Pizza Hut

6601 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, 85033
Tiny location. Pick up and delivery only. Clean and friendly. Pizza here is always worth the money

(623) 848-7000

Pizza, Italian, Chicken Wings

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Pizza Mia

6005 N 43rd Ave
Phoenix, 85019
This is one of the local gems in town, great pizza always made right! Its got a good sauce and great crust. The prices can't be beat, and its always made fresh and fast . So glad they are in my neighborhood!
Wow is all I can say.Pizza was really good crust,sauce,cheese all were excellent.The total for two large one topping pizzas and bread sticks(which were awesome too) came to 17.00 bucks and that was a delivery.Will definitely be returning to Pizza Mia
Legit local pizza joint. Homemade dough. Flavorful house sauce. Fresh grated really good custom mozzarella cheese. $5.00 large one topping pizza for carryout. This pizza joint would be right at home in a neighborhood in New York. It's divey with hard working and slightly rude pizza veterans running the restaurant. I look for that kind of character, as an indication of authenticity and flavor. Obviously no corporate bullshit here. There aren't any tables, just a service counter with a tattered laminated menu and an old school individual letter menu board. It's carryout or delivery only. The menu is extensive including: wings, desserts, salads, subs, breadsticks, and vast selection of fried appetizers. The mission today is the pizza. $5 one topping large carryout special. I just ordered cheese. judgment will be passed in a pure form. The order was ready quickly and promptly served hot. I had ordered at around 10.30a, not a particularly busy time. The boxes are very cool, wait with unusual pizza box qualities. I can't exactly remember but I'll get a picture. Open the box released a billow of intoxicating steam, revealing a golden cheesy pizza grail. It was beautiful. I looked at the pizza on the website and my pizza was exactly as shown on the tin. Wow! (I will add pictures soon/next time.) This is my new favorite pizza place in town. Blows the pants off of any chain pizza joint - you know who you are. The crust is light yet chewy and crunchy in spots. Delicious homemade sauce is perfectly proportioned and adds the right amount of sweet tomato tang. The cheese is the slight bubbly molten golden stretchy kind I dream of on a pie - but realized! This is a pizza of dreams if you want a really good authentic LOCAL hand tossed pie. I don't know what to say, I'm smitten. The cheese pizza is everything I've been craving in a slice of hand tossed pizza. Absolutely delicious. I have to say that cheese is my favorite. I'm a salty sailor, but the addition of parmesan cheese brought out more flavor and made the slice absolutely perfect. I wasn't the only person to picnic on the sidewalk, stacks of discarded pizza boxes in the trash cans outside attest. It's no frills. I didn't get napkins or cheese or peppers. And you know what I don't care I just paid $5 for the most legit pie in the valley. Tip: The website & menu list an assortment of specials. Seriously you can't beat housemaid large one topping for $5.

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Pizza, Salad, Italian

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Barro’s Pizza

15440 N 7th St,Ste 13
Phoenix, 85022
Saturday night after a long day of being in the sun we ordered pizza, I had a quick errand to run so I chose pickup instead of delivery. I've never been to Barro's before and was just hoping it would taste better than Papa Johns and somewhat close to Spinato's because that's our go-to place in the area. When I went to pick up the pizzas there was an issue but it was 100% my fault in my opinion, I didn't clarify my order when I placed it. The girl behind the counter politely disagreed, stated if the person who took the order had followed up with questions it would have been made correctly. I thought that was awesome and she even offered to remake them. No need, I have hungry folks at my house and need to get home. But, she did discount my pizzas to apologize for the error and I thought that was more than generous. I also took a large salad to go. I LOVE THAT I CAN MAKE MY OWN SALAD. I like 5 pounds of mushrooms on a salad and I was able to do that. I would have been in a long time ago if I knew about this DIY side salad. The customer service alone deserves 5 stars. I walked in the house and made the statement, even if the pizza is gross, I'm still going back!! But, it wasn't gross at all. It was fantastic!! If I had ordered it correctly it would have been a thin crust, so I can't be mad at all the extra dough. But, spot on. I am certain the next time we need a pizza to do, we will be calling this place first. The prices are fair, the customer service is good and it's pretty darn tasty!!
So disappointed! I called to order pasta and salad and I asked the girl if the spaghetti and meatballs was just like the photo. She said yes and that it was good. She was more in a hurry to get me off the phone than anything and after over an hour this disgusting dish showed up at my door. It was about an entire box of spaghetti noodles with some sort of tiny about of awful tomato sauce and just two dry meatballs. Awful.
Been coming here for a long time and I always look forward to getting their pizza. It's a clean restaurant with service that at times can be slow but is worth the wait.

