sara S.

We had a nice dinner here. The service was wonderful from start to finish. We started with samosas, which were so flavorful with a perfect amount of spicy heat. Our entrees (chicken curry spicy and chicken tikka masala medium) as well as our side of aloo gobi medium were not as flavorful as the samosas. The flavor was good start, but the spices could be kicked up quite a bit in my opinion, and I don't like too much spice. The rice and garlic nann staples were good. Overall, it was good (a little pricey) but if we return, I would ask for a lot more flavor and heat.

User:Julie C.

Absolutely wonderful restaurant the service is exceptional the food was amazing this is a must stop by and see we are very pleased with this whole experience

User:J S.

My husband And I had a reservation at this restaurant tonight. We sat down and after 30 minutes not a single waiter even came by our table. We received menus and the lady walked away. After a while several other waiters walked by and not one said anything or offer to get our server or ask if we even needed a glass of water. This is the first time I have ever gotten up and left a restaurant. On my way out again not one word to us. However the manager did manage to a slam the door in my face. Wow, I don't think I have ever had service so terrible. Oh right, I mean NO service. Don't waste your time with this place.

User:Michael H.

We had eaten at this restaurant at its former location and loved the food. When they moved to this location a year or more ago we tried it and it was a very poor, buffet experience. Based on the yelp reviews we went again as we could not square the reviews with our experience. Well, the reviews are right on. A lovely experience and great food and service.

User:T L.

They make yummy food!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their lamb chops and all their paneer dishes! Nice, contemporary décor.

User:Brett T.

Best Indian cuisine in Phoenix greater area. The different types of sauces, whether masala, various curries, vindaloo, etc., are so delicious. I recommend the diverse platters that have many of these sauces and various eats. The service was also great, which gives this place its well-deserved fifth star.

User:Valentin M.

First time at the restaurant and was very impressed with the delicious food,the waitress( Gina) was awesome , definitely recommend it and come back

User:Gene W.

My wife and I flipped a coin between Salty Sow (I've been there before and love it) and Marigold (a place I haven't been). As soon as we walked up, there was no host to greet us. We wait a minute and a host seats us on the patio. Including us, there are 3 other parties on the patio: my family, a group of four, and another group of four. The waiter was ignoring us while the other two parties had drinks and appetizers brought to their table. As we're sitting there waiting for service, I see this guy dressed in black hurry into the restaurant (the patio is next to the entrance). A few minutes later, he comes out introduces himself as our waiter. I'm guessing that our original waiter knew that he gave us horrible service and shuffled us off to the second waiter. After we ate, we had to wait another 10 minutes for the bill. There was no offer for dessert or post-dinner drinks. I will say that the food is good. My lamb chops were actually really good. Just keep an expectation for weak customer service.

User:David S.

Excellent Indian food! Clean, friendly, great service, with attention to all the details. The Korma is the Gold in Marigold. Will be back again soon!

User:Mark M.

Visited for the first time yesterday. We moved to Phoenix from England 12 years ago and good Indian food has been one of the few things I have missed because other Indian restaurants we have tried in Phoenix never quite lived up to expectations. This restaurant did, the food was excellent and the service very good. We were there on a Wednesday evening and did not make a reservation but the manager warned us that if we wanted to eat there at the weekend we should definitely make a reservation. We will definitely be visiting again.

User:Saja L.

Great food, and service. Atmosphere is fun, though small. It has some outdoor seating that will be great in the winter.

User:Keith B.

The staff makes an effort to open the door for everyone. They look you in the eye with a smile and heart felt greeting. As soon as you enter, the aroma is absolutely devine. The menu is extensive enough yet not overwhelming. We had the Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan. All entrées come with bottomless Basmati Rice. All were extremely flavorful with excellent texture. The medium heat is not real spicy so I would suggest the hot for those that like to feel it for a while after dinner. Our meal for 2, with iced tea, was $40. Highly recommended!!!

User:Kelly R.

I love Indian food, but hadn't found any good Indian restaurants in Phoenix. After hearing Marigold Maison has the same owner as Roka Akur (and the same investor as Nobuo at Teeter House), I had to try it. I went here for the first time back in September or October and immediately became a regular. The food is outstanding! Every dish we've tried has been incredible...extremely fresh, flavorful and awesome quality of meat/seafood. The rice and naan are fantastic and we also love the tofu appetizer and chickpea "ceviche". My husband is a huge fan of the chicken curry - and I'm just a huge fan of all it all! We crave it almost nightly! Andy, Abraham, Rohit, and Suneil are such gracious hosts and we always enjoy our conversation with them. Also, I'm not a big fan of leftovers, but this food tastes even better (if that's possible) the next day. Definitely try Marigold Maison! It's SO good!

User:Shelly H.

The food here is very yummy. I had a great customer service experience due to a blunder on charging my card twice. The manager reimbursed my overpayment in cash and gave me a gift certificate towards the next visit. Very well done and gracious for having to drive back to the restaurant. I am a bit put off by the high prices or I would have rated them 5 stars.

User:Lisa H.

So good!! Best Indian food I've had in a long time.! Great service too! I will definitely be back!

User:Sunny L.

food & service excellent! ask for Rohit - he's their resident Indian food advisor & does a good job of explaining what's what STARTERS: samosas (stuffed puffs with potatoes & other little fixins) / seared eggplant (the mustard glaze it came with was awesome). MAIN: chicken tikka masala / chicken saag spinach w/ naan bread and LOTS of basmati rice DESSERT: kheer (rice pudding not too sweet just right) and mango kulfi (like mango ice cream pops - refreshing & like a palate cleanser). my wife & I haven't had much indian because places are in short supply but this place makes our list for fav Indian spot discoveries in the valley. :)

User:Bob H.

We visited this restaurant last weekend, and were very impressed! The food was delicious! We had the Bitel Puri for an appetizer, and it was awesome! For dinner, we ordered the Tikki Masala (chicken), Lamb Chops, Tandoori Shrimp, Tandoori Chicken, and Biryani Hyderabad (sp?). All of our entrees were fantastic! Highly recommended!

User:George F.

Great food and service. The 'Chipotle' comment referred to the Bombay Spice concept. That was good but this is a slightly more upscale restaurant with Much better food. The Chicken Tikka Masala had a beautiful, rich sauce with tender chicken. The Mango salad was very light and refreshing. Thanks to Gina for her great service!

User:Casey G.

This was our first time eating Indian food and the whole staff made us feel really great about trying new things and helping us along the way. The food was AMAZING! We ordered the Tikka Masala and the Fish of the day and they were both very flavorful and super tasty! We also tried the garlic naan which was out of this world! We liked it so much we signed up for the rewards program because we will definitely be coming back! I would totally recommend this great restaurant!

User:Kristy B.

I've been hoping an amazing Indian restaurant would open up in Phoenix. It's happened! Food was delicious and authentic. Staff was very friendly and welcoming. Chicken tikka masala, amazing! Vindaloo was authentically spicy!

User:Catherine I.

If you want great Indian food then this is the place for you! This is by far the BEST Indian food in Scottsdale/Phoenix. It was so much fun to try different dishes and have everyone taste GREAT. Yes, everyone was delicious. I couldn't pick a favorite because they were are ALL fantastic. When we left the restaurant we were already planning our next trip back.

User:Keith F.

Probably the best Indian in Phx.

User:Vee M.

YUM! This place is great! Have been a few times now and the food is well seasoned and no 'weird/secret' sauces to hide the flavor of the food. Staff is efficient and very courteous. We'll be back again soon.

User:Lucy G.

Went looking for the ole Bombay Spice when we stumbled upon this place. We had an excellent time! The food is delicious! Our waiter gave amazing suggestions and was attentive and friendly. Fun inventive drinks. We were just going to take our food to go but decided to stay after such a warm welcome at the door. Fantastic, we'll definitely be returning.

