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Visit below restaurant in Phoenix for healthy meals suggestion.

  • Mechaela A.

    Headed here for lunch since they're only open til 4. Had coworkers who liked the place and I love gyros, so thought we'd give it a try. The customer service was meh but the place was clean so thats a plus. We each got a gyro and fries. The fries weren't anything special but hot and greasy. The gyro meat was not delicious. It was really greasy and dry at the same time. I didn't think it could be both. I coudln't even finish my gyro it was that bad. Needless to say, we won't be here again.

  • Steve A.

    Great place! Looks a little scary from the outside, but the food is excellent,.....not $100 per person formal steak house excellent,...more like local, homey feeling, neighborhood-y excellent. The owner, Sarge, is a great guy. Food portions are plentiful, quality is excellent and prices are good. Gyros are giant!!

  • Marisol H.

    These are the best gyros in town. And also they have awesome chicken kabob salads! I'm a regular here and know the staff,very friendly people. Very clean place I don't know what that James guy that left that bad comment obviously never had good food. The place might be small but has a big impact! Food is great!

  • Aaron S.

    Like everyone else says, they are not the best and not the worst. The fries are thick cut so they don't get too crispy when fried. Most gyro joints I've been to have the same style fries. Next time I am in the area and want a gyro, this is the place I will go. Where else can I go?

  • Joshua H.

    Food was ok. Service was bad. Overwhelmed staff at lunch rush. After 10 minutes I asked about my takeout order and was (pretty much) scolded not to confuse the guys on the prep line. Not given receipt or ketchup for my fries. Although not in the same neighborhood, Athens Gyros in PHX is way better. And way friendlier. First time, last time.

  • Neil S.

    The place is a bit of a hole in the wall in a sketchy mini strip mall, but don't let that stop you. The food, for the most part is great. Skip the Falafel as that's pretty plain, frozen and deep fried. The gyro or gyro salad are both quality, so is the Chicken. Fries aren't the crispiest, but they'll do. Service is good, the owner is often behind the counter and is very friendly. I'd definitely recommend it.

  • David C.

    This is definitely a Meh rating. If I did not work near, then I would never imagine going, as it does look a little sketchy from the outside. The food itself is just ok at best to me. Don't expect any salads to knock your socks off as this is not their speciality. They have decent thick cut fries, but not the best. They can sometimes be overly soggy. Most of the folks that like a greasy gyro would dig this place, but I think it lacks full flavor and other options outside of gyros - which I do realize is hard to do when you have the word Gyros in your name. If you have more time, there are other places within 5 minutes that for the same cost are worth going to and passing over this place.

  • David T.

    Food is decent, I had the gyro and Greek fries. Nothing to write home about. I'd expect the same quality from a food cart

  • Shirley S.

    It had been about three or four years since I last visited Jay's Gyros and thought I'd check it out again, hoping to find a meal which wasn't as forgettable as my last. It was. The people here have no sense of customer service. While it's a quick serve restaurant and I didn't plan on five star service, a mere "hello", "thank you" or a simple smile would have been nice. The person taking my order didn't know the correct pronunciation of the word "gyro". Once my order was ready, it was placed on the counter and I only knew that because I barely heard a whisper of the announcement. She couldn't speak up?!? The facility is old and the furnishings dated. In fact, I think one of the interior pics posted here may also be outdated, as I don't recall the blue booth-style seats shown. Little effort has been made to spruce up the interior; not so much as blue paint on the walls which is common for Greek restaurants. There was one large screen TV with soccer on, but don't plan on catching a game here. The glare from the lights above would tick off any serious fan. I ordered the chicken gyro (about $6) and Greek fries (about $2.50.) Both were made to order and served hot. They fries were OK, but the paper bowl they were served in had been soaked through with lemon juice, making for a messy dish. The pita was fine, but nothing to write home about. The fixin's (romaine, tomato and onion) were crisp, cool and plentiful, but I didn't care for the rectangular strips of chicken at all. They didn't look, smell, have the texture of or even taste like chicken. They seemed just like frozen, processed pieces of mystery meat they got from some mass distributor of restaurant food. One other thing I don't understand is their odd hours. Greek restaurants don't often serve breakfast and have to rely on their lunch and dinner business. Jay's closes at 4:00pm, so it's either lunch or the special-less early bird special. Guess I'll have to use the Del Taco drive-thru next door. I think their mystery meat is available 24/7.

  • Tyler M.

    I don't always eat Gyros, but when I do, I prefer Jay's Gyro's... hahaha! Ok all kidding aside this was the first place I ever had a gyro and I still consider it the best so far. Don't let the outside fool you! Yes it looks ghetto and Yes there's a janky bodega next to it, but the food is amazing, and its ran by a family that's really friendly.

  • don o.

    Great consistent service and food for years! The gyro special is great and good fries everytime I go!