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Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches

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Upper Crust Pizza

20235 N Cave Creek Rd,Ste 111
Phoenix, 85024
You don't expect to find a good restaurant in a strip mall, next to Costco, but Upper Crust is all of that. They have fantastic food, including fresh made mozzarella (made at the restaurant), really good chicken wings (ask for them crispy!), and, yes, great pizza. There's always a happy hour special going on and the bar and restaurant sides are totally separate, which is great for both families and the no-kid crowd. And, now, that it's cooling off, you can finally enjoy the patio!
What a nice find. Gluten free for the wife, and half price wine on Wednesday night for me! The pizza was excellent and prices seemed reasonable. The wife said the gluten free crust was excellent b
We went there for lunch on a Wednesday. The lunch menu is fabulous. The service was great. The pizza was delicious. My husband had the pizza on the lunch menu and it was a good size. The crust was thin and the mozzerella was fresh. Just delicious!! I had the Honey Hot wings and they were pretty good. The wings weren't saturated with sauce so that was nice and it had a nice bite to it. The total bill for 3 people for lunch was $25.00 before tip. We will be going back!!

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

2501 W Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, 85085
As much as I would rather have authentic Italian food at a local place, I occasionally crave the salad and breadsticks. Visited a couple weeks ago and ended up ordering a build-your-own pasta. The salad and breadsticks, delicious as usual. The pasta was OK. The chicken meatballs were very dry and not juicy at all. However, I never expect anything to wow me here. Nonetheless, it was a good meal, the place was busy and our waitress was great. I will be back.....for the salad and breadsticks :)
Its OG...what do you expect?? OG always has a special place in my heart. Its cheap, decent food. And who doesnt love unlimited salad, soup, and breadsticks???? I love to feed my fat self...and here its easy and cheap.
I criticize chain restaurants like this all the time, but maybe I shouldn't. When you aren't in the mood to trek around and find something super unique, sometimes places like the Olive Garden can really hit the spot. Let's admit it, the food is consistent and delicious, and the they're always piping in good, jazzy, classic music like Sinatra or Bennett or whatever. The Zuppa Toscana is a creamy soup with potatoes, sausage, onion, kale, and other stuff. This is a perfect soup! For the entree I had the Stuffed Chicken Marsala, which is stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, served with garlic mashed potatoes...delicious. With dinner I enjoyed a 9 oz mini carafe of the Francis Coppola Diamond Cabernet, which was just so-so. Service was friendly, food was pleasing, price was easy. What more do you want heh? About $30 for myself.

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Italian, Salad, Wine Bars

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Sardella’s Pizza & Wings

18631 N 19th Ave
Phoenix, 85027
The pizza is pretty good especially for the price and they serve a nice size too. My husband and I enjoy the thin crust; I would perfer it be a little more crispy but my husband thinks it's perfect as-is...just the right amount of cooked. They have recently started mixing up the pizza selection by offering a monthly special which is pretty cool. All and all it's a good everyday pizza joint.
If you are a pizza person. like me, this is okay chain pizza.
Saredella's Ultimate. Memories of a time gone by. Back in the late eighties, my high school friends and I would hold regular Thursday evening get togethers to watch Married With Children and The Simpsons on the fledgeling Fox network. ...and we always ordered a Sardella's Ultimate: Large Cheese Pizza and 50 wings for 11.99 (back then). Oh sure, they still sell pizza, and they stil sell wings, but over the years they've gone from a super fresh neighborhood REAL pizza parlor (this is THE original location) to a generic, uneven quality "local-chain" of pizza stores. No fancy ingredients: the last time I tried to get a Hawaiian style, they had no Canadian bacon, only ham, not as slices, but tiny diced bits with a yucky flavor, and just as oily as pepporoni would have been, anyway. No artichoke or banana peppers or anything like that either. On the positive, they do have cheap deals, and are regular sponsors of local kids' sports teams and other community stuff. I remember getting a coupon for a free medium pizza when I moved into my house. I wish the Sardella's family continued success, but hope that someone within recognizes that their restaurants just aren't what they used to be.

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Pizza, Chicken Wings, Italian

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Red Devil Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

3102 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, 85008
I wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully good time with my family the other day. We were gathering to honor our aunt who passed away a few days prior. Your restaurant has always been a friendly gathering place for my family in good times and bad. We call it "comfort pizza". The service was very patient with our sometimes rowdy group, and the food was terrific as always. I had arrived quite early from out of town and killed some time in your bar. A special thank you for the great service from Stephanie. She made a very difficult time fly by. I'm so glad we met there. Tom Bramwell San Jose, CA.
Ive been passing this place for years, I have ate their pizza and I like it so this review is for dining only. I finally stopped in with some friends for dining, they arrived first I was the last to get there we ordered shortly after that (nothing fancy) and our food arrived about an hour and fifteen minutes later - apparently they blame the chicken parmesan as the culprit for the time delay. Other tables got their food in a reasonable amout of time and yes the place from not bust to very busy while we were there, but still our food order went in first. Then, it was as if the 5 guys in the middle of the room went invisible and no one came buy. I have the grilled sausage sandwich and it was okay, wasn't the best Ive ever had. I think I'll stick to pizza from this place and leave the dining alone.
Red Devil on 32nd street and McDowell is my favorite restaurant of all time. I've tried almost everything on the menu since I've started visiting (1983). Being born and raised here in Phoenix why my family never brought me here as a kid, I'll never know. The ambience is great. They have a cozy bar and the lighting is perfect(red like). I have been to the others on bell and in Tempe as well but the original is near me. Joe D, Doug, Diane and Melvin are 4 of the reasons why Red Devil lives on....