User:Jim C.

My go to indian restaurant was Dhaba but I believe we have found our new favorite. The atmosphere is more appealing than most Indian restaurants and the food is simply so fresh and delicious. We loved the naan bread and the sauces were exceptional and spicy. Additionally, there is buzz about the place so eating out here is fun. You really can't go wrong here.

User:Amit T.

I moved to Phoenix a couple of months ago and have been looking out for Indian restaurants. Marigold is by far my favorite. Good fresh food and great service.

User:Butch M.

Great experience and wonderful food. The management was welcoming and the service was exceptional. Great to have a place with a tandoor oven and the chicken tikka was very tasteful. Friend found out why the pork chops come highly recommended.

User:Scott G.

The lamb thali is fantastic. You get so much food here for lunch, come hungry, you will enjoy every bite. Come here soon too, once word gets out how amazing it is there will be a line out the door.

User:Ruben M.

I came in for first time since it opened as Marigold Maison. I ordered the chicken thali and was blown away with presentation and quality of the food! A lot of good, quality and flavorful food for only 12 bucks. The staff was awesome but the food was great. It rivals Tandoori Times which I think is great too.

User:John C.

Mountains of food and flavor. Try not to fill up on the appetizers although it is easier said than done. Great food for first timers and seasoned diners. Chef stopping by our table was an excellent touch.

User:S G.

What more can I say??? Not only was the food exceptional, but also the educational 'trip' we were lead to! I had no idea Indian food could be this AWESOME!!! Hats off to the chef and owner!!! If you decide to make it in (which you should and soon, before there is a waiting list) don't miss out on the vindaloo or the chai lattes... Truly impressive will definitely be back!!!!!

User:Matt B.

It isn't real Indian food. I thought the food was unusually sweet, like they were putting too much sugar in it, which is a trick restaurants use to get you to like otherwise average food. Nice atmosphere. Iced tea was really good. Salad greens were not super fresh. Chicken was sparse in Tikka Masala. Cooked vegetables were overcooked. Raita was soooo sweet I couldn't eat it. There are a bunch of 5 star reviews, but be careful, because they are offering gift certificates for Yelp reviews. They had a "restaurant consultant" there who was driving the turnaround of this place, which is by the same people who did the failed Bombay Spice. They are definitely playing the Yelp game. I am not saying this place was terrible or anything... just not remotely authentic and pretty average despite all the pumped up Yelp reviews. I would give it 3 stars were it not for all the Yelp gaming they are doing, which for me knocks it down another star.

User:Katie B.

Tried this new Indian food restaurant in our neighborhood. Exactly what we have been looking for. Great service. Great food. Recommend reservations, but not necessary.

User:Angela S.

This place has amazing AUTHENTIC Indian food! The chicken and lamb vindaloo is my favorite and you can order it as mild or spicy as you want or like it. The samosas are perfect, best I've had anywhere! The owner and the head chef are Indian so those who question it's authenticity and aren't even Indian themselves make me laugh. I've tried a lot of different dishes from the menu and none of them have disappointed. In my opinion the pricing is good for the amount of food you get and the fact that it is a fine dining establishment. Service is excellent and the manager is always very welcoming. Compliments to the Chef, this place is one of my favorites!

User:Heidi W.

Hands Down.... BEST Indian food and restaurant in PHX!! Better than old Bombay Spice!!! Lamb Chops to die for! Lamb vindaloo spicy and savory and chicken masala second to none! Must Try!!!!

User:Jenny F.

The good news is that you don't need a passport to eat at this restaurant but you still feel like you're in India, including authentic music, great staff and, of course, superb food! My friend and I shared an appetizer, called Gol Guppa, which are whole wheat puffs that you fill with diced chickpeas, potato, onion and cilantro. The main entrees of Chicken Thali and Lamb Thali were tender, flavorful and just the right portions and spiciness . A refreshing lemonade with ginger, caradom and cinnamon, along with a perfect rice pudding with pistachios topped the meal off. The main meal was served on what might be called a "lazy Susan," with a variety of small servings, including lentil soup, fresh salad, warm chapati bread and the lamb or chicken. Relaxing atmosphere and easy to find. Like spending two hours in India, without the hassle of travel!

User:Kristi L.

The chickpea ceviche was fantastic. The Vindaloo chicken - spicy, just the way I like it. Rohit provided great recommendations. We'll be back.

User:Jason A.

Enjoyed a late afternoon lunch here. Menu is great, the chef sent out a few new items for us to try. It's great to see food like this, especially on a corner of cookie cutters and fast food. Each dish had unique flavors and presentations. I ordered the vegetable thali at $9 bucks and had enough leftover for a snack that night. Highly recommended chef driven indian food. Can't wait to come back.

User:Jerry W.

Like the Second Best Marigonld Hotel movie, this didn't quite live up to my expectations. We tried a sampling of appetizers and entrees. The ground chicken dip appetizer and samosas were quite good - the chicken is served with naan for dipping and is creamy good. The samosas were hot and crispy on the outside. For entrees, we tried the standby tikka masala, which seemed too much like thick tomato soup for me. The kashmir korma was good but pretty bland - it was ordered mild, but ended up not being very flavorful. The vindaloo was hot and spicy as expected. We also tried a tandoori shrimp and the shrimp biryani. Both were good, but would have been better without the shells of the shrimp. It was crowded and felt a bit cramped, but may have to try it for a quieter lunch to see if it's more relaxing. Prices are overall fair, but creep up quickly if you order a glass of wine or two at $10 each (samosa, tikka, naan, 2 wines = over $50 with tip. Overall, it was OK and competes with other Indian restaurants in town.

User:sunil g.


User:Jim K.

I have to tell you from the moment I walked in the smell was just amazing and I could not wait to taste the food. Bathrooms were family style and very clean. Our waitress was very nice! She got the water no ice rught the first try and the water was filtered and cold, perfect for a hot day. We ordered the Hyderabad and Tikka Masada and they were the perfect temperature, spice and we're very tasty. Overall one of the best dinner adventures we have had. Stop what your doing and makes reservations if you want to impress your someone with a great meal for a great price.

User:Casey K.

The lentil cakes are BOMBBB!!! This place is delish, and now we foUnd one more thing that we love. We order out and eat leftovers for a couple nights- samosas (yum!), korma, saag, naan, raiita and I love how they put a couple peas on the rice as a garnish. When calling in our order, the connection was a bit difficult because of the loudness in restaurant, but all good!

User:Deepak S.

I wonder what the hype about this place is. To sum it up - There are far better restaurants serving much more "authentic Indian", not worth your money and travel time, especially if your driving up from the South. Now a bit more deeper into what a family of four ordered here - A Veg Platter , Lamb Platter and Chicken Platter - it was a lunch special (so much for the special-ness ) Platter all combined - The Bad : 1)The Platter had a standard Yellow Dal - which was Bland utterly Bland. 2)The Paneer was overcooked in the saag paneer, 3)The Chicken Masala was Sweet - soo much for the masala 4)The Cold Jeer Rice served with it 5) The Priceand the quantity - @14$ per platter you are better off having a sumptuous buffet at some decent Indian Restaurant and eating to your fill rather than being limited by their sub-par quality of food The good : 1) The Lamb vindaloo was the only highlight 2) The Jamoon had a good texture and was well done The Ugly : SERVICE - the Server we had was possibly the worst we have encountered ever , we had to keep mentioning everything twice and keep reminding him we had an order we placed. Here you are "required" to tip even if you had a bad service experience, well we did. Can you believe he had the audacity to come up and say he cant accept such a Low tip (which could have been better off had it been a ZERO) ? Bravo !! And yeah, they serve you Half a Naan in the platter - soo much for cost cutting! Ambiance: 2.0/5 Food taste: 2.0/5 Service: 0.0/5 Price: 2.0/5 Overall: 1.0/5 This place stands as a testimony of mocking Indian Food by all standards Sub Par non-authentic Food, unmetered prices and topped with horrendous Service - welcome to MariGold AVOID IT!!

