Times Square Neighborhood Italian Restaurant

718 E Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, 85024
As someone who frequented the Deer Valley location, I was ecstatic when Times Square opened a location across the street from my house! I try to come here at least a couple times a month, because I'm always craving their delicious food. I'm never let down when I dine at this restaurant. Food is outstanding, along with the customer service. Try coming in for breakfast also, because it's terrific!! There is something for everyone to like here. Prices are reasonable, service is friendly, and the food can't be beat. Welcome to the neighborhood, Times Square, you're an excellent culinary addition!
This place rocks. The food is amazing and the customer service is amazing. Our server Greer was on top of the customer experience not only for us but for the entire dinning room. Try the mozzarella stick. Omg amazing. The price is perfect and you get an amazing amount food. Love it.
Hubby and I really like this place. Not only is it in a convenient location for us, but they also have really good food for great prices. Their Margarita pizza is my absolute favorite. It is so flavorful, with tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese on a fresh thin crust dough. It is one of the best margaritas I have had in a while. Last time we went, we also ordered a big house salad to share, which I really enjoyed. The portion was big and the salad was fresh and the dressing was delicious. We have also had breakfast there and it has been consistently very good. We have never had bad service there. Everyone is always nice and accommodating. They even let us sit in an area they kind of had closed off for the day. Will definitely be going back.

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Pat’s Pizza Plus

1135 E Glendale Ave
Phoenix, 85020
Decent pizza and wings, not enough though to go back for a second time and deal with their award winning customer service. They nickel and dime you for any little request, I'm surprised he doesn't charge for the use of napkins.... Maybe that's next.
Meh.pizza was super greasy,cheese was gummy,crust was bland. $60 bucks for 2 pizzas and 24 wings not a good deal at all. Pat's seems to be a staple in the neighborhood but there are wayyyyy better places within a 1 mile radius. Since stumpy's was closed on Sunday we had to resort to Pat's. Never again!
The inside seating is limited and can get crowded during peak times. Might need to do some shuffling around to get out if you're in the corner. The lunch special (11am-2pm) here is really cheap. You get two cheese pizza slices and a drink for $3.00 + tax. It's additional if you want to add toppings.

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Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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Fatso’s Pizza

3131 E Thunderbird Rd
Phoenix, 85032
Let me explain my 4 stars...The pizza is mediocre at best. But what makes this place is the simple atmosphere, beer on tap, and local vibe. Not a fancy place at all, but that turns out to be a good thing for this establishment. This is the place to come for a game, or fun night and you can be ensured that the service is decent despite the number of patrons versus servers. We came on a Monday football night and only 2 people were working. We never felt neglected. The food was decent and I would come back just for the comfortable atmosphere. I normally don't give 4 stars to restaurants that aren't food worthy, but the family that runs this is so friendly that you can't help but love it. Thank you for making our experience seemingly to be catered to us (you changed the tv to our station). Is this a foodie destination? Perhaps not, but it is most definitely a neighborhood joint that everyone must go to. The atmosphere and people are the crux of this place. I have found a new fun place to visit where I feel welcome at any time.
Fatso's is a neighborhood pizza joint with a great selection of beers on tap, friendly staff and a casual atmosphere. When they have live music, its usually pretty darn good!! We've eaten there several times and have always enjoyed the pizza. I especially love their POPEYE and SOUTHWESTERN pizzas. My only complaint would be that this place desperately needs a makeover... they need to remodel the interior, they need to redesign their menus, website and logo. When we eat there, I always say to myself... this place has such great potential. I wish the interior reflected how good their pizza is. (If it did, I'd probably eat there more often and be more likely to recommend it to others.) The food probably deserves 4 stars, but the atmosphere gets a 2... so that's how I ended up with 3 stars.
This was a great local hangout. Delicious thin crust pizza (we had the Big Johnson) and inexpensive beer. Tonight they had a fantastic guitar duo. Really fun to hang out and see the locals and watch a game or two.

(602) 992-1122

Pizza, Salad, Italian

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Pizza Hut

3145 E Chandler Blvd
Phoenix, 85048
I haven't always been a Pizza Hut girl, but starting to become a regular due to Cheesy Bites pizza addiction. The Hershey's brownie is amazing as well! Add that to friendly, accommodating staff and you have yourself a neighborhood winner!
Their thin crust is so yummy! It is always made to perfection. Also, the original crust has the perfect amount of garlic on it, not too much and not too little.
Overall great Pizza Hut. Nice staff. Although I did have to wait one time for a few minutes for the worker in the back to get off of his cell phone to notice me at the front counter, but other than that I've only had positive experiences. The pizzas turn out great from this location every time!