  • Sara W.

    This place sucks. Just got back from lunch after trying it for the first time. I wanted a pita and greek fries and when I placed my order, the guy charged me for a combo and mumbled a number. When my order came up, I pointed out to the stupid b*ch giving me my food that I ordered greek fries and she looked at the ticket and said "well, you paid for a combo, that comes with regular fries" and then she shoved the order at me and walked away. Needless to say, I won't be going back!

  • Brittany S.

    I only recently found Jay's because I work in the area, and I admit, I avoided it for a while due to its sketchy-looking exterior. However, one day I was really really really craving chili-cheese fries. One thing you must understand is that in Detroit, most of the greek owned diner-type operations you go to offer some of the traditional greek dishes, with other menu options like burgers and fries. I have no idea why, this is just the way it goes. So that being said, I drove up and said to myself "I bet this Jay dude knows something about chili cheese fries." What do you know, he sure does. I got a greek salad, and an order of chili-cheese fries with the sauces on the side. The chili-cheese fries arent spectacular, but I think my standards are a little skewed from growing up around National Coney Island. That being said, they'll satisfy my chili- cheese fry craving for now. He makes a heck of a greek salad and im pretty sure his dressing is house-made. I've also had their stuffed grape leaves, which are also pretty good. The place doesn't look like much, but it is pretty decent. Stop by and give it a whirl.

  • Tarah M.

    On a recent trip to the Valley of the Sun (or Hell is what it should be called during this time of year), I thought I would get my Greek food fix by visiting Jay's. Bragging about their *authentic* Greek gyros, I thought, surely they would compare to our great Greek restaurants in the pacific northwest serving delicious food that will make me want to cry. Sadly, I wanted to cry but not in the way I had hoped. Their servings are huge and you do get plenty for what you pay for. Their gyros are gigantic and they don't skimp on the lamb or chicken. But the flavor was a bit off. It just wasn't up to par with other gyros I've had and it didn't come with lettuce! I ordered their Greek salad w/chicken kabob and although the chicken was charbroiled just right, the flavor was again a bit off. Also, I wasn't a fan of their tzatziki sauce. It was a bit runny and tasteless for me. What really turned me off about this place was that we ate lunch here at 3p and Jay's closes at 4p. Why did the owner and family begin to start cleaning the tables and giving us dirty looks at 3:30 making us feel like it was time to leave? With their mediocre salad and inhospitality, I humphed my way out of the A/C and into the outside furnace.

  • Joe E.

    I've been to several good Chicago-type places like this, and this one just didn't make the grade for me. Italian beef is my sandwich of choice in this setting, so that's what I picked. The sandwich was pretty good sized, so that's one positive. However, the meat just didn't have any flavor to it, and the onions seemed to have been cooked to death to the point where they were just stringy pieces of nothing. The fries weren't bad, but they could have used some seasoning or maybe a little more time in the frier. I think I'll continue my search for good Italian beef in the area.

  • Taylor J.

    One of my favorite places to get a gyro. Family owned place, definitely a hole in the wall but sometimes those are the best. Very friendly staff, good food, quick, great lunch spot during the work week.

  • Ryan J.

    The Gyro was really good. Prices were a bit higher than I expected but reasonable for what you get. I'll definitely be back.

  • Ben C.

    A very solid joint and not a slap in the face to Greek food. I was really impressed with the size and diversity of the menu for such a small kitchen. Lots of hands working quickly allow for the food to come out hot and fresh. I really wanted to give this place a perfect score but I don't eat there often enough to call it a slam dunk. The reason for this is that I can't afford to. A lunch special which includes gyro meat, rice, and salad shouldn't cost over $10. Great place and I'd highly recommend it, but you'll only have a chance of seeing me about twice a month. Sorry to all my fans.

  • Catherine C.

    I have been here a few times and I will continue to go because it is close to my work and I love gyro's. The gyro's are good (big full of meat) the fries are to thick for my taste and the soda is way to small for the price of the combo. Overall I am a fan but I think they can improve in some areas.

  • Shannon E.

    Yuck. Went here today for lunch. The cashier didn't give me a receipt and I didn't remember the order number he mumbled at me. I kept sending my husband up to check to see if the food being randomly handed out was ours, there was a huge group of people standing around also waiting for their food. After almost 15 minutes our food finally was ready, although I can't understand the delay since neither one of us got any hot food that needed to be cooked. The large Greek Salad ($5.50) I got was horrible. It was dressed with a red wine vinagrette (???) and was inedible. What a waste of money. That was NOT a Greek Salad. My husband got the vegetable plate ($9.25) and choked down as much as he could. The sole piece of Spanokopita (?) was mushy and soggy from sitting in a puddle of some red vinagrette dressing. The Greek olives were mushy and the bread looked stale. We picked at our food and finally threw it out in disgust. (We went to Circle K down the road and each got Hostess cupcakes to snack on instead.) YUCK!! I won't be back

  • Gary H.