User:John G.

Wow! This place (was Bombay Spice) has pivoted twice (and moved once) from an Indian Fusion concept to an Indian Chipotle concept to just a darned good Indian restaurant. That's the history, but all that matters is the present. Really great food. Good service. Real Tandoor oven. Start with samosas, then get the lamb vindaloo and an order of naan. You'll be a happy camper (and you'll have enough to take home for lunch tomorrow - but get another order of naan to take home!) There's a really good 'sampler' on the lunch menu, give that a go sometime, too!

User:Jonathan L.

Still serving delicious Indian food at a good price. Try the combo lunch platter for a taste of many great selections.

User:Sara M.

Best Indian food! Fantastic service. The scallops melted in my mouth. If you haven't been here, stop in immediately.

User:Gayl B.

The best Indian food, hands down, anywhere. It is important to have reservations, which we had. There was an Indian couple sitting at the table next to us, and even though I have had Indian food in London, where it is the national dish, we watched what they were eating and at least for one dish, we said "we'll have what that is." Good thing because as we were leaving, we found out that the place is their "family restaurant." I would venture to guess that translates as they owned the place. Like spicy? The lamb vindaloo was three alarm in my mouth and very good. Glad we had a couple of orders of naan to cool off. Don't drink water with a mouth fire, tap it down with naan! I also had spoonfuls of some other great dishes and tried to get close to the names on my photos. Next time, I am definitely taking a photo of the menu. I also had a few bites of two of the desserts, the mango kulfi and the kala jamun, which also cooled down my mouth and were excellent.

User:John B.

Not far off perfection! A meal fit for a king and all his minions. For starters: Masala dosa Samosa chaat Main course: Lamb vindaloo Chicken biryani hyderabadi Chaat masala Naan For dessert: Kala Jamun Mango kulfi Every dish was perfect. Could the lamb vindaloo have been a little hotter? Well, maybe if you are used to a really spicy dish. However, if you are just a recreational Indian food eater, then it was just right. The waiter was attentive and reacted speedily to every one of our requests. Awesome job, dude. The people at the next table were really helpful, allowing us to ask about the dishes they had ordered. Little did we know that they were relatives of the owner. Lucky us! The meal we ate here was a resounding success. We will definitely return.

User:Nicole H.

Absolutely incredible Indian food. Definitely recommend the masala dosa, which is slightly cooler than most of the other spicy food and is good to have around to temper your mouth-fire. We also had the samosa chaat, lamb vindaloo (FIRE!!!), chicken biryani hyderabadi, and chaat masala. Make sure you order naan - you'll need it to sop up the awesome curry sauces and to put on your burning tongue like an ice-pack. For dessert, we had the kala jamun and mango kulfi, both of which were icy in sensation and great after the burning meal. Song of Fire and Ice, anyone? They also serve cocktails, which will shore up your courage and make it so you're slightly less apprehensive about eating what you know is going to be authentic Indian spiciness. I'm not even sure of the ingredients of half of what we ate, but it was all delicious, and we devoured it. I recommend coming here with friends as you can order family-style and try even more dishes. This is now one of my favorite restaurants in Phoenix. We'll definitely return!

User:Hydro W.

I can't believe I haven't left a review yet. This place is LEGIT! Best Indian food in Arizona. Usually Indian kitchens are not the cleanest and some concern what's going on "back there". These guys have an open kitchen so you can see your food being prepared. The food is always fresh and so flavorful. Usually Indian food doesn't sit well with my stomach but this food I can all the time. We eat marigolds on average at least once or twice a week for lunch. So sad we are moving away since we will miss Marigolds. Super friendly staff and a very organized restaurant operation they are running here.

User:Greg W.

Love this place. You don't expect to the get authentic, quality Indian food in Phoenix but this place pulls it off. First of all the service was impeccable. Our server gave us excellent and honest suggestions on which items to order and how to structure our dinner (some street food options to start then sauced and tandoori entrees to follow). He was knowledgable about the menu and extremely attentive. All of our questions were answered and our water glasses remained filled. I recently traveled to South India and I haven't seen Dosa done so true to the authentic way. The coconut chutney was exactly like I had it in India and the Dosa itself was perfectly cooked. I rarely have good shrimp so I was skeptical of the Tandoor shrimp but I was totally wrong. It was tender and teeming with flavor. This is the "must-get" item on the menu (another server admitted he eats it every night) We also ordered the Punjabi Bharta (a great vegetarian option) and the eggplant had a perfect smoky flavor to it. The Goan Vindaloo was spicy and very tasty. This place is awesome and we will certainly be back to explore the rest of the menu.

User:Donna B.

I got some takeout there last weekend. Chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and it came with rice. I was happy enough with the chicken tikka masala and the naan, but It wasn't amazing, and I found the rice to be a bit dry and not particularly great. If I could give them 3 1/2 stars I think that would be more accurate. I did not have a five star experience, and I am confused why it is rated so highly. It looked like a cute place, but I prefer others.

User:Dwayne O.

Decided to try this restaurant mainly because of the Yelp reviews and it did not disappoint. Our server - David was excellent, he recommended and told us what were the popular dishes since this was our first time having Indian Food. We started with the Masala Dosa, a potato and onion crepe which looked like a huge burrito which came with 2 different sauces which was exceptional. Also got the Gol Guppa which was a whole wheat puff that you break a hole to stuff which was fun and tasty. We ordered the following entrees - Lamb Chops, Tandoori Salmon and Classic Curry Chicken which all were excellent. We tried the Garlic Naan and the Hot Chai Tea. We were asked about dessert but we were so stuffed we could not eat another bite. Was a great new adventure and everything was perfect. Will recommend this restaurant and also be back.

User:Joshua W.

I was amazed with my experience here. My girlfriend orders the lamb chicken Marsala and I had the chicken Vindaloo. Well her lamb was delicious and my chicken was sub par, so naturally I ate all of hers. The waitress noticed my untouched plate and comped it off the bill and offered to make me something else. I will definitely give this place another chance

User:Hillary R.

OMG this place is amazing! Be sure to make a reservation though, they are super busy!

User:Monica A.

I would love for this place to be a go-to Indian place for me, but unfortunately I have to pass. I really, really love the idea and I love its intimate size, but it just seems to be a little too impressed with itself. Firstly, the prices are too high. I know you're doing "something new and funsion-y" with Indian food, but please. $20 for a dish just because it has fish? It certainly doesn't warrant that, nor do the other dishes whose prices increase as you add meat selections like chicken, etc. The last time I was here my husband and I ordered an eggplant dish and the chicken tikka masala. I must say the chicken tikka sauce's flavor was OUTSTANDING. Definitely the best I've tasted - very robust and wonderful. The eggplant however, was terribly overpowered by chipotle. Yuck. I've not had those two paired together and I think there's a reason for that. Eggplant is so delicate and its flavor is best supported by the herbs and spices in the dish so its butteriness can be savored - not drowned out by an overly bold spice. Not a well constructed dish at all. Also, both dishes were supposed to be mildly spiced. Our server asked for the spice level, we told her mild (husband doesn't do well with too much spice), and the food came out *at least* medium spiced or hotter. The eggplant was so spicy we had to send it back. My guess is that the chipotle had a lot to do with that, as its inherent heat certainly added to the additional spice used to give the spice gradient to the dishes. Again - chipotle - BAD IDEA. The service that night also was not up to par and certainly didn't support the $46 bill we had at the end. The server *meandered* over to our table after we'd been sitting there for a little too long and kind of looked at us askance WAITING for us to tell her what we wanted. Like she couldn't be bothered too much to let more than just a few words out of her mouth. It was very strange. And the restaurant was NOT busy; no one was in the weeds. All in all, I'm not really impressed enough to make this a regular place. For the prices I expect excellent professional service, well-crafted dishes, and chefs that understand mild, medium, and hot as it relates to Indian food.