(480) 759-2428

Italian, Pizza, Chicken Wings

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Sauce Pizza & Wine

2470 W Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, 85085
At first I was skeptical about the idea of fast-casual Italian food but, actually this place rocks! Great place to take the family before or after a movie. Options include glutten free pizza & pasta. So far, everything we have tried has been fresh and delicious! (pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salad) They even have a good "mini" wine selection which is a bonus for the wife and I. The line might be long, but give it a shot and you might have a new favorite.
Sauce, Part II. Arrived at 11:40 on a Friday and there were 25 guests eating and 15 in line. Got to the counter in 5 mins. Ordered a salad this time since that's what most order here. I ordered the Caesar Chicken Salad and a soft drink for $10.83. Yikes. That's a lot for veggies and chicken. My order arrived in 11 minutes. It was fresh, crisp and cold. The chicken was shredded but the whole dish was assembled in a way that didn't make you think 'pre-packaged' portions. The dressing had a good garlic note, the croutons were seasoned well but were tooth-shatteringly hard. The meal also arrived with a French roll. Speedier service and less toast on the croutons and we would've had a real winner.
So Sauce used to be one of our favorite restaurants. I mean we ate there like 3 times a month on average... probably more. Yet something has changed! What used to be reasonable portions and appropriate pricing, has become skimpy portions (at best) and I presume the same pricing. I'm not a particularly price conscious or a frugal diner... so I really can't tell you what they've done with prices, but I know what they've done with portions. Last time my we got carry out, I actually thought my wife ate half of my chopped veggie salad on the way home! When we talked to the manager about it (who was gracious, fantastic and well trained in the biz) they told my wife that the portions were "pre-measured". O.K. I get that... HOWEVER, what that translates into is 1) "plan a trip to McDonald's" after Sauce (which in our case is often before a Movie) 2) eat across the intersection @ Pita Jungle 3) plan to fill up on Popcorn or 4) don't go there if you are hungry. We need more good restaurants in the North Valley, not less. I want my old Sauce back.

(623) 414-4866

Italian, Pizza

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Papa Christo’s

2 N Central Ave
Phoenix, 85004
Good soups. They have stuffed peppers on Thursdays. One of my favorite downtown lunches.
Good and cheap lunch specials. Be warned, the pizza is giant puffy slices. I'm not a huge fan of this style of pizza, but it was decent, cheap and fast for lunch.
I love coming here for breakfast, it's conveniently located and Cipriano is always helpful. I usually get the PC eye opener and it's 2 eggs, potatoes, toast and coffee for only $3 you can't beat that! It's a great place to eat it take out and I've always been satisfied with the freshly make food and friendly customer service by owner. Get your own eye opener!

(602) 261-7780

Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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Tommy V’s Osteria and Pizzeria

3225 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, 85018
After a month or so of seeing the sign on the street advertising the new place, my curiousity got the best of me at lunch. The atmosphere was very modern and clean and we took the suggestion of the server. We ordered the mushroom pizza as well as the meat pizza, the unique names escape me, but I was very pleased with the results. Service was satisfactory, nothing that blew me away, but certainly nothing wrong. It's not a budget lunch type place, however it was a nice lunch and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again.
I've now been to Tommy V's a few times and each time I have had excellent service and food. On my first visit my husband and I split their sicilian pizza. It was delicious! One pizza should be enough to split depending on your appetite. On our second visit I had the Lasagna and it was another winner. On our last visit we each ordered on own pizza because we were extremely hungry, but regretted it. It was just too much food. The pizza tasted a little more salty than I had remembered but it was still very good. The guy sitting next to us ordered their mushroom pizza and it looked delicious! According to the bartender it's their best pizza. Next time I head there I will definitely be giving it a try!
I just ate at Tommy V's (opened Friday, September 25th 2009) for lunch today. I drove past on Saturday night and there was a "Now Open" banner, so I made a mental note to check it out on Monday (I work just down the street). It looks to have the same owners as Tomaso's, and you can actually walk from one restaurant to the other from inside the restaurant. The decor is modern and the service very attentive. The menu is great, and the wine list doesn't have any bottles over $30, which is a big plus. Tommy V's specializes in pizzas, pastas, paninis, a few appetizers, and some main courses. The prices are $9-17 for most items (excluding the main courses, which are more in the $13-20 range). I split a pizza (Margherita) and a pasta (Fettuccine Alfredo) with a co-worker. Both were very good, but not the best ever. First, the pizza. This pizza had some great cheese, and the sauce, olive oil, and basil all worked well together. The crust was just OK. There was a lot of char (which I like), and a good crunch. However, I think the problem (and it isn't the big of a deal) might be the water. When I got water to drink with my lunch, it had a funny taste (same with Sportsman's, which has horrible water). Even with lemon in the water, it still has a funny taste. If they are making the dough with that water, then that might be why the pizza isn't living up to it's potential. So while the crust wasn't the best ever, it was far from the worst....somewhere in the upper echelon of Phoenix pizza (a bit lower than Bianco or Grimaldi's, but higher than many others). I will be back to try some other renditions of the pizza, like the "Let's Meat" ($15), which is a pie with 4 or 5 different pork products (how can that be bad?!), or the mushroom pie. There is also ahi tuna and a fig & prosciutto pie. Supposedly, the pizzaioli (pizza maker) is from Italy, as is the wood fired pizza. I suggest anyone try it. I only had one, and you can't judge a place on one pie! Next, the Fettuccine Alfredo. This interpretation of the dish is very different from what I have tried in the past. It was very buttery, and not so creamy. I liked it quite a bit, and the pasta was cooked perfectly. There are plenty of other mains, pastas, sandwiches, salads, apps to try. Of note, calamari, butternut squash risotto, tomato & mozzarella salad, herb roasted chicken, and pasta bolognese. I went for lunch, and I am not sure about the dinner crowd. I guess I will have to go back a few more times and give some updates.