    I'm not one to write a review by only one visit. Don't let the exterior fool you. This place has been remodeled and is fairly clean. As for their Gyro it is ok. It is your typical Gyro Shop with an descent meat, house made tzatziki, and a cheap pita. My search still continues to find a Gyro that compares to the first Gyro I have had. I will return to this shop to try their other sandwiches but, will most likely pass on their Gyro.

  • Alana B.

    This place is not attractive from the outside so I was hesitant to go in. It was very clean inside and noticed it as a family run business. Food is okay, my gyro was served cold to even with a lunch order for 6 people. Service is friendly when not busy.

  • Doug H.

    Thought the gyros were damn delicious, and pretty cheap too. Nothing ground breaking, but definitely flavorful. If I still worked over there, it'd definitely be a top lunch spot for me. Nice to find some non-chain places for lunch break.

  • Robert B.

    Was ok

  • David L.

    Nothing great here just average. Expensive for the small amount of food you receive. I order a large chicken kabob salad. It was $9.55. When I got it I thought possible I received a small but than saw that the large was the only size they had. Normally when I spend more than $10 on lunch I have to be rolled out of the place because I am so full. Unfortunately not here, I left hungry.

  • Nora V.

    My first trip to Jay's I wasn't impressed however being within my one hour lunch proximity to work I gave it another go. They've finally done a much needed update to the dingy dining room. It's still not "pretty" but it's not dingy anymore. I'll take not dingy in this hood. This review may seem a tad negative but it's not really. I tried the place it was ok. They improved thier dinging room & I found my faves on the menu. Gyro with feta is very good. The chicken gyro is just delish. I really like the greek fries but they are little cha ching for the amount you get but I still totally reccomend. TIP: drive around the back for parking & use rear entrance.

  • Angela P.

    Pretty tasty. Definitely a must try everything on the menu. Had the phili cheesesteak. Was delicious.

  • Kei V.

    Very good meat, delicious! Everytime I come they take like 5min to fix my salad, in other ocassions I've pre-ordered by calling so I will just pick up my order. Clean place. A co-worker recommended, $6.49(tax included) for small gyro salad, which is not small at all!

  • Jonathan G.

    The Lamb Gyro is good, great flavor. The batter on the zucchini is nice and light. If you work in Tempe this is a good place for lunch. You can order on their website and they will have it ready when you get here. The only downside is they have Fox News on the TV. Lol

  • Jack C.

    Ordered a gyro and in a jiffy it was ready. I asked if they just cut the meat from the spindle and she lied to me and said yes. There were no new cuts on the spindle and the meat was luke warm. This was the grossest gyro I have ever had in my life. Sauce was too sour sandwich was half the size of a usual gyro. They served me meat that was pre cut who knows when last night? Last week? Disgusting I will never eat at this establishment again.

  • Sarah B.

    Exactly what you want from a gyro place!! Fresh tasteful gyro meat!!! So good! We went first thing when they opened so they weren't super busy at 10 am but they have plenty of seating. The atmosphere is great and they have a lot of cool features. They were fast with our order and we were in and out in 30 minutes. Definitely going back!!

  • Brian B.

    Ordered a Gyro gotta say pretty good. If you like Gyros this is a good place to try. Meat was nice and tender. The bread was soft all in all. Looks to be family operated.

  • Rick H.

    Excellent little hole - in - the - wall Greek restaurant, just a few miles from the airport. Good prices, nice portions, excellent taste. Eat here. You'll be glad you did.

  • Kevin R.

    Ordered the original gyro and it was pretty good, pita and sauce were both good. The meat was decent but was under seasoned so it was a little bland. The employee taking orders seemed pretty disinterested in being there. Food tasted fresh and the menu has a lot to offer even if you don't like Greek food. While it wouldn't be my 1st stop if I wanted Greek food I would go back if I was in the area

  • K G.

    I have been to better Mediterranean restaurants than this one. Pros: 1. Portions are good 2. Varied options 3. Lots of interior space 4. Clean and inviting Cons: 1. A bit pricey esp for the location 2. Not much in terms of service 3. Parking space is limited

  • Arana W.

    Halfway hidden in a tiny strip mall on Broadway just west of 40th St, Jay's fills a need, for sure. The place is set up to turn tables FAST and is only open for lunch - given the high volume of people coming and going while I was there, it seems I'm not the only one who likes this dining option, I am a big fan of most Mediterranean food, and have a special weakness for gyros served well. Jay's definitely delivers, I was impressed with the size and selection on the menu - and everything I saw walk by looked fresh and had great portions. I ordered the gyro salad. Plenty of slices of gyro meat (more than I was expecting), lots of feta, a couple of olives, romaine as fresh as could be, and overall very tasty. The Greek dressing was serviceable - but not remarkable. Not the best I've ever had, not the best in town - but it's close to work, affordable, quick and far better than most of the other options in the area. I am sure I'll be back, and I am sure I will enjoy the food - but I wouldn't drive several miles out of my way to make it here.