User:LA D.

From the second I walked in the door I was amazed at the service and atmosphere. The manager was so kind and helpful with making sure we were having a great experience. Our waitress was very sweet. The place smelt incredible and normally I can't eat in an Indian restaurant best of the smells being so strong. The food- If your looking for the perfect family style night out this is the place. We tried three different chicken dishes and all were beyond any Indian food I've ever had. The spices tasted fresh and full of the perfect flavor. It was honestly hard to stop eating because the portion sizes are large. Cocktails- whom ever their bar tender is they make one amazing martini! Will be returning here again!

User:Precious J.

I'm a New Yorker and I loved the food here! Very delicious. Service was amazing. The tandoori chicken was superb! My son couldn't hang with his vindaloo veggie dish because it was too spicy for his taste however, they did warn him . We will be back when visiting Arizona!

User:Sagar K.

I went to this restaurant today with my colleagues at office. I liked the vegetable thali, it was delicious. Moreover I got the authentic Indian taste in daal; something I had been longing for since I came to U.S. With food being excellent and service being good, I felt the price is higher.. All went well until I was in for a ride shock- gratuity! Yes they collect gratuity for large groups and they didn't mention it in the beginning..I was disappointed with this. Won't rule out visiting again but definitely not in a large group.

User:Tracy G.

I work in the area and have been meaning to pop in and try Marigold Maison for lunch for quite some time now. This place had always seemed to slip my mind when trying to decide where to go. However, I assure you that will not happen again. We stopped in today and were blown away. The food was SO good... great flavors, perfect textures and good portions. The wait staff was very attentive, helpful and friendly - as was the Manager. I understand there can be quite a wait for dinner - so you'll need to be smart and make a reservation or plan well ahead to order take out - but the wait will be well worth it. This will be my Go To when I'm in the PV area from here forward!

User:Glenda E.

Food was great, portions were larger than I expected!! Overall very pleased and would definitely go back! My only complaints was the looooong wait to get our food and the service wasn't the best. It wasn't busy when we arrived at 7:55pm but the waitress seemed very frazzled. It took her a long time just to do simple task.

User:Spoiled K.

This place really surpassed our expectations. We had been wanting to stop by, and I'm so happy we finally did. We were greeted really fast and very friendly as soon as we walked in, and we got our choice to sit anywhere that was available. I'm thinking the manager or maybe even owner is the one who greeted us and seated us. He was really nice. It was pretty full. We went on a Tuesday evening, and they offer a couples' special for 69.00. The prices are decent, and the food is beyond delicious! The menu has a lot of options, and is very complete; from appetizers, entrees, sides, drinks, cocktails, and desserts. Everything was better than we expected! We really wanted to try a dessert, but we were stuffed. Our waitress was really good! She was nice, gave us recommendations, and checked on us just the right amount of time. The overall experience was superb. Can't wait to go back. Glad this authentic Indian Cuisine little gem exists in my neighborhood!

User:Greg G.

WOWZERS! I'm always cautious of Indian Food but this place is LEGIT! Great clean and fresh flavors. Everything is bursting with a complex flavor that makes it fun to eat. Go here! Eat the food! Be amazed!

User:Tim S.

I learned about this place when they offered a "lunch only" Groupon. When I looked them up I realized they were located at the same address Bombay Spice had recently relocated to in 2014, which means Bombay didn't even last a year. I went there for lunch yesterday. Both the waiter and General Manager were very nice and answered several questions. I learned that Marigold is owned by the same corporation (JNK Concepts) that owned Bombay. They have the same chef, but completely different food, menu and pricing. JNK has multiple restaurants primarily in Phoenix and Chicago. They also own Roka Akor and Nobuo here in the Phoenix area and still have one Bombay Spice in downtown Chicago. The restaurant has been upgraded slightly. You no longer order your food at the counter; they have wait staff. The prices are considerably higher. I told both the waiter and GM that I'd not been there before and wanted to be impressed, so asked them what they would suggest, indicating that I was thinking of ordering one of their Thali dishes. They recommended that I try one of two other dishes which weren't on the lunch menu, but their dinner menu. I seldom order Dosa because they are usually vegetarian, which I'm not, but I decided to give it a try. In addition, I specifically wanted to taste their Naan. There Dosa is called "Masala Dosa" which is a crepe filled with potato and onion. It is served with two sides; Coconut Chutney (the larger bowl) and Sambar. The crepe looked massive on the plate when it was served, however half of it was filled - the rest was just empty crepe. The Coconut Chutney was very good, but I wished it had been spicier and there had been more of it. The filling was OK, but not terrific, however you have to keep in mind, I'm not a vegetarian. There was very little spice, and in my opinion, taste, in the filling. There Naan bread was very good, but not the best I've had at some nearby Indian restaurants. Their service was excellent and the GM was very helpful. I left with mixed emotions. The food was good, but I was not as blown away as others appear to be. I'm sure they use good ingredients and it was well prepared, but to me lacked the kick and taste I would have preferred. The killer was their prices; considerably higher than most Indian restaurants. This Dosa and Naan came to $14. I'm not a big eater, but the Dosa without the Naan would not have filled me. Without a coupon I wouldn't go back and pay $14 for what I had. It probably isn't fair to compare their prices with other places because they claim their meat and fish are a far better quality, and I haven't tried them, but I frequently get either a meat or seafood masala/curry, and Marigold's prices are 25-70% more. Without additional coupons it is unlikely I'd return, based on price alone. Their food to me wasn't "that" special. I'm giving them a 3-star overall, but believe their food probably deserves a 4-star, although not for me based on what I had.

User:Jennifer S.

We came here with high hopes of finding our "go to" Indian place. Definitely a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and decent food, but they couldn't seem to get the timing and details of our order right. We ordered an appetizer, but it came out after our entrees - we ended up sending it back. It took us over 5 minutes to get silverware even though our entrees had been served...they were getting cold since we had to wait so long to get silverware to start eating. I am hopeful that our experience was the exception instead of the rule.

User:Bally L.

I cannot say enough good things about this place. The food is very much northern Indian style and the quality is excellent. Chief Jayvian has a special for me and it is known to him as Bally's Chicken Vindaloo and for those who like to live on the hotter side of things I promise you that you will not be disappointed. The owners wife (Pushpa) calls me her Punjabi British Friend and she understand the VIP request mentioned above. Would recommend to all to try this place. Staff are A++++ and the food rocks.

User:Jennifer B.

I love this place! The food is delicious but the customer service makes this place really special. Abraham and Gina are so nice and knowledgeable. I haven't tried their lunch menu yet but dinner is outstanding.

User:Amber M.

It was pretty busy for a late lunch on a Monday. I absolutely loved the food - when I heard same ownership as Roka, I knew we had to check it out, as Roka was always a favorite of mine when I lived I'm AZ. Don't expect anything like Roka though! This is a totally different concept, in the side of a strip mall, and much more casual. I went with my bf and his family, we tried just about everything we could from a couple of the street food options to the lunch platter with chicken tikka and another chicken with a spinach curry (thali's?). The chickpea dip with potatoes was super good and unique, the sauteed rice with vegetables and curry was fantastic as was the garlic naan. I loved the quinoa salad on the lunch platter, it was a lot of food and fun to share between four of us. The chickpea flour battered chicken was a good option for very picky kids - although we loved the spicier options! Our server was good about describing the preparations and we asked him to ask the chef to order for us (a good way to get to try the best items I think). We ended up with four dishes that I had never had before and I loved them all! If I were local, I would def make it a fun lunch or date night spot.