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Spinato’s Pizza

5509 N 7th St
Phoenix, 85014
I know of you look at my stats, you'll say this guy must be getting paid to give 5 freaking stars..... But people this pizza joint will get you high like John Legend "So High". The atmosphere is really nice, you have family's, friends, couples and folks who just want to hang at the bar; Spinato's takes em all. The restaurant is very clean and the customer service is top notch. The have ample parking and outdoor seating that is misted very well. The pizza is banging, every kind I've tried here is great and they serve the pizza up at the right temperature hot but not burn the roof of your mouth hot. I always go thin crust, but I'm sure the other stuff is good too. The have ample drinks to wash down your meal and quench your thirst. Your pockets won't hurt too bad coming here unless you like their drinks and you wild out on them.
Disappointing service. We were in the mood for some pizza and salad so chose Spinatos on 7th St. Upon walking in the front door during the noon hour on a Saturday there was no hostess to be found. We waited a couple minutes and then dipped our head into the bar and the bartender looked at us and mumbled something but acted like he wasn't there to assist us either. We started looking for a table in the bar area and then the waitress showed up mentioning that only the bar top was open seating. Seeing as the bar side had 3 people at the bar top and literally no other patrons we picked a booth where it would be easy to sit our daughter in her car seat. The hostess went out of her way to be snippy that it wasn't open seating. Perhaps a better response would have been "sorry I didn't see you when you came in, I saw you were looking at tables in there, if you want to pick a table in the bar area go ahead and I'll follow you with menus." We got up and left and had a good experience down the street at Culinary Dropout/The Yard! I recommend you do the same if you read this.
AhMAZING pizza and sandwiches. Even if you are gluten free with Celiac. No cross contamination here! Very savory in flavor with good cheese and excellent seasonings. Have also ordered their to go pizza and they are excellent. Well worth your visit.

(602) 277-0088

Pizza, Italian

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Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

4669 E Cactus
Phoenix, 85032
Love Picazzo's! Their gluten-free pizza crust is very good..you would never know it's GF. And their GF pastas are awesome also...not mushy the way GF pastas tend to turn out a lot of the time. The Greek salad is also one of my favorites. It's so great to be able to go to a restaurant and order anything on the menu and know it can be made GF and have lots of flavor. Servers are always very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Great place!
I like this place, close to where I live GF, Organic - - two of my favorite things. I do miss my pizza and bagels (Gluten free now) so it's nice to have pretty close to normal pizza - - i haven't tried the pasta yet. I actually wasn't that impressed w/ the salads, but I am super picky when it comes to them - they need to be filling (I think there were like two bites of protein in the one i ordered), and they can't have a speck of red on the ends. Being GF and Dairy free Italian is a food area i've had a hard time eating at, so this is a nice change to go back to my old roots and be able to digest it.
Kinda pricey, apparently because it's organic and gluten free because it's not for taste or portion size. Service was just ok. I don't know, I know people that like it so maybe I'll give it another try. But I know of plenty of really good pizza places so I don't know when.

(602) 923-6001

Pizza, Italian, Gluten-Free

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Giuseppe’s On 28th

2824 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, 85016
Pros: Lots of variety on the menu. Clean, warm, and welcoming. Casual dining, close to our home, easy to find, and plenty of parking. Cons: Sometimes, they cut their home made pasta too thick; but I don't mind. Traditional, heavy Italian dishes. Not for people who are on diets.
The paso buco was excellent. The service was friendly and efficient. A bit pricy, but the serving size was very good; two of us happily fed. Must mention the great sauce, rich and perfectly seasoned. We started with a Giuseppe salad, which was also large and satisfying. Strong recommendation .
Not impressed. service sucks here and food isnt worth it. The shoulder length black haired woman server is very absentminded. Food came quickly without a fork and only a spoon and by the time I could ask for a fork she was gone and didn't come back for 10 minutes. My food was lukewarm by the time I had the utensils to eat my food. She never apologized. Their signature bolognese pasta was hard and didn't have enough sauce and meat. Tho the sauce was flavorful. No thanks.

(602) 381-1237


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