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2728 E Thomas Rd
Phoenix, 85016
Great food and service. This Italian gem has been around for a long time so not sure why this was my first visit. I will be going back soon.
For starters let me begin by telling you that this was not my choice to come here for my birthday after a long day of activities where I had maybe 3 drinks in the morning and by 10 O'clock after the Dodgers and Giants game had a severe migraine so bad that I was becoming severely nauseous to where all I really really wanted was a small cup of coffee in hopes to get rid of the migraine so I would be able to eat some of my food. So when men want to sit here and criticize my review by saying I was a "drunk" that is far from what I am EVER. The ambiance of this place is nothing amazing with its outdated decor going on. The waiters are all men and have been with the establishment for years on end besides the waiter we had which he says he was there for 7 months and said he was waiting tables for over 20 years (so he says) I found that hard to believe for some reason since the whole time we were there he not once brought out my coffee. Also when I had ordered risotto my step-dad had told my sister and I that if we didn't want to eat now (because we were just eating over at chase field for the dodgers and dbacks game) that we could save the food for later which was WHY i ordered food in the first place. I had no intention to order to be perfectly honest. I am kind of wishing I NEVER ordered anything at all the way all of the waiters and chef came out to basically yell at me for not touching my food. I really wish i was so sick that i would have thrown up all over the place the way they were treating me on my birthday I felt so bullied. So when OUR waiter took my food to be bagged up to take home he never brought it out for me to take home. Yet my families food all got packaged up and brought back within a matter of seconds. Our waiter then brought out a very soggy tiramisu in which I have never had it that way ever and googled to see if I have just been eating it the wrong way my whole entire life. No where on google does it say that its supposed to be that soggy. It was not until we were almost home I had forgotten my food since it was never once brought back out like we wasted our money for not eating my food right then and there. If im not mistaken i am pretty sure that the owner and chef were the same person. In that case I will not be recommending this place to anyone in the future if the owner is that much of a douchebag to with hold my food because I was feeling so sick and just wanted some coffee the whole time I was there. I should not have to repeat myself to have to ask for things consistently. It is the waiters job to assess the situation and to be understanding. Not to be a jerk the whole time and not ask if there was anything else he could have got me besides my food. Coffee!
The pasta fagioli was a very good starter for the Veal Piccata. Both dishes came out hot and full of flavor. The restaurant is tucked away off the road. It's an excellent place for a lunch business meeting.

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Italian, Lounges

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Red Devil Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