User:RM K.

Oh my!! Really wonderful food. Some of the most attentive servers around. Smells wonderful as you enter. Lamb korma is incredible. Order family style and share. Indian beer available, good wine list- a bit pricey. If you want to secure a seat call for reservations as seating is slim esp. During summer when outdoor seating is not an option

User:Christina W.

We love it here!! If you're not up for the drive to Tempe for Curry Corner - this is absolutely the place to go!! I honestly don't know that we will make the drive now that we have discovered this hidden gem!!

User:Tamra W.

I love this place a little too much! I crave it! So delicious! I love the chicken korma and the samosa! Everything really. Just writing about it makes me want to eat there. I will be eating my lunch there tomorrow! Literally, we fight over the left overs! So so so good!

User:Sheryl V.

Disappointing...both my husband's vindaloo (ordered spicey) and my aloo gobi were insipid. The chai was not hot and not very tasty. The naan was dry. It was noisey and not the place to dine if you want to enjoy dinner conversation. They automatically added 20% tip to tab. Service was fair .. The pappadam were good. No kheer on the menu. Won't go back.

User:Sarah Z.

First word that comes to mind is WOW. They created a really cool restaurant and the food is INCREDIBLE. Abraham waited on us and he was really great. We ordered gol guppa as an app, which was delicious- it's pani puri that's tastes just like you would get in India- for my entree I got chicken tikka masala which was perfect (and I always order chicken tikka masala when I go to an Indian restaurant and this is hands down the best) The bread was totally different from anything I had in an Indian restaurant- we had onion naan with chili flakes which was like "why didn't I think of this???" It's so good you can just eat it all by itself. For dessert, rice pudding and gulab jamun- I don't like rice pudding, but I tasted it from my boyfriends plate and ended up eating the whole thing. Seriously a great find. I asked Abraham for the lunch menu and it looked really promising- they have khati rolls and thalis! We will definitely be back!

User:Mrs B.

Great restaurant! I got a thali for lunch with chicken tikka masala and saag paneer, my favorite! The chicken tikka was delicious and the naan was really, really good. I ordered a mango lassi to drink and it was really good, not too watery not too thick...just perfect. Service was great. We were waited on by a young man named Nick. He was awesome! Really great personality, with good knowledge of menu. The chef came out to see if everything was good, and we were happy to share our delight. Awesome find for a very reasonable price. Our check was like $25 for wine and thalis. We will be back, and we will request Nick again!

User:Joanie V.

After a day of shopping, my sister and I stopped at Marigold Maison for dinner. We were starving and excited to see all the options available. Starting off with wine, we sat down and tried not order the whole menu. Our waiter, Nick, suggested the Gol Guppa so we ordered that along with some Samosa Chaat, Bhel Puri, and Eggplant. Eggplant and Bhel Puri were great and the Samosa Chaat had a blast of flavors--- we LOVED the Gol Guppa. For our entrees we got the Onion Naan Chicken Tikka and the Tandori Shrimp. Again, oh so yummy!!! I have never had Naan with onion before and after having this, I am not sure I ever will eat it any other way!! We ended up boxing up at least half of each dinner to take home. Guess we over did it little on the apps! So even though we were pretty full, I really had to try the rice pudding. A friend of mine was there a week earlier and she could not stop talking about how amazing it was. My sister was a little apprehensive as she is not really a rice pudding kind of girl. However, it was a hit! I think she even ate more of it than I did. So glad we stopped in! Can't wait to go again.

User:Saurav C.

Loved the restaurant.. Space is less .. The thali s in lunch were very good annd heavy ..definitely coming back again :)

User:Nicholas C.

Had heard some good things about Marigold Maison and decided to check it out on a Sunday evening. We had a reservation at 6 and were able to get seated right as the place was about to get slammed. First thing you walk in, there is no host station and you have to just hope one of the staff members will approach you to get your table. Once we sat down it was roughly a 10-15 minute wait until we were greeted. They gave us our menus and then after about another 10 minutes they dropped off 2 waters for 3 people. Eventually everyone was able to get their own beverage and we ordered appetizers. We started off with the Garlic Naan and Chicken Dip. The Garlic Nan was light and airy with a crisp finish. Really enjoyed it with the Chicken Dip. The dip itself was flavorful and the chicken was prepared nicely. It was a really good start to the meal from a food perspective. For our entrees we had the Saag Spinach with shrimp, Chicken Curry and Chicken Tikka. The Saag Spinach had a nice spice to it and a velvety texture. It combined savory flavor with the spice and went well with the rice they provided. The shrimp were cooked perfectly, big and juicy. The naan also went well with this dish as the saag has a stew-like consistency. Chicken Curry is one of the first dishes I picture when thinking about Indian food and we were not disappointed. This was also a very spicy dish as we requested but the spice did not overwhelm the other flavors. The chicken fit in perfectly and was also accompanied by rice. The dish as a whole was very impressive and the spice blend was second to none. The Chicken Tikka is essentially a whole roasted chicken with dark and white meat. We got a side of hot sauce for the chicken which was laid upon a bed of sautéed vegetables. The hot sauce lived up to its name and was a great compliment to the chicken which was dusted in an array of spices. The chicken was juicy on the inside and had crispy skin. It is also a good sized portion. The food was really good and it was ashame that the service was so bad. Drink refills were not done without multiple requests, and while they were busy, its not an excuse to just ignore your tables. But it wasn't reserved just for us, the table directly next to us did not see a server for at least 20 minutes and had to actually grab their own menus. With the food being so good I was willing to overlook the bad service but things got even worse. Upon paying the bill, the server hovered over us as we attempted to sign the check. Right as we set the pen down after signing the check, we were told to leave. The quote I believe was "we are really busy and need you to leave right now." It took me a moment to process that we were being kicked out of the restaurant due to their inability to handle good business. I grew up in the restaurant business and have held a variety of roles and had never seen nor heard of guests being told to leave the moment they sign the bill in order to get another table sat. At most we just wanted to take a moment to relax and finish our beverages but we obliged as I knew if I stayed any longer I would have had to say something about being treated like that. I can forgive inattentiveness when a restaurant is busy, but blatant disrespect is another thing. Its a shame as the entire party enjoyed the food but we all agreed that that was our first and last visit to the Marigold Maison if you are kicked out of the restaurant the moment you pay your bill. The two stars is out of respect to the efforts of the kitchen staff which were impressive.

User:Christina W.

Let me start by saying, I love Indian food. I generally prefer lunch buffets because of all the variety. However, I do know what I like so going out for Indian dinner is just fine, too. My husband and our baby boy decided last minute to try out Marigold Maison. In terms of the food- it was ok. The garlic naan was delicious. We had the paneer pakora for an appetizer- it was pretty good. Most Indian restaurants that I have been to for dinner bring the condiments (tamarind, onion chutney, and mint chutney) on the side. The pakoras came with the sauces drizzled on the plate- an attempt to be fancy, I think. I prefer the sauces on the side because I like to eat them with the bread and my entree. My entree, the vegetable korma, was ok- it was a little bland in comparison to other Indian restaurants. My husband thought the lamb chops were really good. We enjoy going out to eat and while great food is number one on the priority list for choosing restaurants, we also appreciate a nice ambiance, as well as excellent service. I have been a waitress many times, so I tend to be more on the empathetic side of servers. Tonight, I was digging deep and, really, the only thing I have nice to say is that the people working there seemed kind. They were really terrible at time management and knowing how to take care of their tables, however. We sat down on the patio and it took about 10-15 minutes to take our drink order. The table who sat down after us got their drinks, ordered an appetizer, and received their appetizer all before the 2nd waiter came to take care of us. Waiter #1 was so flustered with what appeared to be a few tables, so he passed us on to Waiter #2. We thought it was going to get better from there, but we were wrong. It took our new waiter forever to bring us our check. We never even got refills on water. Bottom line- it's a small restaurant and we were forgotten about from the point of entry. The food was just average, so due to the terrible service, we will not return.