  • James A.

    This place is a dump. I got hepc just waiting for my chicken kabob salad which took 20 minutes. Salad dressing I think was dirty dishwater, the lettuce was collected from the floor from under the prep area. Chicken was burned so the taste of burnt hair lasted in my mouth all day. Everyone who works there hate their lives from what I can gather very rude, and have the personality of a dishrag. If you like 3rd world fast food this port-o-potty is the stop.

  • Peter S.

    Jay's is 2 Legit 2 Quit. The philly cheese steak is legit with fresh mushrooms, onions and green peppers. Savory and delicious. Jay's is always has a clean dining room and their staff is friendly. If dig a good kebab you can head over to Jay's after spring training and eat like the Avengers. Jay's you are one classy establishment. Thanks for having me!

  • Jerrica P.

    I absolutely adore little hole in the wall LOCAL restaurants like this! The inside was super clean and the food was delicious! We shared the falafel plate, which was plenty for the 2 of us. While we were there the owner was preparing and taking pictures of different food items for the menu. No stock pictures for Jay's Gyro's!! Also, I didn't have the gyro meat, but I did note that it was roasting on the vertical rotisserie - proper! I'll def be back here again!

  • Alison T.

    Came here yesterday with my co-workers for lunch. One of my co-workers was raving about this place but I find it to be no better than other gyro places. It was good and I'd come here again but there wasn't anything special about it. Honestly I felt it was pretty pricey for it not having any wow factor. The staff was friendly and the establishment was clean. Give it a try for sure but don't expect some amazing new gyro flavor.

  • Dana A.

    Jays Gyro's is the place to go if you want good gyro's at a great price with fast service. I usually call in my order and pick up but they do have a decent sized dining room if you prefer eating in. They also have a very good Chicago style hot dog and Italian Beef sandwiches. Maybe not the best version of each, but definitely worth the buy if you work or live in the Tempe/Broadway corridor.

  • Johnson M.

    Their food isn't bad, it's pretty hard to mess up gyros, rice, salad, and fries. When it comes to this type of food it really comes down to preference. For me, I didn't care for this place. I like crispy fries, their fries are soggy. I like Beef & Lamb gyros, theirs are Beef only. I like a mixed green salad with light onion, they serve a shredded romaine salad with heavy onion. Their prices are fair, portions large, and service friendly, it's just not for me. They did have a lot of sandwiches and burgers that looked good, if that's your thing.

  • oo s.

    close to work. food is really tasty and large portions for price.

  • Jeff M.

    I went there for lunch today and this is a pretty typical Chicago style hotdog/gyro joint. Nothing I had was bad, the prices were very reasonable. They made a good Chicago Hotdog. Definitely a fine place to eat.

  • Michael P.

    I frequent Jays. Best gyro deal in the area. The place is not fancy at all. Don't expect that great of service. Be sure to listen for your order to be up. It is barebones, but my stop in Tempe for gyros..

  • Halley S.

    This place does not look like much from the outside or the inside for that matter, but the food is awesome and definitely makes up for the lack of ambiance. It is cheap, great food and very fast. What more do you need for a quick lunch place.


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Opening Hours

  • Mon :10:00 am - 4:00pm


  • Takes Reservations : No
    Delivery : No
    Take-out : Yes
    Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
    Good For : Lunch
    Parking : Private Lot
    Bike Parking : Yes
    Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
    Good for Kids : Yes
    Good for Groups : Yes
    Attire : Casual
    Ambience : Divey
    Noise Level : Average
    Alcohol : No
    Outdoor Seating : No
    Wi-Fi : No
    Has TV : Yes
    Waiter Service : No
    Caters : No


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Today, you can find hundreds of restaurants offering authentic Greek food or popularly termed as Mediterranean cuisine in New York city alone. People wait in line to taste the exotic Greek dishes like saganaki, taramasalata, souvlaki, loukoumades, spanakopita, moussaka, and many more. One thing which most people like about these authentic Greek dishes is abundant use of lemon juice, olive oil, fresh rosemary and sea salt. A smart mix of few ingredients can virtually take you on the pebble streets of beautiful city of Greece.

For those who don't have time to enjoy fine dining should try tasting the famous souvlaki with pita which is type of meat dish, also a trademark Greek fast food. For those who are vegetarian, or vegan can try different versions of Greek Salad. So, if you wish to enjoy a hearty yet healthy meal that tastes divine then try dining at the best Greek restaurant in your city. Greek cuisine not only tastes good but also help maintain your body in a natural way through healthy diet.

Jay’s Gyro’s

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