3004 E Bell Rd
Phoenix, 85032
What a great atmosphere. Incredible food, fantastic service and their own micro brew that is definitely worth a try. The pizza is outstanding, the place is very clean, nicely decorated, and very fair priced. Service was the best we have seen. Highly recommended
Cardboard crust pizza. Umm, no thanks. Two different cocktails...tasted exactly the same....and not good. Very sour and off-putting. The food was very below average. We had bruschetta, and pizza along with spaghetti with clam sauce. Gross-gross-gross- and gross. Will DEFINITELY NOT be going back. And would never recommend to anyone. Gross!!
So I guess after about a half dozen visits since my initial review of this place, there needs to be an update here. Bottom line, I've soured a bit on the experience that this place has to offer, on a couple of fronts. Was hoping it was a fluke and waited for more experience before updating, but as I said, it's been about a half dozen times now and the pattern is pretty well established in my view. So what's the deal? Well, above all, there are some common themes I am noticing with service in this location, all of which have nagged at me each of the times I've been there, to one degree or another. Chief among the service issues is the attitude of the waitstaff toward the customers and toward the job itself. If I had to sum it up in a word, I would almost want to say cavalier. Case in point, multiple servers have spotted my tea being empty and, even though I am nowhere near finished with my meal, but long since bone dry on tea, they ask me every single time if I would like a refill. They never have a pitcher in hand and they are seriously asking me, as if any rational person is going to say "No, no, please let me finish my food completely dry like I've been doing for the last 10 minutes." Why not just approach the table with a pitcher in hand and offer to top it off like every other restaurant in existence? It's almost like they want you to ask for it (and to hear you 'please') before they'll refill a beverage. Is tea that expensive? Should you really have to ask if I want more when the glass is empty, on the edge of the table and has been that way for some time? Should it even be allowed to run dry in the first place, let alone four times? It's a similar deal with the bread they offer. Half the time they bring it without asking, promptly at that. The other half of the time, they either ask at a random time (before/after ordering, before/after appetizer or before the entree, etc.) or they don't ask at all and we have to ask for it. It really shouldn't be that variable, should it? Another issue with waitstaff is the lack of understanding of the menu. Several times, we had a server that clearly did not know the very short and simple menu. Sometimes they will ask you what pasta you want, other times they will assume spaghetti and other times still they will assume something else. If you don't bring it up, you're essentially rolling the dice. When multiple servers admit to you that they're not too familiar with the menu, and you've seen them there in previous visits weeks ago, you start to wonder about how seriously they take their job if they still haven't learned it. Like I said, almost cavalier. The last major gripe on the service is when the waitstaff (and managers) make it a point to get caught up in pointless, non-service/food related conversation with seemingly random tables, for extended periods of time. Not only do they end up neglecting their duties and other customers (refills, anyone?) but they seem to have an uncanny knack for going after the already obnoxiously loud talkers and amplifying their disruption. I kid you not, we're sitting there one time with only one other table in the immediate area, trying our best to ignore their loud, mind-numbing banter. What happens? Sure as can be, the loudest and most boisterous server engages them, chuckling loudly and making an even bigger disturbance than before. When he finally stops neglecting his other tables elsewhere in the restaurant, like clockwork, one of the managers walks up and engages the exact same folks and does the exact same thing. I'm sorry, but I go there to have a nice meal with my wife and the last thing I want is to sit by some loud, obnoxious customers. Do you really have to go out of your way to make it worse, multiple times at that? Isn't it bad enough that you always seem to seat us right next to the loud parties, even when the restaurant is mostly empty? At the end of the day, the food remains more or less decent but service needs some serious work. For the amount of waitstaff, food runners, managers and other staff I see wandering around this place, coupled with an often half-empty restaurant, it is almost inconceivable that they can still manage to deliver sub-par service on such a regular basis, and yet, like clockwork, it happens on nearly ever visit. I'll continue to eat here when my wife or I get a craving, but I'm really disappointed by the continual service lapses. It's not that hard to get this stuff right.

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Alexis Grill

3550 N Central Ave
Phoenix, 85012
Alex'is is the perfect place to bring a client. They serve dinner and lunch. The nice atmosphere is conducive for conversation and eating. There is massive lightrail construction going on in fornt of the restaurant though so getting in and out is not as easy as it used to be, but in soon time it will be back to normal. Anyhow, Alexi's is a nice place. It has it's old Phoenix charm. The owner, Michael is also the owner of Christo's. Today, I had the filet minon and veggies, it was delicious! Gov. Janet Napolitano is a fan! I hear she frequents the restuarant.
So my sister says come meet us for drinks! I say OK where to!?!?! Off to Alexi's hmmmm ok I trust you! It was after 7 and dead dead dead in here. The wait staff and bartender were watching baseball I think I'm not so sure so theres like 7 of us thirsty folk we just went to drink so this review is solely based on service pretty much. Nice open patio with no one else being there we were able to be as rowdy as we wanted. I would however like to try their food and see if it is any good. Everyone was very polite and attentive there ended up being 12+ people and they didnt separate the tabs so minus the one star so sorry.
Wow, what a downer for my only chance to eat out in Phoenix. Here on business with many colleagues, the choice was made to eat at Alexi's since it was an extremely short drive to the hotel where we were staying. Our party consisted of 8 adults who were all extremely hungry and ready to place our orders after waiting for a table for a short period of time..not more than 15 minutes. For a Monday night, I must say that the place was pretty packed. The server was a very kind, sweet man who came across as quick, but lagged terribly with everything. I am thinking it could have well been the delay inside the kitchen--not again, he was pretty efficient. We ordered some appetizers of caprese = good, and fried calamari = ok. Their bread that they provide = okay--nothing extraordinary. Most of us were ready to order quite quickly, but the food just took absolutely forever. We probably started eating our food around 8:30pm, after being there for more than an hour munching on our appetizers which were devoured in seconds and sipping on our beverages. The food all in all, everyone said was mediocre and regretted what they ordered. The steak was dry, my colleague said, the sauce was too heavy and drowning the food, another said, and so on... One colleague left her nearly full plate behind and said that the taste was off from what she was expecting. I ordered the chicken marsala which was really good actually, but just way too much sauce...You couldn't even taste the chicken--just sauce! For a hungry bunch of out-of-towners, Alexi's was certainly nothing special. I probably wouldn't recommend this place to anyone coming to downtown or pleasure. I gave them two stars because the server was very cordial and the servers overall gave a nice impression.

(602) 279-0982


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