User:WMT W.

I hesitated in writing a review because this place is soooo good and I did want my little secret spot to get out but it has. You just can't keep food this good and service this friendly secret for too long. Only negative is if you are going for dinner you probably should call ahead for a table.

User:Genevieve H.

Great Indian food and excellent service. Everyone in the restaurant really cared about our experience. A small restaurant with a staff that cares. This is definitely a neighborhood gem.

User:Anvesh Reddy S.

First review on Yelp! I've been here a few times since it opened and I absolutely loved the place, food and service. The decor, the music and the food is something I really connect to and hence the rating. The chicken Thali is what I've ordered when I've been here. They give you a paapad, 2 curries, one naan, a small bowl of rice and a sweet. I love the fact that the quantity fills me just about right and I leave feeling not heavy but content. The first time I ordered the Thali, the entrees (curries) were fantastic and the second time, one of them was alright. I will be visiting this place again and recommend it to friends who like Indian food.

User:Tim W.

Marigold Maison is a wonderful magical place. A small little patch of heaven in an area that is far to commercialized, strip mall laden, and devoid of unique mom and pop operations. There are quite a few options for Indian food in the valley and I am sure there are some that are as good as this wonderful establishment, but I haven't found them yet. The staff is courteous and professional all while having an air of casual friendliness. I found the manager (perhaps owner) to be very nice and obviously concerned with the dining experience and the quality of the food. The restaurant has various specials and events such as their weekly Tuesday "Date Night" where you can get a three course meal and a bottle of wine for a very reasonable price. Let us discuss the food... oh the food. The tikka masala I had was the best I have had in phoenix. It was euphoric and could not have been tastier. For people who understand and love food, there is an ecstasy that certain foods can give you. A natural high that takes you to a mental place where all the difficulties of the world fade away and all the is left is joy, peace, and deliciousness in your mouth. I get this feeling with Thai food, Korean BBQ, and the tikka masala from Marigold Maison. The garlic non was delicious (though our had one edge that was a little burned) and so good. The rice didn't have saffron but that is understandable given the price range. But these are small things; things that do nothing to tarnish the luster of excellence that permeates this establishment. If you love Indian food, love a good deal, and are a hunter of that euphoric food experience, you owe it to yourself to try out Marigold Maison. I would say that we need to do our best to keep this place in business but from the times I have eaten here they are always busy as it is =) Maybe make a reservation before coming.

User:Patricia H.

Delicious. What else can I say. The vegetarian Tikka Masala with cheese was incredible. If I could I would lick the sauce off that bowl. All the dishes we tried had incredible seasoning and flavor. Thanks you to Abraham for the great recommendations. we will be back soon for sure.

User:John P.

The Goan vindaloo , finally I've left a new restaurant in the Phoenix area happy that , no one tried to warn me about the heat and two wasreally the best rendition of this dish I've had in years that I didn't make myself. Sour, spicy with a great texture that sticks to the naan and rice which, at least for me, is just the perfect size for an evening curry. Add in Naan a cut above those poor thin uniform excuses that are the feature of most valley buffets and a decent appetizer section and I can no longer claim there's not a decent Indian restaurant within 10 miles of the house. Again this is just based on one dish but that's really all I need. I really wanted to try a bunch of the appetizers but I could see $40 lunch occurring and that just wasn't a today thing. Great service, bit pricey for solo lunch dining and the tables for 2 , tiny,wee bit cramped, though not relevant at the time I was there. The lunch menu is too restrictive ,the leap from lunch price to dinner will limit how much I could spend, but don't get me wrong this dish is worth the price, but 1/2 the serving and a 1/2 naan for $10-12 would hit the sweet spot and make this a regular rather than occasional thing.

User:Angela M.

The best Indian food I've had in a long time! Definitely will be coming back for more :)

User:Chris B.

Good food, decently fast service. Big selection, the lunch specials are well worth it and you get a great selection.

User:Neeti S.

Taste is okay.. Not real Indian flavor and the quantity served is less... Not worth it...

User:Logan B.

Unbelievable food, service, and a great experience. Highly highly recommend coming by marigold ASAP. Even if you don't have time, grab food to go.

User:Jeff Y.

I have finally found very good Indian cuisine in Phoenix. The food and service were excellent. The portion sizes are very substantial. I have had the Samosas and Chicken Korma two times and would recommend them.

User:Jesus L.

Incredible Indian food. My waiter Rohit was great explaining the menu. I had the chicken tica and the lamb with rice and a garlic naan. Exllent dinning experience.

User:Gregory D.

One of the best indian restaurants I've ever been to, and likely the best in Phoenix. Seating is very limited and only good for small parties. Really liked the bharta and garlic naan.

User:Elaine W.

I just got home from the most fantastic dinner tonight at Marigold Maison. Normally, I don't feel the need to write a review so fast, but I AM STILL THINKING ABOUT THIS AMAZING RESTAURANT I found the Marigold on yelp, and my parents and I decided we would try it out tonight. Our waitress Gina was absolutely wonderful. She went into detail about the menu, telling us what was her favorites as well as the chef's and recommended different meat combinations. Let me tell you, as a lover of Indian food, I have NEVER had better indian food in my life. The tandoori chicken came out perfectly moist where at most places it is dry. The Saag was so flavorful and had the perfect amount of spice. We also had the BIryani, which was so different and tasty. As an appetizer, order the seared eggplant it was OUTSTANDING! However, besides the food, I was moved by just the general kindness of the staff at the Marigold. Gina was so kind, and was constantly checking on us to make sure we were enjoying our food. The chef came out while we were eating to see if we liked the food, and to tell us about his cooking. You can tell that he takes great pride in his work, and rightly so. I will most definitely be returning when I am in the Scottsdale area!! Thank you Marigold for a wonderful dinner!

User:Tyler K.

Lunch with friends was great. The service was spectacular and food delicious. Servings are generous, so ask how big the plate will be if you aren't super hungry. The Mango Bellini is awesome, and the lamb roll is tasty, very much like a gyro.

User:Kirk V.

So nice to see the old (Tatum & Shea) Bombay spice concept back. Granted I did not give the Cactus Rd. buffet a shot thanks to Yelp Reviews, I did want to see what Marigold Maison was about. Great ambiance and open kitchen, Sunil the head chef is always welcoming. Andy was a great host that kept our kids thoroughly entertained the entire evening. My kids now say let's go eat at "Andy's Place", not a name change suggestion just pointing out the impression he made. And as parents know entertaining the kids while out to eat can be a challenge. Lentil cakes and my standard chicken tikka masala were our choice that evening and they were as good as ever. I would recommend trying it out and will go again to see if they can edge up to 5 stars like the Bombay Spice of yore... A side note, as I was leaving the restaurant, a couple mentioned to Andy how their "dinner was good but they miss the buffet". Andy pointed out that reviews for the buffet were not favorable on Yelp, at which point the couple proceeded to say Yelp reviews are a fraud, bla bla bla...I couldn't bare listening to it and felt like I needed to stand up for Yelp as someone that really finds value from it. It's no fraud! You can quickly figure out which reviews are "fraudulent" and which are not, so I'm glad to see Bombay/Marigold Maison is in touch with reality and Yelp's value add to restaurant owners. Ok off my soapbox. Go to Marigold Maison and tell them a Yelper sent you!

User:Rick G.

Came here during lunch hour to try this place for the first time . Let me tell you this place is really delicious. We had the chicken patter highly recommended. Are server Gina was really awesome,very nice .i will defiantly be coming back here again.

User:Jay W.

Do not go without a reservation We had enjoyed good food at this restaurant so today we reached at 5 30 at the restaurant and the restaurant was very empty so they had like 5 tables empty and 2 occupied we asked for a seat and they told us that all the tables are reserved and although we had a baby they suggested us a seat outside which was cramped even for 2 persons . On top of it they said they we would give u a seat but u may eat very slow and then the reservation people would have to wait . I would have understood the situation if all the tables are full but there is only 1 couple having food inside and they let us go I had some good food in past but this situation has really got me thinking

User:Christina M.

I have had better and the Chicken Korma tasted more like Curry chicle the lentil soup was like paste. It was expensive and not very good. I have had better Indian.

User:John M.

Very good food. Looking for health fair, then this is a good way to go. Fragrant Indian spices add to the experience. I don't do many (2) reviews, but feel compelled to put in a good word for people who strive to provide a good service.

User:Jennifer O.

I love Indian food. There, I said it. The problem? There just aren't that many great places here in Phoenix to get it. So when I saw a new Indian place open and get such rave reviews, I was excited. My mom and I decided to meet here for lunch last week. This place was a little hard to find, but it is on the NE corner of Tatum and Cactus (I went to like every other shopping center first... *palm to forehead*) and it faces cactus (by the Olive Garden sort of). When we entered, my first thought was, oh cute... my second thought was... this place is owned by Roka Akor's restaurant group... that's...weird. Anyway, the owner greeted us and that is when things started to get weird. The owner is a talker... he said so himself... and the things he talked about were a little off putting for a restaurant owner... he talked about politics... people walking by the restaurant.... his old chef who stole from him.... name the awkward conversation topic to have with a stranger, he probably talked about it. I would say this isn't advisable for a restaurant owner... it's not like we came here to hang out with him, we came here to eat. Speaking of eating, my mom and I shared a Thali and an order of samosas. I was excited they had Thalis (not many places that I've been here do). The thali is like going to an Indian buffet when you are on a serious diet... you get to taste many items, but just a small amount of each. The Thali consists of 3 'main' dishes - you pick the protein for 2 of them and the third is a mixed veggie curry. They allowed us to mix the lamb vindaloo with the chicken masala (after a little nudging from me and agreeing to pay the higher price - 14$). The lamb was very good, tender, just the right amount of spice. The chicken was also tender, but kind of bland for Indian food.... I guess at dinner you can choose your spice level, but not the case at lunch. The veggies were alright... nothing great, nothing bad. It also came with salad (meh.. salad is salad), two scrawny pieces of plain naan (again... nothing special), rice, and a fried dough ball soaked in sweet syrup (I was kind of sad since reports on here said it used to come with rice pudding... I love rice pudding, the dough ball is just ok). The real star of our meal were the samosas... these things were hot, crispy, and well seasoned. Will I be back? Eh, maybe if I were in the area, my mom really enjoyed it, but overall I thought it was just ok and far more expensive (and less delicious) than some of the lunch buffets out there.

User:Nora K.

Stopped here on a whim and happy I did. Sat outside because the weather was beautiful and the inside seemed small and hot. The wait staff was super friendly and attentive and, because the menu is slightly different from some more traditional places, the server explained how things come out and portion sizes, which was helpful. Lentil soup was pretty bland and came out warm, not hot. Samosas were great and came out extremely hot. Chicken tikka masala was the entree and it was really good, but not the best I've ever had. This place is worth trying.

User:Pooja B.

Loved the food. The Bel was fantastic and the chicken tikka masala had a great mix of spices. Definitely try the mango Bellini!

User:Ed S.

Accommodating. Friendly. Professional. Delicious. This was a wonderful experience in true Indian cuisine. A must try and an asset to Scottsdale.

User:Crystallynn S.

If there's anything I love as much as coffee... it's indian food. This place is beyond legit. The food is authentic, amazing, and just so damn good. I'm a huge paneer fan, and omg. It's just really, really good here. Did I mention that it's good? lol I'll def be back

User:Veronica G.

Delicious more upscale Indian cuisine. Had a shrimp dish that was fantastic - shrimp was huge and fresh! It's a little pricier than we are used to, but the quality of ingredients seemed really good.

User:Brittany M.

The food was absolutely amazing! Portions we're good and the prices were not to bad! I will be coming back for sure:.

User:Annie C.

4 stars for environment. Very clean, tasteful decor. But in a strip mall. Good indian food. Not the best I've ever had, coming from the Bay Area. But solid food quality. Not the best value. But is probably my go to indian restaurant. Delhi palace and udupi cafe are a little too far unfortunately.

User:Aaron G.

Just took some take-out lunch from here and can say with sincerity that I am now a fan of Marigold Maison. I was the only person there which I hope is due to the fact that I came unknowingly just as they opened, because I really want this place to succeed. Ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan (my go-to at all Indian restaurants because I love it ok?) and while I didn't find them the best I've ever had I can say they were really good. My one nit picky pseudo complaint is that the masala sauce was a little more liquidy than I'm used too, but that was a minor issue considering that the flavor was there. It is a bit pricey but I knew that ahead of time and dont really blame the place because the portions are quite large (please dont change that!). This is without question the best Indian food in this area. I repeat in this area because there is of course better in the city, but I mean within a 5 mile radius. I will return for my garlic naan and tikka cravings.

User:Leanne L.

Rikan was AWESOME - great service! Delicious food! Clean restaurant. Kid friendly. My kids got the kid menu items & after tasting our meals wanted to come again so they could have mom & dad's food. Definitely coming back & bringing friend!

User:Dani W.

I really like this place. I normally go to a buffet for Indian food and have some favorites, but they were closed this past memorial day. We opted to go here. I was very happy with the chicken tikka masala and the saag paneer. Nothing was left. We also ordered samosas, which were on the spicy side, but great. The only thing to complain about is the price. It's a touch expensive to me. But that said, there are few Indian restaurants in the valley and even fewer that are good. Try this one out!

User:Rob H.

Been here a few times for lunch. Quality food, great flavors and taste. I like the Chicken and Lamb Thali lunch platters. The Kati rolls (packaged like a burrito) are good as well. Definitely need to come back for dinner.

User:Jennifer F.

This was my first time here and I will definitely come back! It smells amazing when you walk in. I got the Lamb curry and it was the best I've ever had! Everyone was so nice and seemed to really care about my experience.

User:Jenine P.

I DREAM about their Chicken Tikka Masala! I add vegetables which is extra but well worth it. We were dying for some last night, and got caught up at Best Buy waaaay too long. We came running into Marigold 25 minutes to closing and they were gracious night to serve us. It was greatly appreciated and is still amazing next day as leftovers !

User:Mercedes D.

By far Arizona's BEST Indian restaurant! Not only is the food delicious, but the intimate feeling, and amazing staff make your dining experience a step above the rest! My friend was a first timer to Indian cuisine, and Abraham (our server) not only walked him through the menu, but really took the time to get to know us. He was awesome! As I craved Marigold Maison for weeks since my last visit, I can't wait to fulfill the inevitable craving again in a couple of more weeks!

User:Todd P.

I've been here 3-5 times now. Same owners as Roka Akor, one of my all time favorite restaurants, so you know that quality is going to be there as they settle for nothing but the best. Very casual and quite atmosphere. Service is fast and friendly. Food is flavorful and has depth to it. You can go no heat to quite hot. Severs are good about explaining the dishes and levels of heat, flavors, etc. Give this place a shot if you like Indian Food or aren't sure if you do because they will make you a believer!

User:David M.

If I could have given them 10 stars I would have. This place is our regular Wednesday Night Date NIght place. They ALWAYS deliver above and beyond our expectations. We had one comment one time and they were just amazing in addressing our request. THANKS

User:Jen T.

Abraham and Steve run a first class restaurant. Saag with Lamb was incredible with a glass of Greek Pinot Noir. If you are looking for a great Indian restaurant in PHX, stop! You just found it.

User:Ann R.

Found this great little place on Yelp, I had to stop in. Wonderful food, great staff totally enjoyable.

User:Alan H.

Wow! Such great traditional and fusion Indian Cuisine in one place. The curry and tandoori dishes are fantastic, and the Chicken Pea Ceviche makes me come back for more. For a great Indian dining experience that will not disappoint.

User:Frank R.

I can't really believe that this just happened. We had a difficult day today with kids' schedule due to after school activities but it was an important day for us so we juggled everything, even arranged a baby sitter and finally when all ducks were in a row, made a reservation for dinner at 9:00pm. We finally arrived right on time but were informed by the host that we will not be seated because they close at 9:00pm, I looked at my watch, still a minute to go before 9 but this guy is in no mode to let us sit. I explained that this had been a hectic day for us and we had already arranged for baby sitter just to celebrate the day to no avail. I cannot believe that this place is owned by the same people who own roka, I am speechless at the lack of courtesy and can't imagine ever going back here.

User:Rosemary A.

Excellent Indian! Just tried Marigold Maison for the first time and the was very happy to think that this may be my go-to Indian. The quality of the food is very good--although my dishes could have been hotter, but I was told just to request that next time. I didn't give 5 stars because service was a bit off, although everyone was apologetic and I do have the impression they are committed to getting it right. We'll be back.

User:Aim M.

We went very well. It was a cute place, nicely decorated. The food was very, very good. We had the lunch special - chicken thale platter. Highly recommended that platter.

User:Tim H.

We had dinner with two friends last Friday evening. The food was very good. It was a little pricy, but I would go there again. We all liked what we had and the service was good. We had an incident which I think shows the character of the staff. I had asked for a container to take some food home. Unfortunately, the waiter took the food before we were able to put it into the container. We informed the waiter and the manager came over. Both appologized for the mistake. Then the manager said they were making a fresh batch and would give us some. We waited (no long and we were talking anyway). He basically gave a full serving. He was also very friendly. Service like that is simply outstanding. While, I rarely give five stars, I thought between the food and the service, they deserve it. I would definitely recommend Marigold Maison.

User:Rei R.

Ordered pick up. Lamb chops & chicken tandoori, garlic naan and lemon rice. It was tender, perfectly cooked and flavored. Simply amazing. This place was a little pricey, but completely worth it. Best Indian food I've had anywhere, including NY & LA. Wow. That's all I can say. I will be back!

User:Steve L.

We stopped in for dinner Marigold Maison tonight and were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food and with the friendly, warm atmosphere. We were greeted by Steve, who took very good care of us. The wait staff was knowledgable, explaining types of food, preparation and heat. They have created a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels like they are in a home where they are friends of the family. We enjoyed the mix of flavors in the dishes that we ordered... We will definitely be coming back.

User:Rachael P.

The food here is excellent I have had a chicken and vegetable curry for lunch and today we had that tikka chicken. I would love to give it five stars but I don't know maybe I am ordering The wrong thing the only reason I'm not giving it five stars is because the prices are simply outrageous for what you get. When I get something to go Albeit I'm from Southern California where Indian restaurants abound but that usually includes rice and naan that is not the case here and that is so annoying! I spent $20 for one person today for lunch. Very classy inside the staff is very friendly I love that even the chef interacts with you but they've just got to do something about their pricing maybe reduce the portion sizes I don't know...okay update the owner himself sent me a message and said they would take a look at this & review now that's what I call customer service!

User:Jonathan E.

After two dinner visits, I can honestly say that this is one of the best Indian restaurants in town. The ambiance + kitchen is clean and organized (not something you find in most Indian restaurants), and the staff appears to be knowledgeable. This is, by no means, a fine dining establishment - although it tries to be one (not a bad thing). We had the Bhel (street food), Gol Gappas (street food), Matar Paneer, and Paneer Makhani with Garlic Naan & Spicy Naan. Food was excellent. Presentation was great. And the service was overly attentive. This is undoubtedly our new go-to Indian restaurant. We are likely to use it more for take out rather than dine-in dinners - although, the dine-in experience was nothing short of great.

User:Andrea S.

Well, I'm a bit confused. And I got the feeling they were too. The article I read in the New Times said they were like the "Chipotle" of Indian cuisine. When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly server who apologetically explained that for now, they were going with a "sit-down" concept until they work some things out. The menu seemed quite small, but that could be a good thing right? That means they should be expertly crafted dishes. I asked for their choice of beverages. That got confusing because I didn't want the alcohol choices, just beverages other than water. I was told the list of soda options but I asked for "other" nonalcoholic beverages. Finally a connection was made. I chose a lime and ginger juice drink. When I received it, there was no detectable ginger in it. The server assured me that it contained ginger because he knew they had ginger in the kitchen. Then he came back to inform me that he tasted it and I was correct. There was no ginger. Then he said the manager tasted it and said, "oh, there's supposed to be ginger in there?" So, the food was ok. The chicken masala was my favorite. The chana dal was a little bland, and the saag chicken was ok. The bread was too oily. The rice was dry. And the rice pudding was kind of weird, but I liked the hint of rose water. I would have liked a creamier texture with rice that didn't seem like it was chopped up in the food processor first. And I don't know if a side of rice and a rice dessert was such a good idea. It was an awkward time of day to go there-right between when they close for two hours before dinner service. We were kind of locked in, followed by an apology from the manager that he was not locking us in, but rather locking others out. The non-ginger drinks were taken off our bill so for the price of our lunch $25, it was ok. I don't think I'd return for lunch, but I'd be willing to see what they can do for the dinner menu. But wait-I'm still wishing they had implemented the Chipotle-style set-up which is what brought me here in the first place.

User:Emanuel V.

Delicious, sumptuous, fresh flavored....can't go wrong here. Price is right too. Luved it!

User:Joey T.

I've been to this place before it changed over to a traditional restaurant and the food is just as awesome. I had the chicken tikka masala and it was amazing, some of the best I've ever had. I also had saag which was delicious, onion naan which was delicious too. My friend had the lental soup and I tried it and liked it. I had a mango shake which I loved! I did like the old set up before the change over but I don't really care either way, great food is great food and they definitely have great indian food. I was full but I had to try the dessert. I got the ice cream with a small pastry type of food and it was great. It was like an awesome little doughnut. My friend had the rice pudding and I thought it was the best I've ever had. I've always had rice pudding that was made Greek style but this was totally different and had cool unique flavors. All the staff did a great job so I have no complaints. I'll be back often.

User:Lauren E.

Food was very good and for a good price! It was also nice to sit outside. They had some good menu options! The staff was slightly off, but they were friendly and didn't bug us when we stayed late.


The food is amazing



Opening Hours

Mon :11:30 am - 2:
Mon : 11:30 am - 2:
Takes Reservations : Yes
Delivery : Yes
Take-out : Yes
Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
Accepts Bitcoin : No
Good For : Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Bike Parking : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Good for Kids : Yes
Good for Groups : Yes
Attire : Casual
Ambience : Casual
Noise Level : Average
Alcohol : Beer & Wine Only
Outdoor Seating : Yes
Wi-Fi : Free
Has TV : No
Waiter Service : Yes
Caters : Yes